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Ford Focus Sedan



  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    the Focus is far superior to the others you had considered in the first line.

    Consumer Reports now recommends them, they are doing quite well in relaibility.

    Focus' are a good bargain as well as being a blast to drive. My sister has a ZX3 for over 50,000 miles with no issues and loves the car!

    Make sure you get a new Focus with the new 2.3l PZEV motor.

    newly refined power
    excellent value

    bring it on

    James Healy of USA today says the Focus with the new motor 'hits the small car sweet spot'.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    reports that all Focus production will be moving to Michigan. Currently the hatchback models are being made in Mexico, but those will be shifted to the US.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    When do they plan to move the production?
  • The 2003's have a longer powertrain warranty also, about the same as the Koreans.

    Production moves next year or so. Story in the latest Detroit News.
  • markus5markus5 Posts: 102
    I have followed this discussion for about 2 weeks and then took the plunge and took delivery of 2.3 focus a few days ago. I am impressed with the performance even with the Automatic. I had driven older model foci previously but the new power and ZTS equipment really do transform the car. I was surprised that the 16 inch tires are calling for 34 psi front and rear, this may have somthing to do with jittery ride ? that some body mentioned. Does anybody know about warranties in California being stricter (15 years and 150,000 miles) for air polution related equipment. This was mentioned in the article in the sunday times of 11/16
  • fdannafdanna Posts: 263
    Production is moving because the Mexico plant is going to build the Futura.

    This will happen just in time for the refreshening of the Focus. Of course, now they have to retool the factory for the hatch.... I don't think 2005 is going to be a "buy" year.

    "Monday's announcement, which [also] opened the door to the first Lincolns to be built in Mexico, will likely mean consolidating North American production of the Focus small car at Wayne Stamping and Assembly in 2005, said Catherine Madden, a production analyst with Global Insight in Massachusetts."
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    does anyone know, is the focus getting a new dash for 05? I know the styling will be toned down.....also the PZEV is downsized to 2.0 litres.
  • fdannafdanna Posts: 263
    Why would they downsize the pzev? They *could* make it more efficient and make it 2.0L but with the same horsepower and torque.

    I know I'm in the minority, but I'd take a smaller engine with better gas milesage over the opposite. I was happy as a clam with my 1.6L civic at 130hp (same hp as 2.0 focus) but got 4-5mpg better.
  • "They *could* make it more efficient and make it 2.0L but with the same horsepower and torque."

    They *DO* make smaller versions already in EUR, the 2.0 soon to be offered here. BTW it is officially called the "Duratec", not just 'PZEV'.

    The PZ is one of many versions. A 2.0L Duratec will be offered in 2005, with the 2.3L. And a new dash is coming too.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    oh good, so the 2.3 will still be available in 05? i had read things that suggested it wouldn't be.

    would love to see spy shots of the new dash.....getting darn bored with the current one.

    I am kinda thinking about trading my SHO and getting a car with a stick again. A Focus might be the car......I can get a holdover SVT fairly cheaply, but the new 2.3 PZEV appeals to me greatly as well as I bet it will have 95% the real world acceleration of the SVT. But the SVT allows you to get recaro seats and all the goodies like HID. Of course that costs more :)
  • Yes, the plan is to have a 2.0 and 2.3 Duratec on the list of engines. The Zetec 2.0 is dead after 04. Not sure about the 110HP SPI 2.0, however.
  • I thought that the 1.6 Civics only had 106 HP. What year is your car with 130HP? It never came from the Honda factory with that power to my knowledge. The EX 04's only have l27 HP with a l.7 engine. What gives?? Is it an Si or one of the little open top cars they made several years ago. Just curious.
  • Hi there, I have a 2001 SE Focus and I had major leakage. However it was on the passenger side. I took it to the dealeship 5 times, and its still not fixed. The warranty covers it yes but what is is covering I have no idea. They have replaced my windshield twice, and nothing I still have the problem just not as bad. Also my passenger door, and panel the car is completely rusted out. It's horrible. I love my car but she has got to go! Ford is not reconizing the problem. They just say oh I have never heard that before as if the swimming pool on the floor of my passenger side doesn't exist. It floods when it rains, whether I am driving or parked, and in the winter there is a puddle of ice. So good luck dear, chaulking isn't going to help!
  • fdannafdanna Posts: 263
    snakerbill....the 1.6L on the EX model was (and still is) a small v-tech and it got 127hp. This was a 1996 Model. No doubt the variable valve timing gave it the extra kick. Si wasn't available until later.

