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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • come to think of it, yes the de fogger was on

    However, in todays day and age that shouldnt affect things with all the advanced electronics on this truck or for that matter any car. Something that bears watching to see if it has to go in.

  • Hi - I am having the same problem on my 97 Tacoma 4x4 v6 125K miles. I have looked at the clutch pedal assembly and I don't see anything loose or broken. I am wondering if there is a hidden spring somewhere that has failed, or there is a pressure issue with the clutch itself. I don't think the clutch is engaging completely since I started having this problem. I have had problems shifting into first gear but once I am rolling it shifts smoothly.
  • cosmo5cosmo5 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem, the gas mileage has dropped. I took the truck to a dealer and they said the mileage has dropped because of the year(old truck).
    I have been using premium gas with iridium plugs. I wonder if the catalyctic
    converter is going. Let me know what you find out.
  • Need help solving problem with Tacoma 2.7 with newly installed AEM intake. Truck idles rough and triggers the check engine light each time i come to a stop. Cleaned the MAF and still have the same problem... Anyone had touble with aftermarket intakes on the Tacoma? I don't want to take it to the dealer and would like to know what else it could be besides the MAF. I tried unpluging the MAF and the truck idles fine, drives like sh*t, but nonetheless idles fine. Help please.
  • sam452sam452 Posts: 1
    I own a 2000 Tacoma, with automatic transmission, having had a Honda Civic before. Up to now, I have done the required maintenance on it.

    Repair people kept telling me that the Hondas *must* have their timing belts replaced every 50K miles or the engine will lock up.

    But no one is telling me of anything the Toyotas must have to stay alive other than what I'm doing. Surely its timing belt is due to go?

    What kind of things must I do in addition to keep the truck going great? thanx, sam
  • I have an '05 Tacoma TRD Sport with 6-speed MT. At completely random times, the transmission "pops" out of gear and back into neutral while driving. There appears to be no pattern to when it happens. The engine could be cold or hot, towing or not, under accleration or cruising. Of course the dealer could not replicate the problem when I brought it in for service and so the problem persists. Is anyone else experiencing this problem. The cure is simply a matter of engaging clutch and placing it back in gear - but this should not be happening. Any ideas/suggestions ?
  • The fluid noise is most likely coming from the transmission lines. My 05 has the TRD Sport pkg which includes the transmission cooler in front of the a/c condensor. This may be allowing an air pocket in the lines since the lines do move uphill considerably to the cooler. Each time I start to move the vehicle with any appreciable speed, forward or reverse, it makes a swashing, cavitation sound. I tried turning the wheels, but have not found that to work. I also have a high pitched squeal which oscillates on and off at any road speed. The faster you go, the faster it oscillates. This may be related to the a/c. My dealer Tech and the factory are "working" on both.
  • 05 Tacoma 4x4 TRD SR5 Access cab manual

    For some reason the manual cluch start is no longer working - I have to use the electronic button to start every time. Any one else had this problem??
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Your owner's manual should have the answers all your maintenance questions.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    Do you have the trouble code number (i.e PO420)...I could probably give some info on it.I don't think you have a lemon,it's more like the person(s)are just throwing parts at it to remedy the check engine light.(typical dealer)
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    I agree w/ Mikefm58 - follow your owner's manual.

    The only deviation I would make is that I generally replace anything rubber under the hood at least every 5 years, other than that, follow the mfr's recommendation.

    FWIW, I know of a number of Honda Odysseys with far more than 50K miles on the odo that have not yet had the timing belts changed -however they are still within the allowables according to the owner's manual. There have been improvements in the life of timing belts in the last 10 yrs, but generally that's reflected in the manual. Follow it (and the 5yr rule) and you won't be sorry.
  • Hello
    I saw your emal on Inside Line about an O2 sensor on your Toyota, I know it's an old email, but I was just wondering if you ever got a response, or fixed the problem. I have a 95 Tacoma that the engine light is on, and the dealer told me the O2 sensor needs replacing.
    A friend was going to check/test it, like u said in your email. Were u able to test it or identify any problem?
    I'll probably just end up replacing them, but like u said... they are pricey! But, if I don't have to, that would be great!
  • I have a 2000 toyota tacoma prerunner sr5. it is 2.7 l. 4 cylinder, 2wd. After market instalations included: stereo head unit, Speakers, alram, cylinders to allow power locks in accordance to the alarm. All were installed by a toyota professional. It took about 2 months to pout everything in, and worked for about 2 months more.

