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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • jbk5jbk5 Posts: 26
    Practically underneath it.
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    Thnaks, I never thought of looking underneath the alternator. At least changing the oil is easy.
  • blueheartblueheart Posts: 24
    Hi all, I'm looking for the site address for the repair of the intake manifold problem.
  • atbearatbear Posts: 322
    Try here:

    and here: - 1&smode=1

    Please send an email to GM about the intake manifold!, and feel free to join the NAIOA if you own an Impala! Thanks

  • blueheartblueheart Posts: 24
    I will follow up on a letter to GM, but does anybody know where I can get a metal replacement?
    Once again thanks
  • atbearatbear Posts: 322
    You can't.... that's why we are writing the letters demanding one! Thanks for your help..
  • colie74colie74 Posts: 42
    I just got mine replaced under warrenty and was told I got the new redesigned one. Not sure if that means a metal replacement or just a different design. The guy sorta drew me a picture compairing the two and what is fixed on the new manifold vs. the old. So I am assuming it is being done. Maybe (especially if you are paying for it yourself) just ask that they replace it with the new ones. If you would like the phone number to the dealer to speak with a service manager about getting more info or a part number, just let me know. What type letter should I submit since I supposedly got the new manifold? To recall it? That is what should happen, people shouldn't have to pay for this repair if it happens out of warrenty. I am less than two months away from my warrenty expiring, I am soooo greatful I found this website so I was able to keep any eye out for the problem and sure enough, at 21K miles, low coolant light comes on and coolant in the driveway!!

    Anyway,the new part is being used, demand it from your service manager. My service guy seemed to know exactly what the problem was, like it was no new news to him!!

    Take care
  • mrpoetrymanmrpoetryman Posts: 38
    Thank's for the update, Nicole. Glad that you got the new type of Manifold. Thank's for keeping us updated on the forum.

  • mrpoetrymanmrpoetryman Posts: 38
    I picked up my new 2003 Impala LS on Tuesday and it drives like a dream. My favorite feature so far is the auto volume control on the radio. How could anyone live without it is beyond me. It was built in 12/02. I love this car.

  • atbearatbear Posts: 322
    Yeah, there are two manifold designs, but I'm not sure which one is the new one and which one is the old one. They have the exact same part number. One has free sitting intake runners (an insert), and one has the intake runners molded in. I'd assume the new one has the intake runners molded in. There's no way to check besides taking it apart. NEITHER OF THEM ARE METAL. Nicole, you know that big black plastic thing on top of your engine? Thats the intake manifold. Glad they didn't give you any trouble when you replaced it. Please write a letter demading a RECALL for a METAL one. I posted the site with the email above. Thanks!
  • garywgaryw Posts: 116
    Love the SS...want one badly....but, please put a frickin 3-spoke steering wheel in the car!

    Lift it from the Monte or take the 4-spoker from the Vette...but give it a sporting steering wheel.
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    I don't like black cars, so I wouldn't buy an SS. Maybe an orange one...but the LS is a much better value IMO.
  • Congratulations and good luck with your new Impala. I own the 2001 LS model fully loaded, and even though I experienced the problem with the ISS ( fixed ), this car is a joy to drive. My favorite features with this car is the driver information center, Onstar, Traction Control & last but not least, the great gas mileage. Many years of happy driving.
  • Congratulations and good luck with your new Impala. I own the 2001 LS model fully loaded, and even though I experienced the problem with the ISS ( fixed ), this car is a joy to drive. My favorite features with this car is the driver information center, Onstar, Traction Control & last but not least, the great gas mileage. Many years of happy driving.
  • mrpoetrymanmrpoetryman Posts: 38
    Thank you very much. I hope I enjoy my Impala as much as you are enjoying yours.

  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    Still can't find this--anyone have a few clues? Thanks.
  • The easiest way to find the power steering reservoir is to find the p.s pump. To do that, just follow the serpentine belt from the alternator pulley to the p.s pulley, which is located underneath and to the left of the alt. The reservoir is in the dark and hard to find, but it's about 5 or 6 inches on the other side of the pulley. Makes routine maintenance more difficult than usual.

  • laddie2laddie2 Posts: 5
    I noticed on my new 2003 Impala LS 3800 (1000 mi) that the oil pressure changes - goes up with acceleration and down with deceleration. Down is only slightly less than the 1/2 way mark and up is almost to the 3/4 mark. I've never noticed this before in any car. Does anyone know if this is normal??? Thanks in advance.
  • jbk5jbk5 Posts: 26
    My Monte Carlo does that too. Unless someone here knows otherwise, I think it's completely normal. I used to have a Grand Prix that did the same thing.
  • gunitgunit Posts: 469
    <<<The Impala does look better than the GP, IMO. The Impala sport appearance package looks great. The new '04 GP's are okay, but I am not so fond of the sculpting around the tailights on the trunk lid.

    The Impala is a much more comfortable car compared to the GP. >>

    The Impala isn't exactly a looker, never has been. The GTP of 1997-2003 looks alot better then the Impala with its big butt syndrome and dumb oversized circular lights and underpowered 200 horse engine with no supercharger. whats up with that? Even the old man's Regal has a L67 option.

