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Infiniti M37



  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    thanks for the update, but I got rid of the M37 because I considered it unsafe to drive due to the transmission problems.
  • My 2011 M37 is having the same acceleration problems. It almost stalls when I try to accelerate to pass someone. It also feels like it keeps accelerating when I am on the freeway and hit my breaks slightly. My car is in the shop today and I brought it to their attention so hopefully they can fix it. Anyone else have this problem and get it fixed?
  • engine101engine101 Posts: 7
    edited October 2011
    My transmission does the same thing. I tried to pass someone once and the darn call practically stalled on me. I almost got hit.

    Everyone needs to keep posting about this until it's fix. I have had my car a little over a year and thought this was normal, but I have never driven another car that acts like this.
  • Quick thought. Since so many people are posting dire safety concerns with the M either on the highway or just entering traffic and disposing of the car because of their concerns, why not change the name of these postings to; "Last Impressions?"
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Since most members are using this discussion to post anything and everything about the M37, I just took off the "first impressions" in the title - presto!


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  • That is the fastest "corporate response" I've ever seen! I'm impressed, to say the least. Now, if only Infiniti had addressed their problems with the same timliness maybe they wouldn't be so far up the creek with a paddle.

    Good for you "guy's" you're really at the top of your game.
  • DO NOT BUY THIS CAR! I bought the M37 brand new with 28 miles on it. I have owned it for 14 mos and it is back in the shop as we speak! It has been in a total of 9 times, either by tow truck or service guys coming to jump it and drive it in to fix it. I have dealt with both Crest Infiniti of Plano, and the home office of Nissan. Neither are willing to help me with this issue, or get me in another car.
    It has an issue with the battery constantly being drained by one thing or another and they refuse to acknowledge this is a problem that obviously isn't going away. Each time it goes in they assure me the problem has been fixed, and it always breaks down again leaving me stranded. I have owned Mercedes, BMW, etc. and have never been more unhappy with a vehicle, a dealership AND a manufacturer.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    ghstudio: well did you get out of your lease?? for only $1K? I'm still in Hell with my 2010 G37X...
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    I jsut started to peruse this forum ( I have a 2010 G37X), and in fact have posted here before. After going through this thread which is NOT Headlined correctly, I find there are a multitude of the dreaded Infiniti 7AT problems ....Holy Sh*T...I have posted so many times I've lost count on about this freakin 7 speed AT. I have complained to Infiniti Consumers Affairs dept (ICA) 2 X. District Managers and Factory Techs examined and drove my car : the response is the same: " there is nothing wrong, it is operating as designed"...They won't take my car in return (it's Leased for 39 months until Sept 2013)...I've been pursuing an Early Termination with No further Cost to me..They've offered 2 months off the lease???? Oh Yeah, the first complaint yielded an offer of Elite Maintenance contract for up to 45k miles. The one thing I was able to discern from the Factory Tech who drove with me with a plugged in Laptop to monitor the drive, was that They admit to the Hesitation & Lagging - he saw it on the computer analysis done in "real time"...The Tech volunteered one thing which is discouraging to say the least: The only real fix is to replace the Tranny, all the software and the ECM with "reprogramming" that would help to reduce the Gear Hunting that goes on. He went further to say that to his knowledge, no "fix" was immediately forthcoming from Infiniti Engineers. I beleive this occurred in late November or early December. Sorry for the downer opinion, but it's real from the Horse's mouth.

    What I'm shocked to learn as I now have read through this Thread, is that the M37X is the same as the G37X .....The one thing which I have been pounding with my Dealer was to get me out of the G lease and I would Swap into a new M37X lease. That may NOT be the correct avenue to take.
  • richardnvarichardnva Richmond, VirginiaPosts: 79
    Just traded my 09 G37x in for a '12 M37x. Haven't had any probs with the M's tranny yet, but I did have probs with my G. After I first got the car I had a lot of problems with gear hunting. When I brought it in for the first scheduled maintenance I mentioned to the service tech and they "flashed" the module which I believe reset it and may have updated the software with a newer version. Regardless, the flash fixed my problems and i never had any more problems. My situation wasn't very severe so I'm not sure if we had the same issue, but thought I'd share my experience.
  • cr1t1calm4sscr1t1calm4ss Posts: 8
    edited May 2012
    I leased my M37 Sport the first month it came out in 2010 (2011 model). The first day I drove the car the issues were apparent. I drove it directly back to the dealership, they said everything was fine..its learning your driving style..(I too have had Mercedes, BMW, Audi etc that learn your driving style) this was NOT the case.