    Soon after the first 2 months, my alarm started going off while i was driving, my car would not stay locked, my low beams wouldnt turn on, but were not broken. My brights were all i could drive with (annoying and dangerous)my speedometer and gear notifications will no longer ught up, and my car wouldnt stop honking. We took it to an automotive shop and it worked right for about an hour. No i have low beams but we had to pull the fuses on my alarm and i drive with a flashlight so i know how fast i am going. Everyone that looks at it says they cant figure it out. Anyone else ever had this problem? were you able to fix it?

  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    First chk for loose or bad grounds, in the added equipment and the dash.

    If the installer tied into lines that appeared to be ground (ohmed out w/ a meter to be at zero potential to the frame) they may not be true ground. Best case, the added equipment can be disconnected to restore order, worst case, it fried something.

    This is particularly true if it was aftermarket non-Toyota accessories, or if it was a Toyota approved product not installed per the Toyota instructions.

    The electrical systems are multiplexed systems and the old technology of finding "hot" wires and grounds is not so straightforward. The wire may be switched between ground and "hot" under varying conditions and other control settings, but may mislead the installer into thinking he found a "hot" or ground wire.
    [I had ordered a namebrand aftermarket alarm system for my wife's 1999 Honda Odyssey. Installed it w/ the mfr's plug in harness. Everything was great until it started raining. When I turned on the intermittent wipers, every stroke of the wiper would set the alarm off. Most frustrating. Supplier was able to diagnose after a few days and determined that the line that had been used to monitor "ignition on" was dropped to zero voltage at each cycle of the int. wipers. This made the alarm reset, upon which time it saw the vehicle running without having been disarmed. Had to modify the harness to make it work.]

    Alternatively, if the wiring was done without disturbing any of this, perhaps the ground connection just didn't stay tight. Loose grounds have always been the most common cause of freakish electrics on vehicles and one of the cheapest to fix.

    Good luck
  • maxx7maxx7 Posts: 3
    I just bought a new 2006 Tacoma double cab. I didn't want to buy the off road package, but the salesman talked me into a truck that came with it. We like the truck, but it rides really rough. My wife was trying to sing along with the radio and it was like someone was shaking her.
    We talked to the salesman and he said that service suggested putting some heavy sand bags in the bed. I know it's an offroad truck, but it doesn't seem like it should ride as rough as it does. Any body else have a 2005 or 2006 offroad Tacoma that has a rough ride?
    I'm almost ready to trade it back in and take a beating.
  • I have a 2001 Tacoma 4x4. It, too, rides very rough. The suspension is quite stiff. Very good when four wheeling. Very not good when going down a bumpy road. I have learned to live with it.
  • wyckwyck Posts: 2
    I had same problem with 05 Taco 2 wheel drive, 4 door. I returned it, bought an 06 that did not have the shimmy problem and now it does. It comes and goes at 68-70mph. On the 05, they changed tires and wheels but could not fix it. Please let me know if you find a soulution.
  • maxx7maxx7 Posts: 3
    I hope we don't have to live with it. I will trade it in if this is as good as it gets. Salesman asked technician, and he said, "put some weight in the bed"! "Go buy some sacks of sand and carry them"! I don't know if that will help much.
  • jimmerjimmer Posts: 9
    If you go back a few pages there's a few posts pertaining to your problem.
    Your only real solution is to get a new tranny installed. You could always ask them to rebuild i guess too, but i wouldn't when it's that new! Does your 4x4 work ok? I had the same problem with the gears popping as well as no 4LO! When the new tranny went in my 4x4 problem disappeared too! Good Luck, just have your dealer call factory toyota, cause they know the problem exists! When this happened to me we checked the stock of trannys and they had 10 in stock!!. Not a normal part to be caring for a new vehicle especially for the cost of one!

