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Acura TL vs Honda Accord discuss the Acura 2.3 TL Vs the Honda Accord
EX V6. Below is a link to a previous discussion:

Part I - Acura 3.2 TL vs 2001 Honda Accord EX V6.

Happy Motoring. ;-)

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  • keyrowkeyrow Posts: 214
    If comparing VERY similar vehicles is absurd then I gladly assume the title. I am currently shopping for a new car and have narrowed my choices down to three: Accord EX V6, Acura TL and Infiniti I30. Yes, some will say these are totally different vehicles; to me they are not. Of course there are differences. But to me the Acura TL IS an "Accord Deluxe" just as a Lexus ES300 is essentially a "Camry Deluxe" and as such I am not certain it is worth the price difference. This is not a flame against those who believe the differences are worth the price premium. IMHO, if I decide to spend 28-30k for a car the I30 is superior to the TL. FOR ME alone, I am just not certain the "luxuries" are worth it.
  • mike_542mike_542 Posts: 128
    If features made the car, I would definately get the Acura TL. Unfortunately, this is not true and the Honda Accord beats the TL in drivability. For example, the Accord's rear seat is much more comfortable and it's 3 liter engine is much smoother than the Acura.
  • ftm1ftm1 Posts: 21
    To respond to (rvd2) the rear seat LEG&HEAD space in the TL
    is smaller than in Accord sedan.Here are some specs in inches for the 3.2TL & Accord sedan REAR LEG ROOM in the Accord is 30.0in compared to 27.0in for the TL/ The REAR SHOULDER ROOM in TL is slightly more than Accord 55.0in TL 54.5in Accord/The REAR HEAD ROOM is more in the Accord 2.5in to 2.0in TL/ NOW to the FRONT Accord FRONT SHOULDER ROOM 56.5in TL 56.0in FRONT LEG ROOM is the same for Accord & TL at 40.5in The FRONT HEAD ROOM is slightly more for the TL at 2.5in to 2.0 on the Accord.The rear seat in the TL does not fold down & the seat is also more padded & comfortable in the TL. This also has something to do with the body structure of the TL being stronger than Accord.I still will remind people that the 99TL had a price drop of $4,000 form the 98 model.That was a different car but the current TL is a much better car.What Acura did is to make the TL a better value than other upscale cars.To do this they used the Accord platform & Acura &Honda share many components not parts.The Accord is a great family sedan thats what it is.The TL is a upscale/nearluxury sedan what that delivers is better refinement & performace with added luxury.In all the reviews that I have read none have said the TL was a dressed up Accord, they have said somepeople think so. I have seen many that have said that Lexus ES300 &Toyota Camry are more alike also that the Infiniti I30 & Nissan Maxima are essientially the same but I30 has more sound deadning material& a more plush interior.I got my 2000 TL for the all the things the Accord could not offer.
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    "I got my 2000 TL for the all the things the Accord could notoffer."

    ...and you paid for it.

    I feel honored that the Accord is compared to vehicles that costs thousands of dollars more, and that I was smart enough not to spend thousands of dollars more for my transportation.
  • For what it's worth, in our recent purchase of a TL we compared the Accord EX V6 to the TL. Of course there were other cars in the comparison (Camry, Taurus), but the choice came down to these two. Even with a list of what each had, it got very confusing. As a last comparison (and to help the dealer come down a few $ :) we drove the Honda EX V6 to the Acura dealer and asked him to put the TL beside the Honda. Then we moved from car to car comparing how each felt, equipment in each, etc. Bottom line we chose the TL. Here's differences I see:

    Less expensive (about $3800 in prices I had)
    Regular fuel

    More comfortable seats - the bottom seat cushion felt larger front to back
    Heated front seats
    BOSE 180 watt stereo w 5 speakers vice 4 on Accord
    16 inch wheels w larger tires vs 15s on Accord
    Outdoor temp display in dash
    High intensity headlights
    Traction control & 4 wheel anti-lock brakes
    4 year warranty vs 3 on Accord
    Alarm system
    2 power points with one hidden in the console
    Extra 25 horsepower
    5 speed transmission vs 4 on Accord
    Style different - fewer on road
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Accord EX V6 had traction control.

