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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • 404c404c Posts: 146
    I think it's permitted in Europe to use the rear fog light in any atmospheric condition that brings visibility under 50 m - dust (!), smoke, heavy snow plus of course fog. I've never seen rain heavy enough to actually obscure the view beyond 50 m but I imagine that it is possible. In rain, the main problem remains the incredible reflections. If you really want to know the definitive answer, do a web search for EU traffic laws - it's bound to be there somewhere.

  • Hi All-

    I was wondering if those who have acquired their cars in the last several weeks have noticed if their cars were assembled in Brazil? I've been told that only C Coupes and not the sedans are being assembled in Brazil. I've also been told the exact opposite.
    Thanks in advance.

    John W.
  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    After reading and rereading the book and testing on my car here's what I found: Seat and mirror position are not automatically set when the key is entered (excluding easy
    entry/exit, which I don't use). You must select 1-2-3 position and push the button. The 1-2-3 position indicator does react to the key....different keys can produce different seating and mirror positions while on the same number. From experience I suggest setting both keys to the same settings. Then one backs up the other in case of failure or someone reprogramming it wrong and also it won't make any difference which key you're using.
  • nankynanky Posts: 75
    I was curious as to why this emblem does NOT appear on the new bodied C class.
    That's a good question. In Europe, the sports package equipped Cs come with an "Avantegarde" emblem. A friend who works for Mercedes in Germany sent me a pair so, I have them on mine. If you want that look, you can purchase the sports emblems from the dealership and stick them on yourself since they have self adhesive backings. They cost $19 a piece at my dealership.

    Miki - I am glad your rim problem has been resolved to your satisfaction.
  • lillyklillyk Posts: 2

    I'm about to begin the purchase process of a 2002 C320 in Northern California. I have the invoice and MSRP prices of my desired options but was wondering a couple of things:

    * At what price did you buy your vehicle (either amount over invoice or below MSRP)?

    * What purchase methods have people used that they think are effective/not effective (internet, Costco, broker, fax, etc)?

  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    It's fairly trivial to take them off.
    Get out your hair dryer, some dental floss, and some Goo Gone (really just a citrus adhesive cleaner). Heat up the emblem. Slide the dental floss under it. Goo Gone any remaining adhesive...
  • Thanks for the reply. I was beginning to wonder if there is some secret decoder ring that comes with the purchase of an MB to get a response in here! I really think it is a fantastic looking automobile, and not having any extra labels would be a plus to me.

    Just Goo Gone & floss? I can't believe it could be that easy (& never thought about using it for that). I use it all the time to remove stickers from things (nephews are little devils). I guess I thought there was some form of metal bonding or rivet or something similar holding them on.

    What method do you recommend for heating? Hair dryer? I know I wouldn't want to spend that kind of $$$ and be responsible for wrecking the finish!

    Thanks again
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    You just want to warm it up enough to get the floss undernearth. It's better than using a heat gun :-)
    I'd suggest practicing on your old car or your neighbors' cars ;-)

    Don't take off the center MB logo on the trunk though. That does use studs on the back of it to keep it in place. Only the lettering is glued on (and your dealership letters if they do that to cars...I asked mine not to put any free advertising on my ML :-)
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403

    I appreciate the sentiment of your post. I remember when my dad's '59 180 was considered an ugly little car but that was lost on him because he purchased it for all the same reasons that you used to purchase yours. One thing I can pretty much guarentee about that car was that it came from the factory with the steering wheel on straight.
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    >Miki - I am glad your rim problem has been >resolved to your satisfaction.

  • The fog light on my E-430 is also pretty effective at getting tailgaters to back off a bit :)
  • Hey everybody. I have been away for a while and just finished reading 189 posts!

    Miki, I loved the line about the taste police! Don't be so sensitive! Glad that your issue was resolved.

    Gary, Sorry about your bashed door. Hope they can fix it to "like new" condition.

    Keys. I am on my 3rd key. The problem appears to be solved. You should be able to make the memory settings key dependent. Mine are!

    There is a little trick to the "Easy Exit" feature. It does not engage if the seat travel will be less than 50%. (Whatever that means.) It works fine for my wife and she likes it because she does not hit her head on the mirror if the seat moves back. It does not move back for me but the steering wheel moves, which is fine.

    Left center vent is fixed. (Not replaced, just put back together correctly by the tech.)

    Trunk opening Deal. I had this problem also. All that we did was back off the 2 rubber stops on the bottom of the trunk lid. The fit was too tight and would not allow the latch to release.

    I was following a CLK the other day and the idiot had his fog light on in bright sunlight. Veeeerrrrryyyyyy irritating!

    Anybody heard from Drew lately????

