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Infiniti M37 M56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I got it at Glendale Infiniti. Talk to Gino or Bobbi.
  • infiniti_man1infiniti_man1 Posts: 3
    edited September 2011
    Just got a M37s 2012 sport and premium packages
    Msrp $56,325
    Cap including aqu. Fee 51400
    Res $34,358
    Money factor .00141
    $1,000 incentive
    Fees $790
    Payment $565 + $33 (6%) = $599 per month
    upfront money $1,355
    12,000 miles
    36 months

    My advice is shop the quotes by email to 5 or 6 dealers in your area and make sure to take your time. It took me 10 days but it got done. Use to calculate the payments and email quote to new sales manager at dealer. You will start having responses without the typical pressure you get when buying in person.

    Give them the downpayment over the phone with a credit card and have them prep car for pickup. When you go into the dealer ask them to give you the paperwork and take it and go with it to a caffee and read it all. Then go back to the dealer and sign the papers if it All looks good.

    Make sure you shop on your own term. Going to a dealer before you strike a deal it is not shopping on your own terms.

    I hope this is the best Deal i could get and i hope this helps everyone else with their shopping process.

    Good Luck!
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    Next time you may want to consider making multiple security deposits. It's a great way to lower your payment. In my case (see my post earlier) the total return on the refundable deposits money is about 50% - 60% over three years.
  • skinsfan2skinsfan2 Posts: 4
    edited September 2011
    Here is where I am from the dealer on a 2012 M37x (Tech, Prem, Kick Plts, Spl Gds, Trunk Mat):

    39 Mths, 10K Miles/Yr
    MSRP = $57,805
    Negotiated Price = $52,855 (incl Dest Fee)
    Residual = $34,927
    MF = was told 0.00119
    1st Pymt = $1,500 (1st Month, Acq Fee?)
    Motnhly Pymt = $676/Mth
    Security Deposits = 0

    I did look at multiple SDs (max is 9 which made the most sense if I were to do it) which costs $6,300 on top of $1,500 and lowered payment to $599/Mth. Leaning towards keeping the $6,300 and use for other things/future pymts and I know I'm missing out on monthly savings, but don't want to shell out an add'l $6,300 right now.

    Looking to buy car at end of lease. Lease seemed like a great way to get much lower payments. 1st time leasing experience so need assistance.

    Good Deal? Advice?

    Thanks much!
  • gmasuccigmasucci Posts: 2
    edited September 2011
    I am currently negotiating a deal for the same car:

    a 2012 M37x (Tech, Prem, Kick Plts, Spl Gds, Trunk Mat & maint package):

    39 Mths, 12K Miles/Yr
    MSRP = $57,805
    Negotiated Price = $49,199 (incl Dest Fee & maint. for 39 mos.)
    Residual = $33,433.25
    MF = was told 0.00169
    1st Pymt = $1,837.87 (1st Month, Acq Fee, reg., bank fee)
    Monthly Pymt = $588/Mth including sales tax with no sec. deposit.

    MF = was told 0.00079
    1st Pymt = $1,837.87 plus a $4,950 MSD
    Monthly Pymt = $499/Mth including sales tax with MSD max.

    Going to push to have the $725 3M clear skin bra thrown in, approx. dealer cost of $525.

    If I get it I will go with the Multiple Security Deposit deal.

    Can I do any better???
  • gmasucci - Thanks for the reply and the info! Those sound like pretty good deals especially the first scenario without the multiple security deposit. Would you mind providing the dealer name, city, and state? I need a new car so ready to pull the trigger very soon.

    Thanks much and good luck with your deal!
  • Infinity in Greenwich Connecticut, although I think I could strike the same deal at near by dealerships as I was close to this deal with some others.
  • Thanks again! You may want to check with this dealer as it sounds too good to be true, but I hope it works out for you. One apparent fact is that the residual is from Infiniti and is based off MSRP along with # miles/yr. Here are the %s that were provided to me for a 2012 M37x: 59% for 15 K Miles, 61% for 12 K Miles, and 62% for 10 K Miles. Good luck!
  • So i am looking at two cars right now,

    Keep in mind I currently have a 2009 FX50S fully loaded
    The dealer is willing to buy it out for $39,898, the car buyout price is $38,804 i also currently have $8k security deposit on it. They would carry over the security deposit to the new car as well as the equity in the FX to the new car. Are these good deals?

    The lease payments would be with 10k miles

    The 2012 M37S w/ Sport Touring, Premium, and sport packages as well as the aerodynamic kit
    MSRP is $58,695
    It is a dealer demo with 504 miles on it.

    I was given the quote of $577 a month with $8,206 security deposit and $1,200 (minus 1k customer loyalty $2,100 orig)


    2012 M37X w/ premium package and the aerodynamic kit
    MSRP is $55,760

    I was given the quote of $544 a month with $7,700 security deposit and $1,200 (minus 1k customer loyalty $2,100 orig)
  • You might want to compare online with dealerships close to you. I used, and I saved $1250 on my car purchase. The site does a good job of finding the best prices between dealers in your area. It includes a price protection certificate that makes the buying process- Haggle free. Hope things work out. Good Luck!

