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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • kuleaid9kuleaid9 Posts: 1
    You can get some different things at, they got almost anything you need and they have places that can install if for you to. They have kits you can install to and have about every car in there database
  • rubicon52rubicon52 Posts: 191
    Had an interesting experience changing the coolant on my 96 Tacoma (2.4L 4). Opened the petcock at the bottom of the radiator and drained 5.5 quarts of coolant (did not open any plugs on the engine). Total capacity of cooling system is 8.5 quarts so was satisfied that I got most of the coolant out. Closed the petcock and began filling the radiator with fresh coolant. Noticed that it only took 4 quarts to fill the radiator. Thought there might be an air bubble in the system but did not know how to bleed the air out. Drove the truck around with the heater on to let the fresh coolant into the heater core. Everything was fine until I turned the heater off. When I did that, the temperature increased quickly and was almost into the red in less than a minute. Parked the truck and came back 2 hours later. Opened the radiator cap and saw the coolant level was down. Was encouraged to see that because I suspected that it meant the air bubble was now out of the system. Took about 1.5 quarts to fill the radiator to the top (now had 5.5 quarts of fresh coolent in the system - the same amount that I drained). Drove the truck around for a while with the heater on and off and temperature was stable.

    Does anyone know what happened and how I can prevent it next time? Thanks.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897, he sells offroad accessories, if you're interested, as well as some good stuff like amsoil air filter. For everything else:,, and just look at the manufacturer site for links to authorized dealers.
  • zmichael1zmichael1 Posts: 1
    I own a 1999 Toyota Tacoma TRD. For about the last year or so, each time I engage the clutch pedal, it squeaks-only when engaging, not releasing. Burt Toyota in Denver replaced the bushings thinking that might be the problem, but the squeak persist. Sounds like the squeak is in the cab and is more noticeable on hot days. I sprayed the area with silicon which helped just a little. Anyone else had this problem? Appreciate any suggestions to solve the problem. Thanks, Zane
  • A strong sour odor emanates from my vents when the truck has been sitting overnight. Any thoughts?
  • plutoniousplutonious Posts: 799
    Join the crowd! My 1998 V6 Tacoma has the same problem. Here's what Popular Mechanics says from

    "Clutch pedal squeak in your 1995-99 Toyota Tacoma? On inline Four models, replace the pedal bracket (PN 55107-04010). On V6s, clean the grease from the torsion spring, and then replace the pedal (PN 31310-35050) and U-bushing (PN 90389-05017) if the spring support is worn. Don't add more grease. TSB TC005-99."

    A Toyota dealer replaced my bushing at about 35K miles but the squeak came back about a year later. They didn't replace the pedal, like the TSB says. I plan on having them try to fix it again when I get a chance.

  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    do you live in an area with a lot of humidity? Oftentimes this will cause a mildew-like smell to come from the vents. One idea to try is to spray some lysol in the vent intake while the vents are on high. (usually the intake is somewhere around your feet when you're sitting in the vehicle) this should kill the mildew. (and the smell)
  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    Not a bad idea from eagle. It's a good practice to turn off the AC and run the fan for a minute before you shut the truck down. If you don't, moisture in the system will eventually cause mildew or even mold to form in your system which can stink.
  • dmullinsdmullins Posts: 30
    I have a 2002 and it does the same thing. I have figured out that I only get the odor when the A/C is set for re-circulate. If I first turn it on using the outside air (instead of re-circulate) for a few minutes, that clears it up. Guess it must be the stagnant air sitting inside the duct work over night. Soon I need to bring it in to have the dealer fix a squeaky driver seat and I'll ask about the odor as well.
  • Does anyone have a good solution for this problem?

    I have a 2001 Double-Cab. The rubber weatherstrip between my front fender and the plastic wheel-well trim has pulled loose. It flaps in the breeze when I drive.

    I guess I could take it in to the dealer, but has anyone fixed this on their own? I remember reading a thread on this a while back...
  • dakar232dakar232 Posts: 12
    I had the same problem with my 2002 DC and took it back to the dealer. They replaced both fender flairs - no questions asked.
  • olyeller1olyeller1 Posts: 4
    I just bought a 99 2WD x-tra cab, 4cyl., manual, sr5 taco with only 12500 miles
    (verified). It's already turning into a love/hate relationship a week after purchase.

