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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • 404c - Aha, another person who's worshiped at the Shrine of Light...where the wires carry smoke and all bullet connectors work for the life of the car...:)

    All kidding aside, actually I'd just get a couple bulbs and bung them in. My older C blew two bulbs in rapid succession in the rear so I would certainly check the (quick) cheap answer first rather than heading down to the dealer.

    Interestingly the bulbs were actually cheapest at the dealership by like 50c, which surprised the heck out of me...

    Let us know what happens, eh?

    good luck...rj
  • Merc1 - thanks for the interesting link to the info re: sport version of C.

    I found the references pretty much aligned the equipment mentioned with the '02 brochure description of the Sport Package.

    The MB usa site has not been updated (when I checked) however; still no sport package to click on.

    Also found it interesting that the author of article mentioned that the cost of the C320 with sport package was 35,200, which is curiously the MSRP of the current C class 320 sedan???

    Any posters in LA who can provide more info from the show?
  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    I had intermittent problems with the rear bulbs and replacing a left rear light assembly (whole thing, due to a resistance variation between two points) solved the problems. I had a right rear brake lamp burn out and replacing the bulb fixed the problem and error code. I had a light in the trunk go out and they replaced a circuit board to fix it. By reducing wires and weight MB increased complexity for troubleshooting seamingly simple problems...not complaining, just stating a fact.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Any guess whether a non sport version of the C230K sedan will be available (at an even cheaper price I hope)?
  • checkmecheckme Posts: 73
    I was at the LA show yesterday. They had a C230 Sedan at the show. The base price is $27,500, which includes leather seats. It looked good- it's a normal C-Class sedan with the 4-cyl C230 Kompressor engine.

    We sat in the E-Class, too. This was very interesting. The E-Class is actually not that much bigger inside (the difference is very, very slight) than the C-Class, but it's much, much nicer. It's fantastic, actually. I had always thought that the E-Class was considerably larger inside than the C, but it isn't. The E-Class is both luxurious and futuristic at the same time. If I needed a bigger car than the C, I'd get the S-Class, though.

    The C230 coupe is quite nice. The rear seat isn't as big as that in the C-Class sedan, obviously, but it's not bad, considering the small size of the car.

    If the Z4 is any indicaton of things to come from BMW, I see nothing but blue skies ahead for Mercedes. What an eyesore! I actually like the new look of the 7-series- it has a very agressive stance- but the Z-4 is terrible. The X5 was beautiful but is essentially a car- there is very little room inside.

    The SL convertible was beautiful. The SLK is desperately in need of restyling. I didn't care for the new CLK's; they looked kind of like Camry Solaras, at least at the show. The G-Class has a ton of room inside; I liked it.
  • husky11husky11 Posts: 53
    Has anyone here had an FSS sensor go out? I have a 1999 C280. In December 2002 I had a reading of 3,100 miles (to go) before my next FSS service (for the "A" service). It dropped to a mere 8 miles suddenly - after driving only an additional 250 miles.

    Is this something that will automatically be corrected when I get my car serviced? It's irritating to see such a low (now a minus 18 miles) mileage on the FSS when I know that it should read at least 2900 miles to go for the FSS "A" service. Thanks for any input on this issue.I plan to have the "A" service in a week or so - after only 7,800 miles from the last service. Meanwhile I am driving our '93 Toyota, which has never had a problem in 9-1/2 years, pending service on the C280.
  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    Interesting about your perceptions checkme on the E vs. C size. I am thinking of getting an E500 so I checked the size differences of the E from the C:
    fr head....-3.9 (!)
    r head....+1.0
    fr leg......+.5
    r leg.......+7.9
    fr should.+6.2
    r should..+3.3
    trunk.......+30.2 (!)

