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Hyundai Tucson 2010 Bluetooth quality

Is anyone else having problems with their 2010 Tucson bluetooh? I can hear the people I am calling but they say I sound like I'm in a wind tunnel and I'm breaking up bad. Hyundai says it's my phone but I tried 4 other phones with the same results. All the phones I tried are on the approved list and I have Verizon. HELP!


  • Same exact issue, just took it back to the shop for them to look at. This is not a phone issue, don't let them tell you that. The mic is picking up ambient noise from outside the car. When my wife calls me using the bluetooth, it sounds like she is in a wind tunnel, and a drum circle as well. The Hyundai shop told us the mic is just "so sensitive" that is picks up every little noise....which is fine, except it is picking up outside noises, not inside noises....! Very poor, and little help so far from the dealership. I have an 08 Nissan Altima with Bluetooth, and the the sound quality doesnt even compare between the two.
  • THANK YOU! The dealership was making me feel like a nut for even suggesting that their was a problem. I have called corporate too. I bought two new phones with the same problem. Please let me know if you hear any news about this. Thanks! :(
  • I can't make my car like any of my cell phones. I bought a new Samsung phone for it, but it makes the car ring continuously. It likes the LG chocolate, but that is my husbands phone. :mad:
  • I understand I had the same problem. I now have the Samsung Rogue which works through the speakers but I can not use the screen to dial, connect or cancel calls. I hope we get an update for our system soon.
  • suetalksuetalk Posts: 12
    I'm having the same exact problems. Dealership said they had no prior complaints. I gave them these blogs so they say they called Hyundai Motors and found there have been a number of other complaints and are looking for a fix to the problem as it may be a software issue. Don't give up. I've given dealership hell for this as they seemed to think it was just me. It's not nor are you a nut either. It's the same Bluetooth that is on the 2011 Sonata. The car is fun and easy to drive but I think they went totally cheap on the Bluetooth and doubt it will ever be functional.
  • shannon19shannon19 Posts: 3
    Hyundai has a compatibility log for the phones they KNOW work. Verizon tech. found it on the web for me. Look at that spreadsheet and you will know what phone you need to buy to work with your Tucson. The spreadsheet is about 20 pages long and covers all provider phones. I have to buy a new phone.
  • suetalksuetalk Posts: 12
    Thanks for the reply. I found the list you mentioned. The problem is that the phone I have is on that list as being compatible but I can guarantee that it does not work well at all. I can hear the incoming caller just fine. The problem is with their hearing me. The microphone in the car is horrible and it picks up all the road noise, etc. The incoming caller hears very little of what I say. Thanks for the try though.
  • missmysimissmysi Posts: 2
    Yes, I am having the same problem. Dealer tested it and says nothing is wrong. I have a phone on the approved list (LG enV3) and took it back to Verizon - they exchanged it for another phone. Bluetooth still doesn't work that well. My husband can't hear me when I call him on it. It's frustrating.
  • suetalksuetalk Posts: 12
    It's not you or your phone. It's a crappy bluetooth. The dealership will continue to tell you the system is working just fine. I can hear the incoming caller just fine but the outgoing is a mess. The Hyundai Motors website has the following note:

    Because the hands-free functions of the Hyundai Bluetooth system are activated and controlled through voice recognition fed through microphones, there are circumstances which can affect or interrupt the operation of the system. Factors which can impact operation may include talking at the same time as the other party, other people speaking in your vehicle, not speaking clearly towards the microphone, or background noise interference. Excess background cabin noise can interfere with the voice recognition functions and can include driving on a rough road, driving at high speeds, driving with the window or sunroof open, pointing air conditioning vents at the microphone, or even operating the air conditioning fan at the highest levels.

    This is their disclaimer. I love the new Tucson but now hate this feature of it. If any reader is buying the car for this feature please don't do it. Buy a different car. My niece has an "after market" bluetooth on her Hyundai and it works perfectly and was cheap.
  • boltguyboltguy Posts: 94
    I have a pretty basic Samsung Mantra phone through Virgin Mobile. Everyone I talk to says they can hear me pretty clearly. I very rarely have the windows down so I know I don't have any outside noise. Just to let you know that it is working for some owners. Do you have the navigation system or no? Just wondering if maybe the standard system vs. the navi may make a difference. BTW I have the navi.
  • suetalksuetalk Posts: 12
    I have an LG Touch by Verizon. I do not have the Navi system so maybe that helps you. I never drive with the windows down either. Thanks for the reply. Hyundai dealer told me the outside noise is not necessarily from the windows down but from road noise the car picks up through the car.
  • dcaldwelldcaldwell Posts: 6
    Wow you are saying exactly what I am experiencing. All Hyundai Corporate says is "if your phone is on the list it should work"...Well it doesn't!! My phone will not work through the screen either. Sometimes I hang up from a call and my screen freezes and I can't do anything no even listen to the radio. I love the suv I HATE the blue tooth system. I wish Hyundai would make some changes to fix the problem.
  • boltguyboltguy Posts: 94
    edited May 2010
    Hmm how about you dcaldwell.. Do you have the navigation system or the standard system? I'm thinking the bluetooth system is different for each audio system.
  • elmo039elmo039 Posts: 6
    edited June 2010
    YES!!!! I can hear the person calling me but all they hear is static and sounds like I'm very far away even w/ the windows up, no air on, sunroof closed or even parked it doesn't matter. Fighting the dealer to get a "new" unit is like fighting city hall, wrote letter to hyundai corporate, the owner of the dealer (his staff is TERRIBLE). Beware: NEW to them means it's new to your car, it's not a NEW unit it's a "floater", "remanufactured" or Refurbished" You have to tell them genuine hyundai part, not a "floater", "remanufactured" or Refurbished, if they tell you the owner's manual says that what they "have to use" IT DOESN'T"T.... I checked they say they can use genuine hyundai OR remanufactured" or Refurbished you have a choice. The dealer is suppose to put A NEW unit in today, I'll keep you posted.
  • suetalksuetalk Posts: 12
    Please let us know if the new unit works. If it does, I'm on the way back to the dealership to get the same thing. Thanks.
  • elmo039elmo039 Posts: 6
    I have the limited awd w/ navigation package and a sprint phone that is on the "compatiable list" what model of tucson and phone do you have?
  • elmo039elmo039 Posts: 6
    edited June 2010
    I went today to have the "new" unit put in and it WORKS!!!!!!!! ;) :) I called out and the people said it was clear and much better than before and when I had the smart car dept call me he said he could hear me (of course he would) but I could hear him even w/ the air conditioning on (I was parked but not expecting it to work great w/ the windows down in traffic)
    I had the parts dept show me the floater unit and the "new" units before they installed anything to make sure they weren't putting in the floater and tricking me. The "new unit" will end with a "P" and the floater "F-LT" at least it did for me w/ the awd limited w/ navigation package.
    I wrote a 3 page letter to the owner of the dealer and had 10+ calls w/ hyundai "corporate consumer affairs", my dealer treated me HORRIBLY throughout the fight but were nice as can be today and kept saying "I'm so sorry". The service manager today said they are having a lot of trouble w/ the bluetooth, I told him they should recall them.

