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Ford Focus Sedan



  • wellswgwellswg Posts: 1
    Hi there, I have owned my 2000 Focus for about three years now, and at this point every time I go to drive it I end up aggravated! Every time I accelerate, decelerate, put it in park, reverse......... or do anything for that matter, the engine begins to shutter and in turn the whole car shakes, causing rattling in the doors, steering wheel and instrument panel. Now this is not a small vibration, I mean every time someone gets in my car and I start it, they ask whats wrong with it. Now I just had the engine replaced due to it throwing a rod on a trip with no sign of oil leakage (explain that to me). So I would really appreciate any ideas or thoughts as to why it is doing this (maybe transmition?), and what might be done to help fix this. Thanks
  • rgarfieldrgarfield Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem, Ive had all the O2 sensor, Egr value, and PDF sensor changes but the light has come back on and it wont pass inspection,

    What can I do? Anybody have a good idea? Change all these parts again as per the computer read out?


  • alfmz3alfmz3 Posts: 14
    I was waiting for the Mazda3 here in Mexico, but I was really disappointed with its hard plastic instrument panel.
    I have seen the new spanish Focus today, and it looks fine, but after reading most of yours comments here, I'm afraid to buy one.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Mazda3 is the Focus mostly in Mexico.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    All the (repair problem) comments here have nothing to do w/ the Spanish Focus. ;)
  • bigmike4bigmike4 Posts: 3
    as an owner of a 97 escort auto,i believed ford worked out the bugs on their latest freshening of the escort at that that their freshening the focus,i think the focus might be an excellent choice.our 97 freshened escort has toyota relibity,the paint glows still even though the cr has never seen a garage.{the top of the car is oxidised,[the car has always been in elemnts]}. it has had one missed shift in 200000 miles[auto trans]starts every time.weak spots radiator and battery.their both inexpensive to replace.our 97 escort is still a winner at 200000 miles,drove it this morning, immediate start, no warm up nessassary,quiet, execellant composure. i get a feeling the refreshen focus will provide the same excellent service.
  • dj2bigdj2big Posts: 9
    I just bought a 2007 focus SES sedan.
    Very nice car. Im happy.

    Until I saw this.

    Geez at theres have the mirrors and door handels painted.

    Not only that they have the 2008 Focus ST as a 2007!!!

    Plus a bunch of cool colors!!!

    I feel jipped off.......wait gas is $3.20 a gallon right now and im getting about 30 mpg, I take that back I feel like I have extra money for a milk shake now....lmao!!!
  • sir_timbitsir_timbit Posts: 39
    Really don't care for the 2008 version coming to the US and Canada. IMHO it just looks awkward and should be renamed the Escort or Fiesta. And they're ditching the hatchbacks and station wagons(?) How would that help their sales?

    Meanwhile the rest of the world is getting a refreshed version of the *second* generation Focus, to give it some of the new Mondeo's styling.

    Now that's much better! Ours looks like crap in comparison.

    Again, I wish Ford would get a clue, copy Saturn, and make Mercury their global Ford platform. Bring over the Mondeo, Euro Focus, the Falcon from Oz, etc. They would have one heck of a lineup instead of the blandmobiles that are currently in their showrooms here.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "Geez at theres have the mirrors and door handels painted."

    So does our '05-07 Focus ST w/ the "'05-07 Mondeo ST220" grill. Actually, people from around the world envy it, especially when that macho (by their std) normally-aspirated 2.3 can be blasted off w/ the old MkI's light-body.

    The reason I like sedan/coupe over hatch/wagon/SUV is the wide rear visibility from the inside rear-view mirror when you're passing or making lane changes everyday.

    I've sat in the driver seat of a MkII Focus 4-dr sedan. The rear-glass visibility isn't just narrower than the old MkI Focus sedan, but the right rear headrest blocks the right-rear view badly whenever the rear seat is occupied b/c it has to be raised up in order to make clearance for a person's upper back. Then I placed vertical sticks from the show-room floor where the front corners are. &, boy, the car is so bulky wide it totally defeats the purpose of maneuvering a nimble compact car!