    Only a few inches here and there but adds up to +13.7% increase in cabin volume. By comparison though...the S has 22.8% more cabin volume than the C.
  • checkmecheckme Posts: 73
    It didn't seem much bigger at all. The rear legroom, in particular, hardly seemed any different.
  • mac320mac320 Posts: 147
    It's only an inch longer in the wheelbase than the old E but an investment of over $3B is said to have gone into the design of the new E and aluminum fenders and hood replace the steel to keep the weight down to about that of a C-class despite changes to the car that gave in the highest rating in the more stringent Euro crash tests.
  • cticctic Posts: 291
    Hello there fine friend:

    The FSS may not be broken. It determines the mileage based on sampling the oil. Maybe you drove the car very hard during those 250 miles and the oil became very dirty, hence the new reading. ctic
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Your welcome. I too am awaiting MBUSA to update their site.

  • husky11husky11 Posts: 53
    Long time no see. Thanks for your response re: the FSS system. I drove the car exactly like I always drive it for those 250 miles - so,yes, that could be the problem, but, I doubt it.

    I plan to get the "A" service real soon and will follow-up with the MB service rep at my dealer. I will let you know what they say. Hope it isn't broken - but will find out.

    Otherwise, my '99 C280 is doing very well (33,400 miles). I do plan to install a set of new tires but need help in deciding which make of tire. Costco installed a new set of Michelin MXV 4's (Energy Plus) on out Toyota Camry last year - for free! They replaced the old Michelin X's because they said that they gave me a "bum steer" when I installed them new a few years ago. They said that they had a class action suit for installing the wrong tires on customers cars and they were replacing tires as the customers come in to the shop. But, I really hate the extreme noise (whining) that I get on the MXV's and plan to go to something else.

    Nice to hear from you once again and wish you a very happy and healthy new year. Thanks again.
  • I would have to disagree about the point stated in a previous post about ESP being useless in snow. The only way I would partially agree is that if you only consider driving very slowly in the snow. If you are on highways at highway speeds (in snow, think 35-45mph) the ESP is very very valuable.

    I recently drove 80 miles in 3 inches of unplowed snow from Springfield, MA to Hanover, NH and I saw no less than 3 sedans and 5 SUVs spun into the median snow banks. I cruised right past in the fresh snow covered left lane. People tend to keep to the ruts in the right lane and that is a big mistake.

    Anyway, it truly does help to have the ESP, you can see the yellow warning light and easily feel the car correcting for subtle twists that would turn into spins. I think it aids a good driver and would be an absolute requirement for a bad driver.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • cticctic Posts: 291
    I got Yoko AVS dBs from Discount Tire, total cost about $550.

    They don't hold the road as good as my original Conti's, but the Conti's lasted only about 20K. I think the Yokos are quieter. I don't know if the Yokos will last very long either. I only have about 7K on them and the tread looks 1/2 gone. Plus there's some news article which says a lot of the road holding/handling capability is gone when treadwear reaches 50% - great :-(

    I still love the looks of my car a lot. Looks speedy even when standing still! And I still love driving it - great disappointment when I open the garage door in the morning and find I have to drive the other car.

    Only things I wish for are: Wish I got black leather interior, a darker tint in the windows, heated seats and the extended service warranty :-(
  • tclawtclaw Posts: 23
    Thanks to those of you that advised about my non-working tail lights (without the "supplemental" bulbs coming on or any indication on the dash display that there was a problem). Both of these should have happened. I decided to have my wife take it to the dealer, while I used her car (no sexism comments please, I work and she doesn't), and the dealer claims that not only had the tail light bulbs burned out, simultaneously I suppose, but that the brake light bulbs were also blown. They weren't the night before. They did nothing about the failure of the supplemental light bulbs to come on or the failure of the computer to display the problem, or look for any cause of the alleged bulb failure. So, whatever was wrong is still wrong. Great service, huh? But they did wash the car.
  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    No error code for bulb failure should be fixed. Try pulling a bulb and see if it comes up a failure. If not, make them fix it. You should get a failure notifying you of the bulb location. Or you could just wait until you get a ticket.
  • Well, well, not surprised.

