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Sonata Bluetooth Problems



  • bob10345bob10345 Posts: 18
    I kept my 9AM appointment this morning at 5 Star Hyundai in Warner Robins Georgia. Although they didn't resolve the issue of Bluetooth 15 minute time-out they did inform me that Hyundai is aware of the problem and are presently working on a solution as to how to fix it. They will not be replacing the head unit because any 2013 Sonata manufactured during a certain date has the time-out issue and any head unit that was made in that same time frame is subject to be bad as well. Right now I'm in a waiting game that can be awhile for them to resolve the problem. They are leaning toward a software issue and may just have to upgrade the program but if that can't be done then who knows how long an on going issue we will be looking at going forward.
    That's all I have to tell anyone about this time-out issue so good luck and I don't think we are going to get a quick fix anytime soon but if they do contact me about this problem I will let everyone know the solution.
  • I also had the same experience when I went the Hendrick Hyundai North. Of course the employee that said the unit would be replaced was not there but the manager was. He called his district manager who said that The Hyundai engineers were working on the problem and would hopefully have a software update in April.
    Of course I was upset because I have been told different and that the radio would be replaced I called Hyundai Customer and was eventually told that that yes there were aware of the problem and that Hyundai and Bluetooth were working on the problem. There are apparently a list of cars that are having this problem and the Sonta is one of them.
    :mad: :cry: :confuse:
  • I am SO glad, I found this forum!!! I, too have been having the same EXACT problem as you! I actually bought a bought a 2012 Tucson last May and had NO problems with the bluetooth (I had iPhone 4 at the time). Although, I wasn't happy with the Tucson, I traded it in for a 2013 Sonata Limited in November, MUCH happier with the car, but began having problems with the bluetooth pretty much immediately! Within 2 days I noticed the issue with the audio cutting out after about 10 mins of a phone call inbound AND outbound! I took it to the dealer and they tried to reset the radio, but that did nothing. So they ordered me a brand new unit. It showed up within 3 days and they installed it right away. Left the dealership.... SAME PROBLEM!!!! I was SO frustrated, I thought it HAS to be the phone, then! I was due for an upgrade, but was debating on getting i5 or waiting for the new phone coming later, so I just dealt with it, thinking it was the phone.

    I finally caved in and got the i5 yesterday and was eager to test out my new phone with my car today and I was SOOOOO pi**ed to find out the SAME problem!!! So, NEW head unit AND NEW phone? WTH? I was talking to my best friend and she suggested "googling" it to see if anyone else had this problem...and lo behold all of these people are having the same issue?! And the "technicians" at the dealership act as if they've NEVER heard of the problem? How can so many people have an iPhone and drive a Sonata and they don't know? I'm pretty perturbed at paying GOOD money for the car and having this issue continue being unresolved and NO ONE saying anything!

