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Real world gas mileage for sedans

drmperaltadrmperalta Posts: 58
edited April 2014 in Acura
Hi everybody,

I just want to know real world experience on fuel
mileage on your car.

Please include year, make, model, transmission,
city/highway/combined. Type of driving, short
trips, long trip, etc..



  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Ok, I'll bite first. I rive a 95 Thunderbird V-8 automatic. I've only actually calculated highway mileage, and gotten about 27 mpg for a 300 mile trip. 20 MPG is a ballpark figure for city though. All in all, I think it's pretty good for a V-8. (My last V-8 car, a Grand Marquis, got 12 mpg highway ;-)
  • 2000 Acura 3.2TL 5-speed automatic transmission.

    Mostly mixed driving(commuting to and from work).

    In mostly city driving, I would say I average about 17. On one highway trip I got a average of 28MPG. My usual mixed driving to and from work yields me about 20-21MPG.

    1996 ford probe GT, 5-speed manual transmission.

    City driving will still yield about 21MPG or so. Highway driving: I've taken it on one trip from NY to Boston and back and averaged 28MPG. in usual mixed daily driving(mixed city/highway) I get a average of about 23MPG.

    Other cars in the house:

    2000 Lexus LS400: 5-speed automatic.
    On a recent highway trip to CT and back yielded 26MPG. On a recent trip from NJ to Pittsburgh and back yielded 27MPG.

    Around town gets about 20MPG. And over the first 7000 miles of its life its averaged about 22MPG.

    1995 Lexus ES300: 4-speed automatic On the highway will get about 28MPG. In mixed city/highway daily driving it will get about 20-21MPG.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    1993 Cavalier 2.2L 5-speed: 15 mpg (maybe) in all city driving. It's my in-town commuter car. I don't trust it on the highway anymore.

    1994 Honda Accord 5-speed: Mostly used on the highway, last check (combined city/highway) was 28 mpg. On a trip from Cedar Rapids to Des Moines, got 30 mpg at an average speed of 71 mph.
  • 1997 volkswagen jetta automatic with 2.0 liter four cylinder engine. about 24 in the city and 31-32 on the highway (a little higher if i use cruise).
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    2000 Chevrolet Impala LS:

    Powertrain: 3800 Series II V-6 engine (200HP) coupled to the 4T65-E 4-speed automatic transmission.

    Driving environment: Mixed city/Highway driving, mostly slow city traffic in 80F+ weather (Miami)

    Fuel Mileage: 18-20 MPG (City) 28-30MPG (Highway)

    Fuel used: Exxon Supreme 89 Octane ($1.68/Gallon)

    1997 Mercury Tracer LS sedan (Wife):

    Powertrain: 2.0L OHC 4-cyl engine (Mazda engine)rated at 115HP coupled to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

    Driving environemnt: Same as the Impala LS.

    Fuel used: Same as Impala LS.

    Fuel mileage: 21-23MPG (City) 28-32MPG (Highway)
  • markz2kmarkz2k Posts: 112
    2000 Accord EX V6 (Sedan)

    Averaging about 18-20 MPG. I expect it to get better as I acquire more miles. Daily commute is 5.5 Miles (one way), about half that stop & go.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    '00 Chevy Impala LS: 10,800 trouble free miles
    '97 Mercury Tracer LS: 37,500 trouble free miles
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    I'd say you're getting pretty good mileage out of the Impala. My grandmother's 92 Bonneville SSE with the 3800 gets about 27-28 mpg on the highway. I was actually a bit disappointed in it the first time I figured it up, because I expected more of an improvement over my T-Bird than the car delivered. Then again, yours is the SII engine, so it's more likely than not a more effecient powerplant than my grandma's Series I
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    How many miles on that '92 Bonneville? It appears to be that the refinements incorporated into the 3800 after 1996 (Series II)and revisions to the 4-speed auto tranny really helped to improve the overall MPG. Do you know the basic differences between the Series I and II engines?
  • svenjsvenj Posts: 19
    3 Tanks of gas used so far in mixed driving, though probably about 65% highway 35% city. Averaging about 37 MPG.
  • '99 Toyota Camry LE 4 cyl auto:
    Highway only: 33-35 mpg

