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Toyota Sienna Maintenance and Repair (2003 earlier)



  • I have had an '04 XLE Limited since 3/21 & also have experienced a slight, emphasis on slight thumping noise, almost like a universal joint or drive shaft type "Clunk" when taking foot off gas pedal & then putting it back on, as expressed in posts 2698 & 2705. I think this is a "normal" noise & do not find any problems associated with it after driving it over 13,500 miles hwy & city.

    With regards 2 post 2707, I have not heard a humming noise on decelleration & would suggest checking with dealer but 1st make sure it is not a wind noise or other outside noise.

    Post 2708.....yes, I have had the same problem & found it 2 B caused by my clumsy fingers hitting the satilite stereo controls on the steering wheel. I found that by turning the volume down when I turn the stereo off I can keep myself from being ejected thru the sunroof when it happens. :)
    Like anything new, it takes a little getting used 2.
  • I go at 65 or more mph , then I remove the foot of the gas pedal , the humming starts at 62/63 mph & lasts until 57 mph. It stops later or when I hit the gas again. It is not the fender noise or the sound of wind from the improperly closed windows. I observed this over the last 150 miles of the 220 mileage van.
  • I have not experienced any such noise & when something happens only at a certain speed range it USUALLY has 2 do with wind. If it were a problem it would make the noise whenever U decelerated not just @ certain speeds but what the hey.....U got it under warranty so let the dealer check it out.
  • See my message #2558 and a few others near there on this topic! I had what sounds like exactly the same problem and they DID cover it (eventually). They said Toyota had just acknowledged this problem with a few years worth of my particular transmission and I would be receiving a letter to that effect. It took them a couple months after that but I did, indeed, receive the letter from Toyota. My transmission had already been replaced for free so I didn't have to do anything. If you need me to, I can try to fax or email you a copy of it, but it should be fairly public by now, I would think. You never know with car dealers though! Best wishes!
  • My rear heater seems to have stopped working. If I turn on the rear heat, it almost sounds like something is "blocked up". No hot air coming out of the vents at all. If I turn the dial to "cold", then I get plenty of cold air in the back. If I switch it to AC, then no problem -- the rear AC works fine. So I'm getting plenty of cold airflow but no hot airflow to the rear. Any suggestions??
  • My 2002 XLE has the brake hum and slow refueling problem. I will try the magnets on the backing plates. Is this just for the rear brakes? Can anyone who has done the fix send me an image of the work? What size magnet and what type of adhesive is being used? The refueling problem is a real pain in the neck. The only option that we have found is to turn the nozzle upside down when refueling. Just be carefuel not to scratch your paint.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Regarding the brakes: magnet solution is just for the rear brakes backing plates (front brakes are disk; therefor, no backing plates).

    No adhesives - using a strong magnet means that it will stay on the plate of it's own accord. That's why the solution is to use a magnet; it is simpler than trying to epoxy a piece of sheet steel to the backing plate.
  • Thank you very much rorr.
  • The magnet trick works. On mine, I stuck a piece of electrical tape the full length of the magnets, then stuck them to the backing plate. That softened the sharp edge of the magnet and kept it from cutting into the painted backing plate.
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    HAs the Magnet got to be curved or a straight piece would do. Approx how long (max) in length can it be. Anyone have a diagram or pic to show where exactly this goes. Where is the "backing" plate
  • K9LeaderK9Leader Posts: 112

    Remember that this is a forum where people with problems post. There is not really a place to post whenever there are no problems, nor is it human nature to do so. These boards are not a substitute for scientifically conducted surveys. For example, my '98 Sienna has had no transmission problems, my wife's cousins who both have Siennas have had no such problems, our friend who has one (bought it on our recommendation) has not had any such problems, so my "survey" shows an 100% reliability rate on Sienna transmissions. Doesn't really mean much does it?

    Other makes of minivans, especially Chryslers, have had significantly more transmission problems. Read published (print and online)reviews by respected/established auto publications, check out Consumer Reports, and check out the boards for the other minivans (or for any vehicle) before you jump to the conclusion that a certain make or model has a particular problem.

    Good luck!

    1998 Toyota Sienna LE (wife's ride - 92K and no transmission problems)
    2000 Subaru Outback Ltd (my daily driver - 42K and no transmission problems)
    1994 Lincoln Mark VIII (semi-retired fun car - 104K and many transmission problems)
  • deepan,
    I could probably send you a generic digital photo of the magnet trick. But I'll need an e-mail address to do so.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    The discussion "Toyota Sienna 2004+ Problems" will be merged with the "Toyota Sienna Owners: Problems & Solutions" discussion within the next few days. This resolves having duplicate discussions. There will be one place for Sienna owner's to discuss problems, issues, etc.

    The messages from the 2004+ discussion will be added on to where this discussion - Toyota Sienna Owners: Problems & Solutions - leaves off. Unfortunately, we don't have a way to make the messages "mesh" together by date. So, if you get to this discussion and see some older dates after this post, you will know the merge has taken place.

    The final discussion will be called "Toyota Sienna Owners: Problems & Solutions" and will be accessible from Owner's Club, Vans and M&R message boards.
  • sgoodwin,

       Excuse me for stating the obvious. We have the rear heat in our car also. Ours is a 2001 model. Does your model have the set of controls located in second row seat area at the top of the sliding door frame(d.s.). If so, set the thing to heat in order for anything to come out of the vents under the front seats. So try checking your rear switch?
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    I have set my profile to public.Thank you
  • jasdmwjasdmw Posts: 118
    I'm not for the proposed change. When the discussions turned to the '04's, I suggested separate forums be created so that those of us with the first generation Siennas are not forced to sift through all the postings for the new generation vans. My vote is to keep them separate.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    You're only looking at 300 messages over 6+ months for the '04 specific problems. That's only a message or two extra a day to sift through for existing owners.