    I WILL be contacting the dealership tomorrow...I hope there is a recall or SOMETHING! I will keep my eyes on these threads in case anyone hears something new. Good luck to everyone!
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Posts: 16
    I have the same problem. Spoke to service department where I bought my card. They indicate that it is a firmware issue and are waiting on the fix. NOT A GOOD RESPONSE. Thhey should not sell cars with options that do function 100%
  • lskarplskarp Posts: 6
    I spoke to the Dealer this afternoon and they too indicated that there is a known problem with the BT connections. However, there is no ETA on the fix. They want me to bring the car in so they can look it over. IN the past, they have replaced radio units for customers. However, looking over the message boards, it has not been effective in fixing the issue.
    It seems that iPhones not connecting to the BT consistently would be a pretty high profile issue as there are a ton of Sonatas on the road, most likely with the majority of drivers using iPhones. Maybe people don't use the hands free? Or they don't talk for 15 mins?
    Anyway, I will probably take it by and have them look it over when I get my first oil change. Who knows?!?!?
  • lskarplskarp Posts: 6
    I think you may be being a little hard on the dealer. Cars a very complex and are expected to be compatible with literally everything. The safety of the car is not in question or the primary operation of the vehicle. If you want 100%, you probably are not going to get it for $20K. I am sure there is a $200K Bentley out there with a few bugs as well. Not a dealer, just a guy with a Sonata where the BT cuts off after 15 mins.
  • bob10345bob10345 Posts: 18
    This is a reply to iskarp. I paid over $27,000 for my Sonata Limited and yes I expect everything that came with the car to work. If the brakes failed I'd be pissed and if the transmission didn't shift right I'd be pissed and the same goes for the Bluetooth system. They set the price on the car and I agreed to pay what they were asking. With that agreement goes the notion that everything works. I do agree it is not a dealer issue it's the factory that's putting them together and not checking them close enough for problems but the dealer will have to handle the brunt of complaints because that's how the system is set up. I will continue to drive the car that I like so much but this issue will go along way in decided on my next car a couple years down the road.
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Posts: 16
    edited March 2013
  • bob10345bob10345 Posts: 18
    Join the club...this problem is much more wide spread than we can even imagine. Hyundai is working on this issue but have no real time table for a solution. I say they give anyone with the problem another car without the problem. That way they can deal with the problem. I don't know how the lemon law works but everyone with the issue should be looking into it. The reason I liked the Hyundai line of cars was the "state of the art Bluetooth" and now it doesn't work properly. Will continue to look into this matter........
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Posts: 16
    Since I got three different answers from my dealer, one being to buy bluetooth headset, I decided to call Hyundai today to see what thier take would be. Here is what I was told..

    1. This has been an on-going issue for a couple of months. Today is 4/1/2013 I bought my care in December 2012.
    2. The highest levels of Hyundai are aware
    3. Therey are trying to ge a software patch ready to fix the issue.
    4. There are other issues besides mine (after 15 minutes "Can't' head my call") issue.
    5. Could be another of couple of months before a fix is ready

    Seems like this is taking an awfully long time to get fixed. My friend has two Fords and he has no problems. I hope that Hyudai is taking this issue seriously. Maybe it is a hardware issue and too expensive to fix. Does Hyundai monitor these boards? Would be nice to see a response from them???
  • bob10345bob10345 Posts: 18
    I also purchased/leased my vehicle in December of 2012 and have had the issue with Bluetooth 15 minute time out since day one. RBcrabbs what number did you call to get in touch with Hyundai? I'll call them and give them my two cents worth. My dealer seemed sincere about the fix being somewhere around mid April but I'm not so sure. Send me the number at [email protected] or put it in a reply on this forum......thanks....Bob
  • choogchoog Posts: 5
    Has anyone experience the issue with the handsfree via the Bluetooth connection that the party on the other end can barely hear since it sounds like i'm muffled or very far away? Straight through cell phone is fine but handsfree via bluetooth connection, not so much.
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Posts: 16
    Here is the number. I hit zero to get an operator.

  • bob10345bob10345 Posts: 18
    "Bluetooth is the problem we make cars" was the response I received from Hyundai Motors.....that's just swell because I didn't know that.....dah thanks for that valuable information miss. In the mean time I was told "they are working on the issue and all the dealerships are aware of this problem". So as far as they are concerned the issue is under control and they will notify us when they find a fix.......hahaha that's a joke. In other words they don't care. This will be my last Hyundai product. Once this is taken care of I'll be trading this car in and leasing another car that won't be a Hyundai.............
  • liboblibob Posts: 4
    Is this a problem with the 2013 models only. I have a 2011 and have not had this problem at all. I don't know how long I stead on the phone but I have never lost a call do to a long call.

    Is the 2011 head compatible with the 2013 model?

    If it is can they install a older unit in your car?
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Posts: 16
    Yeah... My Sales guy from Crestmont is Brunswick OH was suppose to call me last week after he spoke with someoine @ Hyundai. Never called... What a surprise.!!! Selling cards is more important... after the sale sorry we don 't provide any help..

    I have had other issues with another dealer after a purchase. night an day... They treated me like a customer...

    Crestmont .... Sales guy is terrible. And if he did call I would really doublt if he was telling the truth...

    I guess that is the company line driven down from the top. and I mean the top at Hyudai.