    14K miles and still loving it! I came out of the grocery store the other day and I had to clean a nose print off the window from a gawker!
  • ahostahost Posts: 36
    Thanks. Very helpful to get confirmed how the keys are supposed to work in my discussion with the dealer. The way your keys work is also the way my old key worked (mostly, not quite), the part that (maybe) did not work was the easy entry/exit. Then they ordered new keys, and now even that does not work. I went to the service department today. My service rep now is also confused. He talked to a number of the salespeople, and they all said the seat memory IS seat dependent. But MB and the technician claims it is not. Unfortunately, they didn't have another car I could try it on, but he promissed to get to the bottom of it on Monday, and also find another car I can test it on.
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  • Lilly

    About a month ago someone posted that in the LA area they were selling c -240 /c -320 $500.00 over dealer's cost. The cost factor is 6.99834%.
    The c-240 MRSP is $30550.00 x 6.99834 = $28412.00.
    use the same cost factor on the c-320.
  • The dealer's invoice prices are now available at both and The base invoice price for the C240 is $28,412 and the C320 is $34,364. These don't include the $645 destination fee or advertising fees. The invoice prices for the options are listed there as well.

    Hope that helps.

    John W.
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    For what it's worth -- here's my story.......
    My seat memory was very much a problem with my first C320 (Black) and I was told if I disabled "easy exit" everything would work. Being me, I wanted everything to work including "easy exit". The Black had a problem holding more than one memory position -- it held the same position in 1-2-3, My Obsidian (so far-knock-on-wood) works as advertised. I put the key in the ignition and the seat, steering wheel and headrest (if necessary) move into position. When I remove the key, the seat moves back as does the steering wheel for exit. If I changed the position number the last time I drove and revert back to another number position, I do sometimes need to press the round button to bring it exactly to where I want. This just has to be done when there has been a change in position number last time car was driven.

    I do not do valet parking, but at the carwash, dealer and Lakers games I have to release the car to another driver (sigh) so I use the seat lever
    to slide the seat back far enough so they do not have to play with MY settings. When I get the car back, I just press the round button again to get back to where I want to be. The mirrors drift, but very, very rarely. They drifted all the time on the Black.

    I am 5'2 -- set the seat close and the steering wheel low.

  • My car's alarm is acting up. It often goes on for no apparent reason, no one even close to the car or other rf/if signals generated nearby. Mostly happens within a few minutes of being armed, but that is not a rule. Sometimes happens after its been parked for hours. Went to the dealer, who attributed the problem to faulty keys. Ordered new keys for me which I received yesterday, problem persists. Problem happens even if I turn off the anti-towing feature. This is driving me nuts! Has anyone had problems like this before? Any ideas what could be causing it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • 404c404c Posts: 146
    I am amazed how incompetent some of these M-B dealers seem to be - exactly how a self-triggering false alarm could be attributed to a faulty key is beyond me.

    You would have to know how the alarm operates in order to figure out what's triggering it. The tilt function is one aspect, but your disabling that function and still getting a false alarm would indicate that particular circuitry is not at fault. So the fault likely lies in the other aspect of the alarm circuit. I don't know whether it only senses aperture openings (doors, trunk, hood) or whether it includes an interior motion detector. In any event I would expect that one of the aperture sensors or motion sensors (if there are any) are at fault. Or maybe you have a mouse or rat living in your car ;-)

    Seriously, let the service manager live with it at his house for a few days - I guarantee you that it'll be fixed promptly in that case.
  • benz747benz747 Posts: 91
    My 2002 C 240 was in shop for so called never heard Trunk Lock problem, they returned my car , they said they have ordered the plate which they believe is causing the problem and once they received it they will give me a call and get it fixed !! aparantly I was surprised why the METAL keys not working in either on trunk or even on doors (I never tested when I took delivery as I did not expect this from MB at least) overall I am not satisfied, MB should consider this as TRUNK lock apparently keeping me away from activities like shopping or weekend stayovers where I need trunk for luggage - any thoughts !!

    they gave me 1995 E300D car as a loaner for two days
  • tclawtclaw Posts: 23
    I've just received my expected letter from my dealer's service manager urging me to praise my most recent service experience when I hear from MB, including the alternate transportation provided. As I noted in a previous posting, the alternate transportation was an incredibly noisy Ford Escort with 20,000 plus miles, through an on-site Enterprise franchise. Although I would like to say that, even though I may not be justified in expecting a loaner Mercedes, I would not be unreasonable to expect something better than an Escort. However, it may be that cheap compacts are standard in the industry, so before I respond I'd like some feedback from the rest of you on what your dealers offer, especially American Service Center in Arlington, VA. Thanks.
  • 12341234 Posts: 25
    I have a c320 and would like to upgrade the stock 16" wheels to the 17" AMG wheels. I have some questions if anyone could answer.
    1. Would this effect the warranty in any way?
    2. I was thinking about purchasing the wheels/tires at tirerack, which come mounted and balanced. If I go with the recommended tire size, is there any other work involved besides just replacing the wheels? I would like to go with the same wheel/tire combination provided in the sport package for this vehicle, yet I did not pursue that option because I disliked the interior.