    So, around the world, the compact Focus is dead. We're the only one still lucky enough to get the left-over narrow MkI's! Grab one while you can. A 66.7"-narrow car that remains stable at high speed, both straight line & curves, is not what Japanese platforms can offer -- especially the Toyota Echo.
  • Still loving my 2007 Focus ST. Just turned over 14,000 miles on it. As above, the 2.3L engine in the lightweight body is a joy, and it handles beautifully. I got rid of the mediocre Pirellis and put a set of Goodyear F1 GS-D3s on at 1500 miles, as well as putting a 1mm thicker sway bar on the back. Exactly what Ford should have done from the factory.

    Only regret is that I did not wait for the BMW 1-series to come. Should have held onto my 242,000 mile Festiva a couple more years.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    If you don't care about ride comfort, then go ahead w/ the other multi-link compacts like the 1-series or Mini Cooper.

    One reason I traded in my '05 Focus ST for an '07 Focus ST is b/c the Focus ST has the suspension retuned for more comfort after the '05 first-year model, as the '05 setting was taken directly from the SVT/ST170 (except the lowered springs). Consumer Reports is about the only source that ever tested the '06 ST. They praised its ride comfort, which is rare for a car w/ sporty handling.

    Also, when the weather is hot, my '05's dashboard/interior has a nauseating rubber smell Ford don't bother to take care of. :lemon: Otherwise, this Mazda-engine Focus has been a reliable car. You may wonder whey didn't I trade my '05 :lemon: for a different kind of car. I almost did, but after test driving the numb-steering '07 Rabbit, I say...

    Even if $ is no object, I can't think of a better car than the North America 2.3 '06-07 Focus ST, especially after I altered its pwr steering to a heavier setting. My sport-package (w/ the factory "M" decals all over the the car inside & out) E36 '99 BMW 328is ("the best/most-balanced 3-series through out the history" per Euro magazines) still can't compare dynamically. The steering of the Focus is sharper, quicker (therefore more nimble), more precise, yet still more steady than 328is' heavy & slow-ratio steering when cruising straight at high speeds. While the 328is' heavier RWD platform needs 6 cylinders in order to propell w/ sufficient power, that heavy engine can actually make the car plow forward & understeer badly on some abrupt low-speed corners.

    & here's the beauty of our light-weight 2.3 Focus ST. It's a 4-cyl car, unlike it's "big Euro bro" Mondeo ST220's heavy 6-cyl nose over the FWD platform. The styling of our '05-07 Focus ST was purposely trying to duplicate it's big bro from Europe:,,675-13649,00.html,8100,675-13657,00.html,,675,00.html

    So now we have a car that looks Euro cool w/o Mondeo ST220's heavy nose & bulky length. Neither does it have the foreign-market MkII Focus's full-size width. & the MkII doesn't steer as well as the older-design the MkI, either:

    creakid1, "Ford Focus 2005 release date" #67, 25 Dec 2004 12:39 pm

    By the way, the maximum-size 4-cyl or normally aspirated engine for the heavier MkII is only 2.0! :P
  • My first car was a '73 Corolla, which was RWD, which I modified into the best handling practical car I've ever owned. I had a string of front drivers that got me from point A to Point B, but were not much fun.

    I bought a '96 Impala SS, which has been fun, but I started missing having a small car. I then got the Festiva, which I modified into the best handling FWD car I've owned. Yes, it handled better than the Focus ST. That's what light weight gets you. I then got a '00 Miata, which is certainly the best handling car I've owned, hands down, but it did not have enough room for 400 mile trips.

    If the Focus ST were RWD, it would be the car I'd keep for the next 200k. I really wish someone would build a truly lightweight, practical RWD Sport Coupe/Sedan, inspired by the Datsun 510. The closest thing to that will be the upcoming 1-series. If the handling balance is too nose-heavy, I can fix that, just like I did with the Focus, and every other car I've owned...
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "If the Focus ST were RWD, it would be the car I'd keep for the next 200k."

    I'd keep the car for more than 200k even if it stays FWD.

    But if you insist RWD, here's an example:
    Sorry, solid axle only. Do you only want to power drift w/ LSD? :)

    I guess you can even forgo the V8 to keep the nose from being too heavy.

    Since the 510 w/ 4-wheel independent suspension is a Nissan/Datsun, I really think Ford should quickly create the rebirth of the Cortina compact RWD sedan by using the RX-8 platform w/ 2.3 4-cyl. ;)
  • "I really think Ford should quickly create the rebirth of the Cortina compact RWD sedan by using the RX-8 platform w/ 2.3 4-cyl."

