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Sonata Bluetooth Problems



  • sugplum13sugplum13 Posts: 1
    I've had my 2013 Sonata for almost a year and I have a Samsung Exhibit. My bluetooth has been working fine son paired his iPhone into it. After that I've been getting a windows type box saying "application btNeoP.exe encountered a serious error and must shut down". My phone stays paired and connected but when I'm trying to make a call I don't hear anything coming through. I unpaired my son's iPhone thinking that would solve it but it hasn't. I tried searching the posts but didn't see this. Has anyone else had this problem? (Car is at the dealer right now.)
  • bob10345bob10345 Posts: 18
    Add your Bluetooth problem to the long list Hyundai is dealing with. My opinion is they will never resolve the issues until the 2014 new car year. Those of us having problems will just have to deal with them on our own. My "time out" issue has been since 12/21/12 and I've never been told anything except they are working on it. When I called the Hyundai Motors office I was told "we make cars not Bluetooth systems" so that will give you an idea of where they stand on the issues. I'll give them until the end of May than I'm starting the lemon law process and see where that gets me. Good luck to all.......
  • lyarnalllyarnall Posts: 1
    I have been having the same issues since I purchased my Certified Pre-owned 2012 Sonata (only had 1800 miles on it) in August of 2012... they have swapped out the radio 3 times now, thinking it was related... it's back at the dealership today, and they just told me that its a known bug with no anticipated time frame for the fix... Which is what has prompted my internet search and finding this forum. I was wondering if an issue with blue tooth is grounds for lemon law or if it has to be something more mechanical. please keep us posted with your progress, I am considering following the same path.
  • buddhakatbuddhakat Posts: 2
    I just bought a new 2013 Sonata SE 2.0T 3 days ago. One of the major reasons we went looking for a new car had to do with the new law in our state, (NV), which prohibits using a handheld device while driving. Bluetooth was therefore a requirement on our shopping list. We got the SE edition with the Nav/tech upgrade, including Hyundai Blue Link.

    The car we landed on had the push button start with the proximity key. Cool feature to be sure. In order to be able to remotely start the car we were told we had to get the Blue Link option. We were also told we could install an app on our android phones that would give us the ability to easily remotely start the car from our cell phones. Well, we signed on the dotted line and when we were getting setup for Blue Link the app wouldn't install on either of our phones. I get a message saying my phones aren't compatible with the app. Well, I checked the Blue Link website and it lists my phone as being compatible. Unfortunately, my wife's isn't listed. Crap.

    So I called Blue Link tech support and was told my phone wasn't compatible. When I told the gal it was on the list, she asked what the OS version was. I told her it was 2.6. She told me the app only works on version 2.2. I asked to speak to someone higher up the ladder. I was told they'll pass the message up to "the guy" and he'll call me back. He didn't. I called first thing this morning and the very nice person at Blue Link started going through the troubleshooting list from the start. I politely told her I'd already been through that and I wanted to talk to "THE GUY" right now. I was put in touch with a Blue Link supervisor named Ray. Nice guy, but he fed me the standard line of crap. My phone wasn't compatible; "It's on the list of compatible phones" I said. The OS version needs to be 2.2; "Your info on Google Play says the OS needs to be V2.3 or above. He's gonna call me back tomorrow.

    Here's the thing, yes, Hyundai is a car manufacturer not a Bluetooth manufacturer. BUT, Bluetooth is a service provided by an outside vendor that's incorporated into the very essence of the car they do manufacture. They are one in the same. In fact, the car is proffered as being Bluetooth compatible. Furthermore, since I'm also experiencing these connections problems mentioned here, I believe the car must not be compliant with Bluetooth standards. It is not a Bluetooth standard to drop the connection after 15 minutes. That issue is occurring because of the way the car's operating system/interface is handling things. I use Bluetooth for lots of things in my life and for the most part, it usually works pretty well. The problems I'm having are only between my phone and the new Sonata. Since the phone works fine in my other two Bluetooth capable cars and my Bluetooth headset, I think it's safe to say it's not the phone. That means it's the car. That means it's either Hyundai directly, or a vendor they're using to provide hardware/software/interface. Either way, there is little question in my mind that the RESPONSIBILITY for solving the problem falls squarely on Hyundai's shoulders.

    I have a tendency to spread the gospel regarding goods and services I'm pleased with, but I go out of my way to generate as much noise as I possibly can when I've been wronged. Hyundai needs to correct this problem and they need to correct it now. They should be able to provide a date certain as to when a fix is coming down the pike. If their engineers aren't the ones writing the code, they need to put their foot up the butt of whatever vendor is responsible. Just saying "We're working on it" to shut people up, while not actually seriously trying to solve the problem is the ultimate in poor customer service. It says they don't think enough of their customers to even bother telling them the truth.