    Infiniti M37 2012 (Tech, Prem, Sports Package, Trunk Mat, Spl, Kick Plts)

    TrueCar Price: $53,373.
    Average Price: $55,654
    Sticker Price: $59,580. =6879424,6879426,6879420,6879421,6879435,6879441,6879433,6879442,6879428,6879440- &incentiveInfo=&colorInfo=868217,868213
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    You wrote:

    "Looking to buy car at end of lease. Lease seemed like a great way to get much lower payments."

    It is a great way to get much lower payments, but it would be a terrible idea to buy this car at the end of the lease. That's because Infiniti's residuals are WAY WAY over-inflated. There is no way this car is going to be worth 59-61% of the MSRP after three years. There will be a glut of them coming off leases, depressing the resale price. You will be able to easily pick up the same car with the same or better mileage for $4,000 - 6,000 less than your residual value.
  • sgl1sgl1 Posts: 34
    Anyone know what the residual value is based on? ... Is it based on the MSRP of the car, or the average selling price?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,286


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

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  • I'm just curious as to why everyone is still wanting this car based on all of the feedback on transmission and other quality issues. I would love to lease one, but are all of these people just making up the issues on the 7 speed transmission and the loud engine sounds??
  • lfgflalfgfla Posts: 5
    I also read the posts about transmission issues. I leased the 2012 M37 in May, and I've had no problems with the transmission or anything else. Maybe I'm lucky, or maybe they found a fix. It seems most of the complaints, if not all, are on 2011 models.

    As an aside, my only complaint was with a dealer- Coconut Creek Infiniti in South Florida. If you live in this area, I would not deal with them. The manager on duty negotiated a deal with me, and when I went to pick up the car the next morning, I was told that the general manager rejected the deal and I had to pay more. It was ridiculous. I drove 30 minutes south to Lauderdale Infiniti and they agreed to my original terms.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    I have been driving the car for close to two months now, and the transmission seems fine. Yes, this is a harsher, less well-behaved transmission than I've experienced on some other luxury cars before, but not significantly out of the ordinary. In fact, it is about as rough as on my wife's Volvo XC60.

    I do miss my Lexus GS450h's CVT transmission, but that's a different topic...
  • I had no intentions to buy a new car but came across a great deal. I got a Factory demo M56S which is impossible to find in the north east. 4300 miles on it. It was in near perfect condition. I checked the window sticker and the MSRP was almost $69k! The car had all options but the aero package and the racing brakes. I didnt realize that they have gotten this expensive. I traded in my 2007 M45S with 50k miles and they gave me 20k. I was able to get the car for $52,500 plus I added the spoiler for 300. thats 16500 off sticker for a car with 4k miles on it! What a great deal. The car is awesome!
  • eusshkreusshkr Posts: 25
    edited March 2012
    I drove a 07 M35 for 3 years and at the end of my lease got a 11 M37. The only complaint I have had on this car has been the rattles and squeaks from the center console panel. I have taken the car to the dealership over 6 times to figure out the noise and finally got it fixed on my 6th time around.

    Took the car in for a free car wash (my dealership provides one) and while waiting saw a M35 Hybrid. Took a test drive and boy does it drive so good. In fact I felt the transmission and acceleration was a whole lot better than the regular M37. In fact I did not even notice the 1-second delay between the time i press the accelerator and engine response, which happens on pretty much all Infiniti vehicles. I am seriously thinking of turning in my M37 and opting for M35h, which is supposed to give about 27mpg in City.

    Are there any numbers available on the lease for the hybrid? Thanks.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    This vehicle was not moving - so Infiniti got crazy and out of no where has thrown $5000 of dealer cash on the table!!

    If you ever wanted this awesome car - now is the time!

    You should be able to get about $8000 off MSRP with this incentive!! :D
  • infinitiluvinfinitiluv Posts: 16

    I'm assuming you're in Dallas. I get VPP pricing and have fallen in love with the M37. Can I do better than the $8,000 off? I'm interested in some lease numbers on 39mo/15k miles yr.

  • Scott,
    Where did you get your wife's G37 ?
    Was this convertible or the coupe?
    Do you know what the lease terms were like on the G37
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Yes, and being VPP you sould get a little more than $8k off...depends on the is simple. You get invoice price minus the $5k IF you purchase...IF you lease you will get the invoice price minus $3250. Residual on 39 months is 47% of MSRP.

    Contact me off line for more details. :)
  • alonzov1alonzov1 Posts: 7

    Do you know if these incentives (5k and 3.25k) rolled into June?. Are these for the M37 or the M56 or both?

    Thank you in advance
  • alonzov1alonzov1 Posts: 7

    Any info on this?. Thanks
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