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Toyota RAV4 pre-2006



  • I'm happy. The blue is a really purty color and I'm a sucker for leather seats. Spent more than I wanted to, but oh well.

    Thanks for the replies. Take care.
  • While I'm thinking about it, can anyone post the correct front/rear alignment specs for the 05? I can only find 01 specs on line. Thanks.
  • Hi peop, I swear I have really tried searching and finding the answer to this on my own, but I just cannot find the bottom line or even many opinions at all. Is there or is there not some kind of bumper guard type thing available for a 2005 RAV4? Saw them for older models (Waag, Westin) but apparently not for recent models. Would consider a trailer hitch if I have no choice, would just like to know the options. I live in downtown Chicago, will be street parking a lot, and think I'd be nuts to just hope nothing will ever happen.

    But I also saw someone say in a thread here that his body shop told him that adding a bumper apparatus may cause the rear crumple zones to be bypassed and shift the impact to the side frame, which wouldn't be good... I'm so confused, this has to be a popular subject, I just cannot find anything. I was hoping to pick something and have it installed over the holidays where I'm visiting. Thanks!!!
  • Thank you Paul, that looks good, and comes in stainless too. I'd seen it somewhere while surfing and didn't note where, but did note that it is by Waag. However it isn't listed on their own site so I wondered if it was a functional flop or something. (Ok, I admit I am clueless about assessing truck accessories!) I emailed them last week to ask if it is still made, and for local dealer info, like their site instructs. But they never answered me. Guess I'll call instead. But if I get nowhere, I am glad to have this eBay link you gave me! This is the best current possibility I've seen.

    Someone at another board said he's gonna have a trailer hitch and horizontal nerf bar to slip into it configured, maybe that would work. (Maybe I should have posted all this at the Accessories board here, I didn't notice there was one til last nite.)
  • Turns out that one doesn't clear the spare tire, but I guess none may, for any such vehicle. But if anyone is out there... What do you think of using this thingy? I saw in an ad for it elsewhere that it can indeed also serve as a bumper guard. (Could even get an available 8" hitch extender to use with it if it still doesn't clear the spare, but suppose that might be getting a bit ridiculous.) _step

    (FYI, that site lists a RAV bumper guard but WAAG itself didn't seem to think it really is available for the RAV. And I don't think it comes in stainless.)
  • The rav4 06-is nice but toyota dealerships in hartford/middletown and all over ct are using a b.s line that people are paying over the msrp. Sure,...hello. Nice vehicle, but not worth paying msrp............, :mad: :mad:

    Come on Toyota...get real!
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    Did you make them an offer of what you were willing to pay (under MSRP)?
  • I was at my local Toyota dealership killing time during an oil change when a woman walked into the showroom through the front door. There was one 2006 RAV 4 4X4 loaded on the showroom floor. The woman walked up to the first salesman she saw and said "I want to buy this vehicle right now". She paid full list as it was the only one at the dealership and their was a waiting list.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    they did her by selling it to her without a mark-up! :-P

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • lilianlilian Posts: 1
    I own a 1996 RAV4. I love it I have had it for 7 years. Great car. My question is that on long distance journeys the seats become very uncomfortable. VERY. Does any one know if this is a feature that has been addressed in the later models? Thank for any feed back.
  • saqsalmsaqsalm Posts: 17
    I'm contemplating purchasing the RAV4 4x4 V6 Limited. Toyota's website states its Electronic On-Demand 4WD control disengages at speeds over 25mph. Does this mean even if one locks the car in 4x4 mode, the mode 'unlocks' at 26mph? I just want to make sure the 4x4 would kick in where the SUV detects slippage or wet conditions, even if its being driven at high speeds. Feedback would be most appreciated.
  • This answer may be on this forum...somewhere...but if anyone has any ideas on this feedback would be appreciated. I know that some vehicles require premium gas, or at least the books say so. Does the Toyota require Premium Gas? And if so, is there anyone out there that does not use it and do you have any problems? Thanks!!!
  • Whenever it rains, the passenger side of my RAV4 seeps water from the bottom up. I have no clue where the water is coming from, but I do know it only happens when it rains. This is the only place where it floods. I have a sunroof but I dont think its from there. I dont really know much about cars, so any help is great! Please help me, thanks you all sooo much!
  • 1st - leaky toyota - make sure the door and window have no gaps first. If not, bring back to the dealer asap.

    2md - my salesman told me regular but the pamphlete clearly says premium

    Now - my PSA - I've been speaking with dealers about RAV4s for about a month but something changed over the last two weeks with customers where the dealers have become arrogant and downright belligerent selling RAV4s under MSRP. One Virginia dealer refused to even tell me the invoice price!

    To my fellow car buyers - DO NOT buy a vehicle for more than it is worth or valued at. DO NOT pay MSRP. You are literally throwing thousands of dollars out the window that will make you a laughing stock by the end of February when more shipment arrive and these salesmen have to actually use their skills to sell. Even if money isn't a concern for you, not being "taken" should be.

    The dribbling of the Toyota RAV4 deliver to carlots (especially for test driving) is starting to make me suspicious about the RAV4 in general. It may just be them creating a demand or maybe there is more than one leaky window...
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Total nonsense I think on logic of prices. Toyota limits cars so they can make $1200 extra on five cars at each dealer per month instead of makeing normal profit on 100 a month per dealer? Not likely.