    Well, now I am at 33,000 miles and the issues have only gotten worse. Its been to the dealer a number of times for the JUMPY stops...when breaking (normal non aggressive) the tranny wants to JUMP FORWARD and almost hit the person in front of me. Its extremely scary and Infiniti has nothing to say about this? It not only does that but when breaking it downshifts bad and bumps at times. With the AC on I noticed it does all of this more frequently, although the issues are always there. Ive done the ECU flashes and other tricks that have done absolutely nothing. I will be leaving Infiniti. Sad thing is this car has one of the best designs and most amazing interiors, just one of the WORST engine set ups ever...very dangerous.
  • engine101engine101 Posts: 7
    I can't believe you mentioned the JUMPY stops because I have experienced that at least twice and it happens so fast that I thought it was something I was doing! And yes I did almost hit the car in front of me! When I picked my mom up from the airport about a month ago I also noticed when I tried to accelerate on the freeway the engine just revved up and wouldn't budge. I had to take my foot off the gas! At least my mom heard it too. You are right about the car and it's design/interiors. They just need to get the engine down and they will have a TOP seller.
  • sgl1sgl1 Posts: 34
    I have a 2011 M56 and am also frustrated with the quirky engine/transmission anomalies. I am at 40k miles now. Last week I brought my car back to the Infiniti dealer because of a "Chk Engine Soon" light. Dealer said it was due to a problem with the ECM (Elect Control Module) software, which had been updated twice before due to complaints about transmission hesitation. The new s/w seems no better at resolving the hesitation and odd surge problems. And every now and then the car seems to hold 3rd gear till about 4k+ RPM.

    This is by far my biggest complaint about the car. I agree with the above comments that the interior of this car is absolutely beautiful, but Infiniti really needs to fix the tranny s/w! I am still hopeful there will be a fix, but unless that happens soon this will be my last Infiniti too..
  • engine101engine101 Posts: 7
    edited May 2012
    ghstudio, Did you ever figure out the problem with your car, or did you get out of your lease? I am still having problems with mine and do believe it's a safety issue!
  • engine101engine101 Posts: 7
    I just found this complaint filed through the NHTSA. Doesn't seem like much will be done about this car unless others report it too! Does it have to be reported through the NHTSA in order for something to be done?

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Reporting it to the NHTSA may not be the ONLY way to get it done, but it is by far the best.


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  • cr1t1calm4sscr1t1calm4ss Posts: 8
    edited June 2012
    I have formally filed my complaint through

    I suggest others do the same.

    Click this link to submit yours.

    link title
  • ashn888ashn888 Posts: 12
    Not sure if this helps, but it looks like Infiniti is finally addressing these issues:

    Subject: SB 2011-2012 M37; Shift Responsiveness Issues
    Summary of ITB12021:
    IF YOU CONFIRM One or more of the following conditions: Harsher than expected down shifts when coasting to a stop. Hesitation/lag when accelerating after coasting. Hesitation/lag or harsher than expected down shifts when coming to a stop and accelerating again (rolling stop). Engine rev matching during moderate to heavy braking. ACTION 1. Refer to step 6 in the SERVICE PROCEDURE to confirm this bulletin applies to the vehicle you are working on. 2. If this bulletin applies, reprogram the ECM and TCM. See this bulletin for further detail.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Only a year late....I bought out my m37 lease....leased a Mercedes e350 for less$'s per month and haven't looked back. I love the Mercedes....hated the m37 transmission which I considered unsafe. Hope this solves the problems for those locked into the m37. I won't buy another infiniti...
  • sgl1sgl1 Posts: 34
    Thanks for posting... This TSB must have just come out as I don't even see it listed at yet. I'm very anxious to see if they finally fixed it. ...It's hard to believe this was missed when cars were initially handed to Infiniti general managers to drive during initial release of this car two years ago. Come on Infiniti, you can do better than that!..

    Anyway, fingers crossed! I'll be back to the dealership very soon and will post results here.
  • Had that updated. didnt do anything..... had it flashed? Guess thats not the issue?
  • sgl1sgl1 Posts: 34
    I have an '11 M56X. I was excited to hear about the new update to the ECM & TCM. Unfortunately when I brought the car to the dealer they said my car already has the latest updates. Ugh, I thought to myself ...Really hoping they finally fixed these transmission problems!

