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Real world gas mileage for sedans



  • Tom - Owner of a new 2005 Avalon - after 2000 miles of mixed highway and local driving, my overall average is 27 mpg. There is a discussion forum at Edmunds just for Avalon real-world MPG experiences. I believe the Avalon may be the best reasonably large sedan in terms of MPG. I think your dad should check it out.
  • dfc3dfc3 Posts: 87
    I've owned a Volvo S60 for the past 2 years; I get about 22 MPG city and 32 MPG highway.
  • Hello, I am giving a speech on the gas price crisis. I am looking for the average miles/gal for vehicles driven in the United States. If anyone knows, please reply and give the source you got the stat from. Thank you
  • Thaking a 500 mile trip, on CA, HYW 99 from Stockton to Los Angeles
    My new 2005 XLS Avalon got up to
    34.4 MPG on super unleaded (91) with 4 passangers and luggage.
    not too bad. huh?
    I did take a picture with my cell phone to prove it
    if you guy and gals like to see I will post it soon.
    Like too know if any one has gotten a higher MPG.

    Thank's all
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    That is terrific. It is better than the smaller Camry. What kind of mpg do you get with 50/50 city/highway? Is premium unleaded recommended for the Avalon?
    How did you figure the mpg on this trip? Is this from the trip computer or fill-up to fill-up? Thanks
  • I love my car im a 17 year old student in central valley, california. I bought a 1998 Honda civic HX, the best gas saving gas engine in the world, its been proven. Its a V-TEC E. E stands for Economy, because it is set to a lean burn. It looks nice cause i have 18" panther intimidator wheels, and the rides nice. Just to let you know, i go over 6000 rpms everywhere, and i still get better gas mileage than your escalade going 20mph, and its true. im not kidding. :)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Let's see, on a fun challenge, a 14 year old Canadian student was able to correctly convert U.S. MPG to litters per 100 kilometers.

    I wonder if a 17 year old "central valley, california" student can figure out his actual MPG, period? It's true. I'm not kidding. ;)
  • Just completed one year with a 2004 civic dx. Mileage calculated as total miles driven divided by total gallons consumed. Average was 37.5 mpg. Driving was perhaps 20% highway, 40% city, 40 % country secondary roads.
  • I just this car and love it. It has 12,000 miles. I am concerned, however about the mileage. Is it normal for the mpg to read between 15 and 19 in the city? Also, how much on average (miles) should I get per tank? I notice I have to fill up every 300 miles...(city driving mostly).
  • I bought a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am with the 2.4L 4cyl (not the newer Ecotec 2.4) with 4 spd auto over a year ago as a cheap daily commuter. I get about 28 MPG in mix of ~70% city/30% highway. Worst MPG so far is 23 MPG (bad traffic) and best tank was 34 MPG (trip - wife, kid, dogs - all highway) - close to EPA estimates (22/30). I did notice a 1-2 MPG drop when I had my bike rack attached (Thule, 2 bike carriers with fairing), so I took it off.

    My wife's 2001 Cherokee (4.0L 6cyl, 4spd auto, 4x4), on the other hand, averages about 19 MPG in the same mix, which goes up to 21-22 on the highway (65-70 MPH) and at worst 10 MPG (mud crawling). There is no difference with roof-rack bike carriers (once a brick, always a brick).
  • I love the car overall but I am getting terrible gas mileage. It claims to get 22 city 29 highway and while I do 90% of my driving in the city, I am getting only 16 mpg. This is outrageous. I am going to have a fuel consumption test done but what if anything can they do about it. Does anyone know?

    catlady 44
  • That sounds like great economy. And, your test was meaningful since it was over many tankfuls of gas. How is your car rated by EPA ? Is it an automatic or manual transmission?
  • I consistantly average about 24.5 MPG with a fair mix of city and highway driving, I have done as bad as 21 in the winter months in Chicago, and on an al highway trip I have done 27 mpg. not bad for a mini SUV, but looking for a greener vehicle next time, one that gets over 35 mpg.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,937
    Short answer – my overall average, in 4,769 miles, is 18.66 MPG.
    Best full tank has been 19.78.
    That is calculated (with Excel) not DIC indicated.

    Now, the EPA rating for the GXP, as everyone here likely knows, is 18 \ 27.

    If I fill my tank, with a warm engine (as I did this morning) and then immediately jump on the Interstate and head from North East of Atlanta toward Mid-Town at 6:00 AM, the DIC (proven fairly accurate) showed 28.2 AVG MPG when I pulled off I85 after approx. 18 miles. That included a couple of short WOT bursts to merge into traffic. Traffic was typical for that time of morning, and the fast lane was moving at 70 to 75 most of the way. A couple of times, I briefly touched 80. A couple of times I needed to slow to 60 or so. [[ NB: The EPA highway test STILL limits vehicles to a ** maximum ** speed of 60 MPH!! ]] By the time I pulled into the parking lot of my office, including a couple of miles of surface streets, the DIC showed exactly 27. Ambient air temp. was below 70 – so I was quite comfortable running with the sunroof open to ‘vent’ and the A/C compressor off. (A/C can cost 1.0 to 1.5 MPG under most driving conditions.)

