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Infiniti M37 M56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tarsar7tarsar7 Posts: 4
    edited August 2010
    Thanks everyone! Everything considered, you guys probably saved me over $4,000. I closed the deal last night at $10 below invoice (unfortunately before [redbull] posted or I might have pushed for a few more bucks :) ...) I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has posted on this forum for all the great information. Here are the final details:

    Storm Front Gray Exterior/ Stone interior
    Premium, Sport, Sport Touring
    Dealer Adds: Window Tint, Paint Protection, Pinstripe, Wheel Locks

    MSRP: 56,115
    Invoice: 51,369
    Neg. Price: 51,359 (all dealer adds included)
    Cap Cost: 51,954 (Price + 595 acquisition)

    36 mo. lease
    56% residual
    MF: .00047 (base .00137 - .0009 for 9 MSDs)

    Cash upfront = 8,749.23 as follows:
    9 MSDs: 6,750 (Each MSD was equal to 1 payment rounded up to the nearest $50 based on the original MF, including tax. $750 in my case)
    Title/Reg: 885.32
    Doc Fee: 449.00 (could not get any dealer in AZ to waive this...)
    1st month pmt: 664.91 (includes tax @ 9.1%)

    Payment 609.45 + 55.46(tax) = $664.91

    If you plan on doing the MSDs, take the time to work out all the numbers yourself ahead of time. I did, and it proved very useful as no one in the dealership had ever done the MSDs before. The only questionable thing for me in the end was that each MSD was calculated by including the tax, but since I'll get them back anyway, I didn't press it.

    Needless to say, I am seriously stoked! This is one sweet car :shades:
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    MSD's are calculated based on the price without taxes. When they enter it in the official system, it will tell them they were wrong and you should get a refund check or the option of using that extra money as a down payment, thus reducing your monthly cost.

    My dealer made that mistake and I got the money back.
  • scottw58scottw58 Posts: 38
    edited August 2010
    Thanks Redbull. I will reconsider the Touring. I have the surround sound now in my M45. (Premium Bose radio option with speakers in my both front seats). I have a few DVD albums that sound just incredible...problem is I don't really use it much. I mainly listen to XM Radio these days. But for a few extra bucks per month it may be worth it. I'm looking to pull the trigger in the next 1-6 months. Taking a lot of notes now! BTW, has car at $250 below invoice now no haggle.

    Using your lease figures I had the M56 at $101 more per month ($7,496 based on my config). Premium package is standard on M56
  • scottw58scottw58 Posts: 38
    edited August 2010
    Congratulations! You did well. I just feel sorry for the other folks that I tried to warn months ago when they were paying full retail. They slammed me....a lot of them were salespeople I'm sure. But others were just dumb and impatient. Go back and read older posts.
  • tarsar7tarsar7 Posts: 4
    It's interesting how the dealerships don't know this info - especially the finance mangers. They probably based the MSDs on the taxed payment just to be safe since they had never done one before. It really doesn't makes sense that tax would be included since a security deposit doesn't actually buy anything tangible that should be taxed.
  • jngo1jngo1 Posts: 21
    All in stock 2010 G37 Convertibles $5000 off**

    Only one 2010 QX56 left for $13,000 off**

    All in stock 2011 M37’s & M56’s $4,000 off!!!

    Lease a new vehicle from our dealership before the end of the month and we will pay all your maintenance for the term of the lease!!!

    2010 G37 Convertible w/premium

    Only $499/month*

    $2,000 down

    2011 M37 w/premium package

    Only $599/month* or current Infiniti owners $569/month*

    $0 Down

    2010 G37 Sedan w/premium package & navigation

    Only $399/month*

    $1,000 down

    2010 EX35 Journey w/navigation package

    Only $459/month*

    $1,500 down

    2010 FX35 w/premium package

    Only $599/month*

    $0 down

    Executive Demo Specials

    M3726 – 2011 M37 with premium package, technology package, window tint, wheel locks, and hand painted pinstripe – List price $54,980

    Sales Price - $47,991!!!

