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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • polespoles Posts: 23
    my father is picking up his new 2005 impala on monday. i think he got every option on the LS you can get. is there anything i should look at when i go with him to pick it up?
    thanks in advance
  • hvanhvan Posts: 56
    Yeah, make sure he has coin holder, cargo net, and floor mats.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    When you pick up the car, check it all over for any scratches or door dings. Check the upholstery back/front seats for any spillage from careless car jockeys... Once you leave the dealership lot, you have no recourse on those..Make sure you have the owners manual, check the mileage as soon as you get in the car to make sure it corresponds to what it should be...I believe the Trunk Cargo net is now a $60.00 option, does not come with the car.......the coin holder disappeared a couple years ago, last year the cigarette lighter went, and the word Impala on the front side doors on the LS are no longer there, its just like the base model now.... Good luck to you and your father on your new ride!
  • Check all around the inside upper edge of the front doors, especially around the corner where you might grab the door to close it, for excess adhesive oozing out from the trim. It's black, very sticky, and difficult to get off of uphosltery. Just a tiny bit on your fingertips will get EVERYWHERE in no time. You won't even know it until it's too late. Mine also had a scratch on the driver's side mirror from being parked too tightly on the dealer's lot. I didn't want to go throught the hassle of getting it professionally fixed, but I did request a free container of GM touch up paint.
  • hvanhvan Posts: 56
    Well guys, I decided to put my 2000 Impala LS with 64K miles up for sale. I typically get bore after 4 years of ownership. I will definitely miss my silver bullet Impala. It's been an excellent vehicle for me thus far.

    It's time for a new vehicle. I'm looking into getting a new truck for my home business. I've been cross shopping between Nissan Titan Crewcab, Tundra Double Cab, and Ram 1500 crew cab. I"m leaning towards getting the Titan crew cab. Man, what power!!!

    Anyway, it was nice knowing all of you. I'm stop by every once in a while to see what's the next hot topic is.

    Take care!
  • polespoles Posts: 23
    Have you looked at the silverado crewcab? There is really no need to buy a foreign pickup. Help support America. Buy American vehicles.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    American vehicles? Like the Toyota Camry--Georgetown, KY? The Honda Accord--Marion, Ohio? Or the Chevy Equinox...the one with the engine from CHINA?

    Sorry, but in this worldwide marketplace, the concept of a purely American, or foreign, vehicle is just about a dinosaur.

    Oh, yeah. That import--the Ford Crown Victoria, assembled in Canada with engines from Mexico. Or the upcoming Ford Fusion, assembled in Mexico, while Hyundai is building plants here....

    I had 173,000 miles on my Chevy Impala when I let her go. I now drive an "American" Ford, with transmission composed of nearly all German parts. Had I gotten the other transmission available for it, it would have been from Japan!
  • jarndt1jarndt1 Posts: 11
    Personally, I wouldn't buy a truck made by any mfr that doesn't also make 3/4, 1 ton, and heavier duty trucks.


    It's kinda funny that you're selling your Impala in favor of a truck. Last May, I sold my truck and bought an Impala! The biggest reason was fuel economy.
  • hvanhvan Posts: 56
    I can get a really good deal on the Silverado Crewcab with my $2500 GM point. However, the Silverado is so "dated". It's boring and it's too BIG!

    Hey, I'll be helping the folks at Missisippi with the Titans....Made in America!
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Have you looked at the Colorado crew-cab? You could use your GM points on one of those...
  • hvanhvan Posts: 56
    Yes, I've looked at the Colorado/Canyon crew cabs. They look too boxy! What's up with the domestic design?!! They look so bland!!!!
  • richardnrichardn Posts: 4
    Hi, I have a 2000 impala with the police package that has had the engine, computer, and related items removed. I am looking into installing possibly a 5.0L V8, however, I am unsure as to if the impala's engine bay can physically accept the engine in front wheel drive configuration or if this project would require a rear wheel drive conversion. Also, I would like to know if the transmission in the impala will accept a newer small block chevy engine, or if a newer transmission will fit into the place of the impalas. Thank you
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    You gotta be kidding, right? No one who knows enough about cars that would even attempt to switch a reasonable engine into an Impala would even have a passing thought of what you are thinking of doing.

    Why not save some money and just go buy the Corvette you really want?
  • dgonzalez13dgonzalez13 Posts: 110
    I know it has the heavy duty version of the Transmission, so you need to head over to GM's motor website to see what engines will mate with it. The engine cradle will handle a small V8, but the motor mounts above the engine (just behind the grill/radiator)will need to be modified to grab the V8 at the right spot. You might buy a little space for that engine by relocating the battery to the trunk (and not in the spare tire well, which sits above the gas tank!) and replacing the air filter box with a cone filter and relocating the PCM.

