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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • fmkgbfmkgb Posts: 5
    Anyone who has the C320 COUPE with the V6 engine, automatic: please tell me what you think of the car: reliability, problems, general impressions. C320 coupe has the body of the C230 but the more powerful V6 engine. My dealer is offering me a price too good to be true ($25000 cost on $32400 MSRP) and I'm wondering why? Have you found a lot of problems with the car? Owners/driver please give me your impressions. Thanks
  • Hey now, go easy on our new Hummer-wanna-be!:) My wife loves her new Honda and I have been VERY impressed by it. Considering our dog will never see the light of day in my C230 sport sedan, we needed something that could haul him and our newest addition (our little 3 month old) AND be easy to clean out. I am really surprised at how well the Element drives/handles for a little box-on-wheels. Its peppy, easy to pack in, gets good gas mileage, and we get tons of questions about it. Now, keep in mind that the little SUV that could can't hold a candle to my rig, but it is an excellent family hauler and only cost $21,310 for a top of the line, EX, 4WD model. . .you can't beat that!

    My C230 just turned over the 4K mark and I couldn't be happier with it! What an incredible ride!
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    This is a bit off-topic in a sense, though it's amazing to compare the safety of an MB like the C230 to another vehicle. Like the Element. The C-class is designed to a very high standard. While it hasn't been tested in this particular IIHS side-impact test, I think one can assume it'll do better than the Element:
  • mb240slkmb240slk Posts: 3
    I got my car back on friday the 25th. It seems to be fine now I was so happy to get it back. I figure since it was the new model everything there would be some glitches. I love my car and would not ever drive anything other than a mercedes. the service people are so helpful. My car had problems with the command center, then there was some cell or something that was corroded so they replaced it. They want me to drive it for a 100 miles and bring it in so they can hook it up to the computer to make sure everything is running smoothly
  • mmoskoitzmmoskoitz Posts: 10

    This long note is to show everyone just how far Mercedes Dealers and Mercedes Benz USA are willing to go to resolve problem cars and keep their customers happy. So if you have a problem Mercedes Benz, approach your dealership with this posting or just call the people I mention here.

    My wife and I bought a black 2001 C240 sedan with the C-1 memory package, automatic transmission, and heated seat/headlight cleaner package in March 2001. Our purchase was the first sale for our salesman and we were thrilled with our stylish and relatively inexpensive “Baby S Class”. The car has been a joy to drive when not in the shop. In defense of the dealership, which is an hour from where we live, every service call was handled perfectly. A driver would deliver a clean Mercedes loaner before my wife would leave for work. Over the last 28 months we have driven a variety of loaners including; first generation C320 sedan with the sport package, C320 Wagons, C240 Wagons, ML-320, E320 Sedan, C240 Sedan and a ML-350 Inspiration. When the service was completed, our C240 was returned with a light-detailing job to my wife at work or home.

    The problems with the car included; four attempts at repairing rattles and groans from the front suspension, replacement of both front headlight assemblies, five attempts at the C1 memory seat/mirror system, three or four key replacements, ESP failure, EBD failure, disappearing mud flaps, cracked speaker grill, and two Tele-Aid upgrades. I might have missed something, but you get the gist of it, lots of little things that I never though I would get in a $33,000 car.

    My wife has been a polite complainer throughout, never whiney, just disappointed. She reminded everyone we dealt with at the dealership that our neighbors always asked about our “New Car” every time a different loaner was parked in our driveway. She also told the service manager and loaner scheduler that it was a shame that we might leave the brand. After all, we’re the exact demographic that MBUSA was targeting with the “NEW C” campaign and we also know about how valuable an entry level buyer is in the luxury car segment. After the latest attempt at the recurring front rattles, we my wife decided to contact the owner of the dealership. Cheryl spoke with the owner of the dealership and asked what the dealer and MBUSA could do for us?

    After a few days later the dealership sales manager called my wife and told her that since we took advantage of MBUSA Finance to buy our car there was a variety of dealer allowance money he could use to get us into a replacement car with as little pain as possible. When he said this I researched what MBUSA sales incentives were being offered to dealers. I read about the various incentives and financing offers on C-Class sedans, wagons, and MLs.

    My wife and I debated the pros and cons of the ML350 and the C-320 wagons for several weeks. Most of the discussion was gas mileage vs. carrying capacity. We knew how the C-Class would drive so the sales manager arranged for two separate Thursday night through Monday night test-drive of ML-350s. The first was a basic P37 Inspiration edition. The AMG sport seats are great but the dark wood interior looks like dirty plastic according to my wife. I was more interested in the M2 convenience features but I wanted my wife to experience the car herself. The next week we drove a silver ML350 with the M2 full convenience/charcoal leather package, M5 sunroof, Bose radio/CD changer, heated seats and some lightly used all season floor mats. The exact options we wanted and the bonus of a hefty loaner/demo car discount.