    Also, I think it also has 4 wheel anti-lock brakes.

    I seem to recall that EX V6 has an security system as well.

    Also, doesn't the TL has a single CD player, while the Accord EX has a in-dash 6-CD changer? I thought it's weird that the Accord EX has a better CD player than the TL.
  • ftm1ftm1 Posts: 21
    I got this car & did pay more why not for what it has. Since people like (carguy62)say the TL is a dressed up Accord or why pay more. Then why did you get the Accord EX V6 instead of the LX V6?
    I still go back to what the Accord & TL markets are Accord is Family sedan 3.2 TL is Upscale/Near Luxury sedan. If you think the TL is a dressed up Accord then think so.Thats the only reason I compare the two cars.The cost was not that important to me for what I got.The extra features alone like I said the Accord did not have at the time or still does not have.I have to slighty compare the features of my car a 2000TL with the 2000 & 2001 Accord because 2000 Accord did not have traction control system this is a safety feature.Another safety feature the TL has is HID lights that Accord still does not have & to retro fit with the real thing would cost way over $1000
    Somepeople think the fake bulbs are the real thing not true.The extra 25HP is not a bad thing this car is pretty quick & powerful.This is another point to (carguy62) why pay the extra money for the EX V6 Accord over 4cyl Accord I guess you wanted more HP.The 16" wheels you could go aftermarket but you still have to pay.The same with stereo but you still have to pay. The heated seats are a nice feature they warm you up quick. If you have a bad back like I do you can use the heat while driving at anytime.The TL seats are more comfortable than Accord. I got this car & plan to keep it for 5 or 6yrs.I also got the TL because Accord at time did not have side airbags.
    The 5speed Automatic tranny is smooth this seems to be what luxury auto makers are going to.The Accord has its 4sp TL 5sp with sport-shift.Even one of the Accords major rivals & what some say is the new family car king VW Passat has 5sp auto as option.I do my homework when I purchase a car thats why I have been driving Honda cars for the last 20yrs. I have not picked wrong yet with a 90&94 Accord & an 80 Prelude back when American auto makers were selling people junk & I kept the Prelude around for 15yrs until I sold it.All reviews say same thing about TL competitively priced/ best buy/ best in class world beater for years to come/ impressive overall performance/sensible choice the only low points for the car are its stock tires & styling thats why I put on a factory body kit & spoiler.
  • ftm1ftm1 Posts: 21
    To respond to your post (wenyue) yes the 2001 Accord does offer traction control now but when I got my 2000TL last year 2000 Accord did not have it or sideairbags. Like I said I was going to get the Accord EX V6 back in 98 or 99 but I just had paid off my 94 Accord EX 5sp. I then saw a concept picture of the redesigned TL & what features it might come with.This was one thing that took me away from Accord.I also remember that when the Honda saleperson called me about buying another Accord from them I told him I was getting a TL.I told him TL has more of the stuff I was looking for.I said TL has traction control Accord does not.His response to that was you don't need it with the Accord I see they put it on.This is a safety feature & with the TL you need it also because of the powerful engine. I have not taken a look inside a 2001 Accord but because the TL was just redesigned back on the 99 model & Accord had design from 98 model.The Accord was freshend up abit inside.Acura would probaly have to change the dash design of TL to put indash cd changer.Acura gave the 2000TL alot last year form the 99 newly redesiged model we got the 5sp auto tran along with changes to the engine to give improvement in midrange accerlation.This also made the car quicker & gave it an extra gal on highway mileage.They also gave us new DVD NAV SYSTEM as option over 99cd rom.The only change for the 2001TL I think is that inside safety trunk release thing. Since the TL has only three ways to open the trunk.This is with remote on key fob/inside trunk release by drives seat & by going back to the lockable pass thru & pulling a wire.TL do not have a key hole on the trunk.The factory alarm is a real joke this goes for the Accord also.I had a real alarm put in the car the day after I got it.My alarm has many features like digital wheel sensors & anticarjacking.
  • I bot 2000 Accord 4 cyl with 5 speed manual trans last December. I feel that I have the best of both worlds: the economy of honda maint. & 4 cyl at one extreme and the "near luxury" at the other. After all the TL and the accord are made by the same mfg, with the same styling and design. Even the dash controls are layed out in a similar fashion. The TL is a little more luxurious and heavier with the 6 cyl. but I'm happy with the better gas mileage and the fuel efficiency of the 5 speed manual trans.
  • jak11jak11 Posts: 1
    There is a "pop" under the hood when starting my TL3.2. Does anyone else have this?
  • ftm1ftm1 Posts: 21
    To respond to jak11 question about noise under hood when starting 3.2TL I have had this happen also on my 2000TL. I am a member of another Acura TL forum & several members report same problem.
    We have associated with the hydralic engine mounts I also notice it only form cold overnight start ups. I will have had the car a year at the end of this month.I noticed this more during winter months or early spring when its still cold in mourning.Some have also said to turn off auto climate control when its cold before start up in winter.The sound some have side sounds like a thump or pop.I say a thump or knock sound whatever I just turn off the auto mode at start up when winter time I do not seem to notice it.
    Most of the guys on the Acura TL forum are good when it comes to stuff like this because we all have the same car. So try to turn off the auto climate mode at first mourning start up. I forgot to ask do you have Nav System or Non Nav & what temps have you had when this problem happens.
    Please let me know.
  • mas4mas4 Posts: 1
    Would like information on retofitting seat heaters to Honda Accord EX-V6 (1998). Source for kit or components?
  • markz2kmarkz2k Posts: 112

