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Toyota RAV4 vs Honda CR-V



  • jcb12jcb12 Posts: 7
    The RAV 4 has higher score at consumer report, but CRV ranked as Number 2 in Affordable Compact SUVs (the RAV4 ranked as number 3), and got 2012 Best Affordable Compact SUV for Families at U.S. news.

    About the predicted reliability listed on consumer report for these two cars, the CRV got a lower score because 2012 CRV has a big change. The evolution of engine is lack of feedback. RAV-4 is going to has a new model coming at the end of this year. If you can wait, 2013 RAV4 may be a good choice.

    Now, I will choose CRV. Although both of them have their advantage and disadvantage, but I can bear the road noisy and the bad rear visibility on CRV. All model come with backup camera and one button folding backseat, which are what I like. I don't like the insider of RAV 4 and its side-hinged tailgate.
  • zeeboyzeeboy Posts: 25
    Why did Toyota go with that design?

    I'm pretty sure I'd prefer a liftgate
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    I drove the 3.6 2012 outback and loved the power, just not the mileage. I then drove the 2.5. I didn't like how te transmission felt. The 2013 got very positive reviews from Subie lovers. I plan to test drive one on Thursday. I then will re-test the CR-V which felt too light and small ( narrow) for me when I drove it. Last I'll try the Mazda cx-5. I think my decision will come down to the Honda or the Subaru.

    Has anyone tried the CX-5?
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    I tried a CX-5 this past weekend. The seats were not comfortable as they pinched my thighs and butt. I tried several different ones to make sure and I could not get comfortable and neither could my wife. I did try a Mazda3 and a Mazda5. Both ran well but the ride was very nervous.
  • >Why did Toyota go with that design?<

    Try raising a liftgate with a spare tire on it.
  • >Jeep Patriot comes to mind ...<

    Jeeps are UNRELIABLE - I've got one.
  • toklartoklar Posts: 2
    edited December 2012
    I want to buy a used 2007 Toyota RAV4 with vin JTMBD31V876039810.
    Can someone kindly check the title and advise me on this vehicle?
    I also want to get a scanner for the same car.

    Can someone recommend any in particular?
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