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Toyota Sienna Maintenance and Repair (2003 earlier)



  • paul6paul6 Posts: 14
    I see online that replacing these sensors is common for the Sienna, and other Toyota models as well.

    Have they been covered under an emmissions or goodwill program yet? At $300+ a pop, these are becoming an expensive item to maintain on our 2000LE.

    We've replaced the two sensors on the engine manifolds already, and now need to replace one again.
  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271
    Same here brought to dealer prior to 36,000 and he looked confused. I knew that it was something wrong mechanically. All he told me was that sand got down there and scratched the glass in the exact same place as others said.

    Denied the fact that this happened too all of the siennas I've seen. They never replaced my weather stripping or window. Just blew the sand out with air. The front wind shield also of low quality glass and scratches very easily. Also the passenger window motor died right after warrenty was up. I've seen this on other Siennas.

    This an a few other things, will force me not to purchase another Toyota product.
  • We had the scratched glass too - window was replaced - fortunately covered under warranty
  • dmendez1dmendez1 Posts: 2
    I bough a 2004 Sienna on June, 2003. Today my unit has 49500 miles. Last week my unit turns on the check engine light. When I went to the dealer, they told me that the computer was registering codes P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305 but the unit does not show any signal of malfunction. They reset the signal light, but 2 days after the signal turns on again. I return the unit to the dealer and after 5 days with the vehicle in the dealer they gave me back the van saying that they don’t found any malfunctioning. Today (two days after) the light turns on again. Do you have any idea?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    maybe there is a TSB on it, for example i found this:

    there may be another more recently issued TSB.

    see if the VIN is in the expected range for this TSB.

    even if not, this suggests the manufacturer had a problem with the coil packs produced and installed in a number of vehicles. your codes indicate misfiring (in every one but one cylinder? you sure you didn't omit code 0306?).

    sounds like all they are doing for you is resetting the CEL (check engine light). are they going through all the diagnostic steps to deduce misfiring?

    you could have an intermittent wiring problem to/from the coil pack or defective coil pack. then again, it might be something they aren't seeing because perhaps it is occuring when it is raining outside with moisture being kicked up into the engine compartment? ask if there is something they might do to rule out something that occurs as a result of excessive mosture (spray bottle test).

    print out the TSB (all the pages of it), and bring it back to them.

    hope it helps.
  • dmendez1dmendez1 Posts: 2
    Thanks a lot. I hope that this information may help me.
  • If any 2001/2202 Sienna owners get a chance to inspect the rubber bushings in their suspension assembly (as seen on attached photos) in their Siennas it would be appreciated. Bear in mind we did not have any warning that there was a problem - no vibrations or bumps. It was only found when the dealer was dealing with the front brake pads at 88000 kms. A previous maintenance inspection at 72000 kms did not reveal any problems. We were told this was potentially dangerous to drive with this condition.

    Photos of units at
  • chacagochacago Posts: 4
    Need some responses from 2003/02 sienna owners who have pulled boats. I'm going to be pulling between 2500-3000 lbs. Yes I know I should have an SUV but I have a van please only replies from expierences, help would be appreciated.
  • Deepan,
    I just found your post.
    we have the same thing on our 2000 sienna since new.
    i think that this causes the van to wander and other things.

    what did you do to fix the problem?
  • hwolfehwolfe Posts: 3
    Hi all,

    I've recently bought a used 2002 Sienna, and I have 2 questions on noises:

    1. There's an intermittent noise coming from my steering column that occurs occasionally when I steer in either direction. It sounds a little like a spring winding or some wires moving around. Anyone else experience this? Know what it is? Is it something to worry about?

    2. Both power windows make noises - but different ones. The driver side makes a buzzing sound going down, but is quiet going up. The passenger makes a similar noise going up but not down, plus on one occasion (when it was raining) made an alarming scraping noise, as thought the glass was getting scratched. Both windows operate at just about the same speed going up and down. Anyone else experience this? Something to worry about? Anything to do about it?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • deepandeepan Posts: 342

    actually nothing. we had the van a few yrs before i actually noticed it while standing behind the van and doing something else. Hasnt caused any wandering or anything like that.

    thanks for reminding me. I still have a few months left on the warranty and i might as well go get it chked!
  • Did you see my posts on the rubber bush problem in the front suspension units? Certainly if these are failing they would cause noise and problems with steering. Very easy to miss if you do not look carefully.
  • hwolfehwolfe Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply. Is this something I can inspected easily myself, or would I need to take it in?

    The sound that I'm hearing seems to be coming from closer to the steering wheel (maybe even in the steering wheel -something like a defective return spring or clockspring), but maybe it is a suspension problem.
  • hi - I've updated the photos showing new units - look just behind front wheel. I've marked the rubber bush area. interesting the metal around the bushes is already showing signs of rusting. Its easy to check state of the bushes.
  • Sorry I left photo reference out- here it is again. You may need to refresh your browser to see new additions.
  • I noticed it couple years back but didn't do anything about it. I would think that if the van sits lower on one side than the other, it would tend to want to go in that direction (as more weight is on that tire). It wandered much more with the original Dunlop AS40 tires. Tire wear appeareed normal, but have now replace them with Michelins HydroEdge. The tire ride much better and wander far less. Alignment is good.