    With MBUSA and MB Chase Credits help the dealership offered us an aggressive trade value for our C240 with 30,000 miles on it and dramatically discounted the 3,900 mile demo silver ML350 with M2, M5, 873 heated seats, and 168 Bose stereo/CD changer. I got a three month old ML350, got out of the C240 and MB credit beat the current rate from one of the on line car loan banks. We shook hands and signed the paper work. Our sales person introduced us to his delivery assistant who showed my wife the details of the car for at least an hour past closing while I entertained our 13-month-old son.

    In closing I have to admit that I still have my concerns about dependability issues on the ML350. I hope that unlike my new model year C240 that the bugs have been worked out. I think that a lot of MB dealerships need to learn a thing or two about customer service from the people at my dealership. Specifically I would like to thank our salesman and his manager for making the deal happen.

    Regards M
  • whiptpwhiptp Posts: 1
    I am new to this board and new to the MB brand. I am looking at a 230 Kompressor 4D sedan for my wife. My concern is the rear wheel drive in the winter. I was wondering how people felt the car handled in the snowy conditions. Also it seems to me that many people are having significant reliability issues. thanks for any help you give me.
  • valonvalon Posts: 22
    This weekend i went to the new c class campaign that they do around the country this one was held in englishtown,nj a 40 min ride for me a well worth it,they have all the c cars and you can test drive them (not c32amg test driver will drive for you )it was a fun and cool thing, im a proud owner of a c 230w sport sedan with around 7k on it and no problems on it so far. What i like to share here is the c32 amg ride, it was great and since sunday night cant take my mind from that car they compared the car with the m3 handling and braking mb was better specially when it came to brake from 100-0.I strongly recommend everyone to attend this events if they can and let us know what anybody think for a c32 amg.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Was there any info on the 04' C-Class?

  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I'm looking into a 2003 c230 sedan. According to the options I want, the MSRP is $34,880 and invoice is $32,489. Just what's a good reasonable offer that the dealer might agre on. Also, does anyone know if ther are any incentives onthe c-class? THanks
  • mbformembforme Posts: 10
    kennynmd, the MB dealers in the SF Bay Area are selling 2003 C-class for under invoice. There is a +/- $1000 holdback. I would offer the dealer $500 under invoice. I don't know about the 2004 models, I'm waiting to get an quote for a 2004 C230 sedan. If someone recently purchased a 2004, let me know about how much over invoice you paid...
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    for the reply. At this moment I'm still contemplating.
  • zingazinga Posts: 3
    I ordered a 2004 C320 Sport Sedan for $500 over invoice. The car is on the boat right now and should be ready for delivery in around two weeks (can't wait!) I received the 2004 prices last Friday and it looks like the base price of the car has not increased at all, and the price of the options has increased by an average of 2.6%. So, overall the 2004 prices are VERY competitive in comparison to the 2003 prices (excluding all the rebates for the 03s). I also know for a fact that the pricing setup of the 2004 C230 Sport Sedans is identical to the C320 Sport Sedans, meaning that the base price has not increased and the price of the options has increased by an average of 2.6%! Enjoy!!!
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Hello All,

    Just attended the C-Spot Drive Party today in Foxboro, MA. It was a great time, got to drive almost all the C models including the wagon. Great afternoon of food, fun, and entertainment - it was like Chuck-E-Cheese for adults! The C32 ride was great per Valon's post in 6562, but being the practical sort I can't imagine where you would be able to legally take full advantage of what that car has to offer within our 50 US states. Maybe on the Autobahn, though I can't speak from experience. My c230 Kompressor 4-cyl is hard enough to keep within the speed limits - and here in NH, they are seriously enforced (especially the Interstates).

    If you can get into any of the remaining C-Sopt drive parties, one word of advice - go! See for more info.

    Enjoy safely!
      - Paul
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Guys, are their any changes on the 04' C-Class?

  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    for the C class.On the Cover the headlight cover are more of a clearer look, similar to the new E-class. However, the pictures they have inside the brochure have the headlight covers that are different. Is it not updated? Does the 04 have the clear headlihght cover look?
  • mbformembforme Posts: 10
    I talked to my dealer and for the C230 Sports Sedan, she told me the wheels have changed a little, it has been lowered and the suspension is more sporty. She gave me a 2004 catalog but I could not inf any changes meself. Also, Only the C230 will be available with a 6-Speed, all others models are automatic only. This is the main reason I'm looking at the C230.
  • daqmandaqman Posts: 27
    31,101 plus taxes tags.

    C1pkg, leather, heated seats,sunroof,6 disc changer automatic.

    Brilliant Silver Blk interior
  • dmpiechdmpiech Posts: 3
    Well my wife just picked up her C230 Sport Sedan on the 30th of July. No changes from the 2003 except a couple hundred dollar increase. I guess we haven't decided if we like it or not because we only drove six miles before malfunction light came on and it had to go back to the shop. It's been there for five days now any they have admitted they have no idea what the problem is!
    Come on MB! If you want to compete with Lexus you had better get your act together!
  • "...Well my wife just picked up her C230 Sport Sedan on the 30th of July. No changes from the 2003 except a couple hundred dollar increase. I guess we haven't decided if we like it or not because we only drove six miles before malfunction light came on and it had to go back to the shop. It's been there for five days now any they have admitted they have no idea what the problem is!..."