    First, the deal: truck has tilt, cruise, CD, cassette, a/c, buckets, console, int. wipers, but no tach or trip odo.
    Went to a Mazda dealer to see if I can fit into a Miata (I can) but no used ones in stock. Then saw the truck in the lot with $13K on the windshield label and nary a nick or scratch inside or out, practically new. Checked their website, which revealed they wanted $14,300. So I hightailed it back before salespeople noticed and closed for $11600 + ttl, a deal I must say.

    Love part: everything my stripped 94 reg. cab doesn't have. A/C, room, options, un-damaged sheet metal.

    Hate part: What's with the rattles? Too much GM rubbing off in that plant? Also, ride is bouncy in rear, firm in front, my 94 is considerably more co-ordinated. The worst? The truck has major trust bearing rattle after 15 minutes at hwy speeds. So does my 94 but it's got 100K hard miles on it.

    Observation: Just after the truck was purchased by the original owner, the Toyota dealer (in backwater Paris, Texas) installed daytime running lights. How do I know this? Because one night while parked checking out the radio, i turned on the ventilation fan switch. And guess what? The headlights came on!!! Then i noticed that the A/C compressor never shuts off regardless of switch positions. Condensor freezes up with resulting ill effects. I'm thinking "Oh God, what has this shmuck done to my truck?". Truck still has a few weeks of warranty left and a shocked local dealer said they'll check out his handywork to make sure it's not a pressure switch or something. More observations later.
  • imac1imac1 Posts: 4
    Just bought a new Double cab thats developed a creaking on the drivers right side seat bottom when turning or stopping. Anyone else have any similar problems with the seats? Would like to know the cause and solution to fixing. Thanks
  • Thanks dakar232.

    Did they change the design, or did they install the same thing?
  • olyeller1olyeller1 Posts: 4
    When I took my truck to the dealer today, i checked out some used prerunners they had. The fender flare weather stripping on the 01-02 models pull out easily. One was even missing. On a 99 they had, its design is different and is much more secure. Go figure.

    Regarding my truck, did some probing last night and found the daytime running lights control box under the hood tied next to the battery. The control wire was jammed in with the A/C fuse in the underhood fuse box, hence activation by the fan switch. The fuse box cover wouldn't even close, all courtesy of a Toyota dealer mechanic. Removed said hokeyness, however the compressor still won't shut off.

    More notables:
    - The console lid is hinged by a cheap flexible solid piece of plastic just like those in 70's camaros that always broke. I wonder when mine will.
    - The factory 6 1/2" speakers sound quite good in the front doors. The very same speakers sound pretty bad in the rear. Anyone know of a speaker enclosure that fits in the area behind the back speakers? No cab space-eating gargantuan sub enclosures, please.
    - A lot of the buzzies come from the front seatbelt reels. Tap the side of the rear interior panel for a demonstration. Even on brand new ones.
    - The ride quality is enigmatic. It manages to be firm and jittery on segmented concrete, loose and bouncy on humps and dips, then crashes over potholes. At least the structure feels solid.
    I sure hope the next-gen Tacoma is blessed with considerably more refinement.
  • igloomasterigloomaster Posts: 249

    thinking of purchasing a 2002 Tacoma 2WD 4-cyl reg. cab in a couple of months.

    a few questions to clear up beforehand:

    1. Are Toyota pickup trucks 100% japanese design and 100% japanese motors?

    2. Where are Tacoma's assembled?

    3. I heard a rumour that Toyota's have japanese engines but GM bodies.... is that true?

    4. How does the 02 Tacoma compare with the 02 Nissan Frontier?
  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    1.)They have Japanese motors & Japanese bodies

    2.)They are assembled in Fremont, Calfornia

    3.)As far as comparing a 2wd 4cyl between Toy and Nissan. I doubt if you can find much of a difference. The Nissan will "probably" be cheaper, but Toys' are rated higher in reliability and resale.
  • igloomasterigloomaster Posts: 249
    appreciate the info -
    actually, with automatic tranny and A/C, the Tacomoa is still cheaper than the Frontier.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    And the Tacoma looks so much better - none of that stupid styling Nissan added. Much preferred the styling on Nissan's old hardbody pickups.