    10F083 – 2010 FX35 AWD, premium package, navigation, deluxe tire & wheel package, roof rail cross bars, tint, wheel locks, illuminated kick plates – List price $54,530

    Sales Price - $44,918**!!!

    M3709 – 2011 M37 with premium package, window tint, wheel locks, and hand painted pinstripe– List price $51,465

    Sales Price - $44,974!!!

    10CV19 – 2010 G37 Convertible with premium package, navigation, rear wind deflector, illuminated kick plates, window tint, hand painted pinstripe, wheel locks, wood trim – List price $52,370

    Sales Price - $43,939**!!!

    M3739 – 2011 M37 with premium package, sport package, sport touring package, window tint, wheel locks, hand painted pinstripe, splash guards, rear spoiler – List price $57,720

    Sale Price - $51,495!!!

    M3713 – 2011 M37 with premium package, aero kit, window tint, wheel locks, and hand painted pinstripe – List price $53,975

    Sale Price - $47,986!!!
  • M37X prem,spash,trk mat &net, spoiler
    MSRP 53,425
    sale price 48,465
    loyalty 1,000
    acq fee 595
    doc 249
    mv 200
    0 down
    mf .0014
    resid 58%
    central NJ through the internet sales department.
    39 mo, 10k
    580 includes NYC 8.875 tax
    negotiated for 3 weeks via email and phone. I had the same deal from 2 other dealers which gave me bargaining power but I took this deal because I bought my last 4 here. I couldn't wait any longer to close but I exspect prices to get even better in Sept., they didn't change from July to Aug.. I love driving this car, put the tranny in sport mode and just chill. Good luck to all.
  • redbullredbull Posts: 26
    This isn't Craigslist or the Infiniti color ad spread in your local newspaper - take this crap off!
  • tarsar7tarsar7 Posts: 4

    The price I got ($51,359) did NOT include the loyalty rebate. I was not eligible, not this time anyway :)
  • Anything new? I am wanting an M, but I was thinking about getting the G b/c they look similar and the G is much cheaper.
  • 2011 M37
    Platinum Graphite exterior
    Graphite interior

    Sport Touring

    $56,565 MSRP

    $51,725 Invoice

    $50,500 My cost ($1,225 below Invoice)
    + 595 Lease Acquistion Fee
    + 45 Doc Fee
    $51,140 Total Cap Cost

    $1,329 Drive off (first payment + CA DMV fees)

    39 payments of $659.71 (includes 9% local sales tax)

    There were no incentives (I brought my 09 Maxima back off lease early and Nissan forgave the two payments that were left, and cut me $500 slack on excess wear). This deal was not considered eligible for the Loyalty rebate (has to be Infiniti to Infiniti).

    The dealer also installed a trunk mat and cargo net, which were not originally included, at no cost.

    This is an absolutely gorgeous car! I put 250 miles on it in the first two days...
  • Nope - incentives basically the same.

    M37 or M56: 1.9 for up to 66 months or 2.9% for 72.