    Eventually more cars will come and prices will fall. If people buy before then it is because they need it or want it and are willing to pay.
  • Hi All. Recently bought a used 2004 RAV4 4wd. Unfortunately, it didn't come with an owners manual (I've ordered one now, just not in time for this trip). I'm heading to the snow for a day sledding trip and want to make sure I understand any issues with the installation/use of snow chains or the 4wd system on the vehicle. Like, I'm assuming since it's 4wd chains go on the rear axle? Any advise to make sure I don't hurt my new baby would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. NCC
  • cbmortoncbmorton Posts: 252
    We don't use snow chains in these parts, so don't have any personal experience, but checked my owner's manual and it says snow chains on the rear only, so you were right.
  • You might be right Jim. I may have been paranoid but I couldn't believe I couldn't find one dealer to play ball with me on pricing. I've never experienced that before but I took the thought of supply and demand and went out of state (but not far away) to a large dealer w/ massive stock and finally got the price I wanted.

    Now I am trying to find out about colors since I am ordering mine. The website colors are drawn. If anyoen has a picture of theri savannah metallic can you post it? I'd like a light gold but the color is hard to see online in drawing.

    White and black are so hard to keep clean. We already have a silver Honda. SO I am hoping the gold is light enough and not tacky.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    I know it's subjective, but the Savannah Metalic looks great (rich-classy). If we decide to buy, that's the colour for us. Sorry I don't have a picture. Saw it in early December in a reviewer's driveway and at the local dealer last week.
  • samocasamoca Posts: 1
    I am totally new to buying cars from dealers. My last car was actually inherited from a family member and my previous car I bought from a private party. I've only had older cars that I've basically driven into the ground. After looking around at Camrys at my local Toyota dealership, I tried a RAV4 and was quite smitten with the comfortable ride, etc. Had never considered an SUV but these do seem to get decent mileage. Anyway, I found a car listed on line from a small dealership near my house for a 2WD RAV4L 28,500 miles, clean Carfax, at $1500 less than the KBB and $2500 less than Edmunds TMV. (why are these different?) This totally confuses me and I'm not sure what to think. Why would they price it so low?
  • My RAV4 2004 manual clearly states "Do not use chains on rear tires". I have the 4wd (as needed) manual model. I am currently hunting chains or cables, as I plan to take it up to the snow for the first time next weekend. Any other thoughts out there?
  • I purchased a 2005 Rav 4 in November. The ride is horrible I feel every bump on the road. Is anyone else having the same problem? I hate to have spent so much money and now I'm having back pains I hate to drive the car. What can I do???
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    Check the tire pressure - probably too high, dealer did not prep the car from the factory.
  • I have a '97 Rav 4 and replaced the clutch by a local mechanic, at 82,000 miles after I had owned the car three years and driven it 30,000.
    The new clutch, 16 months old, 12,000, is completely worn. I am NOT that terrible a driver.....I have two concerns...
    1) is this really possible without it being a defective part or poorly installed work...
    2) is the common practice a parts and labor warranty for this as the dealership has quoted me? or...will this hometown service station be able to charge me $1000 again?? Should they admit there was an installation problem??
    My recourse???
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    My opinion is that 82,000 is pretty early to need a new clutch, unless you are in San Fran (or other VERY hilly areas) or drive in heavy traffic constantly. It is possible for a driver to fry a clutch in less than 5,000 miles or even sooner. With that said, either the clutch replacment was a poor job, or you really abused it. Chances are, the clutch was slipping slightly after replacement so that it was never fully engaged and wore out. However, can you think of any time (even once) that you may have seriously slipped the clutch to the point of overheating? Let us know.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    There is yet another section of your owners manual that states the use of high traction, winter, tires on the front and not the rear will potentially result in loss of control.

    In fact it can be hazardous to operate a vehicle in adverse roadbed conditions with a significant level of better traction at the front versus the rear. Which is why NO tire shop will install tire studs on the front without the same on the rear and you should always install new tires on the rear when you only buy two.

    Then in the same owners manual Toyota and Lexus will blithely and lightly, with no warning of the hazards therefrom whatsoever, tell you to use snow chains only on the front.

    If you expect to have the need to use snowchains then do as I did and install 1.5" wheel spacers, on the rear at least. Then you can use snowchains safely, at the rear first and add them to the front if necessary.

    I added spacers all around and that allowed me to upgrade to 17X8 wheels and wider treaded tires. 3" wider stance results in more stability against rollover, better roadbed traction with the wider treads.

  • An excellent source for information on the RAV4 can be found in Edmund's Inside Line. Was looking at postings about two pages back and followed the link Full Test: 2006 Toyota RAV4. Very informative. My thanks to all the postings.
  • Just drove the new larger & improved 2006 RAV4 w/ the 3.5 269hp Avalon motor-very powerful & very, very smooth. Steering is heavy-typical for AWD. Very nice interior. Dashboard is a ittle glitzy. Very car like, but almost felt cramped with the center console taking up space. Anyway, drove at freeways speeds in low to moderate winds & rain--no problems--stayed "sure footed". A little too spendy right now, so I'm going more utilitarian, & saving about $4K and getting a Element EXP--which has more cargo capacity anyway--my primary interest.
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