    It can definately be done, and if you do it you have to post pics!

    (other things you may have already thought of include re-programming the computer/BCM and getting better rotors than stock. Most stock impala rotors have a better chance of warping, but if you have a V8 I can reasonable assume you will be flooring it from time to time. Good rotors will save you from having to replace/turn crappy rotors every 9 momths).
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    What? I retired my 2000 Impala LS, stock, with the ORIGINAL rotors....

    WHAT crappy rotors?

  • crosley4crosley4 Posts: 295
    My 2000 Impala LS had brake rotor warp problems.

    I traded the car off after 46k because the noise from the sub frame was not fixed even with a replacement sub frame from GM at 42k miles
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    I traded mine off at 173,000 miles, primarily because I had a hankerin for an AWD Ford Five Hundred...
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    Bought my 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis new. The body is stamped "made in Canada" the wiring under the hood is labeled "made in Mexico" and the Michelin Symetry tires are stamped "made in Italy"! You say the engine is made in Mexico? I will have to look closer. The Ford Ranger transmission is made in France and the Chevy Colorado transmission is made in Japan.
  • "American vehicles? Like the Toyota Camry--Georgetown, KY? The Honda Accord--Marion, Ohio? Or the Chevy Equinox...the one with the engine from CHINA?"

    What about the fair fax plant, kentuky plant, detroit hammtrammak plant? These are all GM plants. SO what, gm has a few global alliances and its a foreign company, but when the japanese stick there pinky finger in the us, all of a sudden they are more American than GM!

    this whole "worldwide marketplace" is a bunch of crap. your marketplace is were you live. and in this marketplace.

    Ford CV and mercury GM are as American as ever. and so are the other examples you mentioned, here is why:

    its not about where something is made, it is about controll. Who is in control. If you drive a japanese car. A japanese businessman is in control. If you drive an AMerican car, an American is in control.

    for example, at the nissam plant where your beloved titan is built, workers were told to take off their wedding rings and other jewelry because it scrathes the cars. you would not see this at a real USA plant.

    GM does work with the UAW, people that are killing the company and forcing it to pay excellent wages and benefits that Nissan and toyota do not to there US workers.

    FOr nissan, america is just another market. THey alwayse have japan. FOr GM, USA is there home market. They lose this, they lose. and if GM loses buddy, you lose.

    THey do many many things with there tax dollars and with contributions to the community. GM is the largest private buyer of insurance in the USA. They have a massive pension fund debt, and you chastise them for saving a few bucks by importing an engine from china!

    the point is this. When a people begin to value there privleges above there principles, they will loose both. (Eisenhower) you can alwayse buy the titan. you can alwayse crap on someones head.

    just remember your actions have concequences that will in the end affect you. Like if GM dies the govt will seek to makup the lost tax revenue by taxing you.

    I cannot begin to mention the scale of what we are dealing with in terms of pickups. THe japanses will donimate everything. All with a confortable cushion that is there home impenetrable market as a base if anything goes wrong. THey can afford to play, GM can't.

    And BTW, Ford makes a better pickup anywhay. Why would you choose the nissan over the F-150?

    Back to the impala discussion. Can we talk about the 2006 impala here? I wonder how the rear seat room will be. Cops told me they hate the current impala b/c its too small for there needs. Would this one (surely it will see cop duty) have more room?

    And its American, BTW. when buying it you support America. BTW, if it weren't for the unions, we would not need to say stuff like that b/c our products would be even better than they are today. IMO it is the unions fault that (today) our automakers cannot compete on a cost basis. but this is for another topic. Sorry for the rant.
  • This explains alot about us automakers.

    They have been here so long, if we do not respect our past we will not have a future.

    This is why some people buy American.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Get off your high horse. I own a Ford Five Hundred, assembled in Chicago of parts from around the world. It replaced an Impala, and would have been another Impala had it not been for Lutz's relentless cost cutting that caused me to look elsewhere and to realize that, for me at least, there were better choices. (AWD was a MAJOR factor, as was command seating)

    IF I could own a pick-up, it would be an F-150. Not once have I ever said anything wonderful about the Titan.

    And why SHOULD workers be allowed to mar the surfaces of new trucks? For your information, the same rule exists in many of what you call "US" plants.

    If your argument is about control, there is NOTHING American about DaimlerChrysler. Things are really not that simple, and never were.

