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Toyota RAV4 pre-2006



  • 5553543255535432 Posts: 150

    Can you direct me to a forum where I could crucify motorcycles for not having front or sideairbags.Who knows they might listen and not label me as anti-Harley, anti-Yamaha, pro-Honda and motorcycles will become as safe as cars. Far fetch idea? maybe, but one will never know till one tries.Laptops use to be as big as an average American house.
    For the time being ( feel free to contest my opinion), it never occured to me that people who buy motorcycles have safety as the no.1 priority, rather, they ride motorcycles and I have my share of it when I was younger for that adrenaline rush of the wind hitting your skin and that feeling of freedom short of flying.With that kind of delight to your senses, who the heck cares about safety.

    Most car buyers on the other hand may not put safety as their no. 1 priority but I bet safety is somewhere in their top 10 reasons for buying a pareticular car model.Limiting ones access to a safe vehicle because he/she can't afford a high end model like what Toyota does is a gross injustice to consumers.

    Your dismissal of my opinion about Toyota and CR as an unfounded conspiracy theory, is tantamount to your putting down of the opinion of others who feel the same way too. Whatever happened to the freedom of expression. I thought it was just in my country that you got shot because of being vocal. Right now I am masaccred in a smaller scale because I am putting the influence of the net against the powers Toyota and CR.It is not just me who feel that Toyota and CR is tying the knot of deception. Forum member "revit" and a few others feel the same way too.CR / Toyota has lost it's credibility to him, to me and among a few others. Don't crucify me for my beliefs.
    CR use to be gospel to me, Car and Driver, Motortrend, Automobilemag and Edmunds are cheap tabloid like source of car gossip only.Now that I know better, I put them on equal footing with each other.

    Till then.

    Can't seem to find a motorcycle forum and airbags, anyone who can bring me their? Seriously.Am dying to ride a fastbike a safe fastbike since I was a poor kid who walk 7 miles RT to school.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    CR is just another tool. I got burned by them on a canoe purchase in 1974. But to posit that they are conspiring with Toyota doesn't fly in my book.

    Nevertheless, the topic of discussion in here is the RAV4.

    Steve, Host
  • 5553543255535432 Posts: 150

    RAV 4's then. They are unsafe compared to other small SUV's and CR for whatever reason, maybe money, typographical error praised the RAV 4 like crazy.
    The unfair comparison didn't include the CRV and even the ugly Element (it's got sideairbags across all models though). It's like winning a gold medal in the olympics because the judges made sure that your closest competitor is absent in the playing field.Toyota no thanks to CR garner top honors coz the competition is lousy.

    I doubt if any canoe company has the billions that Toyota has in it's marketing arsenal.CR burned you with a canoe?How about imagining this CR burned you with a mini SUV out of the door price of about $22,000-23,000. 16.5% APR. It's got no ABS, no SAB, FWD,(wonder why I got stuck only 2x in heavy Maryland snow).Talk about getiing burned by the hundreds, I guess you could at least have a feel what it means being burned by the thousands.
  • revitrevit Posts: 476
    Sorry Steve, but Consumer Report's bias towards Toyota seems to indicate otherwise; just read their reviews, particularly of the Camry, as well as how they will immediate recommend a redesigned Toyota model with "we assume the new model will also be excellent".

    They make too many assumptions and always conclude that if a particular model WAS excellent or unreliable, that it naturally stays that way.

    Consumer Reports has become comparable to Mad Magazine; a lot of information, but a lot more laughs.
  • 16.5%APR,? Did you read your contract? my daughter just bought one in May, 2004 used with 6K with ABS FWDtraction control,forabout 17500 at 5.4% thru TFS no complaints, whats the big deal? If you need ConsumerReports to make a reccomendation, thats fine, but you need to talk topeople who own RAVs and they're happy.
  • rav4urav4u Posts: 21
    I'm wondering if anyone elses 2004 RAV4 makes a clicking noise in the switch every time the intermittent wipers cycle on? Mine just started doing it this morning and I never heard the noise before. My RAV4 has only 3100 miles on it and so far has been plagued with multiple defects. Unfortunately, I'm thinking this may be another one to add to the list.

    So far it has needed a new charcoal canister, vent hose from the gas tank to the canister, catalytic converter, fuel air ratio sensor and dashboard rattle kit. It's not the Toyota quality I expected.
  • 5553543255535432 Posts: 150
    Yup 16.5% APR for 8 months refinance it later at 4.5%. I was dumb as can be then. What do you expect from a (10 month old immigrant) trusting naive fool, negotiate like a pro? Learned my lessons the hard way. You are right about a lot of happy RAV 4 owners, but wait till they know about the importance of sideairbags in a tragic way, or even just by them getting into forums and getting to be more informed consumers. Some may be bitching more than what am doing right now.

