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2010 Nissan Maxima CVT Issue (?)



  • Hi Everyone,

    I recently purchased the 11 Maxima in Canada and now facing the same vibration issue at low RPM when driving. The problem goes away after it passes 2000RPM.

    Took it to the dealership this morning and they said it is normal for the transmission. I showed them the NTB and said it applies to only U.S. Models, and no Canadian NTB exists.

    My question is has anyone in Canada experienced this problem and tried to resolve it?
    Also why would this problem be only limited to U.S. models? Its the same transmission, am i missing something?

    Thanks in advance,
  • I have 33000 miles on my Maxima and was told yesterday that my transmission needs to be replaced. I noticed a whiney sound as the car increased speed. Very noticable in the 30 to 40 MPH range. I also had both wheel bearings replaced in the last month. I love the car but I hope I'm not in for a lot of problems. Anyone else have these problems? BTW the dealer has been excellent at helping me. :(
  • arodinarodin Posts: 1

    My maxima 2010 purchased in february 2010 made 47k miles last week and the cvt died completely.... All it could produce was noise .... It happened on a highway at around 80 mph with lots of vehicles left right and center... Was lucky enough to get to the roadside without bothering anyone... Was towed to the service center in a short while... the dealer warranty of 36 months or 100 000 km - whichever comes first - already expired in february, but on nissan assist site I came accross the info about extended cvt warranty, something like 5 years and 60k miles, which is still a long way to go for me.... The question is - if this extended cvt warranty still working ?

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