    Y2K Audi A4 Quattro 1.8 Tip:
    Highway: 29-30 mpg City: about 23 mpg
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    I think the Bonneville has around 90K on it, but still in great shape (if you overlook the fact that the interior's falling apart, and ther's a slight dent in the back door where a woman changed lanes into me!) Actually, I don't know what the difference between the Series I and II engines are, but I'm trying to find out. Hopefully, they corrected this car's one glaring fault-its gluttonous consumption of alternators!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I don't hear complaints about alternators much anymore.
  • 2 liter 4-banger, 5-speed MTX

    about 34 mpg highway, 22 city.

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    My old 95 tbird roughly came in near your mileage figures. I got about 21 in town and 25 on highway trips. Sometimes I got 27. If the mileage started to slip, I gave the car a fuel system enema (gas treatment or fuel system cleaner) and on the next tank mpg would improve back up to normal levels.

    The old 89 Taurus SHO I had would do 20-22 mpg in town. On long highway trips i would approach 30 mpg and once I hit about 32 mpg. Very good for a performance car.

    The current cars I own are a 99 ford taurus SHO and a 99 chevy prizm. The 99 SHO is down a bit in mileage from the 89. The 99 gets 19/20 mpg in town from its v8, although the v8 has an automatic. On the highway most often 23-25 mpg with one tank I got 27. The prizm gets about 30 mpg around town (5 sp.) and 35 on trips.

    My father in law gets 27 in town / 32-34 mpg on trips with his Olds 88 (3.8 series II) but the car is so damn boring to drive and the engine is so unexciting and mundane I don't mind paying a little more for gas in my SHO for the benefit of more speed fun and excitement.

    I don't really know too many others with sedans they all drive those fat slug SUV's that suck gas like a golfball through a garden hose.
  • City driving with 2000 Intrigue 3.5 liter engine yields 22.5 to 23 mpg in city driving. Non rush hour type however. Hwy. mpg not checked at this time. Mileage on unit is 30,000 miles as it is a program vehicle. Some mixed hwy. city got 25.95 mpg.
  • 1999 Mazda Millenia 2.5L V6
    25,500 miles
    Avg 21 mpg...mixed city & highway driving
  • 1998 Accord EX Sedan I-4 Auto
    Mileage: 17,500

    Highway (25%): 27 mpg
    City: (75%): 19 mpg (stop and go)

    Combined Avg: 21

    I expected at least an average of 23 so I'm somewhat disappointed.
  • cainepcainep Posts: 35
    1999 Lexus LS400 5-speed auto
    Mileage: 16000
    Worst: 19 mpg
    Best: 29 mpg
    Average: 22 mpg (almost all on LA freeways, with approx 33% stop and go)

    2000 Infiniti I30L 4-speed auto
    Mileage: 13000
    Worst: 17 mpg
    Best: 31 mpg
    Average: 19 mpg (mostly city driving)

    Rented several GM cars with the 3800 Series II engine and usually get 30-32 mpg on highway trips, with a best of 34.5 mpg with an Impala.
  • 2000 Alero, 4 cyl. auto, 9000 miles. Conservative city driving, non rush hour traffic, averages 26.5 mpg. This is with non formulated regular fuel.

    I drive the speed limit and try not to let the aggressive ROV (roll over vehicles) sometimes called SUV drivers intimidate me. As C&D says they, SUV, are neither sporty nor utility and their popularity is puzzling. Paraphrased.
  • My '99 Stratus has a 2.4 L engine and 4-speed automatic. I purchased it new in August 1999. The EPA fuel economy ratings were 21 city/30 highway. The car now has 31,000 miles. I ordinarily change the oil and filter every 3,000 to 4,000 miles.