    That's actually a great idea, and a car I'd buy in a heartbeat.

    Here is what I like most about RWD;
    1. Zero torque steer
    2. Ability to add power in corner without reducing traction in front.
    3. Ability to enter 4-wheel drift(not the lurid power slide people call drifting) with power on, rather than braking.
    4. Better weight transfer on acceleration.

    I know that FWD and RWD can both be driven quickly, and I know how to drive both quickly, but I get more satisfaction out of driving a RWD car quickly.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    Since only non-FWD (RWD & AWD) platforms can allocate the weight distribution aft of the front axle w/o losing the accelerating traction especially on uphills, the light-nose base RX-8 auto I test drove, w/ just 16"s & soft-riding suspension, was still exceptionally nimble. Auto Motor und Sport TV described the RX-8 as "unbelievably comfortable ride" when comparing it to the E46 330ci.

    The base RX-8 auto felt like a light-weight car eventhough it isn't, as I could not reach the tire-adhesion limit during the test drive. Actually, one reason I picked the Focus ST over the RX-8 was b/c the RX-8 was too good! A car is no fun if I won't be able to reach the limit on the street, despite that the RX-8 rides smoother than the Focus ST & the steering, while only electric powered, was confident-inspiring enough.

    So such competent platform can afford to waste a little bit like increasing the engine weight/volume from a rotary to a 4-cyl for a much meatier low-end torque, plus raising the center of gravity w/ a taller roof & seat height for more room & comfort. That way, I can even reach the limit on street driving.

    In the old days, people think that only the cramped Scirocco can handle, but the taller-roof Rabbit GTI does pretty much the same.
  • I gave serious consideration to the RX-8, but simply could not get past the fuel economy.

    I had no problems pushing it to its limits, and it really reminded me of the NC Miata, which makes sense. I know that the chassis would do fine under a traditional sedan. It would certainly give up some sharpness, but it would still be a cut above anything in its class.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "I gave serious consideration to the RX-8, but simply could not get past the fuel economy."

    Investing another $20k or more can make an RX-8 a frugal car that can also do jack-rabbit start while not making its light nose any heavier. RX-8's high CO2 level can be eliminated, too, while each dollar of energy can run almost 100 miles.

    It's called electrification w/ lithium batteries & a silent reliable electric motor w/ max torque available from 0 rpm. You can leave your manual transmission in gear even at dead stop. So stop-&-go traffic becomes even more effortless than driving an auto!

    There are at least a couple places in S California that do electric conversions. But making the car even heavier is inevitable. I'm looking forward to do my light-weight MkI '84 Wolfsburg Jetta coupe sometime in the future.
  • chetjchetj Posts: 324
    i like mine a lot...a very good car and inexpensive...shoved a dryer in back amazingly enough...very roomy...that euro focus looks better though
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "...that euro focus looks better though"

    At least for the sedan version, I think the MkII is more bland. I prefer our '05-07 MkI ST sedan w/ Mondeo's nose:

    creakid1, "2008 Ford Focus future vehicle" #70, 4 Jul 2007 9:10 pm
  • dj2bigdj2big Posts: 9
    Drove from 60110 to Orlando I got a wopping 35 mpg round trip using cruise control 65 all the way there and back.

    Now orlando in town driving I only got 25 mpg

    Still a huge saveings over my traded in SUV!!!

    Has anyone have inside info on the 2009 Chevy Volt 100 mpg?
  • bob_in_brbob_in_br Posts: 1
    I have a new 2007 SES. I like it:). Question though, any tricks or gotcha's on mounting the front license plate? I see the marks for the fasteners, but what kind of fastener should I use. I did not get anything with the car.

    Thanks in advance.....
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 570
    Your dealer should have provided you with a front mounting bracket and fasteners. Have them install the bracket.
  • dj2bigdj2big Posts: 9
    look in your glove box the screws should be in there.

    I got the 2007 SES with weather package and moon roof!

    I am going to replace the factory radio, speakers, i will also add 2 amps and 1 sub woofer.

    I plan on keeping this car for the next 5 years so i do not mind upgrading the tunes.
  • My 2005 Focus ST with the 2.3 liter and 5-speed manual transmission is still running flawlessly at 47,000 miles.