    When in normal mode, the transimission shifts pretty much as expected, but there's still a delay in response when pressing the accelerator hard btwn 30-60mph.

    However the trouble is much more prominent in Sport mode.. Three issues really:

    1.) Delay in initial response when moving foot from brake pedal to gas quickly.. Seems tranny is not engaged with engine while the car is stopped, ..perhaps to save fuel, but it creates a jolt-effect when wanting to take off quickly.

    2.) Transmission holds 4th gear way too long, to over 4k RPM, during regular driving. Seems this happens if you take off from a start quicker than normal. I understand that Sport mode holds the gears longer, but there's a problem with the software in 4th gear... I typically have to move the shift lever to manual mode, then bump the tranny to 5th gear to compensate for this flaw.

    3.) I'm a conservative driver, but on a few occasions, when driving in more of a sporty fashion... I notice a harsh down shift when letting my foot off the gas when going about 70mph. Feels like a bang in the tranny, as if it shifted to too low of a gear. ...There was definite engine braking as I think it went from 6th gear to maybe 3rd.. Not sure, but that can't be good for the tranny.

    ...Still hoping Infiniti is listening and decides to fix these flaws.
  • My 2012 M37, with the upgraded sound system, has a rattle in the doors when songs with relatively heavy bass are played at more than about 60-70% of the maximum volume. The rattle is so significant that it almost sounds like the door speakers are blown. Mechanics at the dealership tested other cars on their lot when they learned of my complaint, and informed me that all the other cars have the same issue.

    If true, this is a design flaw in the new M class Infiniti -- at least I can think of no other answer.

    The dealership was great -- they kept the car over a week, working to fix the problem. They were unable to fix the problem, however. Accordingly, Infiniti sent out a specialist to look into the problem. His report indicated there was no problem, notwithstanding that both I and the dealership techs clearly heard the buzzing. It's unclear to me whether he didn't hear the problem, or if he is saying that this problem is somehow acceptable based on Infiniti design parameters -- he has refused to speak with me, according to the customer service rep at Infiniti with whom I've been speaking.

    This is beyond disappointing. I paid extra for the upgraded sound because sound is important to me. For Infiniti to refuse to address the problem, and even to refuse to do me the courtesy of having the specialist that looked into the issue discuss his findings with me, speaks to a lack of concern for the customer.
  • I am having similar transmission issues as others have described with my 2011 M37--Transmission is slow to respond when moving from braking to accelerating or even in attempting to pass. I've called the dealership and am taking it in today. I do have to say that other than this issue, I really like this car.

    I will also fill out the vehicle safety complaint.
  • I have previously posted about my problems with the M37 Transmission. Here is an update

    Several months ago they replaced the torque converter which improved things significantly. The dealer service manager said it was a new model (different, not just a replacement). Still had harsh shifts going into either 3rd or 4th (not sure) but it was obvious.

    Had car serviced yesterday and it appears to have been corrected.

    Stay on the dealer if you have this problem - for me it was the torque converter and software.

    I agree - it is a great car!
  • Never been here before; I was looking to see if anyone has the transmission lag that I have in my 2011 M37S. Sure looks like it! With 24K miles on the car, this is getting worse all time. For me it's when I take this left turn to go onto a freeway onramp; taking my foot off the throttle a bit after I'm in the turn, and trying to accelerate out I get the dreaded lag - I am just fed up with it!

    While I'm here, things I love about the car: Wonderful interior, excellent engine power and sounds - too bad the transmission you use to control it is so irritating, it spoils the whole experience. I like the looks of the car too - the Platinum paint job with the 20" wheels and spoiler look awesome..

    What I HATE: Really loud tires and harsh suspension. Laughable Studio on Wheels upgraded audio - has tons of speakers but they only work if you have HD DVD media. The sources I listen to, i.e. iPod and CDs, very few of the speakers put out any sound, and the ones that do sound very mediocre. When I first test drove the car, they had a demo disc that blew me away, but you will never hear that stuff in your day to day driving unless you go out and buy expensive media to listen to that will only work in your car. Why can't they keep all the speakers functional for simple stereo sources too?

