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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • jm99c280jm99c280 Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone,
    We just bought a Mercedes, a 1999 c280 Sport with 60K on her. Seems to drive fine in the short time we have had her. I purchased an extended warranty with the car(Platinum type) which will cover basically most everthing for 24,000 miles. We didn't get the manual with the car, getting it Tuesday, so I educate myself to much until then.
    I do see that upon starting the car a wrench symbol comes on with -1800 next to it. I guess that means we are 1800 over due for service. Naybody know what the 60,000 mile service is for one of theswe guys?
    We are also having a problem with the car when locked. The cars headlights will flash on and off and this seems to be wearing the battery. MB said it could be a door handle problem or even the glove box... Any ideas?
    Also a service advisor said he thought our motor mounts were bad when he sat in the car. We are planning on taking the car in for that and to be checked out. I beleive the mounts will be taken care of with the extended warranty. What elso should I be concerned with or about at this stage of life. Car runs strong and straight.
    I look forward to learning more about these great cars and thank all in advance for any help.

  • benzmanbenzman Posts: 4
    Thanks for your reply--I've owned Bmw's and Hondas over the years. I suspect it doesn't get as hot and humid in Wash as it does here in Phila. My 96 C280's A/C was fabulous--this new one doesn't begin to measure up. It struggles to maintain 72 degrees by running fan speed at 5 or greater-never seems to cool the car without this excessive fan speed and the system takes at least 30 minutes to drop to speed 4.
     Anyone else dealing with this problem?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    I guess I didn't make my point strongly enough: we moved here from Sacramento, CA. Summer starts there in May and runs to October, with 100F days the norm for weeks at a time. I can assure you that the system on our C240 has been sorely tested, many times over. seems to me your car has a problem. Time to have a dealer check it out. The symptoms you describe could be either a system that is low on refrigerant, or an evaporator problem, or both...or electronics [the big MB bugaboo].
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403

    As you know I am loathe to disagree with you but I've found that the AC performance of the new C-Class cars (especially in black) barely hacks it here in Cincinnati. The higher humidity back here is probably the cause in the difference in experiences. BTW I lived in the Central Valley (Madera) for three years so I know the difference of the humidity effects.
  • afifafif Posts: 10
    Is anyone experiencing any problems with the digital display in the center console? In hot weather, the display becomes patchy in my c320.
  • benzmanbenzman Posts: 4
    Thanks for your reply. The old '96 was black and the new one is silver. One would expect better a/c performance eh? The air blows tres cold but never seems to cool the car down to 72 when the outside temp is 90+ and humid. The fan runs at 5 or 6 or 7 and seems particularly worse when the car has been sitting outside in the hot sun for several hours( as expected). The old 96 would cool down soon and reduce the fan speed--this one never goes below 4. Even in the winter months it ran at 4 constantly. Do I have a complaint here or is this just the way this system runs? Appreciate any feedback.
  • mbjbmbjb Posts: 39
    Hey! I have a question. My wife wants a c320 and I was wondering if I would fit in it. I am 6'4"/250. Is there decent room? Should I look for something bigger? The car will be driven mostly by my wife but sometimes we will use her car. I would appreciate your responses.
  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    The only way to know is to try it.I'm 6' 1" and I don't have the seat all the way back or down. The seat and steering wheel memory is a great feature for two drivers.
  • I am looking to purchase a new 2004 C230 Kompressor Sedan (brilliant silver metallic, ash leather interior)with sunroof package and 6 disc changer. What is a reasonable out-the-door price(after everything including TTL)? especially since 2005's are coming in, I guess they're willing to move them out from their lots.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    How can we answer that question without knowing where you are, and the tax and license you will pay?

    Try this: go to, and enter your zip code. Configure the car the way you intend to buy it, and check the price accordingly. That will generally put you within $500 of the lowest price to be found in your area [CD imposes a fee for its services, so their price will tend to be higher than the real floor. Achieving the real floor, though, may require some shopping around amongst dealers.] Edmunds has their TMV calculation, as well.

    As a general rule of thumb, in a very competitive market [like Southern Calif], 04s can be had for $4000 or more under MSRP [check Edmunds for the current dealer incentives - it should be at least $3k on '04 C sedans]. In less competitive areas, it might be harder to get that kind of deal, but you get the idea...
  • always49always49 Posts: 29
    I'd like to share my experience with all of the's friends here.

    Traced and other sources for couple months, utilized too, and test drove couple times at dealers. Finally figured out what I really wanted. I live at North California (Bay Area). The deal was made on the last day of June:

    2004 C230K Sports Sedan(4Dr), Stick Shift (6sp), Black ext (not metallic, saved $600) and Ash Int. 6CD Changer, Sunroof Package.

    Price of the car: $26,700
    Doc Fee: $45
    Some Tire Fee: $5
    Tax: $2,000 more (don't remember the exact number)
    License Fee: $225 (dealer estimated, will return extra if there is any)

    Total out door: $29,185 for the car
    Bought 4yr/50,000mi Luxury tire/wheel road disaster insurance $299
    Then the total is $29,484.