    This problem could be quite expensive for them (Hydundai) to correct. Maybe if they will ignore it it it will go away.
  • bob10345bob10345 Posts: 18
    As far as I know the problem with Bluetooth 15 minute timeout is only with the 2013 line of Hyundai vehicles.....and it's not only the Sonata from my understanding. I had a 2012 Sonata that I had other issues with both the Bluetooth and the Blue link systems but they weren't related and never did get I traded the car back to Hyundai and leased the 2013 Sonata I have now and of course I have the 15 minute timeout issue that I believe will never be repaired......hopefully I'm wrong about this but that is the feeling I have when I spoke with two different dealerships in two different states (Delaware and Georgia) plus calling Hyundai Motors directly. They seem very unconcerned about the hardship on their customers (after the sale) and like it's not a big concern because they "make cars not bluetooth systems". If there is a way to get rid of your Hyundai vehicle and change to a different maker I would do it ASAP. This industry is very self centered and hard to deal with after the sale, because of all the success they are presently do yourselves a favor and unload your vehicles the first chance you get.......I'm very upset at this whole don't give a damn approach they've taken.
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Posts: 16
    Here is an email that I received for Hyundai on the Bluetooth issue

    Hyundai engineers are still working on a software fix to address the concerns with the Bluetooth dropping connectivity after 15 minutes. There is no estimate as to when the fix will be available for dealerships to install. We recommend that you continue to work with the service department of your local Hyundai dealership to determine when the software fix will be made available. We appreciate your patience during this time.

    You can reach us by calling our toll-free customer service number at 1-800-633-5151 , if you have any further questions or concerns. Our hours of operation are 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time Monday through Friday and 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time Saturday & Sunday. Your case number remains 5566855 if we can provide further assistance.

    Thank your for your continued loyalty as a 2013 Hyundai Sonata owner and thank you for contacting Hyundai Motor America.
  • azfordsazfords Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    Unfortunately, rbcrabbs's statement above is correct. I originally reported this issue to my dealership in Gilbert, AZ in February 2013. I have also tested the functionality with the following phones/carriers: Verizon-iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, LG Lucid, Motorola Razr M, AT&T-iPhone 4s. I have also been told that Hyundai is aware of the issue and that there is no time frame for a fix.

    So, boys and girls, here is a temporary work around. (This works ok if you have your phone mounted on the dash but I would not recommend it otherwise). I have discovered that only the audio cuts out on the calls and not the calls themselves. When the issue occurs, I simply switch the call audio on my Motorola Razr M over to "Headset audio", wait about 1 second, and then switch it back to "Bluetooth". At that point, I get another 15 minutes of audio. It's a pain and reminds me of using a payphone and having to insert coins for more time. (For you young ones, payphones are phones installed in public areas that require coins to operate - UGH!, I feel older as I type this).

    I have a second issue with the bluetooth. When getting into the car and using for the first time, the incoming call volume always resets to an inaudible level. This is more of an annoyance than a bug, but there is no way to set a default incoming call volume. GRRRRRR! :(

    Anyway, I recommend that anyone having these issues, please call the number that Bob posted above and open a case. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!!!!!!

    My case# is 5656220.
  • bob10345bob10345 Posts: 18
    Thanks for the info update but I have a Samsung Galaxy Note II and that switching doesn't work. I tried it about a month or so ago and it never re-connected. When the 15 minute time out happens I just call the party back and get granted another 15 minutes (thank you Hyundai for such a gracious offering). It's a big bother but it's all I can do at this time. I've actually been looking to get out of my lease with Hyundai due to this problem and I've driven the Ford Taurus and for $30 more a month I can lease a new Taurus and guess what guys.......the Bluetooth works well in the Taurus. I can talk more than the 15 minutes Hyundai allows. Anyway we will see what the near future holds for our on going problem that in my opinion will never be fixed.
  • azfordsazfords Posts: 2
    Bob, I had the same issue with my RazrM because I was trying to switch it too fast. Try switching it to headset and waiting a few seconds. Then try switching it back. I hope it works for you. This is extremely frustrating.
  • bob10345bob10345 Posts: 18
    I'll try that today but if I have to wait a few seconds I can call the party back just as quick. I guess we have to tell the person your talking to you only have 15 minutes (I do that now) and tell them to hang up and I'll call them back or I'll try that switch over thing........thanks for the update. We will probably solve this issue before Hyundai.....
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Posts: 16
    edited April 2013
    WOW!! People have been waiting months for this Bluetooth patch/fix from Hyundai?? Maybe they should ask Ford or Toyota or Subaru or GM or .... There engineers seem to be able to deliver a product that works!!! Is this something new? Bluetooth technologhy? Been aroud for awhile.

