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Chrysler Minivan Transmission Problems



  • No...lifetime warranty will NOT cover computer updates. If a component fails due to a software update...yes it would be covered.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "Hey one lied to anyone about a "lifetime warranty" so please don't say things like that. Up until model year 2008 the lifetime warranty has not been available, factory or aftermarket."

    Uhhh, "Say what?" If you check the language of the "Lifetime Warranty" offer you'll see that it clearly states that all new/unsold 2006 and 2007 vehicles as fo 26-Jul-2007 get the warranty, period, full stop, the end. In addition, Chrysler announced that owners of some (most?) 2006 and most (all?) 2007 vehicles could purchase the warranty for a nominal fee of $750 (with a $100 deductable) or $900 for no deductable through late September, after which the price doubles, and therein is the basis for my statement about the OP being lied to.

    Best Regards,
  • I have an 02 caravan that had problems downshifting. I didn't pull a boat or anything close to it. just normal wear and tear. Most of the threads I have read involve vans that are 2000 and newer with trani problems. I see a lot of complaints about brand new caravans with under 30k with transmission problems. Thats a problem, I can't image that everyone that post a thread abuses there van by towing too much payload. Dodge has to accept some blame.
  • I just bought a 2005 T&C Touring with 52K miles. Lately it seems when on the highway going up a hill when the van downshifts it seems to shudder, Seems to happen around 68 mph. I also hear a loud knocking like something is slapping the trans housing (much louder than say a piston knock). The feeling that best describes it is like a 10 speed bike where the chain can quite get to the next sproket and keeps falling back. No check engine light or anything. Any thoughts?
  • Anyone found a solution to their voyager stalling? I've a 99 .5td which is running fine but engine stalls every so often, not much of a pattern to it though. Put some redex through to clean out the engine and it ran fine for 5 weeks but i'v had it cut out on me 5 times in last 2 weeks. 3x at high speed, don't get it. Diagnosis at dealers couldn't pin point problem, came back with a list of maybe's including wiring and fuel pump. Anyone got any suggestions? Would be really greatful, here in uk not many garages have experience in dealing with chryslers.
    thanks jay.
  • I appreciate the friendly advice and i understand your point of view, however from the customer point of view think about this, I paid $600 extra for the towing prep package plus $350 for dealer too install Mopar class3 style hitch designed for my van "by chrysler" with 7 pin connector. I am completely within vehicle specs to tow #3500 that is what i paid for that is what chrysler says it can do.

    My experience has been chrysler dealers first response to any warranty problem is to blame the customer in some way, until they change there ways they will continue to lose market share.

    Best regards
  • To all them who had the software update on the 2007 Caravan for the transmission problems...

    Some had previously said it fixed the problem (simidave), some said it improved but not completely fixed (tom166). What about issy and izzy5, did it fix yours. I am asking because it didn't fix mine. It was a lot better after the update, but it gets worst with time. The manufacturer is trying to make me feel as though I am the only one out there for which it didn't work. Here was their response : It has been our experience that the bulletin service, properly completed, has been very successful in bringing the symptoms as described to a satisfactory conclusion . So could you give an update on your transmission so I can see if I am really alone in this? Thanks
  • I had the update done on my 07 town and country, it has not totally eliminated the problem but it is much better, because it is much better and doesn't happen as often it is nearly impossible to demonstrate this to the dealer, i get the typical "you must be driving it wrong" or "it is electronically controlled and the computer has to adapt to each driver" even though i am the only driver. Remember dealer motto, blame the customer.

  • tom166tom166 Posts: 31
    I too, have had the updates and still have the problem. I did take the mechanic out on a test drive but he didn't feel anything, so he says. I'm glad to be getting feed back on this. Feel free to give the dealer my e-mail addres and I'll verify that I'm still having the same problem as you.
  • issyissy Posts: 6
    Tom 166. I have a 2007 Chrysler Town & Country van (similar to your Dodge van). Had software updated, low gear replaced, etc. Rides a little bit better but problem still there. Mechanics say there is nothing wrong per computer. No lights in van indicating anything wrong. I can feel the van shifting from one gear to the next. Service manager said to come back if the problem still exist. Unfortunately I can't bring the van in for service every week. Not a good solution to this matter. Next car or van I buy I'm sure it will not be a Chrsyler/Dodge/Jeep product. Had a 1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager that was the best van I ever had. I sold it in 2000 and van lasted until 2003 when it was involved in an auto accident and declared total loss. If not for the accident, with proper care, the van would still be around today. Like the saying goes, " they don't make them like they use to." I will continue to bring the vehicle in until the warranty runs out anyway......
  • tom166tom166 Posts: 31
    Thanks for the message.........I'm not going to let up on the dearlership, I'll be a pain in their [non-permissible content removed] until I get it fixed or replaced....
  • I'm not surprised. Here is what I received in writting from the manufacturer concerning my transmission problems:

    The total operation of any vehicle is subjective in nature which would result in differences of opinion.

