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Infiniti M37 M56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    then you may have to go into the dealership and spend time negotiating

    Not necessary true. It all depend on how many infiniti dealer in within driving range and who want to play ball. When I shopped for my G37 back in Sept, I emailed about 8 dealers within 100 miles of my home and 4 response. And out of 4, 2 provide all the breakdown. One of the 2 acutally has a formal work sheet they used in the dealership that break down all the drive off (registration, DMV filing fee etc.), cap cost, money factor, residual etc. It is easy to get the print out if your salesperson is interested in giving you the information. Their fear is that you will take that printout and go to the other dealer to strike a deal (I don't blame them for thinking along that line. Most of us will do that) so they stay vague... If you have enough dealer around you, one of them will play ball and give you the break down.

    Alternative, you can get an educated guess on registration fee, tire fee etc. and get a reaonable good enough calculation on the monthly payment and if their number is anywhere near your nubmer then it is worthwhile to go in person.

    At the end of the day, salesman is like any worker bee, their time is valuable to them. They are willing to do the work if they are reasonably sure that they will stirke the deal (or at least they are the party that you really want to negotiate with) but if they think you are just using them to leverage a deal with another dealer, they won't lift another figer for you (and why should they?).

    Fast forward to a few days ago, we leased an M37. I just email my G37 salesperson, told him the deal available from And they dropped another 500 from price.. And my wife talk them into cutting another 300+ off.. And it took us a total of 1/2 hours and 3 emails to get the worksheet with all the correct number (we need to clarify the MSD and tax rate, hence the worksheet was sending back and forth a couple times)
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 338
    Not sure what happened to the previous post. I have yet to find a consistent infiniti dealer to handle negotiations over the inetrnet. The dealer I was working with knows I am an infiniti guy, had previous Q45 and currently QX56. Topgun7 you are lucky to find success with dealers.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    edited January 2011
    Topgun7 you are lucky to find success with dealers.

    I think it has to do with location. I live in N.California and we have 7 to 8 dealers within a 100 miles radius from my home.. One of these dealer are bounded to not doing well and willing to negotiate (and most of the time, it is the one that is furthest out of the employment center). Car price is driven by supply and demand. When they have too many dealers in an area, their margin will have to drop and take the internet sales.. I don't think my dealer make much money out of our sales. But they probably can use the unit to help meeting their sales goal.. It is a win-win in my book..
  • ufcpaufcpa Posts: 6
    I've received what I believe to be a good proposal from a local dealer for a 39 month lease of an M37 with Premium and Sport Package. Lease terms are 15,000 miles/year and $1,000 out of pocket (initial payment, tax, tags). Proposed monthly payment is $575+tax.

    Any thoughts- good or bad?

  • Does anyone have any guess when the 2012 is scheduled to arrive the show room? The 2011 model actually arrived in early March 2010. Hoping Infiniti will address the jerky transmission I experienced in the test drive and provide a hefty incentive for the '11 leftovers.
  • sgl1sgl1 Posts: 34
    Anyone have access to the TSBs? I noticed there are a few and I'd like to know what I should be aware of. Here are the ones listed for the M56x:

    Automotive Recall and Technical Service Bulletin Titles for 2011 Infiniti M56x AWD V8-5.6L (VK56VD).

    TSB Number & Issue Date TSB Title
    10-040 JUL 10 Campaign P0353 - ECM Update For MIL/DTC P0133/P0153
    10-031 JUL 10 Campaign P0336 - Navigation Software Update

