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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • edarteedarte Posts: 41
    First I want to set the record straight. I went back and checked my C purchase contract and it was actually $44,280, after discount & before taxes. This included all options I mentioned plus split seat. The LS price before taxes was $49,900. So I did pay about 5K more. Sorry for the error.

    However while Acco20 contends it is not fair to compare I respectfully disagree, as I think jrct9454 does as well. Yes, one is the top of the line Lexus and the other is closer to the bottom of the MB Line (no offense - still has potential to be a great car) the actual price difference for me seemed minor compared to the quality and feature improvement. Granted I was buying a 2001 but it is really brand new with full warranty. If you are considering the C (or especially the current E) especially with a lot of options you really should check out the Lexus line. I suspect this is obvious but for the odd person who had ruled Lexus out because it does not (yet) have the prestige that MB has you could be making a big mistake.

    Thanks to the other posters who wished me well in my Lexus I wish the same to all of you in your C's.

  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    >Yes, one is the top of the line Lexus and the >other is closer to the bottom of the MB Line

    OH! How can you be so cruel! My second 2001 C320 cost $50K out-the-door -- a cash purchase, not a lease. What to do now with my one-million dollar new home! I am happy with the house, but it is also closer to the bottom in a neighborhood where there are two-million dollar homes :).

    Enjoy your Lexus and drive safe. I went for the Lexus top-of-the line but found the seats too low for me in all but their entry level. Then I went to Mercedes for a CLK and found it and the E Class seats also not high enough for me. Gave it some thought and concluded it would be easier driving a car out of which I could see. The 320 was perfect for me. Whether it be near the bottom or not, I have not regretted my decision. I love looking at the car and driving it. It seems value cannot always be put into dollars -- value is what works for you.

  • mejitamejita Posts: 6
    I had the same problem with my mirror - it turned out that the toggle that switches the power mirror adjustor from the driver to the passenger side has to be set for the passenger side. In other words, the button on the right has to be pressed in.
  • rs64rs64 Posts: 64
    Thanks for the info. I will give it a try.

  • I have decided on a C320 and wish to take delivery after the last snow, say April 1, '02. I prefer to have it built to order, so we need to factor in an order date of at least Feb 1 or earlier. Any guidance on negotiating a price. Am I apt to get a better price ordering/negotiating now, for a large lead time, or closer in. e.g., Would the end of Dec. be best to boost the dealers end of year ##s, or is that irrelevant since delivery and full payment would not be til '02.

    Moreover, anyone have experience with negotiating a price on a trade a few months prior to delivery. I imagine this agreement would presume, e.g., no more than x additional miles and substantially the same condition.

    Further, given the long lead time, any other possibilities/options to consider.

    Thanks in advance for any insight.
  • mejitamejita Posts: 6
    I have been watching the board for months now and have enjoyed everyone's insight. I have a 2001 240 that I took delivery of 6/01. The car now has 4500 miles on it.

    Overall, I love the car - I just have a couple of annoying issues I'm hoping someone can help me with.

    1. The car has never been in alignment - it pulls to the right, at first slightly, then severely. The dealership (Park Place - Dallas) supposedly aligned it last Saturday, although I cannot tell any difference in the way it drives. And yes, I am driving on flat, non-crowned surfaces. Any suggestions?

