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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    The only real older Mercedes to get is a 99 S500. Worth every penny and a blast to drive. Still gets you tons of looks.
  • Hi John, You seem knowlegeable and I'm having trouble finding the answer to some questions, so I'm gonna ask what you may know are differences between 94-96 2.8 I6's and 97 2.8 I6, my 95 c280's motor got hurt in a wreck and jumped timing, for less than the cost of a head and a few more needed parts I can replace the motor which is what I'm doing...I'm finding more low mile 97 motors for better prices than 94-96 motors, hollander interchange manuals suggest perfect swap is for 94-96...what makes the 97 2.8 I6 different from the earlier94-96"s bolt on stuff?...thanks, cliff
  • Does the C-Class Tire Pressure Monitoring System display the PSI in each tire or does it just provide a warning light on the dash?

    I really like this feature on the Acura TSX, but I am struggling to find comparables.
  • gkg680gkg680 Posts: 25
    I recently bought a 2010 C300. Nice car, like driving a bank vault, solid, but tire pressures are not displayed, you get an idiot light. I considered a TSX but would've liked a manual transmission with a certain color scheme, and they're hard to find in my locale. C300s with a stick shift are even rarer.

    Both cars, I believe, are wonderful values. Sadly, I had many distractions, was having problems with my old car, and needed a car in a hurry, hence, didn't negotiate from strength or get as far under MSRP as I would've liked. I think you'll be happy with either one, tho. I like driving a V6 after years of owning 4 cylinder cars, and the automatic transmission has been fine, I live in a large and congested city, but I might be rationalizing a bit.

    Best of luck with whichever car you choose, thumper.
  • We're considering buying a 2010 C300 Sport. I know the older C-series had problems with electrics & perhaps other areas. What experience does anyone have with the '09 or '10s?

    We're down to this C300, an Audi A6 Quattro & my wife likes the boring Lexus ES. One of these will replace a leased BMW 328i that has been fantastic. Wife says it's too small even though same size as C300. Go figure.


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