    TSB Number & Issue Date TSB Title
    10-067 OCT 10 Steering/Suspension - Wheel Bearing Collision Damage
    09-050A SEP 10 Tire Monitor System - Warning Lamp Diagnostics
    10-059 SEP 10 Antitheft System - NATS Security VBC Logic
    10-056 AUG 10 ABS/TCS - Wheel Speed Sensor Diagnostics
    10-050 AUG 10 Tire Monitor System - Components Not Interchangeable
    10-026A JUL 10 Collision Avoidance - Blind Spot Intervention Activation
    10-027A JUN 10 Lighting - Xenon Headlamp Service Info.
    10-037 JUN 10 Intelligent Key(R) - Memory/Presets Information
    10-032 MAY 10 Engine Controls - MIL ON/DTC's P0133/P0153 Set
    09-029A MAY 10 Cooling System - Long Life Coolant Information
  • sgl1sgl1 Posts: 34
    Scottw58: Spoiler looks great. I'd love to get the same one. Can you tell me who you purchased it from? Also, did it require drilling, or is it a simple stick-on, tape adhesive? Thanks..
  • Finally drove the M37 over the weekend, and the salesperson mentioned that there will be no new 2011's coming in and they are expecting 2012's very soon. He also mentioned that Infiniti has some great program for the dealerships and salespeople who meet certain numbers this month. Checked zag this moring and it quoted $44714 for Base M37 with premuim package. That's $2500 BELOW invoice.

    Are the dealers now going to be moving out the 2011's, or is it a little early yet? I would love to wait a month or two, but if the deals are going to be aggresive on 2011's I will buy now. Thoughts?
  • I've been negotiating with a local dealer over the internet for a 2011 M37 with premium and tech. I have gotten him down to $635/mo for a zero-down (except first month payment), 10k/yr, 39-month lease. The car also has the illuminated kick plates. This deal includes owner loyalty and tax credits, but I am told dealer cash is not available in conjunction with those.

    Is this a good deal based on what others are seeing? I am being told that the tax credits may be ended on the M and moved to a different model any day by Infiniti. Not sure whether to believe that.

    Better of waiting for the 2012s? I'd need to get something by June as my current lease ends.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    I have been looking to purchase a M37 using sites such as American Express and Overstocked Cars. com and True Car .com. I live in the state of Fla and the quoted price for this vehicle before taxes is $43,563

    I checked into the idea of buying the same vehicle using the same sites in Savannah Ga. and the quoted price was $41,312 The difference being $2,251 well worth the trip to Ga.

    I flew up to New Jersey last year to purchase my 2010 Sequoia as South East Toyota would not sell me the vehicle with the 5.7 l liter engine unless it was the flex fuel version.
    The price for this vehicle in New Jersey was $500 less than Fla dealers and I got 1300 more selling my old Sequoia to a private party well worth the trip to New Jersey.

    Anyone know why buying a new vehicle in Fla is more expensive than Georiga or New Jersey?
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    Anyone know why buying a new vehicle in Fla is more expensive than Georiga or New Jersey?

    It is a supply and demand issue at your local dealer. Generally if there are more dealerships in a given city, they are more willing to discount.. If you only has one dealership in town and they are selling every car they get with full MSRP, it is hard press to think that you will get any discount. Also there are regional preference on different model cars (e.g. 4 wheel drive is propolar in NE but hardly needed in California)...
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    edited March 2011
    I read your post and and thought your idea of supply and demand was most likely the right answer.

    According to Edmunds the inventory levels for all Inifinity vehicles with in a fifty mile radius of Savanah, Ga is 26 vehicles, none of which are the M37 model.

    The number of infinity vehicles with in a fifty mile radius of Boca Raton, Fl is 517 vehicles and 42 of those vehicles are the M37 model

    The supply and demand answer in this case has nothing to do with the price difference between states.

    I know South East Toyota is the distributator for a five state area and they control all sales in this five state area.The dealers in this area are charged at least a 500.00 dollar admistrative fee by (SET)on every vehicle that is sold in this five state area. The Sequoia I purchased in New Jersey did not have this 500 dollar fee as the dealership bought the vehicle directly from Toyota Motor Sales USA .
    The cost of the vehicle to the dealer in New Jersey was less than any Fl dealer which explains the 500.00 dollar price difference.
    The 2,200 dollar cost difference between Fla Inifiniti dealers and Georgia Inifiniti dealers on the exact same model can not be explained by supply and demand.
  • yankee06040yankee06040 Posts: 14
    edited March 2011
    I have a lease on an M35x which is up in May. I was quoted $54,135, less $2,373 off the price, plus $1,000 rebate for a total price of $50,762 before taxes etc. on an M37x. Should i be able to do better? Should i get a 2012 instead? They said that would be $2,000 more. I am in central ct.
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    edited March 2011
    I would suggest using True Overstocked .com cars, or American Express in locating a dealer to buy from.