    Plus the long time Sienna owners have plenty of accumulated knowledge that the new Toy owners may not have picked up on yet. (that was my personal experience when I got a new generation van but read the old problem board).

    Steve, Host
  • Having a problem with my 99 Sienna (60.5K) miles. The engine light is on for the 3rd time.. Twice previously its been the mass air flow sensor, it was under warranty.(thank God!) Anyway, I noticed that the engine light is back on for the 3rd time in 2 months. I want to know what else it could be and questions I should be directing to the dealership.. I am really tired of having to go back to the dealer twice a month. I have always put 93&94 octane in my car so that is not a problem.... Thanks for listening
  • I am buying a new Sienna and would like to get the port installed DVD (mounted in the ceiling). The salesman told me that they have had a few complaints that the screen interferes with rear view mirror visibility. He recommended a DVD system that has screens mounted in the front seat headrests (by the dealer, additional $400). Has anyone had a visibility problem with the ceiling-mounted DVD screen? If so, how significant a problem is it?
  • I had the same concern as you regarding the Toyota-installed DVD system. During my test drive, the screen was down so I could see if it was an interference, and I had no loss of rear-view visibility from the dvd screen. Adult passengers in the third row might provide more of a rear-view challenge, but I thought the DVD was fine.

    Aftermarket overhead consoles will likely cause you problems in this area. I was looking at various headrest style systems when it seemed that local dealers would not be able to find my pkg 16 xle, and liked what I saw. However, I finally was able to get the factory system in a pkg 16 configuration (just brought it home two hours ago), and am looking forward to getting use out of it along with the included 115v outlets and game input.

    The headrest systems can be done very well, and can be cheaper at other places (like Best Buy, Tweeter, etc.) than at your dealer. Getting them at BB or Tweeter should get you a lifetime warranty on the install (the equipment itself will probably have a shorter warranty). If you can't get a factory system, I would go with the headrest style. One benefit of the headrest system is that you can have two 7" screens instead of one for nearly the same price. If you work with the installers, they can set it up so you can have dual source inputs as well, allowing one screen to play a video game and the other to watch a movie if you desired.
  • Thanks. I suspect that Toyota would not sell a car with a DVD that caused a safety problem.

    It sounds like your DVD was installed at the factory. Do you know if there is any difference between a DVD installed at the factory and a DVD installed at the "port"?
  • My DVD came from the factory as part of option pkg 16. I'm guessing that the DVD player as a "Port-Installed Option" (PIO) is similar to other PIO items such as running boards, auto dimming mirror, etc. where the dealer installs them for you. If this is the case, then they're most likely getting an aftermarket DVD system done locally (my dealer uses the local Tweeter). This may end up costing you a bit more as there is another layer of seller involved between the dealer and the installer. You can take your vehicle to the same place yourself after the purchase and have the same thing done, and I'm pretty sure any warranties would be from the installer anyway vice Toyota/dealer even if you had it delivered with the system already installed by the shop. Either way, you'd be getting an aftermarket system. Though you can get a good system, you're likely to run into the rear-view obstruction issue if you have them go overhead.

    The differences between factory and aftermarket systems that I've seen mentioned here and in one or two other places include the two 115v (household) outlets, FM modulation (tuning your radio to a certain freq for the aftermarket system audio), and aux inputs for plugging in a game console or audio source. You can get your aftermarket system customized to allow for just about anything (and more) that the factory system can provide as installers are pretty creative, but keep an eye on the costs.

    This is how it works in my locality, and I'd confirm with your dealer(s) what any differences there may be between port-installed, aftermarket, and factory systems. Good luck.
  • I guess the question I need answered is whether the Gulf States Toyota DVD option ("all in one DVD system with power inverter") is identical to the Toyota DVD option ("rear-seat DVD entertainment system with rear-seat audio and two wireless headphones, and two 115V outlets").
  • kmeadkmead Posts: 232
    The SET DVD is not the same as the Toyota factory installed unit.
  • I don't know the answer to your question. Sorry.
  • If you do merge could you set up some sort of icon or something that indicates which documents are '04 related and which are pre-'04. It will give us a quick system to find docs relating to our version of Sienna.
  • Hi. I have a 2002 Toyota Sienna CE plus. When it is left parked outside (with all the windows rolled up), frost develops on the inside of the windows within an hour or two. The temperature outside is between -10 to -20 degrees Celsius (sunny Winnipeg, Canada!)
    Any idea why the frost is developing and what I can do to prevent this from happening?
    Thanks very much. Marsh
  • You might want to be sure that you are not leaving the fresh air control on re circulate. This would leave too much moisture inside of the vehicle. It should be set to the fresh air setting. If your mats are wet with water from melted snow, that moisture will rise up and cling to the inside of your windows and freeze at night.

    Just a guess.
  • According to the salesman I have been working with, the port installed DVD unit is ordered from Toyota parts and is presumed to be the same as the factory part. He also told me that it is installed by Toyota certified tecnhicians at Gulf States Toyota in Houston. Has anyone had a negative experience with a port-installed DVD?
  • Can anyone tell me what are the possible solutions of an arbitration. I own a Sienna 2002 and I have the squealing brake problem. The van is still under warranty. I am going to arbitration some time this month and would like to know what are my options for this problem???
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