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Oldsmobile Aurora



  • Did the first generation Aurora have cloth seats in it? My husband is looking for one with cloth seats.
  • eg98eg98 Posts: 9
    Forgot about this forum for a few years. The '98 is still on the road! My wife uses it as her daily commute (very short -- about 5km or so) and it is still running OK. I put a used transmission in her last Spring. The shop had some digging to do because it had the funny top end gear.

    All the hubcaps are gone now. I never replaced the first one that was lost and haven't bothered with any others since.

    I am currently driving a '00 Lincoln LS V8, which is a nice rear-drive alternative to the old Aurora as a highway cruiser.

    Keep on rollin', Aurora drivers! :)
  • bbaker3bbaker3 Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Olds Aurora horn does not work checked power at horn(none) there is power on one side of relay but does not appear to be getting power to switch it on. pulled center of steering wheel off it seems to be a switch in behind air bag but I do not want to just disassemble or anything and risk airbag going off. do i need a whole new center piece to the steering wheel? Also - now the airbag light is on at dash and DIC Any input?
  • diggyonediggyone Posts: 1
    I am burning fuel 2mpg i replaced the fuel regulator and the sollenoid canister the cat convertor the car loads up i have no power i use onky 93 octane i am thinking maybe the throttle contorl sensor this has been going on for a few weeks it happened all sudden its a 95 so most computers will not connect to it when i did have it read it said ignition code 084 so a mechanic said the regulator check engine lights come on still after it was cleard what else can i do
  • jhr81134jhr81134 Posts: 1
    i am about to buy a '95 aurora with 180000 miles nothing seems to be wrong except the rear passenger window wont roll down it also jumps and makes a noice only when put into drive the man said it only needs a motor mount in the back its the v8 northstar engine and its only 1400
  • rovehroveh Posts: 3
    I have a '99 Olds Aurora. Horn doesn't work. Safety inspection PAST DUE!! Got power direct to horns & they work. Sometimes horn didn't work when cigarette lighter fuse was blown but it is working fine. Changed fuse & relay under the hood. Still no toot. Guessing the problem is in the steering wheel pad. Got the cover & pad off but can't get to contacts due to air bag. HELP!!
  • thrak44thrak44 Posts: 4
    My 98 has 170.000 and I just did the starter motor, did the radiator and water pump about 3 years back that was about 90k other than that it has been a excellent vehicle, bought it with 50k in 2004 $9999 ;)
  • I own a 2001 4.0 aurora and recharged ac today passenger side was cold back was cold drivers side didn't get very cold now it's already warm again thruout car? What is wrong how much is itgonna cost to fix?,also did pressure test on coolant it's at 25 why?

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