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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • laddie2laddie2 Posts: 5
    HI! I've been reading this board for a couple of weeks, in preparation for buying a new Impala. Over the weekend I bought a white one with the LS sport appearance package - all the bells and whistles except for the sunroof and XMR. Is there anything I should know about this car. So far, I absolutely love it - couldn't ask for more to suit my tastes.
  • spark1espark1e Lancaster, PAPosts: 19
    I have not had time to read here too much lately, but I see you put some Harmonys on your Impala. 3 weeks ago I bought a like new 01 LS. 19,000 mi, only visible wear is the tires. I don't like Goodyears, every set I ever had made noise. These do too. Heard it in the back when I test drove the car. The dealer rotated them and now I hear it in the front. Same stupid noise I had on my old GP with Goodyears. I'm thinking about Michelins. What kind of snows do you like?
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Most of the bugs have been worked out of the current Impala.....the early 2000-201 models had some problems but most have been addressed....there are still a couple outstanding issues that could cause problems...3800 manifold, & Intermediate Steering Shaft...otherwise I think you made a wise choice....I bought a new 201 LS almost 2 years ago and extremely happy no problems.Don't put much faith in the DIC device it is not all that accurate when calculating your miles/gallon etc...follow your maintenance schedule and your 203 LS should give you many years of excellent service...

    It might be a good idea to scan back through some of the posts here to see issues/experiences that some Impala owners have had....... there are excellent tips and web sites by some of the posters that offer great advice and helpful hints....

    Good luck with your 203 Impala LS.....
  • laddie2laddie2 Posts: 5
    I did read about the 3800 manifold issues and will scan and reread. I don't recall reading about the intermediate steering shaft but I will do a search and find out about it. I always feel major trepidation when buying a new car, I guess that will never change, but this board full of knowledgeable owners and it is such a great resource - I hope I don't have to come with questions and issues, but if that occurs, I can see that you all have lots of information and advice! Thanks again.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I like the Michelins very much. I chose them over the Symmetry's because they were rated much higher for quietness and comfort.
    I made the right choice. They are quieter than the GA's and the LS's I had on my Intrigue.
    It rides and feels better in the steering also.

    No snow here In SC.
  • jeffreyw1jeffreyw1 Posts: 145
    Gotta hate the deletion of the Charcoal bodyside moldings are no longer available on Impala LS:)

    I sure wish they would have made that deletion before I bought my 2001 Impala LS. LOL!!

    I just can't see paying what Chevrolet is asking for the new Impalas. Major improvements have not been made to the Impala line to date and all the little improvements (like offering a supercharged 3.8L engine, used in the Pontiac Grand Prix, in a all-new black-only color Impala SS) does not add up to price they are charging for these cars. Some may be satisfied with these minor improvements, but many Impala buyers are not.

    Just my thoughts. Take them for what their worth.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    Well guys, the Impala has been a great ride but with the new baby, we decided to trade in the 2000 Impala LS for a 2000 Venture LS minivan. Never realized how much STUFF little kids need. Yikes!

    The Chevy Venture is a far different animal than the Impala but if it proves as reliable as the sedan, I'll be very happy.

    Good Luck to all with your Impalas - I'll probably drop by now and then to see what's happening.

  • jeffreyw1jeffreyw1 Posts: 145
    Sorry to see you go. May you have good success with/on your Venture:)
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    Take a look at a factory order, you can get an LS for about 18K if you have GM card rebate, a great value IMO if you skip the options like a CD player--do you really want to carry your CD collection around in your car? This will no doubt flame some but I'm building my new GM card earnings for a new base for a commuter for even less so I can get rid of the dreaded minivan station car.
  • I just got back from Michigan via Canada. It is a 570 mile trip. On the way out I got 29 mpg and on the way back I got 30.5. I must have caught a tailwind. The trunk was packed full & 2 adults & 2 kids. We just hit 9000 miles and that is no typo. The car ran great at close to 75 mph the entire trip. I checked all the fluids after the trip and all were full. I even marked the antifreeze level and that stayed the same. I took the Trailblazer to the store when I got home and it felt like I was driving a monster truck.
  • spark1espark1e Lancaster, PAPosts: 19
    for the tip on the Michelins.