    Observations? It is still a joy to drive with perfect on-center feel and tracking (lacking in so much of the competition). The Focus goes where it is pointed with a sense of purpose and control. It exits a curve with wonderful torque and power. There is a lot of road noise, addressed by the new 2008's attention to NVH but at the sacrifice of the lovely 2.3 liter engine as the '08 Focus only offers the 2.0 liter. Fuel economy for the sport model is just over 30 mpg all-in for the last 30,000 miles, with probably 70% Interstate (65-75 mph) and the rest mixed city. The manual is well located and both the shift throws and clutch feel work well for me. It could use another and higher sixth gear (beyond the 5 now available) to reduce cruising RPMs at 70 mph, but the ratios at lower speeds are sweet in cut and thrust driving. I've performed regular maintenance and used synthetic oil. The only unscheduled maintenance was replacement of a remote trunk release under warranty. (It relocked before you could open the trunk.) Very minor gripe is the wear on the radio buttons as it is the only thing that betrays it is not brand new.

    For the price, the economy, reliability and fun factor are hard to beat. Dressed in all black inside and out with a leather accented interior featuring red stitching my Focus looks purposeful and sporting. Based on my sterling experience, I heartily recommend the Focus as a well-sorted, reliable car.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    My '05 ST's power remote trunk release was so oversensitive it popped open the trunk whenever there's water (heavy rain or car wash). The dealer initially failed to admit it b/c I didn't point out that it's water related. When I brought the car in again, they blamed on my recent removal of the rear spoiler w/ the holes plugged but not sealed with plastic plugs.

    This problem seemed to improve over time, but not the toxic nauseating interior smell (mine was an early production purchased in late '04). Ford refused to cover this smell problem saying that there's no standard finding it as a defect. I later found newer Focus' not having this sickening smell. Also, the '06 suspension was improved for comfort, as Consumer Reports (June '06) praised its ride in the "HIGHS", which is an expeption (along w/ the BMW 3-series) for a sporty-handling car. So I decided to chip in another $8k to trade it in (my '05 had only about 10,000 miles was worth only $7800) back in May for a nearly-stripped factory-ordered '07 ST, which was sold at dealer's invoice plus the $3000 rebate, which is nothing compare to the $8000 off MSRP my cousin bargained down on a $30,000 premium Focus-II (Volvo V50).

    Since the sound quality of my '05's factory Sony/subwoofer system sucked & sucked out too much trunk space, I skipped any stereo upgrade this time & plan to do aftermarket.

    I even skipped the heated seats & side airbags on the (checkered-like red/blk) cloth seats this time, as I plan to replace them w/ a pair of sport seats (blue cloth/blk vinyl with an "S" in red on the "Focus S" stitching) from the '05-07 Taiwan-spec Focus II Sport hatch. That'll look pretty rad w/ the checkered-like red/blk cloth on the front door panels.

    I don't envy the 5-cyl Focus II ST's factory Recaro seats, as Recaro seats have thin cushion that can't absorb road shocks like these factory seats, which got very thick (but still firm) cushion. & they're huge & have very supportive shape like Volvo seats:

    The only option on my '07 ST is the traction control, which used to be standard feature back in '05.

    Consumer Reports mistakenly found the ST's sport-exhaust noise as the 2.3's loud engine noise, as they didn't complain about the noise from SES's 2.0. Some exhaust shops should be able to modify the noise to a comfortable level that doesn't interfere w/ human conversation.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "Observations? It is still a joy to drive with perfect on-center feel and tracking (lacking in so much of the competition). The Focus goes where it is pointed with a sense of purpose and control. It exits a curve with wonderful torque and power."

    The Focus may not have the comfy long springs found in luxury cars like VW, Accord & Mercedes, but the sport suspension of the U.S. Focus ST keeps the normal ride height while other sport packages found in Mercedes, VW/Audi & BMW all have their mighty long springs chopped short! So this makes a perfect comparison b/t the Focus ST & those big guys w/ sport package.

    This is what happened when these Euro hatchbacks -- BMW 3-series(E46), Mercedes C-class , Audi A3(MkII) & Alfa 147 -- are equipped with sport package:
    "Individually none is bad, but the general (in)competence level has shocked me because even the best car here doesn't come close to the basic dynamic standards set by the four-and-a-half-year-old Ford Focus. And for the money being asked that's criminal." -- British magazine AUTOCAR(pp46-51, 11 June 2003)

    So let's take a look at the best driver's sedan from BMW -- the E36 ('92-99 3-series). It's more involving & has more steering feel than the newer models but still rides much comfier than those old ones w/o multi-link rear suspension. & I went collect a mint '99 328is.