    Get it fixed Hyundai, or I'll cost you a couple of hundred cars in lost sales.
  • buddhakatbuddhakat Posts: 2
    To my pleasant surprise, I got a call from Ray at 8:15 AM on Friday morning. He said he'd call me back and he did. Props to Ray.

    Unfortunately, he also said they're working on "the problem" and they'll get back to me when they get it fixed. He tried not to let on, but I could tell from his voice that he was a little peeved when I told him that Hyundai has been telling people this very same thing, about this very same problem, since 2010.

    We're getting new phones in June so I'm not going to spend a lot of time pushing for a fix, but I'll be all up in their grill if the new phones don't work flawlessly. :mad:
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Posts: 16
    You'll be disappointed. The problem is not the phone..... it the equipment in the car....
  • bob10345bob10345 Posts: 18
    Start the lemon law process if you can.......they have to fix this problem sooner or later and the more people file lemon law the better for us and Hyundai will be made to pay......
  • asmboothasmbooth Posts: 1
    My husband and I bought a Sonata Limited with the premium package last week. I have an iPhone 4S and the phone paired fine with the Bluetooth system. Everything worked fine for the past week, but yesterday the streaming audio function quit working. The phone feature works fine, but when I select "Media" on the dash panel, it says there's no media connected. If I scroll through the audio sources using the button on the steering wheel, there is no "iPhone" source as there has been in the past. I have checked the settings both on my phone and on the car and both say they're paired - as is evidenced in that I can use the phone feature just fine.

    I'm just very frustrated that I can't listen to my podcasts or streaming music - any ideas?
  • I had similar weirdness with an iPhone 5. If I did a backup/synch in iTunes, then a Settings>General>Reset>Erase all Content and Settings on the phone, bluetooth would work perfectly. If I then restored the phone's contents from the backup, it would not work anymore. I was able to repeat the above but instead of doing a restore, re-install just my apps from iTunes (be sure to include Apps in your iTunes synch) , so it was not that difficult to get the phone back to a familiar look/feel. Something was amiss in the iPhone and the restore kept causing the bluetooth to blow-up.
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Posts: 16
    I really can't believe that more people are not experiencing this problem. !5 minutes is not a long phone conversation. I just spoke to HYUNDAI and their response it they are still working on a fix with no estimated time frame. In other words to bad sucker!! You bout the wrong car.

  • bob10345bob10345 Posts: 18
    I took my car to the Hyundai dealer to have it washed (free car washes) and before they washed it I talked to the service rep and he told me it was my lucky day because the Bluetooth repair big boy was there and he had a trial software update for the sonata 15 minute timeout issue and asked if I was interested in letting him try it and of course I said yes. After about 10-15 minutes of updating the rep told me the "short" version didn't take and if I had time he would try the longer version and of course I again said yes. Well after about 20 more minutes he came back and said it's all fixed. I made a phone call using the Bluetooth and after 17 minutes I hung up and the system is now working so everyone go to the dealer and tell them you want the trial repair/fix that the factory rep is installing at the Hyundai dealerships.
  • I'm trying to get the "trial repair/fix" you had installed, but my dealer claims to know nothing about it. Can you please give me any information about your dealer's name & location, your service rep's name and, if possible, the factory rep's name and contact info? Thank you so much!
  • bob10345bob10345 Posts: 18
    I live in Delaware and the dealership is Hertrich Hyundai of New Castle, De and the service rep's name is Sean Bigham. The phone number at the dealership is 302-323-1100 and ask for Sean in service. Also the headquarters for Hyundai told me that all dealerships were aware of the problem and they were working on it. I happened to be at the dealership when the factory rep was there and they offered to try the software update and the longer version worked for my car. You can call the factory at 1-800-633-5151 and tell them the issue your having with the service department. Good luck and keep me posted.......thanks.....Bob.....PS I got the downloaded software update on 5/20/2013........
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Posts: 16
    I got a patch put on mine on Monday 6/10. Haven't tested the time out issue yet. Will post after I do.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,081
    Hi - I don't have a Sonata, so I can't verify this solution, but it was sent to me by email, so I thought it worthy to share:

    How to pair your iPhone 5 with a 2011 Sonata, transfer your contacts, and get voice recognition working ...