    A classic. Really, have to say this is one of the primary reasons for me not running down to the MB dealer and replacing my W202 with a new C class...Great car, but frankly it scares me sometimes...:)

  • stebustebu Posts: 204
    I was at the Gillette parking lot party on Sunday as well... had the 9-11 slot (after seeing Springsteen the night before in the stadium... but that's another story). Definitely a lot of fun. I, too, drove everything... multiple times. It's too bad that didn't include the C32's. On the other hand, riding in those with a pro behind the wheel near the limit is an experience in itself.

    I was fairly impressed with the C cars in general. Great front seats, seemed to be a nice balance between comfort and support when the G's climb. Overall interiors were functional, some buttons a bit too small and they could use a bit more room for the rear seat passengers. But, good textures and looked to be high quality. I liked the exterior of the sedans, not so much the Sport Coupes though. I really liked the Wagon, lots of room (unlike the A4 or IS300 versions) and without the feeling of bulk. Although, it is pricey. Seems that cost is going to (continue to...) be an issue for these cars anyways. Of course, that's not a new battle for the German marks.

    The C320's were nicely balanced when pushed to the limit through the road course. The C230's and 240 seemed even more so. The 230's were aided in this regard due to the rather short twisty course that didn't really allow the bigger 6-cyl engines to stretch their legs very much. I would have liked the steering response to be a bit quicker on the high speed switch backs, but these cars are clearly people movers first. They all displayed typical sedan oversteer, but never seemed out of sorts. I didn't kill any cones, although one of the MC guys that seemed to be overseeing things did suggest that he might have to revoke my event license if I didn't slow down a bit on the road course... ooops. Only other thing of note was that they all displayed some hesitation off the line. Otherwise decent throttle response, especially from the 320's. As I said, the C cars definitely impress. But, I think I'd have to look elsewhere for the price.

    Anyways, I had a blast and heartily recommend the event to all who can attend one of these. It's a unique experience to be able to, shamelessly and without regret, flirt with a cars limits in a relatively safe controlled environment. Just save your fastest runs for the end or your day could be cut short... lol.
  • cdialcdial Posts: 3
    I own a C32 ///AMG, and regarding taking full advantage of the car:

    You can drive this car fast, in short burts without getting into trouble. When I merge on the freeway, I can enjoy the power without having to go at a unsafe speed. The car rides and handles great, so the enjoyment comes everytime I am behinnd the wheel.

    For more fun, a autocross timed closed course is a way to have some great times with the C32.
  • stebustebu Posts: 204
    Of course I meant typical sedan understeer above... as in the front tires start to slide wide at the limit. Even the C32's displayed the trait. However, when I asked the driver's about it they commented that it was slight. I did notice that they were able to very readily get the car into an oversteer condition with the rear rotating just enough to increase their exit speeds on the sharper turns. Loads of fun that.
  • cpa4ucpa4u Posts: 136
    What was the sticker MSRP on your car? I built one on the MB website with the options you list and I get around $36k. Did they knock off $5k???? IF so, WOW! I can't get them to go more than $1k off around here.
  • Hi yall!
      I want to buy a 2002 c-230 and there is one that i have had my eye on. It's red with cloth, no cd player, but has a moon roof... the dealer is charging 22,900 for it. Is that alot... oh yeah it has 21,000 miles on it.
  • Hi yall!
      I want to buy a 2002 c-230 and there is one that i have had my eye on. It's red with cloth, no cd player, but has a moon roof... the dealer is charging 22,900 for it. Is that alot... oh yeah it has 21,000 miles on it.
  • mac320mac320 Posts: 147
    Sounds like top dollar. If that's what they're asking, shouldn't you be able to get something off, just for the asking? Getting about $2K off would be nice too tho--try that! Anyone that puts that many miles on a car in a year must do a lot of freeway driving.
  • I originally reported that I paid $1910.00 for my 7yr/100,000 mile extended warranty for my C320 4MATIC, which was at a discount already. Then I learned I could have purchased it at another dealer for $1790.00. I contacted the Finance Dept. at my dealer and they agreed to send me a refund for $120.00! They cited their interest in receiving an excellent report card (CSI) when I receive my survey of customer satisfaction.
  • dmpiechdmpiech Posts: 3
    Well as a follow up to a bad experience, after my wife returned her car to Mercedes of Annapolis for repair, they discovered a faulty wiring harness. Considering what's involved in replacing the primary wiring harness she told the dealer she didn't want the car. They agreed to let her use the loaner she had until her car was repaired. She would then drive that car until a new one was delivered from the factory, four to six weeks. Then they would swap vehicles. Guess you can't ask for better service than that! Thanks Brian Fader!
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Mercedes of annapolis?...Is that Annapolis in Maryland?
  • dmpiechdmpiech Posts: 3
    Yes! Annapolis Maryland.
    Very small dealership, but they worked with my wife to resolve the problem to her satisfaction.
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