    You may bug them until they fix it, but I'm warning you, I was already told by the dealership that they can't do anything more than what the sofware update did.

    I have my CAMVAP hearing on next Monday. I'll let you know what the arbitrator had to say.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    "Whether u use the 7 pin or not makes no difference. A 7 pin connector provides for use of a trailer with electric brakes. These type trailers are WAY TOO HEAVY for a minivan to be towing. Anything with electric brakes is going to weigh in excess of 7,000 lbs.."

    It might be mentioned that a lot of owners use a 7-pin to 5-pin adapters when towing their boats on trailers with brakes. These trailers typically handle no more than 3,000 pounds.

    That said, I still wouldn't recommend a T&C for towing a boat. Since AWD is no longer an option (after Sto 'n Go was introduced), one shouldn't count on front wheel drive to pull a boat out of a public access going uphill on a wet ramp.
  • Our 2001 T & C has aprox 75,000 miles. This past week we had the AT Fluid changed for the first time using the Chrysler recommended product spec.

    Immediately afterwards the Van "jerks" when slowing down to around 28 mph after being in the 4th Gear at about 40 mph. We never had this problem before. What might have caused this problem to suddenly start and is there an adjustment to the AT that could correct without a major tear-down/ repair?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Just in case you didn't see my response on the other board:

    Be nervous, be very nervous. Your transmission does NOT call for a fluid service of any kind, regardless of mileage (unless you're towing, I think). A few questions spring to mind:

    - What caused you to opt for this service in the first place?
    - Why did you opt for a "flush" instead of a pan drop, filter replacement, and top-off type of service?
    - While your transmission may well have been refilled with ATF+4, what was it flushed with?
    - Who did the work, a dealer, a Jiffy Boob, an Indy shop?

    I'm thinking that the first thing that I'd do would be to swap out the filter and top the transmission off again. Drive it a few thousand miles, pump out as much fluid as you can and top it off once again.

    Best Regards,
  • tom166tom166 Posts: 31
    Hello; Just cking to see how your CAMVAP meeting went!
  • Chrysler said that only part 1 of the service bulletin was done (which was the software update). They said that part 2 (changing the torque converter) was not done. So the arbitrator ordered the part replaced before we continued. I will put an update on the forum as soon as there is other development. It is my understanding that the arbitrator has the file open up to 90 days after the repairs have been done. If it didn't work, I can continue with the arbitration process. They said that their experience was that the symptoms were reduced by 90% or the success rate was 90% of the fixes that have worked (the representative was not sure which one it was). They tried to reassure me that it was not damaging the transmission and that the vehicle had to adapt to my driving.
  • tom166tom166 Posts: 31
    I have had both updates. They were performed at the same time. I still have the same problem. The cold weather seems to make a hard shift more noticeable. Taking mine back in tomorrow to see what kind of bull they will have. ......Thanks for the update.
  • issyissy Posts: 6
    Same thing they said to me. The vehicle had to adapt to my driving, what kind of a response is that. I've never heard of such a thing. I'll tell you, we never buy an American made car ever again. Will stick with Honda.........
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    A couple of points:

    1) It is true that the 41TE transmission in late model minivans need to learn and adapt to the driving style of the main driver, in fact, this has been true since that transmission was first brought out nearly twenty years ago. That said, due to the nature of the heavier duty clutch material that is used in the 2007 and later transmissions, it seems that they take longer to adapt to the driver, even after the firmware has been upgraded.

    2) Honda has had a significant issue with their transmissions as well (some say they've been corrected, some say otherwise), so if you're going to buy Honda, be prepared to deal with tranny problems as well. FWIW, every Odyssey in our neighborhood (all three of them) has required a new transmission, one of them twice (and the second one wasn't covered under the secret extended warranty, that was an ouch to the tune of $4,500).