    I used to be a member of the contented even happy RAV 4 owners. The chances you are ever gonna need sideairbags are maybe one in a hundred thousandth maybe a millionth.Why am I then so fixated about sideairbags. It's because It saves lives, and am not letting that millionth chance of a tragedy creep on me or a love one.

    You have a good day.
  • revitrevit Posts: 476
    Can anyone tell me about the safety (crash tests, rollover issues) of the RAV4?

    You have too options, refer to Consumer Reports recent issue and they would have you belive that it is the best SUV in it's class with Excellent crash test if you get the side airbags, or get the accurate view and refer to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for the truth.
  • revitrevit Posts: 476
    I don't think your conspiracy theory passes the sniff test. And most consumers don't want to pay for safety - the government had to force seat belts on the manufacturers because few people wanted to buy them when they were optional.

    Sure would like to see how many RAVs sold last year had side airbags and then compare that to the opinions of Consumer Reports.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    You'll get that information in the Consumer Reports. CR doesn't crash test vehicles, they get that information from 2 organizations the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). You can go to their respective web sites for details. The RAV did fair better than the other small SUV's in the accident avoidance test because of its agile handling capabilities and strong brakes.

    Consumer Reports states that the RAV, when equiped with optional side air bags, is the first vehicle to earn the IIHS's "Best Pick" status for its good results in both frontal-offset and side-crash tests. Please note that CR is only quoting from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's test results. Again, you can access this information on their web site. The information will be the same. This IIHS information is unbiased reguarless where it's accessed.
  • revitrevit Posts: 476
    Consumer Reports states that the RAV, when equiped with optional side air bags, is the first vehicle to earn the IIHS's "Best Pick" status for its good results in both frontal-offset and side-crash tests. Please note that CR is only quoting from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's test results.
    Again, you are failing to miss the point here, the problem is that Consumer Reports also did not indicate the crash test of non-side airbag RAVs which is what most people have to go with if they purchase a RAV4. Point is often what they don't tell you is more important than what they do tell which is the case here.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059 are failing to miss the point here...

    "Failing to miss" must mean he gets the point! Don't misunderestimate your fellow debaters! ;-)

    tidester, host
  • revitrevit Posts: 476
    tidester, thanks for the catch.

    Again, you are failing to see the point (or you are missing the point) here, the problem is that Consumer Reports also did not indicate the crash test of non-side airbag RAVs which is what most people have to go with if they purchase a RAV4. Point is often what they don't tell you is more important than what they do tell which is the case here.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    By the way, is this forum open to car dealers?

    This forum is open to everyone but is oriented toward helping owners and prospective buyers as well for the enjoyment of afficionados. We have a number of dealers and salespeople participating in the discussions whose input is valuable as long as it doesn't digress into shilling and spreading false information. Members do a really fine job of shining the light onto those who cross the line.

    By the way, it's best not to characterize the individuals sharing their knowledge and offering opinions. Feel free to challenge positions and statements but let's not make it personal. Thanks!

    tidester, host
  • 5553543255535432 Posts: 150
    Copy.My apologies if I came out personal.
  • If there is anyone out there who is over the consumer reports issue. And is willing to help a new Rav4 owner.It would be appreciated
      I have a new 2005 Rav4.
    The car drives great, looks great. But one major problem . It is extremely uncomfortable to sit in. I cant make the seats comfortable even with the seat adjusters. The arm rest sits too far back for me, to utilize it ..
    Does anyone have any thoughts. Can I trade the seats out for Leather.. and would this help. If anyone has leather seats are they comfortable
    thanks. I dont know what to do about this. Its only 6 days old, and I dont even want to drive it
    thank for help
  • gogiboygogiboy Posts: 732
    I'm not quite sure how to advise you on your dilemma. As you certainly know seat design is more akin to alchemy than hard science. It seems no matter what ergonomic decisions are made, the fact that we humans come in so many shapes and sizes and with different medical maladies means that it's something of a crap shoot finding a good fit.

    For my fairly standard size:5'10", 152 lbs, quite a few car seats can be adjusted to fit me well with respect to position, but I still get back pain on long trips in all three cars that we own (Rav4, Toyota MR2 and Honda Civic). I have taken to using some of the various aftermarket lower back wedges to make travel more tolerable.

    I'm sure many folks take a short test drive, fall in love with a car only to discover a week or month later that they are miserable driving it.

    We have aftermarket leather seats in our 02 Rav. The original owners had them put in. Having driven other 02 and 04 Ravs before purchasing ours I can't see a substantial difference in the way they feel. My preference is actually cloth because it's easier to keep clean looking, doesn't show distress as readily and is much less expensive, but that's me.