    To my surprise, besides having RWD so adding LSD can play power rear slide, this car has no advantage over the lighter-weight 2.3 Focus ST! I like heavy steering, so I would change the voltage signal in the Focus pwr-steering wire to keep it hefty. But this BMW's steering is still too heavy for me! & despite the slow ratio, it still can't track straight at high speed if the the road isn't perfectly smooth or leveled, so constant correction is needed whole day long! While the quick-&-light steering from the Focus requires only one finger to track straight steadily & effortlessly! Everything in this BMW requires so much effort (especially when Focus's clutch is so light) while very little was achieved. I wonder what all the fuss was all about. RWD set up means the engine doesn't have to sit ahead of the front axle. But w/ so much curb weight, a heavy 6-cyl is needed & an agile front end doesn't seem to be there. What's worse, the car plows straight forward badly at low speed if the steering wheel is turned after stepping on the throttle hard. & the sport packege's lowered springs made the ride comfort rather nightmare-ish over deeper bumps such as speed bumps.

    "There is a lot of road noises"

    As far as the road noise goes, you might have to sound insulate your inexpensive Focus w/ Dynamat or something.

    Another advise from me -- Invest a Quaife LSD from Focus Sport. Turn off the traction control & toss your ST around w/ the 2.3 throttle :P This is the best FWD toy you can get.
  • Creakid1 advised that the 2005-2007 Focus ST with a Quaife limited slip differential "is the best FWD toy you can get." I'd agree with that wholeheartedly, even without the after market limited slip differential. For the money, the Focus ST is unbelievable.

    It's not that I couldn't afford a more expensive car. It's that the ST wowed me by contrast with more expensive cars. Why spend more when the best driving experience was also the lowest cost. That's what I call value.

    If I could, I'd find an after market trunk lid liner and do a few more refinements to address road noise, but the 2.3 liter engine really sings and I don't want to cover up that perfect burble.

    Most cars fade into the background of daily life. Reliability is all that is asked by most consumers. My Focus has been bulletproof reliable, but it gives more than that. Every day I still think, "Gee, this is a great car to drive." I have fun driving it. That new toy feeling hasn't worn off and I've put 25,000 miles on in a little over a year. I'm not bored yet.

    I've driven bigger, more powerful performance cars but none have had the same lasting effect on me as the Focus ST.

    Thanks for the lead to Focus Sport and some possible upgrades like the Quaife differential.
  • The muffler of my 2002 SE has started leak because of rust. If I replace whole exhaust system it will cost me more than $400. Is there anyone know how to fix it instead of replaceing it? Thanks! :cry:
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    Here's a RWD rival w/ closer curb weight from BMW...

    "To cope with the performance, the flagship Coupé gets M Sport suspension as standard. This sees the car low­ered by 15mm, and so it serves up sharp steering and bags of grip. But while body roll is limited, the ride can become crashy over bumpy surfaces, and the electro-mechanical steering doesn’t provide consistent weight and feel."

    If you can afford to buy the best driver's car, then why bother ruining the fun w/ electro steering?

    The Focus 2.3 ST should fear no rival, 'cause there is none. :P
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    Please, there is no such thing as high-tech Control Blade multi-link rear suspension all wrapped up in a tall narrow compact exterior the way the original Focus is. Not the newer Mazda3/S40/Focus-II w/ bulky exterior width.

    Here's a new challenger from Europe compact enough to match, but trying to get away w/ low-tech rear suspension, plus electric steering?

    "To provide poise in the corners, the suspension has been lowered by 18mm at the front, and 15mm at the rear. The electrically assisted steering has also been reprogrammed, and is claimed to give greater weighting and more feedback. Sadly, the SRi fails to live up to its promise. Turn into a bend and you’ll discover an artificial feel to the steering and a chassis that’s too easily upset by mid-corner bumps and the torque of the turbo powerplant.

    The stiff suspension set-up also means that the Corsa crashes and thumps over even the smoothest surfaces, making motorway journeys a pain. A springy action to the six-speed gearbox and a jerky throttle compound the dynamic deficiencies."

    Does the new line of "fun" compact Saturns coming up from Europe have any future?
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