    In my letter I wrote this: from the owner’s handbook & warranty information it clearly states on page 18 “repairs will be made using new Hyundai Genuine Parts or Hyundai authorized remanufactured parts”. No where does it stated I have to accept only remanufactured parts. Then magically the general manager called and said "oh you should have called me" even though his staff said call corporate and I wouldn't get a new one. Btw, price tag almost $2800 to the dealer, that's why they don't want to get new ones b/c they have to get reimbursed from hyundai. you have to sign a special slip "for fiancing/invoice dept"
    Good luck hope this helps!
  • GOOD JOB SIS!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  • dcaldwelldcaldwell Posts: 6
    I am going to give it another go. I am calling corporate AGAIN and calling the dealership AGAIN. My Bluetooth is so bad I have to put every call on private. Sometimes it wont even let me switch. I am going to get myself killed trying to work the darn thing. The other day I sat in silence for a 15 minute ride because the thing showed my phone was still on (it wasn't). I do have the navigation package and a phone on the approved list. My blue tooth is crap I want another one that works!!
    Anyone have suggestions on what to say or who to talk to?
  • suetalksuetalk Posts: 12
    Thanks as that gives the rest of us hope. Please let us know what happens. I love the car but the bluetooth drives me nuts.
  • shannon19shannon19 Posts: 3
    I changed to AT&T and have the Nokia 6350. The moment I changed, the bluetooth has worked perfectly. I even get to hear my MP3's on my phone threw the radio if I wish. :)
  • elmo039elmo039 Posts: 6
    either talk to the general manager in person or on the phone. also try writing a letter to the owner of the dealership. I kept having my complaint (letter that I also copied to the owner) w/ hyundai corporate moved up the ladder when they said no. I told them if I wanted a used part I would have bought a used truck.

    Call everyday if you have to. I also posted my problem on
    If worst comes to worst, maybe threaten the dealer to take all maintence, repairs, collison work to a different dealer for the life of the truck. All those visits will cost more than the $2800 invoice they have to wait to be reimbursed for. It's so stupid to fight w/ them when it's warranted for 36,000 miles and they get it back from hyundai. good luck, keep fighting for what you paid for. :)
  • Dealer set uo bluetooth on my env 3 lg Does not recognixe my voice but picked up
    tel number from cll phone
    deleted the phone number
    started all over
    'phine got stuck at entering code 0000 cell phone wouldn't pick up code and just stalled so deleted thephone

  • I have had my Tucson for a year the end of February. I love it but in the last month or so the bluetooth still recognizes my commands will dial but never connects. I've deleted it & reprogrammed it in & also removed the battery from my phone from advice from friends but it still won't connect. My next stop is back to my dealership but I am wondering if others have same problem as I am having. The bluetooth worked perfectly for about 7-8 months and now I am getting concerned. :confuse:
  • I feel your pain ..I have a Brand new 2011 Tucson and the blue tooth quality is absolutly terrible .. All the people that I talk to say i sound like im in a tunnel or it is muffeled . Its a feature that I paid for and it not working good at all.. I started the paper stream and call the service manager at the dealer Keeping a log and my Hrs ...see how much time it takes to resolve this issue
  • I have had the car for 14 months now and love, love, love it with the exception of the bluetooth. Mine is a bit better now that I've increased the volume. You have to use the volume lever on the left side of the steering wheel to do this as the dial won't work for the bluetooth. My niece has a 2009 Sonata with an aftermarket bluetooth added by the dealership. Hers works perfectly and it was a cheap addition. go figure. I'll keep this car for years but never buy another Tuscon due to this problem.
  • Please keep us posted on this message board. I have had my Tucson for over a year now and they replaced it once. It is just a bad design or a bad bluetooh. It still does not work well.
  • Just purchased a 2011 Tucson GLS..........
    The bluetooth is awesome...........connects right up and the audio is top notch.

    The audio quality has a lot to do with the phone your using not the Tucson BT.
  • I dont belive it does or should......If your phone works properly at all times with no interferience then the bluetooth should work great. We use 2 different phones and both have poor mic quality for the reciveing party (in a barrell and muffeled )
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