    Laddie2, you should have gotten the XM radio. I wouldn't be without mine!
  • laddie2laddie2 Posts: 5
    Yeah, the car I found had everything I wanted except the XM and everything I didn't want (sunroof) so I just had to do without the super radio. Matter of fact, I had a darned hard time finding the LS sports appearance package anywhere - I had to travel 75 miles to another location to find my car. No one seemed to have any Impalas with the sports appearance package - not sure why except that it was more expensive, but in my opinion, makes all the difference in the world in the appearance of the car. Anyway, 5 days into the car, I still love it!
  • drivinisfundrivinisfun Posts: 372
    I hate to rain in your parade, but the Chevy Venture is a very unsafe vehicle:

    Compare this to your Impala:

    Can you still get a refund? I hope you can.
  • Will stock Rims and Tires from a 1994 - 1996 SS Impala fit on a 2000 impala?

    <shrug>I had to ask.
  • spark1espark1e Lancaster, PAPosts: 19
    I found a 2001 LS with every option I wanted. I installed aftermarket (Delphi) XM radio. Now have perfect combo. Enjoy your Impala!
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    - it's a done deal. The Impala is gone and the Venture is ours.

    If I had seen that safety info earlier, it might have swayed me to a Caravan or something else.

    I know how relatively solid the IMPALA was and it was one of my reasons for choosing it.

    We will certainly be driving the van a whole lot differently than the sport sedan. It's a big and somewhat awkward animal but it has advantages we needed for now. I have always been a car person - 2 door coupes and later sedans but right now we need a minivan and this was what we could afford.

    Manufacturers should build these things to be as safe as sedans but they don't. But who really knows. Geez, look at what happened to Princess Di in a supposedly super safe Mercedes sedan. That thing folded like an aluminum can.

    Since I got smart in my mid 20s, I don't generally drive very fast and stick pretty close to the speed limit. Think about it, if you go 5 to 10 miles over the limit on an all-day drive, what do you actually "save" - an hour or so? Better to take quicker pit stops. Besides, driving with the baby on board will make us even more cautious since little ones are a lot more vulnerable than adults.

    Thankfully, in over 425,000 miles of driving, I have had nothing worse than an $1200. fender bender and never an injury to me or my passengers. I'll keep praying for the same good future.
  • montanafanmontanafan Posts: 945
    Actually the GM van is rated the safest minivan by the IIHS. This year the Olds is #1 and Montana (which you reference is #2, last year it was #1).
  • garywgaryw Posts: 116
    Is anyone using or have you tried using 3 car seats in the back row of seats. OR 2 car seats and a booster. Will they all fit.

    Thanx in advance.
  • colie74colie74 Posts: 42
    duraflex did you receive a decent trade in amount on your impala? I am having a hard time tradeing in mine, no one wants it!! Anyway, just curious.

    Car seat question: I actually have a carseat in the middle seat and two adults fit perfectly on each side! That is the best feature about this whole car that I love the most and will miss when it's gone. I bet you could use 3 seats just fine!!! That was one of the perks when buying this car, the fact that I could put a car seat in the middle and still fit two adults...or 3 adults perfectly. I haven't found a back seat that stands up to the impalas. I guess we compromise with every vehicle. I personally am not having any more kids, but never saw a need to move up to a minivan when I had my baby, the impala back seat has been great! Lots of room and a stroller and a load of groceries fit perfectly in the trunk.....I'll miss that!!

    Take care
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    Yes, I got a decent - though not great trade-in value on the 2000 LS - about what projected.

    The IMPALA was in excellent shape - very clean though it did need new tires( I had previously priced out a set of four Michelin X-Ones at $640).

    Low mileage too - less than 35K. Looks great and runs great. It had everything but the sunroof. LS models seem more in demand than base models. As a "CERTIFIED USED CAR", the GM dealer will probably sell it for $3000 more than they allowed me in trade.

    NOTE: If you have an LS, make sure they enter it as such when attempting to determine its value. Some stupid Pontiac dealership where I looked at a Montana van was way off on pricing it because he didn't know the difference which is very substantial.

    I believe new car dealerships make a lot more profit on used cars than they do on new. I'm NOT talking SUVs, Corvettes or luxury cars.

    Three sites to check for trade-in value:

    Curiously, their values are not all that close.

    Keep in mind, realistically, you will get about $2000 more selling privately than you will get as a trade-in. Of course there is the hassle factor of doing it yourself.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You also should stop by Real-World Trade-In Values on our Smart Shopper board. There are a couple of very helpful dealers hanging out there who are happy to give their thoughts.
  • drivinisfundrivinisfun Posts: 372
    I personally would never trade my '01 Impala LS with 20,300 miles in pristine showroom condition for any of the GM minivan triplets. There is no secret that the GM minivans are obsolete vehicles with substandard reliability, quality and safety.