    I checked the price for a 2011 AWD M37 in the 06120 zip code area (Hartford Ct. ) and was quoted $43,813 or $6,262 off sticker. This price was with no added options. I used the American Express site and Truecars .com. site.

    I was able to use Overstocked cars .com last year to special order a Toyota Sequoia. I had three dealers competing for the sale offering deals with in $100 dollars of each other.

    Good luck
  • Well, i ended up buying a 2012 M37x -msrp of $54,785 for $49,500 (plus sales tax of $2,970 and misc fees (regist. etc) of $257) for a total of $52,727).
  • sgl1sgl1 Posts: 34
    Can't believe the 2012s are out already. It's only March.. Most manufactures wait till Sept. / Oct. ...Any changes / updates from the 2011s?
  • Got another $650 off. no changes that i can see - i think wheel rims are different, and they no longer have slate blue. Not aware of anything else.
  • jakbarjakbar Posts: 12
    I have an internet offer for a remaining 2011 M37x with Premium, Technology, Illuminated Kick Plates, and Splash Guards. MSRP $56,585 and asking $51,853. According to, Dealer cost is $50,105. Invoice is $52,226 so this is about $400 under invoice. I haven't asked them about my trade-in yet. Anyone have thoughts on this deal? Do I still have negotiation room or should I just jump on this.
  • luquinonluquinon Posts: 1

    In the process of trying to get a 2012 m37x with premium package. Need ton give 4k down and payment is for 625 a Month. Is this a good deal ? Thanks
  • geplgepl Posts: 2
    I have been quoted the following: 2012 M56x with deluxe touring and technology packages; 39 month lease; 15,000 miles / yr; $3,500 down; $992 a month. Seems high. Any feedback?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    edited June 2011
    That certainly does sound high....ask the dealer for the residual value he is using, the money factor he is using....and any other charges they are adding to the car itself (administrative fees, etc). Also ask if they are using Infinity Financial for the deal....sounds like they are using some other bank. Does the payment you were quoted include tax? (if so, what's the tax rate in your area).

    If you do lease the car, do NOT put any money down. Read back in this forum of the m37 forum about multiple security deposits which will save you money using the same $3500.
  • geplgepl Posts: 2
    Includes tax at 6.25%. This was the first offer and I am trying to determine if anyone has leased a similar vehicle so I can determine a fair price. They are stating a sale price of approx. $70,000.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Why don't you use Edmunds or Kelley Blue book to find the "typical" selling price....that at least gives you a starting point for what they should actually be charging you for the car....$70K is MSRP (actually it' may be above). But we need to know the other information that pertains to the lease.

    Sounds like they just high balled you assuming you are a typical buyer who doesn't understand leasing. If all they want to tell you is the monthly payment, walk out and find another dealer.
  • I have a deal for a new 2012 M37 with premium package, carpeted trunk mat/first aid kit, and illuminated kick plates - MSRP $52,505 - for $45,999 before tax and fees. That's about $2,250 under invoice. This is in the Los Angeles area.
  • What dealership? Any other info. on who to contact would be great.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    Just leased a 2012 M35h hybrid with Premium package. The residuals for this car are fantastic -- 61% for 36 months with 12K miles a year. I took advantage of the multiple security deposit offer to drop my interest rate by more than 2% by making 9 refundable security deposits.

    The price was $1,500 under invoice. With no money down my lease payment is an unbelievable $553!

    I currently drive a 2007 Lexus GS450h, and thought about waiting for the 2013 GS hybrid. But I figured that my lease payments would be roughly twice as high due to the much higher price and much lower residuals on the GS.
  • Nice deal and I'm glad to see you took the multiple security deposits..very smart. Best of luck with the new car.
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