    But I hate the seats on my Tacoma!
  • dakar232dakar232 Posts: 12
    The dealer installed the same thing (no design change). So far it has held up just fine. What really cracked me up was that they replaced both front fender flares when only one was having the problem.
  • danno9danno9 Posts: 6
    Picked up my 02 Xtracab Prerunner TRD on Friday. Drove it home and noticed fluid on my driveway. Turned out a fitting on the transmission was loose. Five minute fix but a little disconcerting. The only other problem I am having is telling people about my truck. If I tell them I bought a Toyota Tacoma the reaction is about the same as if I told them I bought a Buick. So I end up telling them I bought a Toyota Tacoma Xtracab Prerunner SR5 w/TRD package. Now that is a mouthful. But then again it is better to go through that description than to actually be driving a Buick. (If you drive a Buick I don't mean to offend.)
  • nadonnadon Posts: 1
    I have a 98 4-WD Tacoma TRD with the manual 5 speed. The truck has 42,000 miles on it. Ever since I purchased the truck used with 32,000 miles, I have a pronounced vibration in the gear shift when in 5th gear. no vibration is present in either the other four gears or the transfer case lever. Took it to a dealer and the service manager did not think the vibration was severe enough to warrant investigation. The vibration is significant. Additionally, I have developed a leak at the front output shaft of the transfer case. Has anyone had or heard of such problems??? thanks in advance for your comments.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Take it to the dealer once again. If they decline, get in touch with your regional toyota rep.
    While you are at it, go to and ask guys on message boards there. We got a lot fo people who know the mechanical side way better than me.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Just tell them that you've got a Toyota truck that sits higher than their car, AND you can offroad in it. If they don't believe you, challenge them to hop some curbs, and see who does the most :)
  • ochizonochizon Posts: 25
    What wrong with a regular ole' Tacoma? And my Grandfather drove a buick, god rest his soul! :)

    Its interesting that danno and nadon, each anagrams of the other, posted in sucession...

    Is it a sign?
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    who in the world equates a tacoma with a Buick?
  • danno9danno9 Posts: 6
    I took my Prerunner TRD back to the dealer today for another problem. Second trip to the dealer since last Friday when I bought it. There is a noise coming from the engine compartment at 1500 RPM whenever the A/C is turned on. Truck does not have to be moving and it is very easy to replicate. I can only describe the noise as sounding like an owl hoot only constant. The dealer tried messing with the fan settings and the vent settings. No change. Took it back into their shop for over an hour and brought back to me saying they don't know what is causing it. Next Monday I have to take it back in because the traveling factory "Goto Guy" will be there. Anybody else had a problem like this? I am beginning to wonder about this truck now. I own 3 Toyotas and a Lexus so you know I love their products. Just can't help but worry a little about this brand new truck. One other problem that I was told is normal is the little bump I get from the rearend whenever I take my foot off the brake. Feels like driveline slop. Is everyone else experiencing this same problem? Am I bringing up old material here?

    Ochizon. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a plain old Tacoma. My daughter drives the 98 that I am still paying for. As for the Buick I was just trying to compare what I felt was unexciting as opposed to exciting. No doubt somewhere in my extended family somebody is driving a Buick.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    No idea on AC: mine doesn't do this, and even if it did, I'd not know because I run AC once in a blue moon.
    As far as bump goes: called axle wrap, happens to everyone. THere are things you can do to fix it (not completely), but it's normal.
  • eomckameyeomckamey Posts: 26
    Have new Tacoma, regular cab, 2.4 engine. Note that the Toyota "Owner's Manual" doesn't show location of automatic trans. dipstick nor say anything about periodically cking fluid level.

    The dipstick is located down below (and I mean down below) the driver's side of engine....almost a hazard to reach same. Just enough room for one hand to slip down alongside the intake manifold to even touch the top of dipstick. What a "human engineering" miscue....rel. the placement of this item that should be easily ck'd and periodically accomplished. :-(
  • humestonhumeston Posts: 5
    Bought my Tacoma Crew Cab 4x4 this last Friday. I asked the dealer if there were skid plates available for the trans and transfer case. Response was "don't know"! It came with the front skid plate but I would like to get the others as we do go off road here in the high desert of southern Idaho. Does anyone know of any after market suppliers I can order from. Thanks Mike
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