    GM in Europe sold for a few years the U-body minivan under the Opel Sintra brand/model designation and it was so bad that GM had to pulled it off the European market. Interestingly, GM continues to sell the U-body sedan in Europe (albeit in lower quantities) under the Chevrolet Transport name but given the bad rap the Sintra got I would not be surprised if GM is having a hard time moving these dinosaours overthere. In fact GM has an excellent minivan not sold in North America called the Opel Zafira, which I have seen many times there.

    If your needs call for a Minivan, you are better served by the Chrysler products (If you must have an American brand name) or the clearly superior Toyota or Honda products.

    The Impala boasts superior build quality, reliability, safety and durability because, unlike the U-body triplet minivans, is built in Canada, not in the outdated plant where these vans are made.

    I also would never trade the 3800 Series II V6 engine for a 3.4L V6 180HP version. No matter how you cut it or slice it, the GM triplet minivans are outdated, cheaply built and in need of a serious redesign.

    It is too bad because the U body minivans are not ugly and seem to be very functional. My problems with those vehicles begins with the run of the mill powertrain, the poor build quality and the substandard safety.
  • Hello Everyone !
    Today, I purchased a 2003 Impala LS in Berry Red with all option's except XM Radio, Sport Package, and Sunroof. With various rebates I paid about $24,200 for it. I am looking forward to driving this car and participating in this forum. I have read some of the posts and find you very knowledgeable about the car. I will be a frequent contributor to the forum. The last Chevy I had was a 1978 Caprice Classic Coupe that I used in college. It was just amazing how many snacks you could fit in that trunk. I also have a 2000 Buick LeSabre Limited which I love to death, (42,000) trouble free miles on it. I have been posting on the LeSabre forum since I bought the car. I bought the Chevy from the same dealer. Hoping to get to know some of you as time progresses.

  • atbearatbear Posts: 322
    Also, mrpoetryman go to and register over there too... alot of us participate on both forums.
  • rbb2rbb2 Posts: 70
    Enough of the bashing of the minivans. Some of us have them and are very happy and don't have all the issues you seem to indicate. Besides, this is for Impala posts. And the fact that you expect someone to get a refund based on your post (#11815) is just ridiculous. Are you so full of yourself that your opinion means that much to someone else?
  • drivinisfundrivinisfun Posts: 372
    Today, exactly 2 years ago, I took delivery of my '01 Impala LS (4/2001 build date).

    Car still looks pristine showroom condition and it is still tight and solid as a drum.

    car has 20,300+ troublefree miles, still has original brakes and tires. It has been obessively maintained with 3K mile interval oil changes and 6K mile interval tire rotations. Engine air filter, PCV filter and air cabin filter all were replaced by the 15K mile service interval.

    Car has been extremely reliable and dependable. Only problem I have experienced is the warped upper plastic manifold intake, replaced under warranty, by the 18K mile mark.

    Really nice car all around. paint job, fit and finish are excellent. Zero rattles or squeaks...this car feels like a bank vault on the road.

    I am selling it in a few months as I already have a new 2004 MINI Cooper 'S' on order for October delivery.

    Whomever gets this car next will be buying an absolute "cream-puff" and one of a kind '01 Impala LS.

    I have 1 year left on the basic 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

    Great car all around and highly recommended.
  • drivinisfundrivinisfun Posts: 372
    I am not bashing Minivans in general. I personally don't like them but I can see why so many families prefer them for various reasons. At one point in my life I owned a 1987 Ford Aerostar XL minivan, so I am not stranger to them.

    I do have a problem with the substandard build quality and safety of the Ubody GM minivans. There are so many choices when it comes to Minivans and the GM triplets while practical and relatively decent looking come at the bottom of the pack.

    But to each his/her own.
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    Where's the power steering resevoir on the 3.8 engine? Heard popping noise from under the front end once when turning the wheel at low speed--is this a concern? Thanks.
  • jbk5jbk5 Posts: 26
    Behind the engine on the passenger side. It's kind of low and hard to get to. Use a flashlight and you'll see the cap.
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    Where is it in relation to the alternator? I looked with a flashlight and still didn't see it. Thanks.
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