    2. My driver seat has forgotten the easy entry/exit feature. The steering wheel still moves up, but the seat won't budge. I have tried both keys, turning the feature on and off via steering wheel controls, etc. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, what was the solution?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    Why is comparing $ for $ not a valid comparison? I think it is the only way to compare becuase that is usually the first factor I use in selecting cars to evaluate for purchase. When a car gets to the $45-50K range, there are a lot of alternatives. Heck, even at the basic C240 level, there are a lot of very nice alternatives. I'm not meaning to bash MBs. My wife and I have owned 3 over the years. And there is not another brand that compares in the "feel" that an MB gives you while driving ...well even when it is parked. There is something about that 3-point star. ..... It works like Prozac and may be a lot cheaper than therapy. ....But, even so MB has got to be more competative $ wise and more reliable if they want to continue to dominate the near lux and lux market.
  • Mejita, I can't help you with your issues, sorry, but maybe you can help me. I have a C 320 on order from Park Place that I should take delivery of in the next few weeks. What has your experience been with Park Place's Service Department? I hate the Service Department for my current car (Classic BMW) and am hoping that Park Place is an improvement. Also, did you get a good deal on your purchase or did you pay MSRP, which is what my sales guy tells me is standard. Thanks for any help you can give and good luck with your C!
  • rainersrainers Posts: 50
    I just got a call from the MB dealership and was told that MB has a total of 8 remote key memory slots for the C Class. The original remotes were for memory slots 1&2. They replaced them with 3&4 and this is why the seats do not adjust to the key that is inserted. They have re-ordered for new 1&2 remotes and will call me when they come in. Once these remotes are programmed to the car everything should be fine and the seats will adjust to the individual remote seat settings as they did before. I will let everyone know next week my outcome.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I'm not bashing Mercedes, and I think they're fine cars, but in response to your comments...

    "...MB has got to be more competative $ wise and more reliable if they want to continue to dominate the near lux and lux market."

    MB does not come close to dominating the near-lux and lux market even now. They are simply a major player like Lexus and BMW. Lexus outsold MB last year as a whole. The LS consistently outsells the S-Class, cars like the Acura TL and 3-Series outsell the C-Class and the M-Class has been no match for the RX 300. Only the E-Class is at the top of its category. That is not domination by any stretch.

    "And there is not another brand that compares in the "feel" that an MB gives you while driving ...well even when it is parked. There is something about that 3-point star."

    Maybe this is true for you, and I'm glad if it is. By I'm in my early 30s, and not me nor any of my friends would care to have a Benz at this stage in our lives. I don't know how old you are, but for my age group Lexus and BMW seem to provide the feeling you're describing. The 3-pointed star means nothing to me.

    Again, I'm not bashing MB, just separating your opinion from some facts and my own opinion.
  • mejitamejita Posts: 6
    cbrown32: My experience at Park Place Dallas has been good so far - my sales rep. was great and has followed up with me several times. I did pay sticker, although he gave me the CD changer for $600 instead of $611! What a bargain!

    Seriously though, I love the fact that they have MB loaners - especially when I read about all the crummy loaners other dealerships provide. My sales rep. recommended a service rep. to work with, and told me that if I had any issues (personality or otherwise) to let him know and he would recommend someone else for me. I've only had my car in once - for my alignment problem. I called my service rep. as soon as I realized the alignment wasn't any better and he immediately apologized and scheduled another appointment.

    Overall, I've been very pleased. Hope you have a good experience as well!
  • acco20acco20 Posts: 211
    With only 4500 miles on your car I assume you have not rotated tires yet...I suggest you rotate front to back, same side. Right front to right back and left front to left back. If car then tracks straight... bad tire. One of tires now on rear would be the culprit. Hope this helps.
  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    When I had my steering wheel straightened (it was at 12:02) they had to realign the car. When I picked it up they handed me the alignment spec sheet from a computer should get one if there is any doubt they performed the service. Even though I didn't notice any alignment type issue before, it tracks noticeably better and great now.
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    Yes, I do have a few years on you. I think you misunderstand me. My facination with MBs is definately a love/hate relationship and the last time around I bought the Lexus rather than the MB, although my wife still drives an MB. I thought the Lexus ES300 was a better value than the C-class and I'm betting that it is more reliable. (And yes I see your ES300 posts all the time.) But I do miss the unmistakable feel of the MB. All of the ones I've owned or driven have felt "solid" and stable, even at excessive speed. My Lexus comes close, but does not duplicate this feel. To me this is a real and tangible difference between cars and I will consider MB again the next time I'm ready for another car. I guess that's why I like to lurk on the C and E sites. I like to hear how people like or dislike the current generation of cars, what kind of problems they are having, etc. Also, I've owned both classes of MB previously and I still think fondly of them. Especially since I'm not paying for their repairs anymore :-) But I've got to ask, if you have no love of MB or compulsion ever to drive one, or any first hand knowlege to share, why would you want to join in this discusion?
  • 404c404c Posts: 146
    This discussion about the image of M-B and what buying a C-Class says about you -- especially if you have a $1M house ;-) -- reminds me of something that my Dad once mentioned to me.