    Other issues with the Hyundai Bluetooth!!

    1. Call voulme always starts out EXTREMELY low. Have to turn it up almost to max to be heard. No preset for this. anoying??

    2. Steaming music. If you are streaming music and turn off the car. When you turn the car back on it will not connect to the music device (iphone 5). Like when you get gas or something. Short disconnect and then attempt to connect. ALL other bluetooth functions work (or kinda for 15 minutes). Only way to get the music streaming to work again is to disable the bluetooth on the phone and then back on.

    I am using an iPhone 5. Pretty popular phone and should be a standard that all auto companies test with.

    Thought the bluetooth was to give us hands free!!!! I guess not in a Hyunda.
  • 2013 Veloster will pair with Phone5 iOS 6.1.3 (10B329), but not hold connection for even one short call or 10 sec of streaming Pandora. If a call is placed immediately after pairing, car controls freeze and call cannot be ended; must use phone to end call, and car still thinks call is active so it will not play music.

    After that, they will not connect, although phone says its connected to car, car says its connected to phone, but when you try to use the BT connection to stream music, it says "no playable device exists". When trying to connect to phone from car, car controls will hang and display a message about trying to connect to <> bluetooth device.

    Cannot pair my wife's iPhone 4 at all.

    Service guy at dealership was able to get his BlackBerry to pair and connect without issue.

    From what I've read and experienced, if you have an iPhone and 2013 Hyundai, no Bluetooth for you!
  • bob10345bob10345 Posts: 18
    edited April 2013
    Welcome to the Hyundai club of Bluetooth stuff that doesn't work and there is no quick fix in sight. I leased my 2013 Sonata (love it) 12/21/2012 and they still have no fix for the 15 minute time out with Bluetooth incoming or outgoing calls. I also leased a 2012 Sonata(11/29/2011) that I traded in early to get rid of all the Bluetooth/Blue Link problems that never got repaired. I think I'm ready to break this lease and get back into an American car like the Ford Taurus with the "working" sync system. It will cost me about $30 more per month but I'll be back in an American car. Hyundai was my first experience with foreign cars and they have no after purchase loyalty.
    When I called Hyundai Motors direct they said and I quote "we make cars not Bluetooth systems"........that's pure ignorance if you ask me......anyway welcome aboard the distress train, your in for a long ride with no satisfaction.
  • I Bought my wife a LG Tone Wireless Stereo Headset because i could not keep her Bluetooth Paired but with it on the Bluetooth always works Explain that one IT ALWAYS WORKS
  • After dozens of tests consuming many hours I've determined that my iPhone, which connects OK to my wife's Chevy Cruz, would not connect to my Veloster due to something in the phone. I did many tests where I 1) backed up phone, 2)re-built it to factory settings, 3)paired OK with Veloster 4) restored backup of iPhone then 5) would not pair! I removed all 25 applications and it still fails after restoring the phone backup. Had to basically rebuild phone from scratch. Bottom line: the phone worked in other BT systems, but there was something in it that caused an incompatibility with the Hyundai BT. Pain in the [non-permissible content removed] caused me a lot of aggravation and time, but hopefully someone else with problems can try resetting their iPhone to factory settings and see if it works as a first step to solving their BT problems.
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Posts: 16
    edited May 2013
    Anyone hear if Hyundai has fixed all the problems they (I guess it is we) are having with bluetooth?

    Probably waiting for our warrenties to expire so it can be a chargable item.
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Posts: 16
    Just called my service department. S;poke with someone new. They never heard of the problem. My hope is dimming if there will be ever a fix. Like the car but this will drive out of ever purchasing a Hyundai again. My sister was in the market for a new car. Told her to get a SUBARU.
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