    What else I hate : Really flaky intermittent electronics issues that never seem to happen when I'm at the service department. And of course if they can't duplicate the problem they won't try to troubleshoot it anyway - typical service [non-permissible content removed]. For example, when you have it set to have the side mirrors point down when in reverse, that works fine, but when you stop and put it in drive they stay pointing down half the time. You have to pull over and stop, and put it in park for them to go back up to normal position. After months of frustration and trips to the dealer, I finally abandoned this "feature" and leave it turned off.

    Also the tilt wheel that never goes back to the position it was in when the car was turned off (except when I have it at the dealer for service, of course).

    My Android phone works fine for bluetooth phone calls, but when I also try to use it to stream audio from the phone it doesn't work well at all unless you like jerky audio with blank spots. When I had an iPhone it worked fine, but I learned to hate the iPhone for reasons not related to the car and got a Galaxy S3. I think car manufacturers think everyone has an Phone so focus on perfecting that.

    When all is said and done, after the 39 month lease is up in Dec. 2013, I'm going for a new BMW 535i or Lexus GS, and NEVER going back to Infiniti....
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    I'm glad I decided to review the comments here. My 2010 G37X which has 8 months to go on the lease has suffered the "the 7AT" horrors. I had the Reflash applied to the ECU /TCM in June 2012. It's better, but still quirky and produces similar responses at erratic times. It's the SOFTWARE for sure. JATCO makes the tranny. What's so curious is that of all the reviews (Consumers Reports, Edmunds, etc.... only a small article written in one of the Automotive magazines some 6 or 7 months ago, actually brought out the tranny issues. Anyway, Infiniti Dealer just called me to say that Infiniti is now offering an early termination (eat the last 8 months of the lease) provided I take a new Infiniti G or M... After reading this review, I am probably going to pass on the 2013 M37X. I you consult forum, a thread about the Tranny has thousands of posts. The frustration is mine or yours alone !!! I protested about the performance from day 2 of ownership. Only until this June, after 2 years of driving and complaining, did it become more tolerable. The 7AT ruins the car. All done for the mileage gains it provides. Even the District Manager relayed that to me. Although this offer is tempting and wouls allow me to trade up to an M, i may pass because the posts here are about 2011 or 2012s, but a recent post on indicated that a member just had a 2013 G37 as a loaner, and sadly reported the same lagging & hesitation. I gues they want you to go to lexus, Audi, or even a Buick (LaCross - that car has caught my eye)...
  • jck4ujck4u Posts: 12
    I've had my M37 for two years now with 28,000 miles. Two updates for transmission software have not eliminated the hard shifts, especially when cold. It does seem, though, that the shifts have slowly improved with more mileage but the hesitation when accelerating still present. The only other problem was radio amp which was replaced under warranty. Dealer said that amp, located in the trunk area, was a $2,500 item! I have had 5 Infiniti's and overall I still like the car. However, I would think hard before getting another one.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    I would encourage anyone frustrated or feeling unsafe with the infiniti transmission (as I was...I turned in my car 11 months into a 39 month lease), I suggest you check out Mercedes. I went from an M37 39 mo lease to a 24 mo E350 bluetec(diesel) lease and I'm paying less per month than on the M37.

    I will never again buy an infiniti (and I had two M35's prior to the M37).
  • My 2012 M37 is my third Infiniti. It is also my last.

    Previous Infiniti cars were well-built, a pleasure to drive. I think they must have decided to forego build quality on the new Ms. These new models are not competitors for other luxury brands.

    Examples of problems. Sound system causes vibrations in the doors so significant that some music is impossible to listen to. The Infiniti engineer acknowledged the problem, but told me my car was within manufacturer specs. He refused my request to be informed of the results of his test. Makes sense, right? Why share data on the car with the owner? Keyless doors work about 80% of the time. Air conditioning turns on and off randomly, particularly on the passenger side. Generally a cheaper feeling than previous Infiniti vehicles.

    Oh, and the lease. Apparently Infiniti is the only luxury brand that doesn't let you out of your lease. Other manufacturers let someone assume your lease. Not Infiniti. Oh, sure, you can get someone to take over the lease, but even after Infiniti approves their credit, you remain as a co-signer. Yes, really.

    Normally I don't do snark, but I think I've earned it, driving this luxury car wannabe.

    Any advertising claims experts out there? Can Infiniti claim a performance level with respect to its sound system if the car itself cannot handle it? What I mean is that the stereo seems to have the output as advertised, but the rattling of the car means the actual performance of the stereo as installed does not perform as per Infiniti claims.
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