    I wonder if other Sienna suffer from the same type of leaning.
    What year is your Sienna?
  • chacagochacago Posts: 4
    Need some responses from 2003/02 sienna owners who have pulled boats. I'm going to be pulling between 2500-3000 lbs. Yes I know I should have an SUV but I have a van please only replies from expierences, help would be appreciated.
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    mine is a 00 MY. it has 94K kms. I changed tires (BG Goodrich M80) in late 2003 at 60Km and there is no uneven wear. Thats reminds me that i need another tire rotation.
  • broshbrosh Posts: 1
    Wandering- yes a good term. I have a new 2006 Sienna. Only about 500mi. It first pulled (wandered) to the right, dealer switched the tires and now wanders to the left. Gotta be the tires, Dunlop. I have a another appointment on Monday to get a new one. Hope it works.
    But I gotta say, the car has a REAL rough ride. Not sure what causes this but I've had trucks with a smoother ride than this car.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    is the vehicle an AWD with runflats?

    in general, i don't see people complaining about harsh rides in the Sienna.

    it's possible your tires are WAY over-inflated. Did you check this possibility?
  • We have had a very loud 2000 Sienna for several years. My wife drives it all the time and "got used to the noise." I have been driving it the last week and a half, and the noise is driving me batty.

    It sounds almost like a Mack truck anytime it is going faster than 30-40 MPH. I may need wheel alignment, since I felt a little vibration today, but I know that is not all of it.

    I remember it being loud when we got it, and the dealer said it was "normal". (Not the place we bought it (used).

    Is this normal? The noise occurs even if I take my foot completely off the accelerator, as long as I am going fast enough.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    My wife is going into a dealer today.

    We do have tires from Firestone on it, though I don't think that is the sole problem.

  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    nice user handle. ;)

    look very carefully at the condition of the tires. if there is evidence of tread cupping (google it) your tire(s) could be literally bouncing down the road. this can be the result of bearing problems, tire or rim balance / shape issues, suspension problems, etc. it will result in very loud tire noise.

    can you specifically determine if it is the tires or the engine contributing to your noise?
  • We found out today that it is probably a combination of things. We do have some repairs that need done on suspension stuff (IIRC), but we also found the transmission needs rebuilt. The Toyota repair guy said that noise was VERY loud if you took pressure off the wheels/suspension.

    He will be checking with Toyota to see if we can get some further coverage. They offer it to 8 yr/ 100K miles, but we are at 122K miles, though under the 8 year limit. We are one of the "trouble" vin numbers.

    I suspect this was the ongoing noise problem we always had, though the service department didn't catch it before since we didn't have the other common "not starting when accellerating" problem.

    Hopefully the Toyota rep is reasonable (or more) on Monday when the repair guy talks with him. I do not want to pay $3000-3600 to rebuild the transmission itself. I bought a (used) Sienna because of Toyota's good repair record. :)

    We are going to call the customer service line Monday as well to see if they can help get us good coverage. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

  • hwolfehwolfe Posts: 3
    Hi again,

    A follow up to my previous posting. The steering noise ended up being what the dealership service dept. called "a faulty cable reel" in the air bag system, which they replaced under the certified warranty (pretty scary - makes me wonder why the airbag system would have problems that would show up on a used car about a week after I bought it - an unreported accident that didn't make the Carfax report?)

    That leaves unresolved the window noise. Anyone else have problems with noisy power windows on the driver side going down only (quiet going up?) The dealership claims nothing is wrong and keeps spraying silicone lubricant on the windows which does nothing for the noise, but does make a big mess.
  • Anyone else have this problem? I have already replaced the condenser in my 2001 Sienna LE due to a hole in it allegedly from some road debris, now 2 years later the same problem?? What is going on here? The 1st time my insurance paid for part of it, I'm kind of afraid to submit it this time! Why do I keep getting holes in it? It's not like I'm driving offroad or anything!
  • klenklen Posts: 2
    I have had 2 gearshift breaks in a 2 year period. Does anyone know of a recall for this part? My family had me thinking I had a bionic arm, this part is cast iron.
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    do you park your van on an incline without the parking brake engaged.
  • klenklen Posts: 2
    I avoid incline parking and the 2 times that I have, yes, I did use the parking brakes. Thanks for responding.
  • rustbeltrustbelt Posts: 1
    I've removed the liftgate trim before to replace brake lamps, and it's not too hard.. but can the trim panels be removed with the liftgate closed? My latch handle broke without unlatching!
  • Just wanted to report that our Toyota dealer and Toyota Canada has dealt very satisfactorily with our concerns over the rubber bush failure. It reinforces our faith in Toyota products and their committment - the 2002 Sienna is our 3rd Toyota and the most enjoyable to drive so far. Perhaps reinforces the idea that getting your vehicle serviced at a good Toyota dealer is the best solution in long run.
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