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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • Not normal. Some (including myself) have complained about a tick/knock noise at idle and had it repaired. Usual culprit is the fuel purge valve...although different things have fixed it (new valve or new bracket).
  • ahostahost Posts: 36
    Maybe related: My car had vibrations in idle. They changed the engine mounts, and after that there are no vibrations. I haven't had problems with noise in idle.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,813
    looking for sum input on the 430 coupe.this will be my fisrt benz. dont really know any one who had one.Could somebody tell me if the body style is changing for 2003? could the clk430 coupe be had for below msrp.i read the reviews on the bmw330 ci, gets a great write up dont know if i want to drop 55 grand on the 430 when the bmw might be all that for under 40 grand. thanks to all who respond.

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  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    My daughter wants to break the lease on her '99 C-280 and lease an '02 C-32 AMG. Is there anyone out there who owns one, and if so, are they as fast as everyone says? She's always wanted to own a comfortable car that has rocket sled acceleration. I had to talk her out of leasing an M-5 two years ago. I didn't think she could handle a 6 speed plus that monster engine. However, the C-32 looks a little tamer, and I wouldn't mind putting it through a test drive.
  • I don't own the CLK, but this web site,

    suggests that the CLK will be new for for 2003 and based on the current C-Class. The arguments over which vehicle is technically better should probably give way to which vehicle you like better.

  • Brian125: The CLK coupe will have a new body for 2003; it's also rumored to be going upscale a little -- a longer wheelbase, a folding hardtop on the convertible, an upgraded interior, etc.

    If you want to get info on the CLK in general, I recommend the Forums site:

    (If this doesn't work, try the address up to "org" and navigate from there.) The guys on this board are somewhat fanatical about their cars, but if you ask questions there, you will get many useful answers.

    By the way, the BMW 330Ci is more directly competitive with the CLK 320 coupe, not the CLK 430, which is a V8. However, the CLK 320 coupe will still run about 4K or 5K more than the 330Ci for a similarly equipped car.

  • Placed an order for the C240 and was told it would arrive by the 3rd wk in December. Checked with the salesperson yesterday. He tracked the progress of my car and discovered the car to be shipped will be minus my request for the Bose Stereo. He placed another order and said the earliest it will arrive is mid January.

    This totally ruins my Christmas. Has anyone else experienced this frustration. I am beginning to wonder if the car will be built to correct specifications come January.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,813

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • I have a Blk/gray lthr loaded CLK 320, 10k miles,
    2001. I could use 2 more doors. Not as fast as the 430 but less expensive and better gas mileage.
    Assume lease of 700 / month or 46 k cash.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,813
    i have clk430 fever. i might wait to see if the 03 model is is the resale value on the clk's.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • pta01pta01 Posts: 2
    I have recently bought a C320. According to the sticker info, the car has 10 speakers. I am counting one at the central vent, 2+2 on the front doors, 1+1 on the rear doors, and one behind the left headrest of the rear seat. That's 8 speakers. Does anyone know where the other two speakers are?
  • I believe the lower front door speakers have 'speakers within speakers' with different ranges.
  • lxgmblxgmb Posts: 41
    Shortly after I begin to drive the car, I found that the outside air gets in the car through somewhere on the door, probably around the inside handle area. It is definitely not the air through the A/C. Any comments?

    Does this car need warm-up before drive?
  • Well, it's been 6 months since my wife and I purchased our 2001 C240, and on the whole, we love it. It runs great and we have been able avoid many of the reported problems on this board (e.g. key problems, paint chips, ticking noises from engine, stuck trunks, etc).

    This morning, I brought our car in to fix several other problems. One is that the gas cap cover is stuck. The little bar that retracts and extends to lock the cover made a weird grinding noise and now it doesn't open. Luckily, there was enough gas to get me into the dealer.

    There are another couple of minor problems: 1). The red light indicator for the gears doesn't work when it's in "R". And the passenger headrest makes rattling noises (when no one is sitting in it) over even minor bumps on the road. Also, the cassette player has been chewing up tapes.

