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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Not to my knowledge, but I took mine off the other day (and discovered I'd been sold the wrong part, so I had to put it back on and wait for the new part to arrive), and it wasn't that difficult to do. Basically you open the doors and remove the fuse box covers on either end of the dash (which is normally covered by the closed doors), and you'll see screws holding the dash in place. You remove those on both sides, as well as the two above the instrument panel and two beneath the dash on the driver's side, then the entire front piece across the front just more or less snaps off.

    It's a little easier to do if you've got a console shift lever (mine is on the column :( ), and there are wires connecting the hazard switch (which is what I have to replace) that you'll have to disconnect and such, but once you get started on it you'd be surprised at how easy it is. The only other thing I remember is the plastic piece around the ignition that shows "off-acc-on-start" needs to pop off before you remove the dash, and then once you put the dash back on you just snap that plastic collar back on. I found more detailed instructions on forums on (North American Impala Owners Association), but I had to dig around a good bit to find them.
  • I luckily have the factory repair manuals, 2 books the size of a big phonebook. I got them from someone on this site, they bought them new with the impala, paid 125, they sent him an update, a whole new set, I got the original set for $25, what a deal.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    If the 3.4 is the same as the 3.8 then the filter is located underneath the car towards the gas tank, sort of behind the driver's side rear wheel (backing the car up on a set of ramps makes it very easy to get to).

    It's a pretty good sized filter, and as a result a fair amount of gasoline will pour out when you change it, so have some rags handy (and maybe do it outdoors as opposed to in the garage just in case).

    I'm having similar symptoms to yours on my 2000 model, but it's an electrical "missing" problem due to spark plugs/ least I think. I fixed it once and things were good for about a month, and now the problem is back. If my fix doesn't actually fix it this time, it could be time for me to change the fuel filter again as well.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I've never bothered with doing so the couple of times I've changed mine, but it's probably a good idea (or else have several rags around). I found the following info at that might be helpful:

    To replace:
    Relieve the fuel system pressure by popping the hood and finding the port that you use to test for fuel pressure (I believe it is on the passenger side of one of the fuel rails on the 3.4, at least it was on my GA) it looks like a valve stem. Get something to push the valve in (like your draining air from a tire) and make sure you have a rag of some sort to catch the fuel that will spit out. Take the bracket for the filter off. One end of the filter has a nut the other has a clip, push the white "clips" in and pull that end of the line off the filter (its a good idea to have something to catch the fuel). Then I believe the filter itself has a 13/16" nut and im not sure what size the line is but its a little smaller, you want to losen that nut and take the filter off. Put the new filter in, make sure you put the cap back on the fuel pressure release, turn the key to "ON" and let the system build pressure then start the car.

    Alternatively on the fuel pressure:
    Instead of relieving the pressure into a rag in the engine bay, I just pulled the fuel pump fuse or relay and then let the car run until it died. Then, I took the filter off.