    Minor correction to your post. The '00 Accord EXV6 does have side Airbags. I bought one in June. Didn't even test-drive the CL/TL cause I knew I'd want one. My sister will be getting one (CL) this month, soon as we find a decent deal.
  • robnisrobnis Posts: 78
    You fans of the TL will be glad to hear this, taken from the Acura news release on the 2002 TL:

    "The 3.2 TL builds on its position as the best-selling luxury sedan in the U.S. with a host of enhancements for the 2002 model year including a new, high-performance Type S model boasting 260 horsepower -- the highest output of any vehicle in its class.

    All 3.2 TL models receive a number of styling changes for 2002 including new front end styling with a more aggressive front grille, reshaped headlights and a cleaner, more integrated taillight treatment. An Acura/Bose music system with 6-disc in-dash CD player is standard on all 2002 TL models.

    Additional enhancements to the Type S include the adoption of Acura's Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system, larger 215/50R 17-inch tires, a unique alloy wheel design, metallic-face instrument panel, perforated leather seats and steering wheel, and Type S shift knob. Numerous suspension refinements further enhance the Type S model's sporty character.

    Additional details on the 2002 3.2 TL and 3.2 TL Type S will be announced on Monday, January 8, at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit."

    Sounds great to me!
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    Basically a CL-S with 2 extra doors.
  • A dream come true! Before this press release..the rumor was there were undercover prototype Type S being tested in Texas. These regular looking TL's had the 260HP Type S motor in it but was running around Texas for endurance runs and etc. Good job for Acura! I'd take the TL Type S over the CL Type S! =)
  • Hi all in the NYC area, whats a good price for the Acura TL, what is it selling for?
  • My choice boiled down to Accord EX V6 & TL. Could not justiy the extra $thousands for the TL, just not enough difference. Especially when considering the cost of ownership, premium vs regular fuel & lower insurance rates. Only thing not on EX vs TL is heated seats, ride seems better in EX for around town, CD changer is EX plus. TL is definately a great car but I'm going with the EX. Can use the extra 4 grand for a nice vacation.
  • tomsrtomsr Posts: 325
    My wife wants a TL but being a cheapskate I think
    an EX would do.We presently have a 98 CL which
    has been impressive especially the dealer service.
    I noticed one thing since I have a lead foot it is
    way too easy to speed even with a 2.3 liter.If I
    had a 3.2 liter with very quiet cabin would I
    risk tickets.The answer is probably.The longer warranty and classier service lean me toward the TL.Oh what to do!
  • I also am considering TL. Thinking about leasing new v buying 2 yo. Considering leasing because used prices are pretty high. Also considering usual suspects, Camry, Maxima. Leaning toward TL for purely aesthetic reasons. Any thoughts?
  • maryg2maryg2 Posts: 33
    Hope you didn't buy your EX or TL yet, as interest rates just went down!