    Impala is softer and not as fun to drive. The GTP handles alot better and more fun and sporty to drive. It now posts a best in class .82 - .83 skidpad. Impala is only .78. Not to mention the GTP having The newest and latest Series 3 3800 with 260 hose. Impala only currently has 200 meager horse. Even when it finally gets its overdue supercharger it will only make due with the old series 2 240 horse that dates back to 1996.

    You are getting more for you dollar with the GTP, including the exclusive tap shifting, works very well. Better then chrysler's autostick. yes the GTP does ride harsher then the Impala, but is alot more fun to drive then the old man Impala.

    The ultimate deal is on a leftover 2003 GTP, $4,000 rebate and 240 horse. 2003 Impala will cost the same or more only have the weak 200 horse engine.

    Not to mention the Impala is old.. now in its 4th year? Need a redesign.
  • garywgaryw Posts: 116
    <<<The Impala does look better than the GP, IMO.
    This is opinion and I still like the Impala w/sport package.

    <<<The Impala is a much more comfortable car compared to the GP. >>
    Yup - sat in a GTP and my head was squashed with the sunroof. No back seat room at all...especially compared to the Impala. The GP even looks small in person.

    <<<<Impala is softer and not as fun to drive.
    Agree completley. Why they still don't put 55-series tires on the LS package is a mystery to me. Even the SS looks like it is wearing 60-series tires. Koni's are required on the Impala if you want a true ride.

    <<<<You are getting more for you dollar with the GTP...
    Agree again, but a blacked out SS is just bad [non-permissible content removed]. Period. When I see a black Impala LS or the pics of the SS I drool...not so with the new GP

    <<<<The ultimate deal is on a leftover 2003 GTP, $4,000 rebate and 240 horse.

    If you can stand the dated dash/interior and the dated front-end. The rear is still cool looking.

    When is Edmunds going to get real forum software!!
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Having owned a 98 GTP and now a 00 Impala LS, I do not agree that a 04 GTP is a good cup of tea for me. You see, I have sat in the front seat of a 04 GTP, I have sat in (or should I say ON) the backseat of an 04 GTP.

    I have driven an 04 GTP.

    And I am patiently waiting for the hatchback version of a Mazda 6, though I am tempted by the Acura Japanese Accord and the coming turbo Legacy (next summer).

    But another Impala or a GTP? Nope. Too many features de-LETED by de-Lutz. I prefer my GM cars with the 'surprise and delight' features that are now, for the most part, gone.
  • gasolinegasoline Posts: 25
    I am getting 16-18mpg with my 3.8L 01 impala.
    75% city driving/25% highway driving. Is this typical for the rest of you guys? My driving is mostly from work and back and the commute is fairly short, around 7 miles each way.
    Would I get 30mpg if the car was driven for long periods of time until the engine is fully warmed?
    The car only has 12K miles.
  • cgacga Posts: 23
    I&#146;ve read through a couple of hundred Impala messages here so I know that several people have posted their fuel consumption, but I&#146;m still wondering.

    My local dealer will sell me a new 2003 base Impala (base engine) with the 1SB option package for $17,770 delivered (after $3K rebate, plus tax, fees, etc.). And he doesn&#146;t care if I buy one from his lot or if I order it. This seems almost too good to pass up, even though I don&#146;t really need a new car.

    Ninety-five percent of my driving is between 35-50 mph, with virtually no city and maybe five percent pseudo-highway driving. I have a light foot and always break in my new cars properly.

    For the last three years I&#146;ve been driving a 2000 Mits. Galant with the four cylinder (EPA 21/29) and consistently average 26-27 mpg in the warm weather (western NY) driving as described above. Can I realistically expect to get 24+ mpg with the Impala driving the way I do?
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    My Impala has the 3800 engine.
    I consistently pull 20+mpg. 305-320 miles per tankful of around 15 gallons. I have gotten into the 19's a couple of times and will sometimes pull 21-22 mpg.
    I am a realtor so I do not drive the same miles everyday. I put about 20K a year on it.
    When I drive suburban miles it will get 24+ mpg no problem.
    My best is 29-30 mpg at 79-80 mph.
    My worst highway mileage, going from 0'elevation to 2900' above sea level at 80+mph, is 27.5 mpg.
    My best is 34+mpg at 65 mph.
    I take my mileage every fill up.
  • spark1espark1e Lancaster, PAPosts: 19
    My commute is 30 miles, mostly open highway. Was driving 2000 Jetta, getting 30 mpg. Upgraded to 2001 Impala LS, now getting 28 mpg on same route. More room, more comfort, tons more acceleration, lost only 2 mpg.
  • 02lssport02lssport Posts: 75
    I get great MPG in my Impala. I get around 24 mpg in mixed city / highway driving.
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    Our '01LS 3800 has been averaging 22-23 around town. Just got back from a 800mi round trip to MA & NH, got 32 on the way up, 29 on the way back and only 2 quarts of coolant for the leaking intake manifold gasket. (Just kidding.)
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