    In Germany in the 1950s and early 1960s, he noted that every Mercedes-Benz with a trailer hitch became the object of public ridicule. Why? Because it was the Milkman's car...

    Let's keep some perspective here...there are still German Milkmen driving C-Classes, plus they are (along with the E) a favourite taxi in Germany and Paris. I actually like this sort of thing, as the fact that professional drivers choose a well-engineered car should be comforting to most people. However, it certainly will deflate the egos of those who are more attracted to M-B by their alleged social cachet. But look on the bright side - I've never seen an S or CL-Class taxi ;-)

    By the way, what happened to Drew_host? I miss his informative postings.

  • 404C is correct. The last time I was in Germany, I had a nice ride in a Think of BMW and Mercedes as like the GMs of Germany. They have a wide range of vehicles for different income levels. A wealthy German person buys an S-Class, much like a wealthy American person would buy a GM-Escalade. A less affluent German person would buy an A-Class or C-Class much like a less affluent American would buy a GM-Calvalier or GM-Century. They have a different perception of the three pointed star across the Atlantic.

    The difference is MBUSA has done a very good job of building this IMAGE of exclusivity with the American public.
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    >A wealthy German person buys an S-Class, much >like a wealthy American person would buy a GM->Escalade. A less affluent German person would >buy an A-Class or C-Class much like a less >affluent American would buy a GM-Calvalier or GM->Century.

    So.....where does that leave the wealthy German woman who is 5'2" tall and cannot see out of the S-class because the seat is too low? LOL -- you just cannot generalize on a mostly male forum that has one small blonde checking it out :)

    PS -- What's a Cavalier or a Century?
  • gdtobmegdtobme Posts: 17
    The experience I had with Rusnak in Pasadena was that their attitude was like if you have the cash in your briefcase, we'll tell you how much it costs. Otherwise, go look somewhere else. Also, it seems that if you're not Asian or an old white grandpa, Rusnak won't waste their time with you. I did go to Keyes European in Van Nuys and we negotiated and agreed on a lease term that was fine with me. By the way, this was back in 1999 when I traded in my 1994 C280 for a 2000 E320. Even the service at Keyes seems much more relaxed. Unfortunately, I live 11 miles from Pasadena and Keyes is like 30 miles away. It's worth the drive, though. Go visit Keyes in Van Nuys.
  • fuzzofuzzo Posts: 88
    I have had the same problem since delivery and i got my wheels aligned and balanced too. I noticed today that at speeds of 70 or more... the alignment is fine.. i know it's not of any help but just wanted tolet you know that you are not alone :)

    my dealer is not going to do anything about this issue because i dinged my rim slightly on the curb.. so they say that it's because of that. .. they don't believe me when I say that I have had it since I have had the car.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    You've had a couple of responses, but let me add my vote to get the tires rotated ASAP front to back, and see if your problem changes or goes away. If alignment does not solve a tracking problem, 95% of the time the problem is due to a bad tire.
  • gdtobme: Thanks for the info on Rusnak nad Keyes. I actually had a pleasant enough experience with the sales staff at Rusnak (and I'm neither Asian nor a grandpa), especially compared to the MB dealer in Glendale. In any case, I'll check out Keyes. It's really the service side of the dealership that concerns me. I serviced an Audi at Rusnak in the '80s, and that was not my idea of fun. Now, one of our cars is a Lexus, and I think I've gotten spoiled by that dealer.
  • spndxspndx Posts: 36
    Have you ever been to Japan and seen a Lexus, Infiniti, or Acura on the road? No? That's because they don't exist over there. The Japanese drive the same (right-drive) models, but they are badged with their real names: Toyota, Nissan, and Honda. I for one refuse to even think of these cars in terms of their 'luxury' brand image because they are just that, images created through big $$ marketing. (And how many Lexus/Acuras/Infinitis do you see in Germany?...not many).