    Point here is that I believe one could achieve very close to (or even more than) the reported EPA highway mileage, IF one drove under essentially the same conditions as the EPA assumes for their testing. (IE: A/C off, do not exceed 60 MPH, travel only on relatively level limited access highways with traffic light enough to not significantly impact speeds.)

    In the now current ‘real world’, where speed limits are 70 MPH in many areas outside metro districts, traffic often travels at 75 to 80 MPH in such areas, A/C is much more common (than it was when the EPA test parameters were defined) and on and on – I think 25 MPG would likely be an excellent number to average over a full tank – even one that includes primarily such driving.

    My gas mileage ‘problem’ with the GXP is likely 3 pronged:
    [[ Emphasis = MY PROBLEM. Not really the GXP’s problem . . . ]

    Prong 0.5 = I live near and commute into Atlanta. Traffic is terrible. (Not quite LA terrible, but really, really bad almost all the time.)

    Prong 1 = I am soooo tempted to bury the throttle, to feel and to hear that V8 rumble and rush. I do try to restrict that activity. Sometimes, resistance is futile. I really enjoy it – and even with gasoline prices as they are (and have been recently) it is worth an occasional blast.

    Prong 2 = I am afraid that my typical commute just does not allow the DoD feature to engage often enough and \ or long enough to provide much benefit for me. My commute into Mid-Town is typically early enough that I am running 65 to 75 \ 80, but there is enough traffic even before 6:30 that I am rarely running at a steady speed for long. Also, the trip begins and ends at roughly the same elevation, but there is generally up and down all the way – relatively gentle during the Interstate 85 leg, but still not ideal. My trip home in the afternoon is typically too late in the afternoon to be in light to moderate traffic. (sigh) Thus, I am almost certain that I have never been in DoD mode during my afternoon drive home . . . I am either accelerating or decelerating – and I am often in first or second gear from I85 \ I285 (spaghetti junction) to my house. That is 4 to 5 miles. Sometimes the acceleration rate is mild, as all traffic is held back – but that combination of slow \ go \ slow \ stop kills my average.

    Prong 3 = When I do cruise in relatively light traffic, as I did driving to Braselton and back this past weekend, I do NOT stay below the maximum speed limit during the EPA highway test (still 60 mph!) that resulted in the 27 MPG rating. Cruising up I85 on Saturday morning and back early afternoon (over 20 miles of Interstate each way) I was running at 75 to 80. As was most other traffic. Clearly, the difference between 60 and 75 \ 80 is non-trivial.

    If I am ever able to drive on a relatively level freeway outside metro Atlanta traffic of an extended trip, and I decide to maintain a ‘reasonable and prudent speed’ (below 80 MPH) I expect that I can average 25 or so MPG. If I can set the Cruise Control & maintain a steady speed and the roads are relatively level. We’ll see. I don’t expect to have an opportunity until Thanksgiving weekend (planning a run to see friends in the Florida Panhandle) to run for a long distance away from the typical traffic in and around Atlanta.

    - Ray
    Overall, still quite content . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • sdiver68sdiver68 Posts: 123
    My 2005 Civic EX sedan automatic gets about 35 MPG HWY / 33 City Mixed 30 City with the A/C on, using 87 oct. Considering real world mileage for hybrids is in the mid 40's at best, I consider anyone buying a Prius or Civic hybrid as having failed an intelligence test.

    My 2006 Infiniti M45 Sport automatic gets about 17.5 mixed mostly city with the A/C on, uses 92 oct.
  • mistermemisterme Posts: 407
    I've been getting mid-high 60's MPG most of this summer, and my lifetime is 60.
    My record tank was 941 miles and 69.2MPG, calculated.

    Not bad for a 5 passenger 4 door car!
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Based upon my experience, one should NOT have to baby your car to achieve the EPA highway estimates. Here are my last 5 cars, with results for a 375 mile highway drive between DC and Northeastern PA (i.e. includes hilly terrain along PA turnpike)

    1) 1995 Nissan Maxima SE 5-speed - rated 22/27: After 11 years and 155k miles I still get 28-29 mpg on the highway at 70-75 mph with A/C on.

    2) 2002 Honda S2000 - rated 20/26: Only did the trip twice, averaged 29-32 mpg on each of the 4 legs. On the last one, got 31.2 mpg for a 240 mile stretch going 75+ mph with the A/C on and top down.

    3) 2004 Acura TL 6-speed - rated 20/30: Average 29-31 at 75 mph, A/C on

    4) 2005 Acura MDX - rated 17/23: Average 22.5 - 24 at 70-75 mph, A/C on and fully loaded.

    5) 2005 Porsche 911 S Cab - rated 19/26: I'll let you know after this weekend. Only has 1,200 miles so far, so not fully broken in.

    In each of the first four cars above, I usually match or beat the EPA estimate at 70+ mph. Doesn't seem to depend on A/C use, since some of my best mpg has been in the summer. The Honda S2000 was easily capable of beating the highway EPA rating by 20% at average speeds approaching 80 mph.