    Of those two choices, I'd lean towards pulling the fuse for the fuel pump and running the engine to clear the pressure, versus risking getting gas all over the engine compartment. But of course that involves finding the fuse to pull, which I haven't researched. But I followed this same procedure on my old '84 Buick Skyhawk, and it's pretty straightforward...assuming the fuse is easy to find.
  • Can anyone give me a reference or instructions on how to remove the light switch in a ’01 Impala LS? The dash lights don’t come on and I thought I would make sure the switch is bad before going any further but I don’t know the correct way to get it out.
  • Ive been having issues with my radio/cd player. The cd drive finally died, but regarding the cd not ejecting reading the above posts, I had that same problem some time ago. I have a 2001 LS and occassionally the cd wouldn't eject all the way. I found out why. If you use a cd with a label on it, the cd thickness would make it difficult for the radio unit to eject it properly. These units only like thin cd's. I don't use labels anymore, and mark the cds with a felt tip magic marker. That solved that problem. It never happened again.
    After six and a half years of the cd player always providing me my entertainment, it finally died today. At first a few days ago, the reader drive could not find a track on the cd or would struggle to find it, and then finally it would play after a few long seconds. If you would press to advance to the next track while a track was already playing, you would hear the cd drive struggle to find the next track then finally play. If it didnt find the beginning of the track, it would give up leaving a prompt on the led display, "Check CD". Well today when I tried to insert a cd, the Check CD prompt came on immediately. The player didnt make any attempt to play. When I tried to eject the cd, the cd failed to eject. Nothing happened. I kept pressing the eject button and nothing. No noise from the unit trying to eject the cd. I held the button in for about a minute, then the cd came out, but it left the prompt Check CD on the display along with the time. I tried again to see if the cd would play and nothing. I used another cd, and nothing. All the time having to hold that eject button in for about a minute until when the cd would finally eject. I suppose the cd drive assembly finally gave up after six years of constant use. I must have my music, so I called my Chevy dealer that I do buisness with, and they are getting me a reman unit where I exchange my unit with a reman under full warranty for a year. They will do the full install making the swap, reprogramming of the radio to the BCM all for $345. I could have gone with a aftermarket unit, but all the settings for alarms, door locks, tire pressure etc are programmed in that unit besides being a radio/cd player. I don't want to loose the ability controlling those features, so Im staying with original equipment. A new unit costs $640 without the cost of the reprogramming, with the same warranty, so I went with a reman unit for half the cost. My appointment for the swap is next week, so I will post the update on how things went.
  • The prolbem isnt your headlight switch. The problem is the signal changer stalk. Your low/hi beam switch inside that stalk probably went bad. Try seeing if you have hi beams when the low beams dont work. If your hi beams come on its the stalk. Go back and forth low to hi beam constantly. This should make the low beams come on until you want to use the stalk for a lane change using your signal lights. The low beams may go out while using the stalk to signal for the lane change or turn. Use your fog lamps if you have them just in case you loose your low beams while driving just to stay visible to others on the road. Goodluck.
  • I was having the same check cd issue. I just removed the radio from the dash, removed the cd player from the radio. I am going to either buy a used radio for the cd player. It was very easy to remove. There is a place in syracuse (united radio repair) that fixes Delco radios. I might even look on ebay. It shouldn't cost me that much to do it myself.
  • Just won an auction on ebay, like new, same radio as 2000 impala, only $38. I am going to switch the cd player part only (pop off the cover, remove 4 screws and plug it in. very simple) ohh, after you take the dash apart LOL so no need for a re-program by the dealer. I will replace the worn buttons and keep the rest for parts.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Let us know if you're successful in your CD player swap; I know mine hangs up occasionally (typically only on CDs with thick labels, either the painted-on or stuck-on type). Mine seems especially bad in hot weather, so I've pretty much resigned myself to not listening to CDs during the summer (or if I do I switch one out first thing in the morning when the car is at its coolest). I don't think a CD player swap would solve my problem at this point, but with 110k+ miles on my 2000 I figure it's only a matter of time before the CD player gives out, so if your approach works it'll be good to know.
  • I was on this site from long ago . Our 2k LS that we bought new has 32,000 miles. It has the original brakes. I just checked them and the pads look about 50% wear, no rust.
    My 2002 trailblazer I just changed the rotors and pads myself, all 4 rotors were rusted badly on the inside. The impala is always garaged and the TB outside so that could be it.

    anyway, the problemn with our cd player is the disc would go in, and you could hear it try to start, it would spin and start a few times, then the check cd message.

    I hope this works. I may have to start a side radio repair business. LOL Will advise.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Do you happen to be one of the folks who got included in the 2001 Impala brochure? I wound up getting a quote (but no photo :( ); I think I was one of the few here at the time who had a base model. I'm almost at 111k miles on mine; I think I got @ 45-50k miles on my original brakes, so I'd say you're on target.
  • My quote was on page 32. My 1 year of fame in every chevrolet dealer across the country. I have about 20 copies somewhere.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I've got a case of the 2001 brochures under my bed; my quote is on page 28! They sent a couple of photographers here and we spent the better part of a day taking various shots of me with my car (none of which made the brochure, though the photographer sent me several carspace page has one of the photos on it).

    One funny thing I remembered in leafing through the brochure, the photographers who came here had spent the day before with a guy in Dallas (they specifically had me wear a blue shirt, because they knew the other guy wore a red shirt). Anyway, his picture is in the brochure on page 20, and the guy is sitting inside his car. The reason for that was that a day or two before the photo shoot he'd had a wreck in his car, and they said there were literally pieces hanging off the front of it, so the only decent shot they could get was of the interior!

    Kind of neat going back through the brochure actually; they got most of the quotes from people in this forum, so when the brochure came out it was almost a "who's who" of the Edmunds Impala forum...except we knew everyone by their screen names instead of their real names used in the brochure. It'd be interesting to see how many of the folks featured in the brochure held onto their cars, and what their experiences were.
  • do you still have the gift set they sent to us, the pin set. I do. it was cool
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I say I still have mine somewhere, but I haven't been able to put my hands on it lately. I either did a really good putting them away for safekeeping, or a really bad job. I think mine is in a storage container in my garage, but I'm almost afraid to dig into it and look for fear it won't be there.
  • If anyone has a wet carpet on the passenger side 04 Impala-check your air cabin filter gasket seal. The leak will be under the glove box area. I think the GM term for the part I am referring to is "deflector". It's about 2 feet long gasket/seal type of rubber material. This part can get get dried out and fall off or be not installed correctly when the air filter is replaced or checked. The GM part # for my model was 10388810. I paid less than $15 for the part at the dealer. This seal deflects water/rain from the cabin filter and fan blower. If this part is not installed correctly water will pass thru the blower assembly and into the pass cabin floor area.
  • I just changed mine over the weekend. it had 30k on it.
    I noticed that gasket you talked about and the baffle must be put in correctly also.
  • I got the replacement CD part and 2 buttons shipped for $20 shipped. I took the dash apart, took the radio out, put it all back together and the CD works again like new. If you have any mechanical ability, you should be able to do it. I have had the dash trim off so many times it is easy now.