    $1000 Loyalty Rebate IF you have an Infiniti AND IF you lease.
  • I am looking at M37 Prem + Touring + a few things - MSRP 56,785. The interesting part is the ext color is obsidian black with Java interior that is not available with touring packaged according to Infiniti site. Anyway, I am comparing 36 vs 39 months leases - 60/.00148 vs 59/.00156 in NJ. I am offered a 1K below invoice price on the car before the loyalty, which I have as well. Car_man could you confirm the running Sept residual/money factor numbers and recommend how loyalty should be applied in this case?
  • pedro45pedro45 PhiladelphiaPosts: 17
    I am not far from NJ in PA. Which dealer gave you $1,000 under invoice? Also, can you share how easy it was to come to this price? Like you, I would be coming from an Infiniti, so I would qualify for the $1,000 lease offer. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.
  • ZAG/USAA has M37/56 pricing back up today. $1,100 under Invoice. The price keeps dropping. The 2011 BMW 5 series pricing is dropping too, BMW is $400 over invoice. FYO to all may be able to do better..but start there. I'm getting close to my comfort zone now. The BMW dealer in Atlanta area told me he would order the car with whatever I want for $400 over invoice too.
    Here is the new info from ZAG/USAA after I received my price:
    You are protected at the dealership when you decide to buy a model with different options. Just ask to see the vehicle's invoice price to calculate the purchase price.
    • If you choose additional options, your price relative to Invoice will not change. Additional options are priced at the Invoice Price - not MSRP, so your selling price may change but not your price relative to Invoice.
    • Your Certified Dealer must offer all available incentives off the Invoice price. Your Price includes destination and all other manufacturer fees plus applicable incentives.
    • Your price does not include dealer documentation (processing), tax, DMV, registration, title, license, other government fees, or dealer installed accessories.
  • Considering an M37x lease. I've read that one risk of putting a lot of money down is that if the car is stolen or totaled, the down payment is lost. However, I still want to reduce my monthly payments as much as possible, so I'm considering MSD. Can anyone confirm with certainty whether the MSD is returned in full if the car is lost or stolen? Is it iron-clad guaranteed in the IFS lease contract?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    You will save money with MSD's over down payments so you should do it irrespective of whether you get the money back. However, MSD is a security read the infiniti contract and see how security deposits are handled in case of a complete loss.

    My belief is that they are refunded...and I take maximum MSD's on every lease. Will I guarantee you that you'll get your money way. If you want a guarantee...take it to your lawyer.
  • I wouldn't necessarily do it or recommended it irrespective of whether you get the money back, that's an important consideration as it's a lot of money to put at risk. I don't have an infiniti lease contract handy and not about to take it to a lawyer...the post here is intended to see if anyone has any prior experience or knowledge with the issue.
  • scottw58scottw58 Posts: 38
    edited October 2010
    Thanks to the post here who help with my decision. I just purchased the M56 over the BMW 550i. Tough decision but M56 won with Infiniti's reliability record and larger back seat room. Both cars are great. I ended up purchasing at my Infiniti dealer closest to my house (Atlanta Metro Area). I'm a USAA member but they do not participate. However, they match the deal without a fuss. I was a little concerned because they caved so quickly and may have been able to get a better deal.

    Here is my deal:

    MSRP $67,590
    Savings off MSRP: $6,757 or $1,100 BELOW invoice
    2011 Infiniti M56
    Black Obsidian Exterior
    Graphite Leather Interior
    Technology Package
    Sport Package
    Sports Touring
    Painted Splash Guards

    You all should get 1,100 off invoice or better. M37 is the same deal ($1,100 under invoice). If not, you are not getting the best deal. Good Luck to all! I pick up car Wednesday morning. They had to find my car w/specs at another dealer . They were going to order it, but found one last night. Thanks again to all that helped me. Hope this helps you. M37 is the same deal ($1,100 under invoice). They also gave me $25,500 trade on my 2007 M45 Sport. I decided to finance the balance at 1.9% with Infiniti instead of lease. Plus the $1,785 savings in sales tax on trade, no acquisition fee, no disposition fee, no security deposits. BMW would have been a lease for sure, but Infiniti reliability made the decision easy. I had no issues ever with my Old M45.

    The lease I was going to do was looking like this with Multiple Security Deposits

    MSD Lease 2011 Infiniti M57
    $762.05 per month (includes sales 7% tax)
    $7,620.50 down ($6,858.45 is fully refundable 9 security deposits - disposition fee)
    Acquisition Fee, Doc Fee, and DMV fees included in price
    $25,500 cash back for M45 trade

    It was $890.66 per month and $1,781.32 down ($890.66 is fully refundable - disposition fee) without MSD.
  • pedro45pedro45 PhiladelphiaPosts: 17
    Scott, your deal is motivating. I knew this under invoice day would come for the 2011 M but did not realize it would be this soon. What dealer in Atlanta did you buy from?