    Start car, put in park. Push the setup button on the radio panel, scroll to BT (Bluetooth), push knob-in to select. Then you get a BT pairing password (4 digit)on the display. Now, go to your iPhone 5 and tap settings, go to Bluetooth, Sonata should come up under the heading ''Devices"- touch Sonata to select - and a keyboard will be displayed. Enter your BT 4-digit pairing code. Now your car & iPhone 5 should be completely paired. Go to your contact app on your phone and click groups - check only ONE group and that contact list should automatically transfer to the car. (If not, try turning the car off and then back on.) After Bluetooth connects you should see (In the settings Bluetooth display) "Transfer Complete." Now, you should be able to make a call by pressing the Command button on the steering wheel and the voice-recognition will ask if you want to call by number or name. The call will go through when you say, 'Yes"... (Or whatever the voice says follow directions - it will recognize your voice.)

    The person who sent it to me has tried it twice with success. YMMV :)


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  • bob10345bob10345 Posts: 18
    Don't have a problem pairing my phone to my Bluetooth system on my Sonata. The problem is with the 15 minute timeout that the factory rep finally downloaded the software to correct the issue and no problems my car and now it's back to perfect......thanks Hyundai.......
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Posts: 16
    Got my patch. Not sure if it was BETA or not. 15 minute problem is fixed. When I stream music on the initial connection the music kinda gets broken up. Must be my contracts downloading. This never happened before.

    Volume is always low until you turn it up (almost all the way to hear). That has not been fixed. Should retain last setting since there isn't a way to preset it. That is my only gripe.
  • bob10345bob10345 Posts: 18
    Haven't had any issues with volume. The only issue was the 15 minute timeout and that has been taken care of with the software patch. Keep the service department you go to informed about the issue you have and they will eventually repair it as long as they can duplicate the problem......good luck.
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Posts: 16
    Everyone else has. Took 6 months to get the timeout fixed. Maybe in 2015 they will have all the bugs worked out.
  • Can anyone tell me how to mute a phone call using Bluetooth technology on the 2013 Sonata Limited? This is the second Sonata I've owned and the 2011 Sonata had a mute button but the 2013 Sonata Limited does not. There is nothing about it in the Owner's Manual. Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  • lcolbylcolby Posts: 1
    I want to use arbitration or the lemon law in N. H. for my Bluetooth problems. I was wondering how you made out and what advice you can give me.
  • kyrptokyrpto Posts: 216
    Let us know how that works out.
  • mitchellymitchelly Posts: 4
    edited August 2013
    Ditto Ditto Ditto, 15 minutes and out. Galaxy S3, It's not the phone. I had the radio changed for different reasons but the 15 minute issue is still an issue.
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Posts: 16
    Mine works. There is a patch to fix this. Contact your dealer. I had mine done months ago.
  • lskarplskarp Posts: 6
    I took mine in last week. Told them the symptoms and the clown at the counter told me "It is a safety feature of the car"... I wish I had a camera on my face. I asked for him to put it in writing so when I hit the median on the turnpike, I could own the dealership. Needless to say, I found myself in the Service Manager's office along with the guy repeating what he said. Me saying "really, really??" a lot and "this is a joke, right??" a few times.
    Needless to say, the service manager called Hyundai and they played clueless too. They ordered me a new radio. I told him it would not work, but whatever and that there was a "patch" for it. They said that they did not know anything about it.
    So back into the grinder..... Let's see how I fair...
  • lskarplskarp Posts: 6
    I spoke to Jason at Hyundai USA. 800-633-5151 and he is aware of the fix. They have to route to a particular engineer to get the fix. He did not know the Service Bulletin number. He is going to contact the service manager at my dealership with the details and call me back. Hopefully, the stars align and we will get this repaired ASAP!
  • After many months trying to convince my dealer that there is a problem, I showed him this forum and viola'. They replaced my radio and I had a very fulfilling 20 minute phone conversation!!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,081
    Congrats!! Hopefully others who have the issue will be able to do the same.


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  • I have the same problem but had to replace the radio for a different reason. I still have the same issue with the new radio at the 15 minute mark. So I am waiting for the fix. In the meantime if I switch from headset mode to phone mode while connected (android galaxy s3) and back to headset the problem is temorarily resovled.
  • just_focusjust_focus CincinnatiPosts: 53
    My wife has a 2012 Sonata Limited with the Wine package and every time she calls me from her car it sounds like she is talking under water. I can understand about every 3rd word she says which gets me into trouble because I am not listening :) When she switches to her phone (IPhone 4s) she is as clear as a bell. Does anyone else have this problem?
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