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Hyundai Tucson 2010 Bluetooth quality



  • Thanks for backing up what I said.........You hit the nail on the head. :-)

    Two of the same model Motorolas:
    Ours is crystal clear......wife can't tell if I'm on the phone directly or using the Tucson's Bluetooth.
    Sounds muffled and somewhat distorted.
  • gizmo23gizmo23 Posts: 3
    I just went to my dealer on a 2011 tucson and was told that my phone was not on there compatible list.. Although my phone work great and it dials and can hear OK but people that i talk to say Im in a tunnell. I told them that they have not heard the last of me .. I just bought a $26000 phone on wheels and it works like crap ...Dont belive the salsmen when they say they all work ... They really dont know .. I talked to Verizon and showed them the list of compatible phones . They said out 0f 2 phones on there list only one is still even avalible
  • elmo039elmo039 Posts: 6
    I have a 2010 tucson not 2011 but I can't imagine the salesperson told you the truth when they said they all work. For the 2010 their is a list of phones that work, I bought the phone on the list and people couldn't hear me either but I could hear them after about of month of fighting with the dealer and hyundai corporate finally got a new stereo system b/c the phone goes through that. sorry to say you might not win this one unless the salesperson gave you something in writing then maybe.
  • suetalksuetalk Posts: 12
    My phone is on the "compatible list" and it still won't work well. I've argued about this with the dealershi and it's not the phone. IT's the crappy bluetooth.
  • 2011 Tucson Limted w/out nav BT works great, I hear everyone perfectly & they can't tell I'm in my car. BTW I'm with US Cellular out of Chicago area & my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S. Good luck to those having problems, I guess I've been very lucky!
  • suetalksuetalk Posts: 12
    I can't get my car to pair with my new Droid at all. Any suggestions?
  • I finally figured out how to download my contacts to my Tuscon bluetooth. Even though I selected which contacts I wanted to download, all of them downloaded. Is there a way to delete contacts??
  • suetalksuetalk Posts: 12
    I have never been successful in downloading only selected contacts. I just let the system download all of the contacts.
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