    Aside from these problems, the car has driven superbly and we're very satisfied with the car.
  • Hi, my name is greg (Gregc320). This is the first time that I am ever entering any type of chat/discussion room. I have been reading this web site for over 8 months. Your comments helped me solidify my buying decision.Only other choice was a Lexus GS300 also a very nice car. Anyways I now have a 2002 C320 Capri- blue( sunroof, leather upgrade color java, and fold down rear seat.) Had her for 7 weeks and have 3600 miles. Absolutely incredible to drive, it is my first Mercedes. If anyone that has not yet purchased and is waiting , log on and write to me. Went for 320 for speed, very happy, if the wait for C32 was not so long or car not so expensive I would have gone for it. I am going to modify my car very soon, 19" OZ modular wheels, 9.5 rear and 8.5 front, H&R springs, Pioneer DVD & Navigation. Interested in any comments --- also read a long tima ago about flat front emblem and front grill repacement with MB star logo in front, phillips bulb upgrade.please advise if you guy/gals were happy and where and how much you got them for.I am really into modification but have not seen too many C's modified on the road. Hope to hear from all of you.
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    OK gregc320, some of the "standard" questions for the benefit of all board members:

    - what dealer did you buy your car from? Did you pay MSRP? Anything thrown in, like the CD changer? Did you order your car, and if so, how long did you wait for delivery? Any initial quality problems? Any vibration in the steering wheel at about 40MPH? What tires did you get?

    - do you plan on removing your stock head unit to put this Pioneer DVD./Nav system in?
  • edarteedarte Posts: 41
    I still monitor this board because about eight months ago I had actually put a down payment on a loaded C320 (it looked and felt at the time like the right car for me). I had considered buying a 2001 then waited for a 2002 because of the problems. I then walked away from the deal because of excessive delivery delays and the problems continued to grow.

    I eventually paid $6000 (incl. tax) more and bought a Lexus LS430. While a different kind of car, after reading posts like yours, I feel even better about my decision.

    The LS has been near flawless (the single problem has been the radio's automatic noise control does not always work and Lexus is in the process of correcting this). The ride is smooth and powerful and the quality, features and interior are perfect.

    When I read your post I had to shake my head and think I would have had to pay over $47,000 to put up with those kinds of problems.

    I was coming from a Lexus ES300 so I was used to excellent service and quality. It would have been a frustrating experience to spend more money (than the new Lexus ES300) on the C because it was a Mercedes and have to rationalize the poor build quality.

    What are these C's going to be like four, or ten years from now if they are failing like this after six months?

    And I know some of you will say the people listing problems here may not be representative but check out the number complaining on the Lexus site and you will see there are virtually none.

    True the exterior styling of the C is great but I am really starting to appreciate the LS styling. Yes, the LS looks a lot like the old S - but that is okay with me - I think it looks classy.

    In the final analysis I would rather have a car that resembles a Mercedes on the outside but is a Lexus in engineering and quality than a car that is a Mercedes on the outside but resembles a Yugo in engineering and quality.

    I do not mean to offend anyone's choices by the above statement I just can't understand how Mercedes quality can be so bad.
  • acco20acco20 Posts: 211
    Edarte...The Lexus LS430 might be the best 4-door sedan in the world. An unfair comparison to the c class MB. I will agree that the number of problems with the MB models is unusual. I did not think about it until you printed it in your message, but an additional $6000 to move from MB C class to Lexus LS430 could be the best $6000 anyone could spend. Just MHO.
  • Just to balance some of the complaints on C class MB's, here's my story. I took delivery of a 2002 C320, brilliant silver with ash leather, about a month ago. Now have 2000 miles on it. It is everything I hoped for and more. No problems except static on AM radio which was promptly fixed (loose connection). Car is nimble, quiet, smooth, and a pleasure to drive. Took a lot of study to understand all the settings for remote unlock, driver memory, etc., but now have it down right.
    Anyone holding up ordering because of poor quality should go ahead. The car is great. Mine was assembled in Brazil with 88% parts made in Germany, and the fit and finish is perfect.
  • 404c404c Posts: 146

    Your implication that Mercedes-Benz quality and engineering is sub-standard, perhaps comparable to Zastava-Yugo, is unsupported by the facts. And despite your disclaimer, this comparison was clearly intended to be inflammatory.