    Even though they bumped the displacement to 1.7 on the current generation, the horsepower on the EX remained the same (while the low-end models got a slight boost) and, in my opinion, this engine is a step backwards as it is much rougher and feels a lot less refined.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    "the 1.6L on the EX model was (and still is) a small v-tech and it got 127hp. This was a 1996 Model. No doubt the variable valve timing gave it the extra kick"

    All true. I'm currently driving a 96 EX. Don't be fooled by the 127 HP though. It only has 107 lb-ft of torque. You literally don't feel any power until about 3000 RPM. Above that it's OK, but not great. It really stinks when you have to start off on a steep hill which I have to do a lot. Forget it if there's snow on the hill and you don't have snow tires. You might as well get out and walk home.

    The upside, so far the engine has been flawless at 57K. Too bad I can't say that for the rest of the car. :(

    In comparison, before our Escape I drove a ZX2 with the same 2.0L Zetec as the Focus. It had much more oomph and was a blast to drive. It was just as reliable as the Civic but it was too small which is why we decided to trade it in.
  • Thanks for the info. I sure agree with you about the new 1.7 engine. It is rough and unrefined compared to other Honda motors I have had. I just got rid of an 04 Civic Coupe EX Auto which started to have too many problems,and I got tired of fooling around with it. The best thing about that Civic was it's gas mileage. Very good in that regard.
  • I just read in the Detroit Free Press that Ford has no plans to bring over the second-generation Ford Focus that Ford of Europe will introduce next year to the US market, instead will wait until the third-generation model is introduced in 2009 for worldwide launch.

    However, I have this feeling that Ford might bring over many of the new drivetrains found on the upcoming European car, including next-generation Zetec engines and even possibly a clean-burning turbodiesel for parts of the USA where diesel engines are still legal. I can also guess that we may see major suspension changes for the US model, possibly refreshed front and rear end designs, and very likely a complete interior redesign by the 2006 model year.
  • markus5markus5 Posts: 102
    I understand that the goal of the engine designers for this vehicle was rapid warmup of catalytic converter as well as engine so that emissions will be clean as possible even at start up. I have noticed that the water temp guage moves to normal faster than any car I have ever driven. However, the heater does not reflect this quite as rapidly. Thermodynamically speaking if you have your heater up all the way when you start your engine on a chilly day, you will have slower warm-up and consequently less eficiency from the engine. Is it possible that Ford engineered a "Smart" heater which does not allow escape of this heat on initial start-up ?
    I ask as some one did earlier why they did not offer stability control as optional for the PZEV ? The Pirelli P6 50 series rubber seem to provide tremendus grip anyway (on dry roads )
    So far in very normal driving engine seems quite happy down low even with Auto.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    If the air temp control on the Focus is electronic and not mechanical then that's entirely possible. Th e body control module may have a delay schedule for opening the heater core door. Just speculation.
  • "..I have this feeling that Ford might bring over many of the new drivetrains found on the upcoming European car, including next-generation Zetec engines and even possibly a clean-burning turbodiesel..."

    There is no "next generation Zetec", it's being canned in favor of a new family of four cyliners engines, the Duratec 2.0 and 2.3L. Which are not going to be "brought over", but built in NA.

    Diesel Focuses are also being planned, pending EPA approval.

    The current Focus will not be "unchanged" as some think. They said they would incorporate some components of the C1 mazda3/Euro Focus into the "old" C170.

    By 2009, maybe they will be able to bring out a new generation compact without any recalls.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    no Focus SVT in 2005....something called the Focus ST.

    get it now.
  • Hey Everyone,

    I was checking out the Ford site, and it seems that you can get ABS but not Traction Control in the ZTS, but in the SE you can get both. Is this right, or am I missing something? :)

  • Focus SVT has the old Zetec and the 2005 ST will have the 2.3 Duratec. Wonder how they will compare?
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    The 2004 Focus also has the 2.3L Duratec in PZEV form. I believe it's rated at 143 HP with a similar torque number.

