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Toyota RAV4 pre-2006



  • wsommarivawsommariva Posts: 157
    In my previous post I said that my tire pressure warning light came on, but all tires were properly inflated. I was incorrect. They looked properly inflated, but I checked with a gauge Saturday and one was at 16 pounds. Reason - screw in the tire. So, the system worked properly.
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    I was thinking that system was pretty mickey mouse, but sounds like it works like it's suppossed to. Good deal.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 859
    I think the lesson here is that you can't tell if a tire is properly inflated just by looking at it!
  • wsommarivawsommariva Posts: 157
    Agree. I was very surprised that it was so low after it looked ok. BTW, my wife has a 2002 RAV4. She drove 16 miles on a flat rear tire, not knowing it.(she heard something funny) Destroyed the tire. If she had the warning system maybe I could have saved a hundred bucks.
  • I got a 2004 Rav4 and want to install a tube bar, is there any one install it before and how long does it take to install it, They want to install for $100
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    I have side bars on my 04 RAV but I let the dealer do it. IMO, it's worth the money to have it done correctly; besides, you need the correct tools. That kind of stuff I would never do myself.
  • lbmcclbmcc Posts: 15
    How much are the step bars?
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    I am in Canada notwithstanding the flag on my name (not sure why it does that) - so the side bars were about $450 Cdn or about $325 US(you should be able to check their price on the Toyota US website).
  • The step bar @ dearler cost $ 478 plus installation cost, The after market step bar cost around $388
  • the way you want them. I'd like to get the sport package but they seem to go quick. Also wondering if they will continue the insentives on the RAV4 to make room for 05's and when do the new one's start coming in. Thanks.
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    won't be very different from the '04s I would bet. Toyota upgraded for '04 so unlikely to add/change much for '05 IMO.
  • wsommarivawsommariva Posts: 157
    My dealer gave me a price of over $600 US installed.
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    I just rechecked my bills and the Side Step Bars were $456 Cdn. installed. Course I did mine as car was delivered and not as an afterthought. Guess there is different pricing between US and Canada on options.
  • only come with the L package. Has anyone installed factory or aftermarket fog lights in the existing holes in the front bumper? Is it something you could do your self?
  • Does anyone know a good website that sells side steps for a 2004 Rav4?
  • totalnettotalnet Posts: 67
    Found mine on Ebay for $250. Installed myself with instruction provided by the "archived" RAV forum site. Think a rachet and screwdrive were the only tools I used.
  • banderabandera Posts: 3
    I drove my rav 4 home last night only 78 miles on
    it and the road noise is deafening. I cant hardly hear the radio. have been driving a small
    blazer for the last 7 years and had no problem
    can someone tell me a possible solution
  • 78 Miles!! Take it back!! Maybe the tires are underinflated.

    Dang, didn't you test drive it before you purchased it? You suddenly noticed the noise after you paid $20k+ for it?

    I've had mine for 7 weeks now and I find it to be very quiet.
  • I've searched ebay and the internet and have yet to find any side steps (or nerf bars or whatever you call them) for a 2004 Rav4.

    It seems that they have them for 2003 or older model Rav4's, but none for a 2004.
  • banderabandera Posts: 3
    Did drive it on freeway and on roads around town
    but I live in country and on a regular highway is
    where I am encountering the problem. I have checked the tires and they are propertly inflated.
    anyone know of any other solutions
  • banderabandera Posts: 3
    Re: no road noise I am encountering a lot of road noise. Please would
    you let me know what kind of driving you do. On the freeway and smooth roads it is okay but on blacktop highway the road noise is really loud. any suggestions?
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    bandera - have had my RAV4 sice mid-Jan and find it one of the quieter vehicles I have ever had considering it's size/wheelbase it is very quiet. Previous Subaru was far noisier. I have driven on city/hiway/paved/gravel and forestry roads. Don't know why yours is noisy??

    sm re: side bars - have you tried your Toyota dealer?? No problem when I go mine.
  • kmurpkmurp Posts: 21
    I know that the decision between these three can be a problem and so it is with me. I drove all three and liked all three. The price I was quoted on the Honda was the cheapest of the three in a model with side airbags and a moonroof. I need a car which will get me to work any time of the day or night through potentially unplowed roads in upstate NY winters even when the plow has plowed in the end of my driveway. I do not always have the luxury of time to snowblow out the end of my driveway before I need to go. I also am driving 25 miles of interstate to work one day a week in a job which requires me to be on time everytime, winter included. Can all of these cars do this or just the Subaru (which is the most expensive in the trim that I want)?
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    ...can probably do the winter job; but bear in mind that the Subie and the RAV are true AWD whereas the CRV is "real-time" AWD which means its FWD until there is slippage, then the AWD kicks in. For my money, I'd go the RAV or Forester.
  • totalnettotalnet Posts: 67
    The 2004 step bars are the same as the 2001-2003 ones. One of the online retailers sells them new for $360 and they said they were for the 2001 to 2004 models.
  • ravnbikeravnbike Posts: 4
    Installing the factory fog lamps is a plug-n-play install. The wiring is already in place. You will need:

    1 LH Fog Lamp
    1 RH Fog Lamp
    1 LH Bracket
    1 RH Bracket
    1 Fog lamp relay (plugs into the back of the fuse panel)
    1 Turn signal / Headlamp Switch- the column covers must be taken off to change the turn signal stalk to one with the fog lamp switch.
    2 Bulbs

    The cost for this venture is not cheap- $350 - $450
  • wsommarivawsommariva Posts: 157
    We have a 2002 and a 2004 RAV4. Seems the 2004 does not shift very smoothly from first to second gear when I'm light on the gas. Also a bit quirky sometimes when I accelerate hard. Anyone have the same experiences? Our 2002 shifts very smoothly in all gears.

  • newboynewboy Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 RAV4 AWD that has performed well except for a recurring, maddening problem: the left rear tire wears excessively and eventually causes a terrific roar at highway speed (actually, the sound starts at about 35 mph.) I took the vehicle in (7k miles) to the dealer where I bought it and explained the problem. The customer service rep. had it checked and the diagnosis was: no problem. I asked the service technician to drive with me as passenger. He claimed not to hear the noise. I asked the "tire guy" to do the same. He heard nothing, either. At the last moment, he ran his hand atop the tire and discovered it had worn 1/8" or more on the inner surface, markedly lower than the tread on the rest of the surface. He replaced the tire and aligned the vehicle, saying that would take care of the problem. It didn't. The vehicle now has 20k miles on it and the wear and noise are worse than ever. My father, a parts and service manager at a Chrysler dealership in his youth, said from the beginning he thought the problem was a bad bearing in the wheel. The CS guy said that was checked and the wheel was okay. I dread going back but if I can't get this problem fixed, I will trade the vehicle. The sound is that loud. (And it is definitely correlated to the rpm of the tire/wheel.) Has anyone else had a similar experience? Does anyone have an idea about the cause and about a remedy? Thanks much.
  • wsommarivawsommariva Posts: 157
    You can go to (or just call Toyota/America)and complain that the problem has not been fixed. Ask them to speak with the dealership. This worked for me. Once the dealrship got a call from Toyota, the dealer moved.

    You might first want to go back to the dealer and speak with the service manager and insist that the problem be fixed, period.

    I could only guess what the problem is, maybe a bad axle? I had bad bearings on my 280ZX, and the only symptom was that you heard the roar like you describe. Whatever, the dealer should be able to fix it. Sometimes you have to keep at it, unfortunately.

    Let us know what happens.
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