    I, too, wonder about the next Impala. Does anyone know anything wonderful or less than wonderful they can share with us here?
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    The changes on this 06 Impala should have been done a couple years ago.....The 06 will be the 7th year of this platform the first freshening....way too long in a very competetive market.....For Police service the Impala is too small inside, underpowered, and high matenenance (front wheel drive) for police service....compared to the Crown Vic......sales have not taken off like GM thought they would have.......they sell about 12,000 Police Impalas a year (not even worth their while) The seating dimentsions on the 06 Impala will be similar to the current model By all accounts the 06 will be a much improved Impala, 3 new engines, sleeker body, improved suspensions, and new interiors...and more performance that might answer one of the Police concerns but the car will definetly need a complete do over soon to keep up with the fast paced competition. GM has too many models all competing with each other when they should be competing with Ford, DC, Toyota, Honda, etc....
  • although i replied to your statements, i really meant to answer hvan (see the top of the last page).

    but how can you not see the importance of this? America has enough roads to go the the moon and back 4 times, it is insulting to think we cannot make the cars to drive them.

    BTW, that article i posted explins allot of the reasons behind the cost cutting. And while we are on that topic, i never heard of any rule were workers take off wedding rings at GM plants. It could be, but meybe our plants (American) are just made better.

    Oh no, i said something American was better than something foreign. Watch the Liberals attack me! *dogging flying sushi rolls from the tofu cannon*

    So John, do you see the current Impala as a future replacement for your five-hundred? You know that small block V8 has to answer alot of power issues heh...

    303hp, Displacement on Demand... If only they could do an interrior as nice as the Five Hundred...
  • This is my absolute dream car. The only problem is that it loos a little "happy" i like cars that look imposing.

    Its imposing from allmost all angles, just not the front face in a light color. That's fine. The interrior is gorgeous, the engine is powerful and smooth, it has the best structure, and is very Acura in its packaging, you get everything standard.

    Meybe they should add larger brakes all around. I find it inappropraite for the XLR to have stopping distances twice that of the SL500. At this price, the brakes have to be bigger, plus it would look better,

    I think this car is amazing and will defenitly lookinto one as soon as i am in the market :)

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The topic here is the Impala ... could we keep that in mind?

    I'm sure there are appropriate discussions elsewhere in our Forums (try News & Views for example) for the conversation that doesn't fit here.

  • richardnrichardn Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info, the 5.0L (or 305, depending on which side of the pond you're from) should mate up nicely with the stock transmission. For the PCM, my potential donor vehicle is a freshly rebuilt (and wrecked) 80 caprice, so I might just swap the PCM out of it. I like the 305, it's small, has fairly good mileage, and packs more of a punch than the stock impala 3.8 or the 4.7 under the hood of crown vics. As for some naysayers, can you fit 5 people in a corvette (legally) ? and which are you more likely to get pulled over in? Besides, I like the impala for its fuel mileage, and even though I am going to put a v8 in it, I don't want to totally ruin the economy by having the 5.7 or 6.0 that corvette's boast nowadays, and there's nothing like having a car unlike anyone elses, of course it won't be that way for long once I post my progress, pics, and tips here.

    PS for you 90's impala SS fans, myself included, I might end up scraping the stock transmission and going for a full v8 RWD configuration, complete with red bow tie and SS emblems.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    I don't know if the 305 will give you more performance then the 3800......I had an 88 Caprice with the 305 and it was a pig......140 horsepower pulling 3850 pounds.....My 2001 Impala LS with 200 hp and FI would walk all over the 305.....
  • richardnrichardn Posts: 4
    I had a 80 caprice as my first car, and its 305 did about 200 horsepower on a bad day. I have a 96 crown vic right now, and I know the caprice could have smoked it on any day of the week. The 305 in the donor vehicle should get about 300hp with fuel injection and not add too much more weight, which should make a nice, relatively light car with plenty of power. Not looking to make the worlds fastest car, just looking to make the best of both worlds between the raw power of the older impalas and the economy and maneuverability of the newer ones.
  • richardnrichardn Posts: 4
    Well, after 3 days of cursing and trying to get the engine out I finally succeeded... only to find that the impala's transmission has a COMPLETELY different bolt pattern, and the donor engine is indeed a 5.7L, not a 5.0L. So, what to do with a perfectly good 5.7L drivetrain for rear wheel drive and a nice, small car in good body shape? MOD

    While a bit more intensive than the engine swap I had origionally planned on, I feel that a RWD, 5.7L 2000 impala would be one hell of an awesome project. Unless anyone knows of a FWD transmission that can accept a 350 GM v8, it looks like it's a RWD mod for me. Also, if anyone has any info on swapping out a FWD system for RWD every little bit helps.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    I hate to say I told you so but: "I told you so".
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