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2011 Toyota Camry



  • The switch, which control the inside circulation or air from outside, automatically switch from inside circulation mode to outside one. This only happens when the weather is cold. The dealers says that is the way being designed to. But it is very annoying especially when the air belows to your face, the cold air makes you feel unconfortable. Did anybody feels the same?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Human metabolism continually adds moisture to the car interior, breathing, perpiration. Recirculating that same air over and over again would eventualy result in fogging a COLD windshield interior surface. Even with the A/C operational in many climatic conditions it may not be efficient enough for dehumidification to really help. Plus which the A/C will shut down completely if the OAT declines below ~35F.

    Even in the summertime if the A/C is turned off the system will switch to "fresh" within about 2 minutes.

    The discomfort of cool airflow to the face and upper body when the human comfort equation indicates otherwise is a matter of REAL stupidty, IDIOCY, on the part of the NIPPONDENSO HVAC engineering team.

    But you can overcome their stupidty, IDIOCY, by having the dealer change the factory c-best setting so the system doesn't automatically switch to cooling mode. Not even on the coldest night in the dead of winter
  • I also don't like the Venza, and definitely not the new Sienna, which looks to me like it is "embarrassing".. (except for the SE version).

    I'm with you on those two especially the sienna. What's up with that? The series that began in 2004 is where they lost me on that vehicle. 2003 and prior it was a nice little van. Now it's a tank. No tanks.
  • It's gotten bigger to the point it's no longer a midsize car. My 01 is a nice size for a camry. Once I saw what the 02's looked like, I jumped on a leftover 01. They need better seat bottoms in the car. Looks like current owners are complaing about the same things I do in mine.

    They should look to the kia optima if they want to compete on styling. Fusion is bland. Don't care about heated seats or anything else for that matter, nav etc ect. Just make a reliable car, but give it a total redesign stylewise. Take some cues from their own FT-86. If that car is any indication, they're heading in the right direction. They just need to release it already.
  • Apparently I did not explain my problem adequately. It was my understanding that the car doors would lock automatically when I put the car in drive. The problem is that sometimes they lock; sometimes they don't lock. I don't feel comfortable driving around not knowing whether my doors are actually locked or not. Having to roll down the window and check the outdoor handle to be sure they are locked is not something I would expect to have to do.


  • Hi. Yesterday I purchased a pre-owned 2011 Camry. This morning, driving in the rain, with my headlights on, the lighting level of my instrument panel suddenly went down on its own. I thought that was strange and manually adjusted the lighting level up. A few minutes later, it went back up on its own, so I had a very bright panel I had to adjust down again. Coming home, again with headlights in the rain, the same lighting went down again, I manually adjusted it and about 20 minutes later it suddenly went bright again.

    A post from last year said this is caused by a wire shorting behind the instrument panel. I am going back to the dealer tomorrow. If anyone knows of other reasons for this happening, or how to fix it, I would appreciate your input.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    edited October 2011
    Your car is operating perfectly normal. The car automatically adjusts to the outside lighting levels. In other words, it will turn the brightness up when it is lighter outside, and down when it is darker (because when the surrounding light is very dim or dark, you don't need a very bright instrument panel.) It will always do this, but you can adjust the brightness by turning the trip odometer clockwise or counter-clockwise. Find the setting you like and leave it there.

    You are noticing it because it is new to you, and in the rain the outside light levels vary. Try it on a regular day, and you will see it does not go up and down frequently, if ever. Try it at night, or on a sunny day, and you will see that it is fine.

    Enjoy your new car!
  • But my dash light diminished in intensity from the way I had set it while I was driving in the increased suddenly but it was not darker (that I could see).

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    Really, it is fine - it is supposed to do this. You can set it to one level, but it turns it even brighter when it is light out, then darker when dark out. I have a 2010 & a 2007, which are the same as a 2011 - mine do the same thing, and you will notice it more when raining. You are just not noticing the slight variance in brightness of the environment.

    I bet any money that if you went out for a drive right now, it will stay at one setting (because it is dark out, unless you are on the west coast!)

    Don't bother with the dealer, they will tell you the same as what I am saying. Also check with the Toyotanation forums if you want further confirmation.
  • This is all strange to me! Especially because when I was driving in the rain, the light did not change, it was overcast.

    On the other hand, when I drove under an overpass, the light switched down then -- but again came up suddenly, without change in the outside light.

    Sounds like this effect is amplified for you when the headlights are in auto versus changing them manually. I had set the headlights manually....
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    Yep, when you went under the overpass, the dash lights dimmed, but then they would have gotten brighter again after you got out from under it. Both mine act the same as yours - perfectly normal.

    In the rain, at times, the light level in the environment can be VERY close to the point where the sensor would turn down the intensity of the dash lights, and since it is that close, it may decide with out you even noticing, that it needs to turn it back up just because the environment light got just SLIGHTLY brighter again.

    Again, ask at Toyotanation, go for a drive right now (if it is after sunset) or go for a drive on a non-rainy day. You will see that your car is fine!
  • Not to be working this, but the lights did not come back after I went under the overpass for another 20 minutes...I really want to understand this!
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    Correct, there is a delay, so that it does not go back and forth too much. I have noticed the same thing. Did you go out for a drive at night yet? Or just wait until after sunrise. It is fine. Have a good night, and don't worry about it.
  • Thank you for your insight and assistance!

  • Got quotation for Toyota Camry 2011 base at $18,800 excluding TTL.
    Camry 2011 LE at $19,980.
    Also got quotation for 2012 base (L?) at $19,980

    Are the above quotations reasonable? If so which one is better to buy? Thanks for any comments
  • Quotation for Toyota Camry different models as follows,

    2011 Base model (L) $18.8k, car only
    2011 LE model $19.9k car only
    2012 Base model $21.2k car only

    Do you think the quotations are reasonable?

    Golden Stone
  • 89fj6289fj62 Posts: 20
    My local dealer
    $20,999 for 2012 Camry in Sunday paper ad so your 21,200 isn't bad
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