    Curious how these kinds of things warning systems would work. Anyone know for sure?

    Lets assume the requirement is to notify the driver that there is a "problem" that requires attention. This should be indicated by a change in the current draw of the circuit, no? So in this case, blowing 1 to N bulbs "should" have cause some sort of idiot (no offense) light to illuminate on the dash.

    I am not at all sure that I'd put the effort into having a fault code to identify the bulb which failed; sounds like a little over the top to me (I'm an EE by trade) given the benefit vs. cost.

    So in this case I certainly would have expected some sort of dash indicator notice that there was a problem. I am not at all surprised however that multiple bulbs burned out at once since exactly that happened to me. Altho on my C (99) there was a dash light.

    Don't know about the substitution though, hadn't heard of that before.

    Let us know what the dealer says, eh?
  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    "I am not at all sure that I'd put the effort into having a fault code to identify the bulb which failed; sounds like a little over the top to me (I'm an EE by trade) given the benefit vs. cost."

    Yup, it tells you the location and logs a 'malfunction' message. Also, there is no German translation for 'over the top' when it comes to automotive engineering.
  • Un-Be-Lievable. I am *really* impressed now with my car...and it even identifies the location? No wonder the buggers cost so much:)

    thanks for the
  • drmpdrmp Posts: 187
    Please post your driving experience about this car, particularly the ride, road noise and acceleration. Thanks
  • I test drove the C230 Kompressor sport sedan this past weekend and LOVED it. I was amazed! I had driven a 6spd C240 a couple of weeks ago and was duly unimpressed; however, when I drove the C230 sport, it was a lot quicker, a lot more firm (due to the sport tuned suspension), and looked a whole lot better with the body molding and AWESOME 17 inch tires (very cool rims). The ride is a little harsh, but I like it that way and there is a small amount of turbo lag in first gear. But once you are in second and third, the car comes to life. I can only imagine how incredible the C320 sport with a six speed is going to drive; but, for 35K base price, that is a little out of my league. I am definitely going to purchase the C230 within the next month and would also love to hear any other driving impressions; I just want to make sure that I'm not missing anything, but I truly loved this car. . . .and it's only a 4 cylinder!!
  • drmpdrmp Posts: 187
    Is the throttle lag apparent in the automatic version? I am very interested in this car and want to get as much information (including comaparative ride, off the line pick-up, and road noise). Thanks.

  • drmpdrmp Posts: 187
    I would probably get a c230 sport sedan automatic BUT w/o the 17 inch tires. Would probably trade the tires with OEM MB 16 inchers. I am not crazy about the looks but I'm very particular about road noise, I don't want to feel gravel type road grains. Dealer doesn't have yet the model that I want.

    I drove the c240 with automatic but was disappointed by the weak off-the-line pick up and the too-soft ride (ala camry) but I am happy with the rest of the car.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    How did the 230K engine noise and vibration compare with the V6?
  • jvp12jvp12 Posts: 2
    If you get a C240 and would like to trade for a set of 16 sport wheels please e mail me.
    I have a 2002 C320 sport and I live in Northern Ca.
  • Has anyone purchased an extended warranty recently on the C class. I received a quote of $2380 from various MB dealerships for an extended 3 yr warranty. Have not been able to contact Lisa from Courtesy Motors in Chico, CA as of yet. Just curious as to what others have paid. My one year anniversary on my C class is coming up on 1/22/03 and so I have to make a decision real fast. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  • I bought one the beginning of this month from Lisa - I had two days left till my year was up!

    This was the second MB ext warr I have bought from Lisa - the first was two years ago for another car. As you probably know, the duration has been reduced by MB from 4yrs/50k to 3yrs/50k. Pricing has changed little - now $1690.

    As before, buying the warr from Lisa was very easy - one phone call to the 800 number, read off your vin, current odometer, credit card, and your done!
  • Are on the web site...check it out...rj
  • Thanks for the information e320wagon. That was very helpful.
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