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GM BuyPower - your comments welcome



  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    IMO you should complain to Hotmail about the spam, not GM. I've used GM sites for yrs without getting any porn. As far as the trans issue, I would advise older people to buy an automatic in case someone else has to drive the car. I had to drive a friends F150 home with 4 speed when they took him to hospital since nobody else in his family could drive it. A real problem if he is very far from home. Also, GM makes great auto trans.......just my opinion.
  • tbonertboner Posts: 402
    GM makes great auto trans.......just my opinion.

    Uhhh, not in my experience. My wifes 91 Sunbird broke the input shaft on that unit, and it was driven by the 2.0L OHC engine. Mileage on the car was about 72K when we got rid of it, (one transmission and two headgaskets later)

    My 87 LeSabre lunched it's tranny at 91K miles after religous service on the tranny every 30K miles.

    Nope, give me a manual every time.

    Back to your topic.

  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    Sorry to hear about your experience, notice I used the present, not the past tense. I also had a series 200 GM transmission like your Sunbird but in a larger sedan that was less than perfect but it only required a minor repair whereas the DC product had to be replaced twice.

    Back to the topic, my experience with GM buypower is that it's just a way for GM to advertise; if you want the best price you have to visit dealers and make them offers.
  • mikesurfmikesurf Posts: 4
    Been looking at the Buick Rendezvous, in person
    and via GM Buypower...true as noted above it wont
    let you build and have system search for the car
    you want....but I think it's a great help to avoid
    DRIVING to each dealership. And, don't be silly
    about phoning for inventory...some sales guys will
    say anything to get you into the store. I have
    found the buypower site to be acccurate with
        The big "But", pardon the expression, is that
    some archaic dealers are not on it. There is one
    dealer here in Orange County Cal next to a huge
    senior citizen's project who is not on it, prob
    figuring that the geriatric set is not into com-
    puters. So, even if the inventory is accurate,
    you may miss some dealers. Similarly, some stores
    just will not acknowledge your request for a quote
    Bet these are the slimy stores who will take 4
    hours to make the deal and then be slippery in the
    F&I Room.
       I shopped Buick Rendezvous via 2 buy power
    quote requests...a San Diego store ignored me, the
    Long Beach store not only gave me a price quote
    but answered my ? about lease rate/money factor.
    And, the quote price as xlnt...met the net guy
    too and he was great. He didn't have exact unit
    I want (dont want 3rd seat), and instead I've
    decided to go to Hawaii for 6 months...but buypwr
    was great with the right dealer!
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    I was told that GM dealers have to PAY and have a
    trained Buypower person in order to be on it.
    One of the larger dealers near me wasn't on buypower untill recently...............
  • bobw92bobw92 Posts: 11
    This past summer, I was looking for a new 2002 Suburban. Using Chevy's website, I could search the window stickers for the trim line and color I wanted. The two dealerships near me each had a Suburban in the color/options I wanted, so I used Buypower to request quotes from each dealer.

    In 48 hours both responded. The closest dealer's price was invoice. The Buypower person was the sales manager. The second dealer was $500 above invoice. Their Buypower person was the Internet Manager.

    I called the invoice dealer to confirm there were no "catches" (there wasn't), so I went down the next day to buy the vehicle. Since there was no further negotiations needed (he did throw in a free oil change), the paperwork and prep time took about 1.5 hours and away I went in my new truck!! Invoice minus the rebate ($2000 at the time) was quite reasonable to me. What could be easier? I'd use Buypower again without hesitation.

  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    I used GMBuyPower to get my Tahoe in January also and, I agree, it is a useful tool and saved me a lot of time.

    My main point was that Ford's version (Ok, I admit it, I was actually thinking of an Expedition until my sanity took hold) is much better.

    I liked that on Ford's, it would bring up a list that compared them to the one I had "built". It would then note the differences, where applicable. The GM site is just so time consuming since you have to actually look at the sticker to see how it compares.
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Posts: 865
    I had a great experience with GM Buypower when buying my Aveo, I was in and out of the dealership in 2 hours, with $3000+ off sticker to boot.

    The big problem I have with the service is the way the search works. Searching one dealership at a time for one specific model? Very slow! If I search for a car, I should be able to choose how specific my search is, and define a searchable radius of dealerships.

    And I would also like if dealerships would post sale prices on the site rather than automatic sticker, but that's just wishful thinking.
  • I've read some praises of the 1st generation Monte Carlos of the 1970's...and like these people, I love them too. I also love the bigger 2nd generation Monte Carlos of which I own 2 of them..a 1974 and a 1976 model. To GM: Why is it you can't learn from companies like Daimler-Chrysler and Ford when they will bring back a very pleasing car design of the past and incorporate modern technology into it. Like the Challenger that is suppose to come out in a few years or so..looks outwardly just like the early 70's version and has plenty of go power and a manual transmission to go with it!! Fords retro styling of the Mustang is beautiful too. Why will GM and Chevrolet not listen and learn from these people??? I've heard the 'so-called Monte Carlo' of today is on the chopping block for another year. To me, there hasn't been a 'real Monte Carlo' since 1988...Monte Carlos are only!! V-8 powered, rear wheel drive cars!! Thet are not supercharged V-6's with automatic O/D transmissions that are basically run of the mill GM junk..cookie cutter cars for the masses and with a brilliant paint job...No No No..Hey GM..How about looking at building a 1971 Monte Carlo for the consumer nowadays and incorporate modern technology into it...I bet it would be a good seller!! I know, I know...the damn EPA and full framed, heavy cars are a thing of the past...but look at the behemouth trucks and SUVs out there!!! No, it wouldn't be a gas sipper and the person that is so ignorant to think it would be doesn't need to keep their eyes off of the Honda or Toyota.....GM should look into this suggestion and consider it carefully...either that or throw their arms up in exasperation and give up to the Japanese autos...lets bring back 'real' American automobiles again....why not??? There are already too many dually pickups and large SUVs carrying peoples lazy butts around and not serving their intended purpose!!!
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