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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • I agree. There are other better values out there, the 300 Hemi being one of them (at least by comparison). I think the SS is mostly aimed at buyers who are strictly loyal to the brand. Ford had the same problem with the Mercury Marauder. Effectively an overpriced appearance package.
  • Is there any way to determine if TSB 01-06-03-005 has been applied to the car? I swear I brought our Impala in to have that TSB performed, but within a month or so I noticed the same effect happening. Is there a part number I can look at or a dimension I can look for on the grounding bolt to see if they actually used the right part?


  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    man i drove my friends new impala yesterday and i thought i was driving a 95 cavalier, the interior is so old and dated, the eterior design is ho-hum the rear quarter panel looks awfull around the gas door, they really messed the lines in the sheetmetal up, the rear quarter window is mis-shapen, the door framing is cheap looking, the door handles are the old lift up type, the rear window molding isnt flush with the frame/window. dis-proportional looking side view, the car is to busy lookin with no classy lines of framing, i understand this came out in 2000? seems more like a mid 90's design. the interior is gawd-awfull, the one thing that seemed decent was the motor but even that was Gm's old tech pushrod 3800L which is a decent motor. But what did g do to the rest of it? any ideas?
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    in tune in the stylin department, the 03 and new malibu is just as nasty and dated looking.
  • bh628bh628 Posts: 100
    Sorry to hear that you feel this way. Possibly you might like the new 2006 Impala, which is being totally redesigned. There are pictures of it on an Edmunds message board. You should be able to see it at auto shows very soon. It will be at the L.A. Auto Show at the beginning of Jan.


    Those of us who purhased an Impala probably bought it because we like it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. I physically (at dealerships. more online) checked out 18 cars befoe buying an Impala. What did your friend say when you gave him your very strong opinion of his car????
  • theres an old saying. you cant please everyone and it appears youre one of them.


    im sure you will find some other dealer to take your money and hopefully you will be happier.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    I guess seeing cars in the same price range and one looks off and the other looks good. I didnt tell him exactly what i thought, heck its his new car and hes proud of it and it does what it is supposed to, the one thing that really bugs me is the interior of impala, its plainly outdated, gm has so much potential and market firepower, seems they are always a little behind in design and enginering, though the new G6 pontiac looks promising for '05 way to go GM, just dont wait so long to update,,imho Sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    i drove my friends new impala tonight and that thing is one sweet drive, very good power ,smooth acceleration, smooth tranny, responsive steering, Fow what he got it for i think he did well, seeing so many in ad condition that our local government uses for there state cars makes them look bad but all in all a nice car, I just cant get past the funky interior! sean
  • bh628bh628 Posts: 100
    Anybody try Scotchguard on their seats? I have never used Scotchguard, but would like to protect the seats on my new Impala. I have the sport trim fabric.


  • I applied scotchgard to my seats and floor mats.


    i havent had the opportunity to try how well it work (no spills, yet) But i also sprayed some anti static stuff since i was getting zapped alot during the summer. it has seemed to settle down.


    if youre going to spray the scotchgard on it, do it when you are not going to use the car for several hours since it can smell somewhat.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Impala uses 3800V6? for the SS? and 3100L for base? not sure what engine my friends has but I think its base, but good smooth power and great tranny,IMHo Sean
  • infinia1infinia1 Posts: 174
    base impala uses 3400 v6, 3800 v6 optional. ls gets 3800 v6 standard, ss uses supercharged series II 3800.


    i believe gm used to apply scotchguard at the factory, but it became a victim of cost cutting. i applied scotchguard to my equinox. it helps a lot.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    it may cost them .25 cents!, seems all companys do this, I remember when even GM used to equip all there vehicles with ABS regardless of model or options,I guess you have to spend 50K plus to get the small things that they used to include.
  • bh628bh628 Posts: 100
    Thanks, infinia1!


    I'll get that Scotchguard on as soon as I can get to Target or Home Depot (when the crowds die down a bit!).


    I've been avoiding bringing drinking/food into the car, and would love to try out my new cupholders!


  • bh628bh628 Posts: 100
    thanks for the tips! I didn't consider the floor mats. Sounds like I should do the Scotchguard outside, also, and not in the garage area.


    I was sad to see that I am already getting a depression in the driver's floor mat, where my foot presses the gas pedal. :{
  • I must agree the Impala's interior has dated styling. Exterior is not so bad IMHO. At least it has more character the vanilla look of the new Ford 500. Elegant, but very bland. However, I think the Chrysler 300 takes the cake in the looks department. The reasons I bought an '04 LS over an '05 300 was better fuel econamy, lower price, and established reliablity (I wouldn't trust any new model from any maufacturer farther than I could throw it.) GM needs to take lessons on interior design from some of their non-domestic competition. I sat in a friend's brand new Subaru Legacy GT last week (I normally can't stand Subaru's styling) I must say I was impressed. The exterior of the car was pleasing and the interior, particularly the dash and console were gorgeous. Same story with another friend's VW Passat W8. Wish my Impala's interior looked that tight. But, I also paid a lot less and got a larger car with better gas mileage for the money.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Of course, you know that GM is a big shareholder of Subaru, and that the new Subaru is built on the same GM platform as new Saab, Malibu, Pontiac P4, and, I believe, an Opel.
  • bh628bh628 Posts: 100
    I wish you all a wonderful holiday! Thanks to everyone who answered my questions on the Impala over the last months!