    I got an EX-6 last week, and I love it. Feels great, much improved over the '96 LX I was driving. However, I did pop into a couple of Acura showrooms and was blown away by the TL and CL. They just seemed so much more luxurious. Since the EX was a stretch for me, I could not afford the extra $4,000 for an Acura. However, if it won't mean going into hock, and you love the TL, I'd go for it. It just isn't worth doing without anything really important, like food, rent, or the kids' education.
  • gpsabagpsaba Posts: 2
    I noticed that the oil recommended for the new Honda is 5-20W. Is this also recommended for the Acura? Would it hurt to use the more available 5-30W oil?
    By the way, the arguments between the Acura and Honda are pretty much the same as the Infinity QX4 and the Pathfinder. They all are great cars and all offer features that slightly separate them but be glad that they are what they are which are great reliable cars.
  • Hi
    Whats a good price for the Acura 3.2 TL, have any of you bought one in dallas/austin area?

  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    Yes, I thought that the 99CL was an overpriced accord coupe, but I would not say the same thing about the 2001 CL. You have to see how much contents/features that you are getting for the car that you want. I am happy with my purchase and I can afford without breaking into my savings so I'd be singing praises about my car when and if it misbehaves :)

    Thank god that it takes all kinds of people so that we all don't drive the same boring cars!!!
  • sstechsstech Posts: 5
    I am wondering whether any Honda Accord owners installed DVD-based Navigation System. The only reason I am leaning towards Acura 3.2 TL is for the navigation system. If I can get a navigation system from any source, I would like to buy Accord Ex6 instead of Acura 3.2TL.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • jay102jay102 Posts: 2
    I realize that this area is posted most frequently by Honda Lovers, but I have a question that is posted on other sites also and I am interested in your thoughts.

    We will be purchasing a new car for my wife soon, and have currently narrowed it down to a Maxima, EXV6 Accord, or V6 Carry. You guys tell me why I should pick the Accord.

    Thanks for any information...
  • Jay, I understand you own a Nissan, so please know that I offer the following with your best interests in mind.

    Several years ago, I was involved in making sales training films for Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

    I was attending a gathering of the top 100 Toyota dealers in the US. The speaker was the President of TMS, USA, Inc. He said, "We are number one. We are number one because: Volkswagen can't get their labor costs in line, because Nissan can't build a quality product, and because Honda can't build them fast enough."

    Things in this business change rapidly but I think this is still a good insight.
  • The only significant difference I saw in the Maxima, Camry and Honda EXV6 was that the Honda uses regular fuel. So, you save $150-200 per year in fuel costs. However, what it comes down to is how you feel about the car handling and comfort. I didn't like the handling of the Maxima - it just wasn't what I was used to I guess. The Camry has the mechanism for cruise control mounted to the steering wheel right where I normally hold my right hand, so on the test drive I kept hitting my knuckles.

    All are great cars so don't think you could go wrong. Our 2 choices came down to Honda or Acura TL - and bought the TL. Yes, we use premium fuel, but we thought the front seats were a little more comfortable, and heated. You also see lots less on the road, so you don't look like a caravan going down the interstate. :)
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    If I were you, I'd ask the wife first what she thinks about the stylings of those cars :) You might want to wait for the Maxima to come out witht the 3.5 engine.. if you can afford to wait. My brother sold his 98 Camry because he thought the paint really sux... my family has good lucks with Maximas... errrr, just transmissions problems with the older engine/transmission. So I suppose an Accord would be a good choice since it is reliable, high resale value, decent performance.

    But for this topic, I'd pick the 3.2TL over the Accord for both looks and performance.... service (I don't mind paying for good service.... kinda like some people would buy only Dell computers for their services... hahaha)
  • blexv6blexv6 Posts: 9
    Regarding the popping noise on the TL. I have a 1998 EXV6 and I believe this noise is the A/C coming on VIA the automatic climate control.These cars are somewhat similar, built at the same plant and use many common parts and platform.
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