    The 2004 Mazda3 (as well as the base Mazda6) also uses a VVT version which puts out 160 HP and, from what I'm told, more low end torque than the SVT's 2.0L Zetec. But, the Mazda3 looks to be a bit heavier than the SVT so it should be a bit slower.

    Close enough if you ask me!
  • My 04 PZEV Focus has l45 HP, and 149 lb ft of torque. It runs really good, but has a stupid speed limiter at 106MPH and I am going to try to get rid of the limiter. This car would go a LOT faster if it had no limiter. The tires are P6 Perilli's H rated (l30) MPH, so there is no reason in the world to limit this car. Anyone know how to get rid of the speed limiter????
  • Car Spec's:
    03 Focus SE comfort
    Zetec 5 speed tranny,
    3100 miles

    First of all,I am surprised at how well this car drives.I'm not even going to mention the awesome sounding stereo,I wonder what the audiophile system sounds like.

    Anyway,my problem is this,At idle my car feels like it has a skip in the engine.Basically,it feels like the car has'nt been tuned up for 10 years.I have looked through this entire thread and couldn't find a similar problem.The first 2 times the dealer said they could'nt find a problem but after the last visit they said a factory rep will be in town the following week and would be able to help me.The explanation I got from him was this,the Zetec engine is tuned slightly burn slightly lean and that is what is causing the skip.In other words,this was normal.

    Now I've been driving many different cars for many years and never have I had a brand new car feel like it's 10 years old.I looked for other cars similar to mine at other ford dealers but they are all automatics (I tested the automatics and they purred like a kitten)

    Does anyone out there with a car similar to mine have the same issue?

    Thx in advance
  • markus5markus5 Posts: 102
    I am not the police but do you actually intend to drive your new FOCUS over 106 mph on public highways?
    My pzev automatic ZTs sedan w/ sport package does feel strong. On a brief sprint on the turnpike yesterday, 80 mph was reached quietly at only a tick over 3000 on the tach.
    That is a strong Four banger and I think these pzev's should have a separate thread on this FOCUS discussion board. When I finally opened up the hood last week to see what made this thing go, it did not have an econobox "feel" to it. I have 1000 miles on it now. This model is very different then the original impression which I had of the Focus when it hit the show room a few years ago.
  • Hello All. I have a 2003 focus zetec with manual transmission. I notice that when I accelerate the engine makes a unique sort of metallic sound, sort of a buzz I guess. The sound goes away after 2000RPM.
       Both my brother and my friend commented on it so I brought it to the dealer, and the mechanic said that was a normal sound, because the car was in too low a gear. Does anyone know what I am talking about? I had a leased automatic focus and it did not make this sound. So Im guessing it has to do with either the manual trans or the zetec engine. Any thoughts? I'm curious to know what causes it and why. I believe the mechanic when he says it's normal.
  • I do not like the idea of an electronic nanny on my car. When you pay your money for a new car, it should come with the ability to go as fast as it can and only be drag limited. If I never drove over the speed limit I would still not want this big brother watching over me. I have no intention of being a danger to anyone on the public roads, but high speeds are a way of life in my state. There are many roads here which are deserted, and one can see for 20 miles straight ahead. I always try a new car to see what it CAN do and if I never do the same thing again I still do not want an artificial speed limiting device on my car. I intend to take it off as soon as I find out how. Who knows, I might want to take the car to the track again, and this device has got to go away.
  • If you did drive your new Focus on that deserted road and took it up above the rated speed on the tires that Ford gave you with the car and one of those tires blows and you crash, you could then sue Ford and get lots of money from them. Of course, we all know that YOU would take responsibility for your actions, but Ford knows that you are in the minority of the population, which is why they set a speed limiter on the car for the lowest speed rating of tires that they might put on a Focus (think LX model). The SVT, however, has the speed limiter set higher.
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