    You have to have a good memory, I have this ability to take anything apart, spread it out on the table and put it all back together from memory. I do other car repairs for friends too.
    It helps to remember LOL

    I found this guy, he is in Philly, he was selling radios on ebay, I called him then he created this page
    with pictures of it to make sure it was the same.

    call him for parts, very good service. If you cant do it yourself, they fix them too.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Thanks for the info; I'm just glad to know the CD player is a separate unit that can be replaced without creating problems with the radio head unit (which is critical for all the various settings you can change through it, and which I've heard nightmares about replacing because of the theft prevention system built into it).
  • Hi everyone, I just found this site and I love it, you people are seem so helpful. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. First I own a 2000 Impala Dark Green, the paint is only peeling on my spoiler, would any dealer have the right paint? second my blinkers are going bonkers, if I turn and they don't work I have to hit the emergancy hazard blinkers first then my blinker will work, it's on and off any help in this dept? thanks my fellow Impala's,
    Terri :confuse:
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I can't help you on the paint, but I can on the blinkers! From what you describe you need to replace the hazard switch (the same one you push to jump-start your blinkers now). I don't have the part number handy, but if you do a little digging around online you can find the info. If I'm not mistaken just the other day someone posted the part number, as well as some pictures of the process they went through to replace it.

    Two approaches - One is to remove the front of the dash (which isn't as daunting as it sounds) and approach the replacement from the backside of the dashboard; the other is to pry the switch out from the front. I went the dashboard removal route, and it wasn't that difficult. After I did so I saw how approaching it from the front could work, but I think I might have screwed up something doing it that you'll probably let go of the wiring harness and it'll fall behind the dash, so you'll end up taking if off anyway!

    Actually I just went and found the post someone else left earlier; it's under Chevrolet Impala Lighting/Electrical Issues and it's post number 227 (the last one there currently). It also lists the part number. When I replaced mine I also found some info at that was helpful (especially in terms of removing the dash).

    Good luck!
  • Hello, I recently had my winshield wipers stop in mid wipe while I was driving. After some investigating after removing the arms and cowl to see the linkage, I found that the screw that attached the crank arm to the motor had loosened up. After fixing this, the wipers work on high and low and even park in the correct position. But when i use any of the intermittent settings, the wiper will go up, then down and about 3/4 of the way back up and pause for the rest of the interval. and that's how it will continue to operate until I turn them off, then they go down and park like normal.

    Does anyone have any ideas?


  • I have a 05 impala and the horn just died. It sounded weak for about a month, then it just stopped working. What happen with your horn? The dealership figure out the problem?
  • :mad: Well...i have no idea what this problem could be, but this is what happened. I was driving yesterday with the heater on 2....suddenly the fan was blowing like it was on 5.....i tried to turn it down, but there was no change. when i got home i turn the car off, took the key from the ignition and the fan for the heater was still blowing. Needless to say my battery went dead. I have never heard of anyone having a problem like this.....i think i have a phantom heater!!!!
  • I know exactly what your problem is, it is the blower motor resistor. I have replaced them on a few different cars, usually what happens is that you loose some of the speeds on the fan. Not sure of the exact location on the impala but It is located under the dash on the passenger side, it bolts right into the heater box. Should be easy to change.
  • Thanks for your reply to my question.....but i've read another comment posted by an Impala owner (message #131413) and it was talking about Air Cabin Gasket Seal.....and that seems to be my passenger side floor gets wets when it rains....and the day that the problem with my fan started, there was a heavy rainfall which resulted in inches of water on the passenger side cabin floor. so, i'm thinking that water has shorted out the fan blower......have you ever heard of this problem
  • Did you change your cabin air filter recently? When I changed mine, there are a few rubber strips that need to be in the correct location to prevent leaks. sounds like that is your problem. It is under the black plastic cover under the windshield wipers on the passenger side.
  • i don't know if the cabin filter has been changed...i just recently purchased this car...thought i was getting a great deal....kinda rethinking that now. So do you think that the rain water could of ran into the fan blower and shorted it out? because the fan keeps running even after the car had been shut off and the key out of the ignition.....i even removed all the fuses...and the fan kept blowing....i have ruined my battery. and thank you again for your suggestions:))
  • I was thinking of replacing it (the horn) myself as well, but I'm not sure of how difficult a job it may be. I've done repairs on cars before but if it is too involved I'll just take it to the dealer.
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