    You will never get statistically reliable information on vehicles from ANY message board on the Internet. They are not random samples and indeed there is much mischief that is posted on the 'net.

    To see the statistical reliability of vehicles, one needs to go to the agencies that do proper work in the field: Consumer Reports, JD Power, ADAC Pannenstatistik, and indeed the cost of independent extended warranty plans.

    In all of these, Mercedes-Benz cars are near the top of the list, outflanked by your favourite, Toyota, in most cases. But Mercedes-Benz cars are certainly more reliable than average. Claims to the contrary are wholly ill-founded.

    Finally, if reliability is of the highest importance to you, you should sell the LS430 and buy a Starlet or Corolla, as they are FAR more reliable than the pseudo-S Class is. Even some German cars are more reliable than the complex LS 430.

    Mike T.
  • edarteedarte Posts: 41
    Why is it unfair to compare the C320 to the LS430? I think it is fair to compare any two cars, as long as you consider the costs and benefits fairly. It only cost me $6000 to go from the C to the LS. Now the C had every option on it and the LS does not have the luxury package with reclining vibrating rear seats , etc. But overall it has much more than the C in options plus a V8 (290 HP) and a lot more room (and I expect much better quality and reliability). I could just as easily compare the LS430 to the S500 (again you have to consider the costs)

    I can understand why you think my concluding statement was intended to be inflammatory but it really wasn't. Maybe exageratted, but not inflammatory.

    I made this statement because, as I have said in previous posts, I really wanted to buy a MB. And only over several months did I change my mind. Several months of watching this board.

    It is too simplistic to say I am just looking for reliability (but I see nothing wrong with expecting that in addition to other requirements).

    Something very simple can be very reliable. A hammer almost always works. But the cars we discuss here are far from simple. They are very sophisticated and complicated. Lexus (IMO) demonstrates it can build excellent cars that almost always work as designed. MB is starting to show serious problems in this area.

    I don't mean to rehash this stuff because I have done this before on this board and I appreciate the understanding and the hospitality of the readers to tolerate me having my say.

    I only responded today because I wanted to balance out the view that while the C has the potential to be a great car there are definite problems with its production. And I say this knowing that there are C owners out there who have not had the problems.

    But when a car costs this much money I think one has the right to expect near perfection. This is just not the case with the C today and I think it is misleading to advise someone to go ahead and order one without first warning them to expect problems.

    It is true these boards are not controlled statistical samples and there is "mischief" posted on the internet. But I think it is a reasonable assumption that all automotive sites are equally prone to mischief and all car owners are equally likely to report their problems on a board. You just see a lot more problems on the MB site. (Especially after considering the relative number of vehicles sold by each manufacturer) And while MB's quality may be "more reliable than average" my point is that they cost a lot more than average and you don't get what you pay for. And as you say JD Powers and others find Lexus to be the best. And, while I may be wrong I thought someone recently reported that MB was 10th in the list - not near the top (But I do admit I have not taken the time to verify this report)

    I will now promise not to "stick my oar in again" (at least for a month or so). Again I enjoy the dialogue.

    Enjoy the Holidays.
  • cticctic Posts: 291
    I go away for 3 months. I come back and what's the first thing I see?

    Person A: I finally decided to buy brand X because MB has the reliability of a Yugo/Kia/Fiat. Why pay $ for the MB name when you can get brand X for better quality/cheap price etc? When you pay $$$ you have the right to expect perfection. This is not intended to be inflammatory even though I'm posting in the MB forum.

    This is gotta be second oldest storyline in the world. The first is of course boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl. This storyline is Man buys brand X. Man compares brand X and disses MB in the MB forum. Man says it's not meant to be inflammatory. I must have seen this at least 50 times since I joined Edmunds. What is funny is ofcourse they're all comparing whatever brand X is to Mercedes-Benz, proving that MB is still #1.

