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Toyota RAV4 pre-2006



  • Thanks all for your speedy replies - and alpha, since I'm pretty much of a neophyte when it comes to all these terms, were you saying that I really would notice a difference in acceleration with the new RAV4 engine?

    My Subaru Outback Limited '99 wagon really does not have the pick up needed to merge on to a very busy highway with the kind of entrances on some of the highways I drive daily in the NY metro area - the West Side Highway and the Hutchinson River Parkway.

    fryingbologna, I was reading a bit about the Forester XT and am not really sure what it's all it a turbo? I got a laugh out of your mentioning my ballerina's and their gear...actually I feel an awful lot like a yellow cab driver while I'm in Manhattan and I do want a car that handles well and can move out of the way fast. This is in part, why I thought that I'd prefer a car that was not quite as long as the Outback wagon...the Forester isn't that much shorter I don't think.

    But agreed, wheelz4, it is a dumb way to have the back of both the RAV and the CRV open on the side. Very short sighted.

    Oh yes, thanks for the bumper guard and the photo - that is something I would never have known about!

    I'm not sure if it was on this thread or not - but someone mentioned something about insurance "shock"...and I'm wondering what the differences might be between say the RAV and the Forrester? Naturally, I realize our costs will be different down here in the USA vs Canada...

    Appreciate your post! Thanks!
  • I've tried to float that boat, but the cap'n says, "ARRRGGGHHH!!!". I guess the XS Premium w/ Leather is the cost cut-off! We now have the AWD/FWD options on both the SL and SE, so the AWD SL is about the same price as the Forester XT. The 2003 VW Passat Wagon AWD has 2.9% financing right now, but cost will be in the Murano SE FWD range. Past that, nothing holds my interest much.

    I think I have the go-ahead to make the push to buy over the next two weeks. We are supposed to get 15 cm of snow tonight (that's 10 feet for you Americans!) (no, it's actually only about 4 inches), so I may be quite motivated come 6:30 AM tomorrow morning!
  • You owe me a beer! We posted at the exact same minute.

    The XT is a turbo, likes Premium gas and enjoys long walks on the beach... because of the added cost of premium gas, and the lower MPG (you lose 5-8 MPG going from the XS to the XT) I have given up on the XT. I knew nothing about the Forester until the past year, and I believe it comes out on top in the small SUV category when looking at a balance of safety, reliability, resale, practicality and dorky good-looks. I have never owned a Subaru, none of my friends own Subarus, and I would buy a Nissan yesterday if there was a model with the features I wanted at the price I am willing to spend. I like to think of Subaru now as, "The other Nissan"!

    Insurance-wise, I know the Forester is a bit more than the CRV (not much) here in Canada, so I would think the RAV4 would be in the same ballpark... er, hockey rink!
  • bologna, you clearly have more of a vested interest in making the right AWD vehicle choice than I do down here in southern Ontario!

    I also like the Murano, but my price cutoff is the low 30s, and I'm a five-speed person anyway, so that simplifies things a lot.

    Insurance-wise, I got some quotes for a year's insurance on several small SUVs, including the Forester, RAV4, Escape/Tribute and Freelander. The RAV4 was the most expensive of them all, and the Forester was the cheapest, almost $600 less than the RAV4. Could be you're paying for that rear 'bumper' design on the RAV4 on your insurance bill.
  • I had a feeling that the RAV4's lack of bumper might up the ante - thanks cbmorton. I suppose I could call my insurance company to check it out.

    Have yourself a nice cold one on me, fryingbologna... I figured it was going to be more of a gas guzzler so I will indeed pass on the XT.

    My latest brain storm was along the lines of researching a "higher" quality of car - but a certified used or, as they euphemistically call them, "pre-owned".

    I should probably just hang on to my current vehicle a bit longer - but it's interesting to research and try to take all the info. in.

    Many thanks all, again!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    In case you missed it earlier:


    Steve, Host
  • Thanks Steve!

    What exactly is this navigation system?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Sorry if I jargon-ed you to death. In essence, all I was saying is that if you are used to the old RAV4, you will certainly notice a positive difference in the new one. I *assume* the same when compared against your 99 Legacy, though I am not certain, b/c I have never driven that vehicle, whereas I've drive the Camry 4, which is similar in weight to and uses a version of the RAV 2.4L

  • Alpha01, I understand what you're saying. The best thing for me to do is go down to my local Toyota dealer and ask for a test drive!

    By the way, is the only way to get an insurance quote or ball park figure to have the VIN number?
  • spleckspleck Posts: 114 has 2004 RAV4 listed on their inventory pages (presumably these are in transit), along with VINs. My insurance company (USAA) can give online quotes without a VIN, although I don't believe they have the 2004 RAV listed yet.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I believe that means the NAV covers all the continental U.S. and parts of Canada, Ontheroadagain. I assume the DVD holds enough info so that you don't have to swap disks if you go cross-country.