    Fine cars all, but I agree with 3pointstar that they are just not at the same level as a C-Class and above - a MB will cost more, but once you've driven one, you'll never go back. If you were really looking for the best value in a luxury car, you would go with an Avalon or something similar. I can't, however, imagine driving a Toyota down the Autobahn at 130MPH....
  • Those are:

    GM - Chevy Cavalier
    GM - Buick Century

    For a 5'2 American woman, I'd say a GM-Cadillac Catera. As for the German woman, she should try a BMW 330i. ;-)
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    >Those are:
    >GM - Chevy Cavalier
    >GM - Buick Century

    LOL -- I should have put a smiley after my question to denote Chevy and Buick were not part of my vocabulary.

    >For a 5'2 American woman, I'd say a GM-Cadillac >Catera. As for the German woman, she should try >a BMW 330i. ;-)

    You are very patient with me -- however, I do not like Cadillacs and there was much I did not like about the BMW 330i. My former car was a BMW 5 series and I thought I would stay with BMW and go for the 330i. It did not compare favorably to the 320 for me. The trunk was much smaller, the alarm was not factory installed, the back headrests interfered with rear-view vision, a 6 CD player had to be in the trunk, no program similar to TeleAid, no road assistance after four years. To me, there was no comparision to the 320 in how it felt to drive. IMHO, the 330i was not as exciting to look at as the 320 -- it did not make my heart beat faster, and I did not feel we were made for each other :)

    Thank you for your input -- it is appreciated.

  • 404c404c Posts: 146
    How about a Citroën 2CV6 Charleston, circa 1990 - they are definitely cool, suitable for both short and tall people (well, very tall people will have trouble with the windshield size). To drive such a car in North America puts one "hors catégorie" - makes the 2CV driver unclassifiable. Plus these 2CVs get marvellous fuel economy, something that North Americans would do well to consider.

    Mini Austins are also in this group, especially the Cooper S. No, I'm not referring to the BMW abomination, which looks like Frankenstein's monster in comparison to the original!

    The Renault 5 Alpine is another such car.

    To bring a Mercedes theme back to this post, another suitable vehicle for the young, fashion-conscious but smaller-framed urbane gadabout is the Smart, which we may see sooner than later on this continent. The Mercedes-Benz A-Class could also be in such a grouping, and we are assurred that the next generation of the A will definitely be sold here.

  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    >To bring a Mercedes theme back to this post, >another suitable vehicle for the young, fashion->conscious but smaller-framed urbane gadabout is >the Smart, which we may see sooner than later on >this continent. The Mercedes-Benz A-Class could >also be in such a grouping, and we are assured >that the next generation of the A will >
    >definitely be sold here.

    Mike -- I do not know anything about the above MB cars, but will they complement my million-dollar house?

  • 404c404c Posts: 146
    No, a million dollar house alone should be sufficient evidence of conspicuous consumption - further embellishment with driveway furniture will be unnecessary.


  • HiEveryone!!!!!!!!Saw an A class over the weekend here in London, Ont. Yes - they had an open house for the 02s & like!!!!!! how could I not resist having a look . And yes, my little baby at 3 months old, 8000 miles - is still bug free........ummmmmmmm except the ones that hit the windshield or the grill....grrrrrrrrr, no key probs - nada . Great MB staff who phone every 3 weeks to see how things are . It's been a wonderful & fun experience . Now where was I ??? Oh yes - A class - they really are cute .....small but roomy & in comparison to the other classes - scaled down as in price & the so called extras. They will not be available here until 03 .It wouldn't look out of place in a million dollar plus neighbourhood. Maybe it's the maid's car........... why do I hate myself already?
  • rs64rs64 Posts: 64
    Pressing in the pass side mirror button did the trick. I really appreciate your help!

  • fuzzofuzzo Posts: 88
    I believe the A class is already in the US.. I saw a few in El paso Texas when i was there a few months back.. I made sure to double check and it defintely was an MB...

    maybe they could have just come over the border for a day trip...

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