    Besides the arm rest you don't specify why the seats are so uncomfortable. Shape? Back support? height adjustment? Something about the material?
  • revitrevit Posts: 476
    Take it to the dealer; according to Consumer Reports, your situation should not be occurring.
  • jsuvjsuv Posts: 1
    When the engine idles in a.m., there is a slight grinding noise that lasts about 3 minutes. Sometimes it makes a screeching sound at first start. Drive it 2 blocks, and stop, then when engine idles, it starts the grinding noise. The dealer has replaced bearings near the belts, and put in a new clutch bearing release, and still the same issue. What else should be looked at???
  • thank you for your reply
    The seat backs are very hard. The seat have adequate padding, but not the backs. It feels like leaning against wood. Maybe , it a question of getting used to them or wearing them in. I have never had that problem with any toyota. They all have been comfortable from the get go.
    Do the leather seats seem to have more padding on the back.. I think this is the only problem. They dealer has offered to change them (for a small Price)
    The armrest is ridiculous. It seats too low to be any use to anyone, any size
    thanks again
    By the way I am 5-3 115lbs. Maybe I am too short
    for the car????
  • 5553543255535432 Posts: 150

    As a RAV 4 owner for 2 years, I had the same problem.Seat backs are very hard and and I can't seem to position my neck in a comfortable place especially in long drives, thus I end up having a stiffneck 90% 0f the time. If it were an hour of travel it's ok.Im 5'10". On the other hand my wife at 5'6" finds the Rav very comfy.Toyota must have a particular height preference factored in the making of those seats.One thing we agree thought is that the armrest if theirs any is a joke.
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    I'm 5'11", 190 lbs, and I find my '01 RAV a good fit, including the armrest on the door and in the center between the front seats. They work well for me. I'm glad they're there. Maybe they were re-positioned on newer models?

    In general, I have to be careful about my back, but I've never had any problems with comfort in the RAV, including when I've driven it for 12 hours straight.

    One thing I would like - a telescoping steering column. Then I could get the perfect fit.
  • Does anybody know when does Toyota plan to redo the Rav4 2006 or 2007 ?
  • Any ideas or thoughts about new Rav4 ?

    Can we expect a bigger engine ?

    More cargo room ?
  • I have a 2004 Rav4 purchased in June. Like you, I love everything about it except the seat comfort. For me the problem is the way the seats are adjusted. On most cars (like my 2003 Sante Fe LX) you adjust the height and seat front angle separately. Have you notice that if you turn the knob that the entire angle of the seat changes because it's not independent? In other words, if I want to sit high (which I prefer), the whole seat (front and back) tilts or angles forward. If I want to sit lower, the entire seat angles backwards. The way it's set up I CANT find a comfortable position. I'm about 5'11/200 lbs so I'm not that huge. I think they make this car for either women or smaller men.

    Yes, the seatback is pretty damn hard. And the seat itself doesn't give good thigh support - it's too short. To open the power windows is awkward too. Not only is it very LOW on the door panel, but you have to squeeze your arm between your body and the door to reach it. Also, the way the seat is set up, you can't get a comfortable footing on the gad pedal. Its as if your foot wants to go through it. As for resting your right leg, forget about it. Your leg has nowhere to rest and just dangles as you accelerate. A couple of hours of driving and you leg is numb.

    It's such a shame because these problems detract from an otherwise GREAT little and SAFE SUV (I have the side air curtains). It's got to the point that I don't enjoy driving the Rav because it's too uncomfortable and awkward the way it seats. I enjoy driving my Sante Fe A LOT better and my wife uses the Rav which she doesn't mind, but she's not as picky with cars as I.

    Does anybody agree with the problems I have and how did you overcome them? Changed seats? Of just live with it?
  • What I don't understand is how you let a salesperson, whose job is to SELL a car, whether it's a Honda, Toyota or Mercedes sell you on side airbags being unsafe. You're an OR nurse, so I'd expect you to be more equipped than a freakin salesman to make that choice. Plus, nobody stopped YOU fro doing your OWN research prior to buying the car. Do you believe everything everybody tells you?

    Yet you blame Toyota for your own foolish decisions. Even the finance rate. What, you couldn't shop for a lower one yourself??? I don't get it. I suggest instead of blaming Toyota for everything wrong in your life, that you start talking responsibility for your mistakes and actions.
  • Thanks for having me. How can you tell what post somebody is replying to? I just responded to another member who was complaining about the Rav4 safety and the high interest rate they got hit with, and my response looks odd just sitting there without other members knowing which specific post I responded to.

    Thanks :)
  • I made sure mine came with one. Why? Because of the research that I did on my own. Their are literally thousands of sources that anyone can access to find out how effective side curtains are.
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