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Compact Pickup Comparison: Frontier, Ranger, Tacoma, S10, Dakota, B-Series, & Hombre



  • plutoniousplutonious Posts: 799
    "Yes you can get a nicer stereo in the Ranger and it is warranty by Ford, that is an advantage over the Tacoma stereo..."

    If stereos are your thing, I'm sure a better one than Ford's can be purchased cheaper and covered under warranty by the installers/stereo store.
  • First off the time posted is Eastern Time, not Pacific. So that would make it about 11:18 PM. Anything further judgement beyond that is your own personal perception.

    Second, in your post #535, your quote from a link that I gave is the same link that ranked Ranger #17 and Tacoma #21 out of 25 cars in America with the most purchase orders or price requests made. If you click on any of the 25 cars, you'll get nothing but praises for each one, and most come straight from the brochure. You discount one of the links because it was published by a magazine called "American Woman Road and Travel", even though I showed you a perfectly valid methodology for that ranking. Then you quote another link and claim it as gospel? I guess next time you try to "challenge" me to post any links showing the Ranger better than the Tacoma, I'll just ignore you.

    Also, about 5-6 years ago, I built a sound system for my Ranger. 2 JBL 2", 2 Kicker 6 1/2", and 2 Kenwood 5x7 powered by a Crossfire 4 channel, 400W Amp. Alpine CD Changer, and Head Unit. MTX 8" sub and MTX 250W Amplifier. Total Peak Power 650W. Total Cost (including all the monster wiring, fuse box, passive crossovers, etc) just under $1,800 and a lot of time installing it myself. (Professional installation would have probably added another 4 to 5 hundred to the cost.) Warranties? Ha, you're lucky if you get a one year warranty, and you will pay extra.

    All this still runs today on a bone stock, factory installed Alternator.

    The tremor includes a 10 inch sub built into the extended cab, and 4 6x8" speakers, about 165W less peak power, and at least 5 years advance in new technology. Not to mention the in dash 6 disc changer. Even the Mach 460 sound systems found in Mustangs are from JBL I believe. You will have to go to the aftermarket, at incredible expense to get something better.

    But again, why does that bother you since you have no need for it? Just another option available to those intersted. The tremor is a special order package I believe, with only 6000 ever being made.

    tbunder--->Don't forget, Pluto has the perfect truck, because he drives those flooded streets in Mexico.

    akwieland--->I think the 03 Cobra is going to be awesome. Can't wait to see the Mach I's on the street either, and soon the GT-40 will be available. Ford is doing some very cool things with it's 2003 models.
  • tgravo2tgravo2 Posts: 70
    You must have missed the point completely. I was just saying I would rather have a supercharger under warranty than a nice stereo. Of course the Tremor package has a nicer stereo than the Tacoma, I was just stating a fact. I said it also doesnt make much sense because trucks aren't designed for use of nice stereos, they are designed more for work.
  • tgravo2tgravo2 Posts: 70
    The GT-40 was a concept I believe, I don't think it will be put into production because they think people will not buy a $100,000+ Ford when they can buy exotic cars for less or equal price, that tend to be more reliable. I'm just stating what i read somewheres
  • plutoniousplutonious Posts: 799
    I think you're confused on the time zone issue. If you post a link, you will notice the posted time is in Pacific Time, not Eastern Time. I'm posting in Central Time right now, around 2:30 P.M. but Edmunds will say it was posted around 12:30 P.M., which is most certainly Pacific Time.

    I'm impressed with your knowledge of car steroes. I find the whole "doof-doof" stereo scene and their excessive "deafcibels" rather annoying.

    I agree with tgravo2 about the stereo thing. I bought my Tacoma TRD 4x4 because it is hands down the best performing stock off-roading truck, and it has superior reliability. The stereo was the least of my concerns, but the fact that it came with an indash CD player (in 1998) certainly was a bonus.

    Regarding this whole "American Woman Road and Travel" thing...I can just imagine you and a few guys sitting around talking trucks over a few Lonestar beers when you mention your favorite publication whose word you take as gospel, and then you become the laughing stock of the group, like you are here!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    with personal attacks. Seems senseless to me but I guess that's the only way they can feel better about their one star side impact rated truck. It does get old though..........
  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    I happen to agree with you on stereos, because I love a good sounding stereo and have well over 1,000 cd's so I want quality.

    Within the first week I put in a Alpine head unit, Boston Acoustic 6.5 components upfront and 6.5 2 ways in the back all ran by a 4 channel Alpine V12 Amp. I alsp have 2 10" Alpine type R subs in a competition box ran by a two channel V10 Alpine amp. I must say it sounds really nice and took me a long time to hook up. I couldn't believe how much all the monster cable cost me. It cost me close to $2000 for everything I believe. I should check the receipts.

    It does sound nice though. Who says I can't off-road in style???
  • I've seen nothing more conclusive on the production of the GT-40, other than it will happen. Numbers, Cost, date available as still very unknown, but will probably be in the ball park of the Z06 and Viper in performance and cost...

    smgilles--->Stock stereos are getting better all the time. However I just love it when 35-45% volume is loud enough to vibrate the sheet metal. Everything I have is jammed into a Regular cab, too. But I really do like Alpine. Wish I had their amps instead, but I pieced my system together over a couple of years. What's wrong with having a concert hall on wheels? The ironic thing is, I mostly listen to talk radio now. Occasional CD's on short trips and stuff, but no "doof-doof" stuff. :)
  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    I don't think the Tremor is such a bad idea. If it's priced decently, I'm sure Ford will find a good market for this truck. You can't knock Ford for trying to cater to the younger truck buyer.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    you're right all. another alternative is the nissan, which can be had in any configuration with the rockford-fosgate stereo option. it rocks as well. some people are just going to have to accept that today's demanding buyers want these things if they can get them. and the manufacturers know this, so they are catering to these buyers' demands and wants.

    gosh, i didn't mean to start anything with the tremor mention. i guess it's a ranger pkg. though. i personally wouldn't want one cuz its a 4x2. i just want a freakin crew cab ranger fgs.
  • plutoniousplutonious Posts: 799
    Why don't you just go ahead and get one of those crew-cab F-150s instead of a compact crew-cab truck? You're obviously a Ford guy and from what I've seen on the prices, would that F-150 really be that more expensive?
  • tgravo2tgravo2 Posts: 70
    You are right, who says you can't off-road in style. In my truck I had a Pioneer cd player, four 6.5's, two tweeters, a sony 1000W amp, and 3 MTX 10" subs, of course I like sound, but the issue was that I would rather get a supercharger under factory warranty than a nice stereo system because chances are I'm gonna change the stereo system anyways, no matter how good it is.

    I can gaurntee that Pioneer system in the Rangers and the Rockford Fosgate system in the Frontiers are the bare minimum when it comes to the quality of the speakers/sub and power of the amp.
  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    You are correct.... As far as I am concerned there is not factory system that will equal a quality aftermarket system and yes I would much rather have a S/C warrantied, which is exactly how I have it.
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