    Also was offered 7yr/100,000mi ext warranty at $2,380. I'll buy it soon.

    I bought a 2000 BMW 328i before. Two things we don't like:
    1. Automatic Transmission (even w/Steptronic)
    2. Black int. leather.

    Now we got all we want. Ash leather is a beauty! It matches so well with the Aluminum trim. Black ext with the 3-pointed chrome star, man! It’s a dream coming true. Me and my wife are just politely fighting for drive. The car was originally for me, but she has already moved our two carseats from our MDX to the 230K. Well, at least she happy, me happy.

    Here, I want to thank all of you with your posts. I also want to give my special appreciation to I am your loyal reader since 1999.

    Thank you all again with our love. You all have a happy I-Day!
  • afifafif Posts: 10
    Hi folks,

    I would like to get a little impartial advice from the people on this forum. I have a 2002 c320 that has had the following problems:

    -SAS and brake assist repaired twice
    -cupholder repaired three times
    -overhead lighting module replaced
    -teleaid reprogrammed
    -faulty console display replaced-and here's the funny part-the whole unit came out of the dashboard while I was driving after it had been "fixed"
    -various taillight and front light replacement

    I know that it is not a long list of things, but I am concerned that I am basically dealing with a shoddy piece of work and I would like to replace the car. I have 35000 miles on the car. I paid for the extended warranty, but an extended warranty means nothing if I can't trust my car to behave on long trips.

    What are my options? Can I trade in this car and get a refund on the extended warranty? Is it more effective to go to the dealer or deal with a regional rep? I have bought both a ML and this car from the same dealer in Southern Cal (Laguna Niguel)-does that give me any leverage?

    Thanks in advance for your responses.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    I can understand your desire to get out of the car. However, I will predict that MBUSA will feel neither a moral nor a legal obligation to help you very much, if at all.

    -The list of problems, while long, does not rise to the level of the CA lemon law's definition of a car that is legally eligible for a buyback. You have to be able to demonstrate that the car's problems are safety-related, and/or were left unrepaired after at least 3 attempts within a 12 month period [you should verify this definition - I'm doing this from memory]. Are there any UNREPAIRED problems right now?

    -The extended warranty can be transferred to a new private owner, and thus can make the car worth more in a private sale. However, no dealer is likely to give you more on a trade for the car with the warranty. This is because they most likely will run it through their Certified Used program, which restarts the warranty clock and in effect makes the extended warranty redundant. And getting a refund in the unused portion of the extended warranty is theoretically possible, but very highly unlikely.

    -Having said that, you indeed should have some moral leverage with your dealer. You would have to start with the General Manager of the LN dealership, and carefully explain what you are looking for. Stranger things have been known to happen than an offer of an inflated trade-in and a hefty discount on a new car in circumstances like yours. However, my expectations here would be that resistance is the most likely reaction. Then, you have a multitude of legal and practical choices. Still, the car with 2+ years and 35k miles on the clock is only going to be worth so much, no matter what - you need to be prepared by knowing just how much you are personally willing to spend to make this car go away and be replaced by something else. Start by using the usual sources [KBB, Edmunds, etc.] to understand what the current WHOLESALE value of the car is, so you can realistically assess any offer they might make.

    Finally, a word on extended warranties in general [and this is aimed at the author of post number 6926, above, as well]:

    -The price of the extended warranty, like every other aspect of pricing in the car business, IS SET BY THE INDIVIDUAL DEALER. Yes, there is an MSRP, but any profit above their cost is still pure profit. Shop around for the extended warranty. Our dealer in Sacramento agreed to match the lowest price I could find - start by checking with the dealer in Chico [Courtesy Motors?] - they have historically offered the warranty with deep discounting. Our '02 C240's 7/100 extended warranty cost less than $1800 - I'd have to dig into the credit card records to remember how much less. Don't take the first offer your dealer makes on warranty prices.
  • My wife loves the C Class MB because of its size and I like the idea that the 240 comes in an AWD. Hopefully the AWD will handle well in the winter driving conditions of the Northeast. I would appreciate if anyone who owns a C240 AWD can share their experinces regarding the car's handling in the winter driving. I am also concerned that the small V6 may not have the pep necessary to make this a fun to drive car. Please advise if this has ever been a concern. Lastly, the MPG data on the window sticker is 18 and 25. Is this realistic or understated? Thank you.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Can't speak to the question of AWD, though I have heard nothing but great things about it. However, on the latter two questions, I can say without equivocation that yes, the car has all the power you can reasonably need, and yes, the EPA estimates are spot-on. Our '02 C240 automatic is rated 19/26, and that realistically describes our actual experience over 22 months. We can get just a hair more on long flat trips at freeway speeds [say 75 mph average] - I've occasionally seen 27 mpg or so after a day like that - but the range represented on the sticker is very close to reality.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    We live in the Boston area. My wife has a 2002 C240. It does NOT have AWD. Each fall I put on snow tires. It does just fine. Is it as good as my 4Runner? No, of course not. But it's just fine.