    Steve, Host
  • I wonder if Toyota had planned to offer the side airbags/curtains in the RAV-4 before the Insurance Institute rated the RAV-4 as UNACCEPTABLE in its crash testing of small SUVs. Perhaps if that was any influence on them at all, they will also heed the Institute's advice that the exterior rear tire is a lousy idea. I recall that when the RAV-4 was bumped into an obsticle at only 5 MPH, the tire broke the back window and caused thousands of dollars of damage. It would be great if a redesign of this rear tire flaw were forthcoming as well. After all, the Subaru doesn't carry its rear tire there.....
  • I think the best thing to do is not bump into things while going backward at 5 mph. Honda CR-V owners might agree.

    Subaru makes fine station wagons, if that's your style.
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    (or something like that!)
    How many SUV's in the US market have a tire hanging on the rear door......CR-V, RAV-4, Jeep Liberty & Wrangler, the Suzukis's, a couple of Land Rovers (though not the Range Rover) and that's about it. How many SUV's DON'T have a tire hanging on their rear door. WAY MORE.
    I don't think you could call an X-Terra, Grand Cherokee, FourRunner, Explorer, Expedition etc etc. a station wagon.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    a very dramatic video that showed the whole rear end of the RAV crumpling when the rear tire was impacted. Why is it that they can't stow this tire underneath?

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • OK, now you've all practically convinced me that the RAV4 is not the best car to buy. The lack of bumper and the cost of repairs is pretty darn high...not that I plan on getting hit, etc.,'s something to consider.
  • Well, I ended up going with a Subaru. The crazy insurance cost of the RAV4 coupled with Toyota's high lease financing and low residual value made it pretty unattractive by the numbers. The Impreza Outback Sport is $1800 cheaper list price, $700 less per year for me to insure, and better equipped than the comparable RAV4. Even has the same ground clearance. The Sube is smaller inside, but that's not going to be an issue for me.
  • anyone tested drive it yet? How is the ride comparing to the older models? I have heard a lot of people complaining about the loud noise from the road and engine, does the problem still exist?
  • Your answer made absolutely zero sense. It is the equivalent of saying that as long as you opt not to get hit on the side, you don't need side air bags. There is such a thing as other drivers who might hit you from behind at a very slow speed, perhaps when they are backing out in a parking lot when you are not around. Toyota needs to redesign this rear tire/rear bumper thing ASAP.
  • With only limited (test) driving of earlier (2001-03) RAV-4s, I can say, with several thousand miles on it. that my new 2004 (2WD-auto) RAV is a great improvement over the 2.0 liter version. At interstate speeds, engine and wind noise levels are muted and handling is great. At 78 mph it loafs along at 2.7 kilorevs and has lots left for passing. On acceleration, power really picks up at about 4000 rpm and I can't imagine normal people complaining about lack of power with this version, but then, I did not think that its 2.0 liter predecessor had inadequate power either. A great, sporty little SUV that has now gotten even better with more cc.
  • spleck, thanks for that website with the VIN #s...very handy since my local Toyota dealer only has one 2004 RAV4 at present and it's a dealer's demo. (By the way I asked him about the "lack of rear bumper" issue and he disagreed. Hmmm.)

    rodkent, thanks for posting your impressions. Sounds like a nice, small, well constructed car...except maybe that rear bumper.

    When do they retest these cars for crash tests?
  • You think my answer made "absolutely zero" sense?
    I'll try to explain: The test backs the vehicle into a post at 5 mph. To avoid such a result, I suggested not backing into well-anchored vertical cylindrical objects at 5 mph.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    Actually, it's spelled capisce! :-)

    tidester, host
  • does anyone have rattling noises under dashboard, and clicking noises on driver side seat and rear right
    passenger seat like it's not locked in place.
  • i just got my 2004 RAV4 last saturday. I did not notice any noise problem inside the car. However, what you mentioned about the clicking noise from the driver seat, I did hear that a couple times already, maybe I should take it back to dealer and check it out. Overall, I enjoyed the first 2 days of driving my new car. =)
  • So it is a Chevrolet Capisce? Huh.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    A "Caprisce" perhaps? ;-)

    tidester, host
  • The rattle is a problem in the re designed RAV 4 beginning in 2001. The problem is really apparent in cold weather climates. Here is a link with a brief synopsis of the problem:
  • Can owners tell me what gas mileage they get with 2WD auto and 4WD auto? Remember to state 2WD or 4WD please! Thanks.
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