  • 404c404c Posts: 146
    I would recommend that you fill out the survey as you want to - you were obviously not satisfied with the loaner car and you should say so. You might also mention that your dealer has "urged you" to praise them. This is an illegitimate suggestion and it undermines the purpose of the survey. I assume that the survey is confidential (at least the dealer does not see it). If it is not, call MBUSA to complain. Only confidential surveys (in which the respondent is not identifiable) tend to generate honest answers.

    Let's put it this way: if it were me, I would not only fill out the form as it should be, but also tell the serivce manager in person that I don't like his loaner cars. If somehow that would poison the dealer's relationship with you as a customer, then the dealer should be stripped of his franchise forthwith.

    Whether crap loaner cars "are the norm" or not is a secondary issue. The bar will never be raised if everyone looks only at averages or norms.

    Good luck,

  • fuzzofuzzo Posts: 88
    I got a 2001 jetta for a loaner car.I didn't mind that at all.. except it smelt like crayons. When i told the dealer this at returning, he said that the jetta was one of the better cars they give out.

    he also said that they used to give out slk's at their dealership but it came back trashed that they stopped that. so now they don't give MB's out anymore.

    my dealer is in baltimore... i may start using american in arlington from now on because it's closer to my place.
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    > You might also mention that your dealer >has "urged you" to praise them. This is an >illegitimate suggestion and it undermines the >purpose of the survey. I assume that the survey >is confidential (at least the dealer does not >see it).

    Mike -- the dealer does get a copy of the satisfaction of purchase and delivery survey. Both my salesperson and the dealership owners put out a lot of effort to make sure that I filled out the survey, and I recd a follow-up letter and phone call to make sure I sent it back to MB. My salesperson gave me a sample survey with the ratings highlighted that I should use when the survey was recd and returned to MB. I did not mind, because I thought she deserved the best. I gave everything high ratings (for political reasons :), but I did make note on the survey that there were some problems with the car yet to be resolved. My dealer clearly indicated how important this survey was to the dealership and how important it was to get a good "report card" from MB. My dealership is the top-selling one in the country and was established in the thirties, but still wanted those high marks. As a customer, our one last bastion of control is the knowledge of how important the survey is to the dealer and that MB think highly of them.

    Methinks there is also a separate survey for service -- no one dared show me that one!

    Re the loaners -- I have mentioned this before. I will not take their awful cars. I just tell them to shuttle me on home and I will make do without a car for the two days. Being without my car for a few days is something with which I can deal. This upsets them for some reason and they bring me a decent car on the second day. They tell me they are afraid there might be an emergency, and they would feel better knowing I had a car.

    It appears poor quality loaners is a universal problem.

  • 1234- I agree with you about the interior that comes with the sport package. But, I decided to order it anyway. However, the wheels that come with the sport package are 16 inch and NOT 17 inch. The stock wheels are 7.0 x 16 and with the sport package the wheels are 7.5 x 16. I noticed the optional wheel package for the C coupe are 7.5 x 17.

    John W.
  • I got rid of my Benz because of poor service and crappy attitude of service dept. Now If I need service, I bring my Lexus in and they have a shiny new RX300 waiting for me. But I've only needed to bring it in for oil changes-it never breaks.
  • rcessrcess Posts: 5

    I wish I had purchased A Lexus instead of my Benz from hell. You are indead a wise man. "Crappy attitude of service department" sums it up very nicely.

  • eoseos Posts: 27
    Euro Motor cars in Bethesda MD (a possible alternative American Service Center) says it is in the process of switching to all MB loaners. So far, I've only had my 2000 C280 in once for service there, prior to the switch. At that time, they ran out of Mercedes one customer ahead of me, and I got a 2000 Camry, not a Benz. It was in good mechanical shape and clean, but obviously, not a MB.
  • gdtobmegdtobme Posts: 17
    For the two MBs I've gotten from two different dealers here in L.A., both told me how to fill out the initial survey. One even volunteered to give it to them, in exchange for a full tank of gas, so they can fill it out. I filled it out myself in both instances. I gave good ratings anyway so I don't think I was blacklisted by the dealer/service center.

    With one of the two dealers, I had a very irritating experience with the service department right before I received the service survey. I filled it out very honestly and was quite frank with my displeasure. A few week later, the service manager contacted me and pleaded that I revise my comments. I stood firm. Maybe that's the reason why the 1994 C280 I had then was nothing but problems.
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