    From the perspective of someone who hasn't been talking cars for months I can tell you this. You are what you drive. People buy cars to reflect who they are. People don't care about prices or consumer reports. People who can afford to buy a $47K car buy a $47K car. They don't buy a $20K car and invest $27K in mutual funds. And if you bought a Lexus you probably didn't want the MB in the first place.
  • acco20acco20 Posts: 211
    Edarte,Perhaps you misunderstood my post #4878. My point was that the LS430 is an unfair comparison to the E class MB because the LS430 is so much more car for the extra $6000 dollars. $6000 dollars is a lot of money, but the difference you get for the expense is outstanding. Your last post helps make MY point. Enjoy the Lexus, as I said before... The LS430 could be, "the best 4 door sedan in the world", INHO.
  • For the price I paid for my E-430 4Matic I could have bought an LS430. I have no doubt the Lexus is a well-built car, but my E-430 is solid, comfortable, handles well, has plenty of power, and is also reliable. On top of all that, it has 4-wheel drive. IMHO the E-430m 4 Matic is the world's best 4 door sedan.
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    Everyone has an opinion on this-here's mine. The LS430 is a magnificent car-that's beyond question.
    I've never agreed with the "get biggest engine option",so i think the E320 a better value,and is the one I'd want. I don't really like the E430-I'd go up to the S430,although I realize the car might seem slow to some(but my sister's 1992 S320 I find peppy enough).
    I don't think the LS430 is really a driver's car. It is so quiet and smooth,it's like an isolation chamber-it's eerie!
    But Lexus seems guilty of giving the customer whatever he wants,whereas Mercedes still seems to have a corporate vision of what their cars should. They are professional designers,after all.
    I have two problems with the LS interior that TOTALLY ruin it for me. First of all there are two interior thermometers-why? It seems typical of that "downtown Tokiyo at night"look. And the interior wood-there's far,far too much of it. It just looks ridiculous and even a little tacky. There's no restrain inside.
    Finally,the Benzes are so much more fun todrive-there's just no comparison.
    Of course,we all have passionate views of these great cars.
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    When is Mercedes-Benz NA going to get their act together and bring back diesel-engined cars back to the States? I'm not going to wait forever for a brand-new diesel Mercedes, so if they're not coming, forget it; I'm spending my money on a Volvo instead.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...until the US oil industry agrees to get the sulfur content of diesel fuel down to levels at or below what is currently available in Europe, there will be no more diesels here from MB. They cannot meet the emission requirements for CA now, or the rest of the country for 2004, with the junk that passes for diesel fuel in this country.

    When and if this comes to pass [better fuel], then we should once again see these alternatives not only from MB, but also BMW, Audi, etc.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,315
    A few months back I attended a Mercedes-benz Power Trip event in New Jersey. As I will be in the market for a new car in the next year (When the lease is up on my Saab). The 2 cars I was most curious to drive were the C240 & C230K Coupe.

    I loved the C230K Coupe. The engine is spirited and has a nice note to it. The supercharger whine was not as evident as it was in the '00 C230 sedan I last drove. The car was MB solid & handled well. Acceleration was good (even with the slushbox, which is the best slushbox in the business by the way), but not as quick as my Saab.

    The C240 was a nice car. It didn't have the Sport Package, but still rode nice and firm. I'm sure it is a wonderful highway cruiser. The car felt very underpowered. It would be nice if MB put the 2.8 V6 from the old C280 and made that the base engine.

    I've been a huge MB fan for quite a few years. I think they make some of the most beautiful cars on the road. The C-Class with a Sports Package is a very sleek and sexy looking car. I've priced out a C240 and 325Ci similarly equipped and the BMW comes out to be much cheaper. Unless there are some steep discounts from MB next December, I'd probably go with the BMW.

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  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,315
    The C230K Coupe. I'd have to drive the 6 speed first though.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • Does anyone know where I could get a Mercedes Badge to replace the hood ornament on a 2002 C320? I like the look of the badge so much better but can't seem to find anyplace that has them.

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