    The C240 AWD should do just fine. It will do much, much better if you'll spend a bit more and get a set of dedicated wheels and real snow tires. Most tire shops will store your winter/summer wheels and change them over for you for a modest fee if you choose not to do it yourself.

    The AWD system will definitely reduce performance and the C240 is not exactly a speed demon without that weight.
  • I got a quote from MB dealer who in Memphis,TN .Is the price ok? Need your help.

    The total cost of the car is $34,050.00. We will sell it to you for $30,760.00. That is under invoice. With taxes the total price comes to $33,091.94.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    What year? What model? If an '04 sedan, that is still a bit on the high side, but local market conditions may make this as good as you can do.

    As a quality check, go to, configure the car using your zip code, and compare. CD has their own fee of $300-$500, so the price you see has that adjustment.

    In a competitive market, which Memphis may not be, current prices on '04s average $4500 or more off MSRP [there is a $3000 dealer incentive on most '04 Cs]; for an '05, that would be a very good price anywhere.
  • It's C230K sedan and 2004model.
    Thanks for good info.
  • Hi All,
    I just purchased a 2005 C240 6cyl for 31,000 out the door, tags, tax, etc. Did I do ok?

  • decsdecs Posts: 8
    Sounds like a very good deal...could you tell us location, options and if that included c spot coupons, thanks :-)
  • mrchris91mrchris91 Posts: 2
    How's this deal sounds guys:

    2005 C230 Kompressor Sedan
    Sunroof package
    Entertainment Package
    Power driver seat package (10way with memory)

    Might have the heated front seats too

    MSRP $35,400

    I am in California

    Offering $400 a month for 45 months with $2500 down.
  • robertcrobertc Posts: 3
    Recently, I receive a quote from a Mercedes-Benz dealer in Southern California on a 2005 C240 sedan for 33,874 (MSRP 36,260). Is this a reasonable price? How much lower can I obtain for this car?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    It's reasonable without being rock-bottom - average discounts in the LA area seem to be in the order of $2500-$3000 on '05s. As a check, I always recommend going to and configure the car using your zip code - their price includes their service fee, which is somewhere between $300 and $400, so factor that in, and then compare. You're not that far off, and if the dealer has the car you want and is someone you like to work with, and/or has a service dept that you trust, these factors weigh against trying to squeeze the last few bucks out of any deal. Only you know for sure how it feels...
  • engineer1engineer1 Posts: 9
    Bought 2002 C320 (new); presently 20k miles. Handles well, very peppy, good gas milage. BUT, quality gremlins and spotty service. Inner door seals had to be replaced; bare rubber marked pants when getting in/out in addition to completely wearing out (on my pants). New seals (as well as early original) are convered in fabric. Now outer door seal is coming off. Chincey fasterner method is problem. Programable key (one) no longer works. When took to dealer to get seal fixed, lots of PR, no results. Took to second dealer. Second dealer fixed problem, but took two times as first time dealer fixed wrong "problem". Was thinking of new E or maybe even S, but no longer. Too much money for such petty quality problems. Have noticed sly hints at quality problems in the magazines, and now convinced MB has serious problems. Have old Toyota 4-R bought new in 93; incredible reliability and quality. Think my next vehicle will be another Toyota or if I feel flush a Lexus.
  • afifafif Posts: 10
    I totally agree with you. You can see from my previous post that I have been having a lot of problems with my car. (Thank you jrct9454 for the excellent advice). I decided to keep it since I had an extended warranty on it anyway and I don't want to spend any more money on a car.
    I have the following comments:
    -The c-class is a nice car, but it is the most basic of the Mercedes line. They should be able to get it right on this car. Does this mean that the more expensive cars with their bells and whistles have even more problems?
    -I am estimating that my car has had about 4-5 thousand dollars of work done on it (parts, labor and loaner). A lot of Mercedes owners are having problems and I am sure that DaimlerChrysler is spending lots of money fixing these cars. Having said that, I assume that the price for fixing shoddy workmanship goes right into the price of the cars. How much savings could Mercedes pass onto its customers if they built the cars right and we didn't have to keep coming back?

    Next car-Toyota, Honda, Lexus or Acura
  • blp08blp08 Posts: 1
    Is it unreasonable to think that I can get a 2005 C320 AWD at invoice in the Chicago area?

  • carmaven18carmaven18 Posts: 21
    Is it possible that there might be a C Class with some type of Diesel Engine (Like the E320 CDI) in the (near) future?
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Maybe, but more likely after the 2007 redesign.
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    read something in one of my car mags where they did a review on one of the ones in europe slated to come over her in 06 I think.. it was a C class CDI so I think its in there sights to do or at least attempt it..I for one would like to see it I have a older E class that was there desile (actually my fathers but he doesn't drive it so I do) and I like the thing...
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