    Best Regards,
  • in my opinion chrysler cannot afford to fix this problem, it would require replacing all of these clutches with different ones, that is far too expensive, this company is in a financial death spiral. they will continue to stone wall customers until the warranty is over. even for those with the lifetime warranty, remember that warranty is only good for the lifetime of the company, witch if it is sold off in chunks by cerberus who knows how that would effect a so called lifetime warranty.

    buying a honda may not be the answer but it probably would be better to buy from a company in better financial shape that can afford to stand behind their products.

    Best regards
  • maryh3maryh3 Posts: 263
    IMHO nobody "stands behind their products" and all the dealers/companies need to be threatened, sued, and coerced into fixing problems. Honda needed the class-action lawsuit to get off its rear and Toyota is being threatened by one too. I don't know how much worse Chrysler is financially than other companies. They all go through their ups and downs. I bought alot of Apple computer stock when everybody thought they were going down the tubes, and now look at it -- wish I had bought more.

    For all the hoopla I believe Chrysler builds a better minivan transmission than Honda, about as good as Toyota does. GM probably builds a better one than any of them but they aren't in the minivan business anymore. I am currently at 174,xxx on my original Chrysler transmission and it is going strong. Flush it every 60K and that is it.

    I don't understand why all the companies have transmission problems yet only the American companies get blasted for it. When an American transmission fails its "I'll never buy from this company again". When a [non-permissible content removed] transmission fails its "Oh well at least it was better than an American car".
  • The same thing just happened to my 02 GC. I checked that it does not exhibit the issue while in D3, so I believe it is going from 4 to 3. My manual does suggest fluid and filter change, and I had mine done with ATF4 as part of the PM schedule. The problem existed on the mechanics test drive, and it was not there before. My question is what is really wrong. The local dealership says I need a complete rebuild w/ Torque Converter at $1900. I only want to fix what is broken. Any help is appreciated, as some of you on this forum state you are Master Tech Certified, this applies to you.
  • Were having the same problem with our 2006 Chrysler minivan. When we slow down at about 28 mph there is a small jolt. Does anybody know what might be causing this? Will a transmission service help?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • issyissy Posts: 6
    Same thing happens to me with my 2007 T&C van. I had the low gear replaced on the transmission and three adjustments made within 5 months. I doesn't jolt as frequently or as strong as before. I heard after I purchased the vehicle that this is common on Chrsyler vans. Supposedly the vehicle has to adjust to your driving and adjusting the system is there only temporary solution. However it is not a permanent fix.
  • I've read through a lot of these forums and I couldn't find a common answer to this question. I guess what I'm wondering is does this mean my transmission is on it's way out? The vehicle has 134000 miles on it. Or will another transmission fluid service help? Or is this a computer problem which could be reset by a mechanic. Or could there be a variety of reasons that cause it?

    The problem seems to be a consistent one so I thought the answer might be also. Thanks.
  • I just took delivery of a 2008 grand caravan and went only 526 miles with the transmition needing to be replaced. Has anyone seen this happen before. No hard driving and no long trips.. ?????
  • tom166tom166 Posts: 31
    TO bad that you hadn't read about the Chrysler transmissons on Edmonds before your purchase. I have had tranmission problems from day one on my 2007 Caravan.Have had it worked on several times but their unable to make a total fix.
    How did the transmission act? Were you getting hard shift between 0 and 20 or a hard shift as you were coming to a stop. Hope the new transmison works for you. I was told that if they replaced mine I would still have the problem. Good luck!
  • My 99 Voyager showed "Engine Service Warn" light on about tow weeks ago, at the same time the Engine/Transmission generated heavy noise when approaching 45mph, and can not go over 45mph, but the noise and speed issues went away (still with the engine service warning light on) after one day. Then I took it to two dealerships and was told that the Transmission is going to die and needing a new transmission for about $2500, since diagnostic meter showed the transmission has many problems . Then I took the car home and top a bit more transmission fluid, after one more, the "Engine service warn" light does not lit on any more. Anybody can tell 1) if the transmission problem is really going to die, 2) is it possible the transmission problem go away by itself? or the problem will came again soon?

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Happy New Year!

    By the way, the car has a "hesitate" start for over one year, especially in the cold days in NJ. When we started the engine, it almost does not move, like in neutral gear, after step heavily over the gas panel for several times, it finally moves. after running over 10 minutes or so, this problem will go away.
  • I have a 1999 dodge grand caravan and it sux! Woke up one day and the damn thing wouldnt start! Changed starter, battery and a/c pulley. Car now starts but will not engage into gear. Shifter moves but car does not disengage from park, any ideas? I was thinking a shift solenoid but not sure. not good with cars myself.
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