    Also, did you trade in your car because it was less of a hassle than selling it? I would think that with a little effort you would have done much better (even with the sales tax benefit) if you had sold it yourself. For me, was a very productive and profitable way to sell my last two cars.

    I love your exterior and interior color combination...that would be mine, though I am considering an M37. Why no spoiler? Have not seen too many who have chosen the spoiler, but I think it looks nice.
  • scottw58scottw58 Posts: 38
    edited October 2010
    Thanks. Infiniti of Gwinnett (you should be able to get this deal at any dealer here in Atlanta). Yeah, I thought it would be a while for a deal too. I had spoiler on my Old M45 (which was a must), but it does not look as good on new M57...It kind of has a spoiler built in now. Sales Manager talked me out of adding the spoiler. I can always add it later if my taste changes..
    I've sold cars at Auto Trader and (Sold my QX56 last year) they just gave me a decent price on trade too. And I guess the M45 is still popular. Sales Tax is significant..I'm 7% so it's like I got $27,280 Private Party ($1785 tax savings). Which would have been about the target price. I had it listed on Autotrader for $28k. Only 1 Call..
    BTW, picked up car is sweet. Done deal.
  • Pedro,

    I took your advice and added the spoiler yesterday. Got it off Ebay for $245 and installed it myself. Easy install. Thanks. Pic>
    <img src=""
  • jngo1jngo1 Posts: 21
    Executive sport demo

    2011 M37 (M37104) &#150; Premium Package, Sport Package, Sport Touring Package, Illuminated Kick Plates, Brake Pads, Hand Painted Pinstripe, Window Tint, and Wheel Locks &#150; List Price $58,540; Sales Price - $51,670
    demo specials

    look to buy it
    or is it a

  • My lowest quote this week for a M37 with Prem(Nav Package) is slightly under $46K, $51k list. [B92] (4) Painted Splash Guards (Pio), [L92] Carpeted Trunk Mat & Cargo Net, [U01] Premium Pkg -Inc: Attempting to make the best offer before end of the year.
    Is $46k reasonable or can I get lower? Location Tampa Florida
  • Bought a 2011 M37x with premium package plus the trunk mat stuff
    platinum graphite with graphite interior
    i was able to get a EPP through my company and with the added 1000 winter bonus cash i paid 2250 under invoice - 46,711$

    Love the car and the interior is the best i've seen, seat are comfortable and the car is fun to drive
  • Got a 2011 M37x Malbec Black with Stone interior, with premium and deluxe package, splash guards, trunk carpet for $48,700 (before state sales tax).

    Love the car. Wish the regular headlights were a little stronger, but overall a great product. Now I have lots of buttons to program and figure out!
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    Is $46k reasonable or can I get lower? Location Tampa Florida

    Yes if you contact all the local dealers and that is the best price... All price are local. The best price in Tampa is not going to be the best price in LA.. I posted my deal in the lease forum and I get a 58xxx M37 for 51882+1000 royalty rebate. But I am in S.F bay area where I have access to about 8-9 Infiniti delear within 100 miles of my home. Someone in LA probably can do a much better deal than I can in S.F.. And so long as you shop all your local delears, the only alternative is wether you want to have a vacation in Disney land and grab a car when you are in LA.. The saving may pay for a nice vacation in Mickey mouse land...
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 349
    I live on the east coast of Florida. The best deal I had was for $45K base M37 with premium package. If your dealer wants to move more cars at the end of the year, then you may have to go into the dealership and spend time negotiating. I could not get a straight answer from the salesperson about the final price. I was looking for a lease and had a vague upfront payment which could not be broken down on-line. They wanted me to come to the dealership, but I do not have the time. Be careful of additional fees added to your $46K.
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