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  • masspectormasspector Posts: 509
    Is one of the reasons that dealers do not like giving out email quotes because they have no signed commitment from the buyer to purchase?
  • suzzannsuzzann Posts: 56
    I wound up doing exactly what you recommend, using one of the other internet services to do so. I won't mention which one since this isn't the right thread.

    Had the Autobytel dealer hit anything close to my offer price I would have bought from him. He did beat Carsdirect by a small margin.
  • abtsellerabtseller Posts: 291
    would be nice, but I don't know how you could control it.

  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    Went to dealerships to test drive cars with the basis that I was not going to buy that day (stated that to the dealers that I was waiting for a check, which was true).

    Used - Autobytel (again, they did not get back to me about 2 of the three cars I tried) - great - not bad
    Autoadvantage - good

    Was able to get e-mail quotes, and from there used that as the basis for my barganing.

    Used the phone to call dealerships to see who would give me the best price.

    Gave the dealership where I test-drove the car a final chance to match.

    Went to the dealer to fill out the paperwork.

    No hassels, no pain, just got the car I wanted at the price I wanted.

    By the way, highly recommend Subaru dealerships! The salespeople at the two I visited were great! The one I bought from was courdius, out going, and explained everything well!

    Have had issues with Nissan Dealerships though, high pressure and some sales people seem to be incompetent.
  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    Come to think of it, I did hear back from the other 2 cars as well. One of them was too far from my house but was courtious non-the-less, and the other, I had already talked with using another internet car service.
  • enkelienkeli Posts: 1
    After some serious research for the car I was interested in, I contacted the online buying services, and a rather large handful of
    local dealers by email and made my requests for prices, availability and information. I was quite specific about how I wanted to proceed with a potential purchase and the information that I wanted up front. Unfortunately the majority of responses were either a 'here's the price - take it or leave it' or 'come in and we'll talk'. Some dealerships didn't even respond or somehow failed to understand the information I requested...which was very detailed and to the point. I suspect since a lot of people (from what I have read) tend to use quoted prices to do a 'walk in' and negotiate for a car, that I might not have been taken seriously by some dealers. This is understandable, though unfortunate for them since I was quite serious and ready to buy.

    However, Autobytel's referral dealership, Plantation Nissan in Plantation, FL was very quick to respond. The internet manager, Larry Hering, was not only willing to discuss a purchase in detail by email, but was more than happy to quote prices which were very reasonable based on the research I had done. He was friendly, professional and knowledgable. There was no pressure and no B.S. Once we agreed on a price, we spoke by phone and I went to the dealership to put a deposit on a car which he located and brought
    in very quickly.

    Today I happily drove home in my 2002 Nissan Altima 2.5S and the total experience from start to finish exceeded all expectations. The dealership itself is staffed with people who seem to be genuinely service oriented - and I cannot say enough good things about Larry Hering. It was a true delight to do business with him.

    I know that buying a car can be either a hassle or a dream. So many people complain about car salesmen in general being dishonest. I look at it this way: It's not car salesmen who are dishonest people...only that some dishonest people happen to be car salesmen. Larry Hering is not one of those and for anyone in the South Florida area I highly recommend him.


  • Autobytel,carsdirect,AutoUSA, .....etc are NOT Car Dealers, They do not have any cars!they can not quote you because the DO NOT have any cars to quote. They sell your name & information to Dealers sometimes 2 3 & 4 different Dealers. They are a middleman that you the customer ends up paying for down the line. So when you are looking for a New Car & want the best price go to three dealers websites real dealers. Go the biggest dealer in your area, your Local dealer & one in the middle. ask for a quote from there website tell the all the options colors etc.... Do not worry about what they have in stock it is a new car Dealers swap out cars all the time. Compair the prices Tell the local dealer of your prices Always give your local dealer the Last shot. He will be there for you unlike the Big Dealership. You are going to want to bring your car in for service to your local dealer He will treat you better (loaners etc..) when you brought the car from them. Internet Sales Manager just tell you the truth! :)
  • From the sales side: The consumers say they do not expect the dealers to lose money to sell a car; yet will say the dealer has one shot.. So they will get invoice.. call the Dealer B and say Dealer A said I can buy this car for X ( or 0 Profit) if you can beat them; I'll buy it from you..
    Dealer B: I'll let you have it for X-100 (or $100 loss). Dealer mentality is to try and recoup with corporate moneys.
    Consumer then calls Dealer C: Dealer B said I can buy it for x-100; if you can beat it I'll buy from you instead..
    Dealer C : Of course we'll beat that price.. we'll sell it for x-250..

    Consumer then calls Dealer A : I was really wanting to buy this car from you; but I can buy it for x-250 from Dealer C; IF you can beat them I'll buy it from you.. OK, fine.. we'll let you have it for X-350..

    How far that goes depends on how much a dealer is willing to risk to get the manufactures money for selling enough cars.

    If you see what you want and can afford it; quite simply, you should buy it.. Did you dislike the salesperson you dealt with that much that you want to tie him up repeatedly and have him reprimanded for not doing his job of showing you that the vehicle was actually worth something.
    I have seen this go on for days; occupying several hours of your salesman's time and keeping him from several other opportunities to make a living.
    Yes he is there to take care of you; but at what cost to him do you wish to be.. There are salesman that can actually make as little as $35-50 for selling a car at a loss.. If he's got 8-10 hours into doing the additional running to cater to your "deal" and you tell him how great the experience was.. Then you are simply telling him a lie. You have no respect for the hours they put in; and they effort put forth to help you in both selecting your new vehicle and in showing you how to operate everything in it.

    As I said, if you can afford the vehicle you like and want.. and want a quick and simple buying experience.. Buy a new car, pay sticker; and just don't trade annually..
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,875
    You make some good points!

    But do you know you were replying to a message from 11 years ago....?
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