    I did a count, and either I sat in, or test drove, 18 competitive cars before buying my Impala. Comfort was a huge issue. I really love this car, and thank everyone for your help.

    Glad that process is over!


    Have a great holiday time!!! :D
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    And to you, as well. I hope you get at least as many carefree, happy miles out of your Impala as I did my 2000 Impala LS--173,000!!!


    (just don't go and tell him I now drive an AWD SEL Ford Five Hundred!)
  • road46road46 Posts: 18
    Congratulations #12839. I have had my 04 Impala since Jan 04, a nice driving car. I would however recommend upgrading the headlights to Slyvania Silverlites to get a better night vision. These are about $35 a pair retail and easy to pop in yourself by reading your owners manual. The orginal headlights in the car didn't seem to throw the light very far. You will get a nice white light out of the replacements. My base 3400 6 has delivered up to 33 mpg on theopen highway-Maine to upstate NY. I think you will be happy w your choice. This car is well constructed and can hold up in a crash better than a 04 Camry.
  • road46road46 Posts: 18
    The rear spoiler is perfect for helping you back up for parking. It helps measure the back of the car and provides a visual aid to help you back up when parking.
  • bh628bh628 Posts: 100
    Thanks, road46,


    for all the tips on the headlights and the crash test results vs Camry. Camry was the car I fell in love with before I "met" the Impala.


    I am enjoying this car more and more each day. We checked the lights when it was bright out, and now we think we know what the daytime running lights are--the lights in the middle? Anyway, there is so much to love about this car!


    I just found the Scotchguard that's made for carpets, and will be applying that later today. The weather has changed, and I want to protect the carpet/mat before it gets wet here. Hope you had a wonderful holiday, and have a great New Year.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    2006 Impala will debut at the LA Auto Show in early January. I can't wait to see what it looks like....I'll post some photos for all to see.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    The best feature about the Impala is that I NEVER have to worry about turing on or off the headlights. It does it automatically....


    As Martha would say, "it's a good thing".
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    the changes that I have heard are the front grille is larger, the rear lights will be in the corners like the Malibu. the interior will be updated, the SS will have metal trim interior instead of fake wheel options...engines 3500 (200 hp) 3900 (240 hp) no v8 or 6 speed at this time...very little change to the current sheet metal as we currently know the impala....major changes coming in 2008 or 2009....
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Whatever change GM decides on the Impala, they desperately need to improve in the interior. Their dashboard is so OLD SCHOOL!


    I want GM to bring back the original 5 star aluminum spoke wheels (2000-2002).


    In order to compete with the Accord V6 EX, Maxima 3.5 SE, and the Camry V6 XLE, GM needs to price the Impala LS at $25K fully loaded, and not a penny more. Anything more than that, they'll need rebate to move the cars off the lots.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    ...and to compete with the Ford Five Hundred, which I traded my 173,000 mile 00 Impala LS for. Very happy so far. The Impala was a great car, but the interior DID need improvement. But, under Lutz, features (like coin trays, PRNDL lights, glove box lights, etc.,) disappeared, while the profitable OnStar appeared.


    Another feature that drew me to the Ford was/is AWD. Something GM ought to be thinking about!
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    I doubt the OnStar is seriously profitable. I have impression that very few owners renew the $200 basic OnStar subscription, or upgrade to $400/$800 subscriptions.


    Mostly hopes of profit, I believe.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    There is no doubt GM is lagging in some departments. I don't believe they have any AWD options in any of their car lines, and no 6 speed automatics yet like the Ford five hundred....7 years is way too long for this Impala to wait to be want to keep the public coming. eg. If you drive an Impala for 3 or 4 years and interested in a new one there should be some major differences or improvements in order to excite the person to buy another Impala, not the same one they just sold......GM takes way to long in bringing new products on stream and is contiuing to play catch up with many of their features...This new Cobalt supercharged SS was shown at all the major auto shows in January 2004 and still not on the streets yet! Its going to be 2008 or 09' before the Impala is done over completely....WAY TOO LONG!!!!!!
  • hvanhvan Posts: 56
    <<There is no doubt GM is lagging in some departments. I don't believe they have any AWD options in any of their car lines>>


    I think the new Cadidlac STS will be coming out with AWD next year.
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