  • I have an 05' Tacoma double cab 4x4 trd sport that i bought in New Mexico. Well i am moving somewhere not so warm... Fairbanks Alaska. I plan to invest in a block heater, but have had no luck in finding one. The dealership where i am at in New Mexico doesn't even know what a freeze plug is.... not much help there! Any suggestions as to where to find a good block heater for my truck or any good winterizing tips? :)
  • I live in Minnesota. It gets kinda cold here, too. All I have ever used is a tank heater. It goes in the water line. Keeps the water warm, which keeps the block warm.
  • morgan5morgan5 Posts: 13
    Looking for help. I have an '03 Tacoma TRD, 6cyl and automatic. I recently bought it used, excellent shape and only 20k miles. I've owned other trucks, but not a Toyota before. I have noticed that when I come to a stop, there is this sort of delay clunk, like the transmission is just going into gear. The same clunk often sounds like it's in the rear end. Is this normal for a TRD? I've also noticed if I place my hand on the gear shift, that it moves forward or backward a little when I slow down or just before the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Everything else is smooth. I've still got a few weeks of warranty, but if it's normal for this model, then there's no since in wasting the time.
  • I have heard of tank heaters but i'm not too familiar with them. Do they splice into the upper radiator hose? What does a good tank heater cost? Where do i find them?
  • bogie3bogie3 Posts: 5
    I like you recently purchased a low mileage 03 model. Mine is 4 wheel drive. My truck has the same clunk. I read through all the posts I could find and have been to the dealer and have never found a solution. I installed traction bars thinking it was the axle wraping and releasing causing the sensation. That stopped the noise for a couple months but it returned which indicates that I at least disturbed the cause. I did take the rear drive shaft down and filled the coupling with grease. That may be the reason for the temporary fix. I'm wondering if that coupling has too much suction and possibly drilling a hole in the middle would allow the drive shaft to slide freely and not drop all of a sudden. Probably all of the owners who have had this problem and maybe solved it no longer read this forum.
  • Wyck: Mine was fixed by road force balance (Hunter 9700 ) You can go the Hunter web site and get a dealer list for your area. I had it done by a local Tire shop but got the dealer to pay for it. That took it from a solid problem to a intermittent problem. The final fix was a new skid plate. TSB AX004-5. If you have 2 wheel drive I would guess that you do not have a skid plate. Don't give up they can be fixed. It took me 6 months and 10000 miles to get this one fixed. After the problem went to intermittent the dealer went to the denial phase. I would say this whole thing was about equal to a root canal. GOOD LUCK
  • morgan5morgan5 Posts: 13
    Thanks for the response bogie3. Your description is better than mine, and it sounds exactly like my problem. Since I have not heard from any others with the same problem, I guess I'll try the dealer. Wish me luck.
  • Yes, they get put in the radiator hose. You plug them into any electrical outlet. You should be able to get one at about any auto parts store. They are pretty inexpensive, as I recall. I haven't used one since I got a garage. When I lived in Fargo, my apartment had a plug in by every parking spot. Got kinda cold there.
  • '05 V6 auto. started running rough about 4 weeks ago. Not much, but enough so that it creates a vibration at idle AND on the highway. Because it's running a bit
    rought it's causing the engine to shift at the wrong times because some sensor somewhere isn't sure what it should be doing (due to the rough engine.) NO check engine light...ran some injector cleaner and dry gas thru with no change.
    The dealer checked it out, everything was 'ok'. They said without a check engine light to give them a code they couldn't really do much. More engine noise than usual too and smelling 'bad eggs' from the exhaust. Not much change in gas mpg tho. Off to a different dealer Saturday for a 2nd opinion.
    9,800 miles. LOVE the truck but this is becoming annoying for sure. Any suggestions?
  • I have a 97 4x with a 6 cyl and auto. Mine does the same thing. It's very intermittent, but might be a little worse if it's cold...I could be imagining that though. It also does the same thing every once in a while not when I stop, but when I take my foot off the brake. I have a friend who used to work as a mechanic at a Toyota dealership. Now he works at an independent shop. I left the truck with him for a week while I was on vacation, and he replicated the "clunk" more than once, but couldn't find anything. He had one of his buddies at the dealership try to find a TSB on the problem, but he couldn't find anything. I bought the truck last year, and it only has 65,000 miles on it. The guy I bought it from said it has always done it.
  • bogie3bogie3 Posts: 5
    It's like you carry the loaded basket of laundry to the washer, you stop and drop everything to the floor. I've been to the dealer twice to get a different service advisor and both knew all about the problem and both said there has never been a solution. Mine is a 2003 model auto 4x4. From looking back through this forum it doesn't seem to matter what model and the problem existed all the way to the 2005s. I guess if it doesn't create a computer code, it can't be solved.
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