    If your car is not getting the highway EPA under normal highway driving, either something is wrong with the car, or the EPA estimate was an overstatement.
  • mistermemisterme Posts: 407
    Sorry I forgot to mention my car is an '04 CVT based HCH. :blush:
  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    My wife and I just traded our civic for an 06 Passat. The Civic with automatic transmission never got less than 29 in town and averaged 35-37 on the highway. We have gotten as good as 42 on a long trip. I tried higher octane gasoline a couple of times and the car did no better than with regular.

    The Passat so far is getting about 23 around town and has shown as much as 33 on the highway, but we've not had it long enough to get a good idea.

    We also have an 04 Mercury Mountaineer 2WD with the V6. It stinks. 14.5 around town and 19 on the highway. Best I ever got was 23 on a long trip. If you're shopping for one (or an Explorer), go ahead and get the V8, or buy an Expedition. The bigger SUV will do just as good in 2WD version around town and there is enough room for an adult in the third row.
  • edspider1edspider1 Posts: 195
    17mpg combined driving. That's trying to get good mpg. Rated 17/24.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Back from my long weekend roundtrip of 900+/- miles. On 375 mile outbound leg, got 25.6 mpg, return leg got 25.2. Average speed was 73 mph, ranging between 65 and 82. Car is rated at 26 on highway, but not fully broken in. Not bad for a very comfortable highway ride in a car capable of 0-60 in 4.2 +/- seconds.
  • averigejoe,
    EPA ratings were 38 on the highway and, I believe, 32 in the city. I try to drive in such a way that I avoid much braking, rapid acceleration, etc., consistent with the traffic flow around me, coast occasionally, travel 65-70 on the highway. Highway mileage in this model seems to drop off more rapidly at high speeds than in other cars I have had. The transmission is manual 5-speed. I suspect that a sixth gear would squeeze out a few more highway mpg. I would have preferred to get an HX for the mileage, but they only come in a coupe and I preferred a 4-door. Also very few dealers carried them or showed any interest in ordering one in my area (Mass.). Thanks for your interest.

  • How about those EPA mileage test procedures?

    This entry is directly from the 2005 EPA pamphlet:
    Each vehicle in this guide has two fuel economy estimates.
    City represents urban driving, in which a vehicle is started in
    the morning (after being parked all night) and driven in stop and-
    go rush hour traffic.
    Highway represents a mixture of rural and interstate highway
    driving in warmed-up vehicles, typical of longer trips in free flowing
    EPA miles-per-gallon (MPG) estimates are based on lab testing
    and are adjusted to reflect real-world driving conditions for an
    average U.S. motorist. Vehicles are tested in the same manner
    to allow fair comparisons.

    According to JOSEPH B. WHITE, Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL:
    The EPA said methodology used to calculate city and highway gasoline mileage estimates includes a highway mileage segment, during which vehicles average 48 miles per hour. The EPA method assumes motorists spend 55% of their time in city driving.

    And: The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, a Washington-based trade group, spokesman Eron Shosteck said "Current (EPA) test procedures provide motorists with generally reliable estimates of what their gas mileage will be... They take into account various factors that motorists may encounter in typical driving situations, in both city and highway traffic."
  • Whatin the heck is dat?
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    23.26 mpg overall for the first 4400 miles. Best highway was 27.5 but more typically around 26. 18-20 around town which I expect to drop when the cool weather moves in. I like the car a lot but I'm quite disappointed in the highway mileage. I was hoping for 28-29 which is what I got on the Olds Intrigue I was driving.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Can owners of the 2002-2006 Lexus ES give me an idea of the kind of mpg I should get if I decide to purchase one?
  • Saw how high I could nurse my 170,000 plus Olds 88 with the 3800 v6 -- was able to get better than 37 mpg for an afternoon roundtrip two-lane highway drive. Granted, I was very easy on the throttle, but it's still good. I can ALWAYS get 30 mpg or better going 80 mph or less. It's a great car for the highway (thus the mileage). Also, the 37 mpg run was filled up and topped off both before and after until gas was oozing out of filler hole. :blush: Just had to be scientific....The darn olds gets better mileage than my 4 cyl. camry. Go figure.
  • joe369joe369 Posts: 61
    Don't sweat it too much.

    When doing nearly 100% of city driving, my 1998 Mercury Sable gets around 12-14 mpg (rated for 19/28).

    I know there is nothing wrong with the car as I do get close to and sometimes over 28mpg for extended highway driving.
  • nbwnbw Posts: 18
    I have less than 1000 miles on my new car, my initial mileage is only up to 21mpg/mainly hiway but the on board computer says my average mph is only 28mph. Guess it could be right.

    I have a friend who at 10k miles was getting 27mpg until he reached the 15k mile mark then, it went up to 30mpg with the same driving pattern.

    I'm thinking the engine is very tight and efficient so any new engine friction creates drag that will reduce with time.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Can anyone advise what kind of mpg I could expect on the 2002-2006 Lexus ES330? Thanks
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