    When new, I typically realized about 20 mpg city/25 mpg highway. Over the last 15 months, fuel economy has gradually improved to about 22 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway.

    Those figures were observed using regular unleaded fuel. Premium or midgrade tend to produce results about 3 mpg lower.
  • 77,000 miles. 5 speed manual.

    this summer it was getting 38-42 mpg.

    since the weather has cooled off, i have been getting more 35's and 36's.

    it might be time for an o2 sensor change.

    all interstate driving, 108 miles per day.

    my wifes 00 mustang gt has done a best of 25mpg, all highway miles.
  • Buick LeSabre 3800 V6 auto, 10,000 miles. City/rural = 22.3
    Straight interstate cruising 70/75 mph = 31.4mpg.

    Other car:
    1995 Mazda DX four banger with 5 speed. 27 city/rural and 37 highway. Amazed that the bigger Buick does nearly this well considering the size difference.

    Always keep your tires properly inflated, especially in cold weather when pressure falls.
    And one other thing, there is NO BENEFIT to using a higher octane gasoline than what the owners manual calls for. That's just an advertising scheme the gas companies had until the Feds told them to quit that type of commercial.
  • kmagkmag Posts: 98
    99 Mystique GS 4 cyl. automatic transmission
    26-27 mpg mix of city and hiway driving
    31 mpg on a recent 220 mi. hiway trip

    Other cars Ive driven or owned:
    99 Ford Windstar
    24 MPG hiway

    94 Cutlass with 3.4 DOHC V6
    20-22 mix of city and hiway driving
    28 MPG hiway

    94 Escort LX 5 speed
    30 mpg mix of city and hiway driving
    36 hiway

    91 Festiva 5 speed
    38 mpg mix of city and hiway driving
    44 hiway

    85 Dodge Daytona Turbo automatic
    24 mpg city
    28 mpg hiway
  • jguojguo Posts: 49
    98 Honda Accord EX 2.3L I4, automatic
    46000+ miles
    ~23 mpg all city
    ~31 mpg all highway
    Between 25-26 mpg mixed driving.
    Using 87 oct California spec-ed fuel, which probably means the mpg worse than using fuel from other parts of the country.
  • duperduper Posts: 127
    I used to have an old 1984 Accord a few years back with 130,000+ miles. I'd been getting around 40-45mpg mix driving. I could fill up a tank and drive for almost a month. I took it in for a major tune up, plugs changes, timing adjustment, valve check and all. After that I got about 25-30mpg max. Go figured. Shouldn't fix anything that's not broken...yet :)
  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
    City - 20 mpg, Highway - 28 mpg, Mix - 22 mpg. I usually use 87 octane gas - once a month I'll fill it with 89 octane.
  • Okay, here's my numbers----

    2000 Olds Alero Sedan
    3.4L V6 / 4 speed auto

    I only get about 20-21 MPG in the city since I'm a bit of a leadfoot (I've done intake and exhaust work to the car) but it gets about 28-29 MPG on the highway going 75 MPH, which I think is right in the ballpark. I use 87 octane fuel (as recommended by Olds).
  • 668668 Posts: 13
    I have a 1998 VW Jetta TDI, with 5sp manual. It has 42,500 miles on it. The lifetime average on this car is just over 49mpg. I drive 45 miles each way to work. When I fill up each week I usually get between 48.5 and 51.5mpg. The best mileage I have gotten is 55.5 mpg and the worst is 42mpg. My commute is about 2/3 highway and 1/3 stop and go, city driving. This car is just phenomenal, very quick, good highway cruiser and good from the stop light. VW used to advertise the TDI as the "car without compromise," while that isn't true, I think it is a great compromise.
  • My 99 Millenia automatic with a 2.3l supercharged engine gets consistently 20 mpg in city driving. On the highway traveling 75 to 80 mph it gets a very disappointing 24 mpg. All the complexity of a supercharger and absolutely no benefit. My next car will have a 3+I six and be an improvement.
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