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Compact Pickup Comparison: Frontier, Ranger, Tacoma, S10, Dakota, B-Series, & Hombre



  • cthompson21cthompson21 Posts: 1,102
    I paid 18.5 for a Ranger with every option (less ext-cab and LSD).

    My old man bought a Ranger with absolutely every option available for 19.5 last year.

    Both of the trucks came with great financing too. I got 3.9%/60months, and my pops took .9%/36months.
  • I'd like to hear from different compact truck owners as to what MPG you are getting, both city and freeway driving. Especially 6 cyl folks.
  • cthompson21cthompson21 Posts: 1,102
    I've got a 4L 4wd auto Ranger. I can just eek out 20mpg in the summer with 100% highway driving.

    It's dismal in the winter with long warm-ups (Chicago area) and short trips. I've seen it dip down to as low as 12mpg (and typically averaging 14mpg).

    With mixed city and highway driving, it's usually around 17mpg.

    The one plus with it is that mpg hardly decreases when towing around a couple of thousand pounds. I've gotten 18mpg towing my sleds up to Wisconsin at 70mph or so.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    problem room, you will see there are unhappy Tacoma owners also.....
    I live in the NW and have priced the Tacoma over and over and over and over and over and over again for the last 3 years. Not once has a Tacoma like optioned ever been within 1K, ever. TRD's are spendy and go for 24-26K in this region, the 4doors are about 27-28K.
    As far as the OPEN AXLE, truth hurts huh? YOu paid a whole bunch of extra money for some Bilstein shocks and springs and a locker you will use maybe 2 percent of your total driving time. Other than that ONE tire is spinning back there...
    Enjoy the sticker... LOL...
    Resale again.... the Tacoma resale better be higher, you paid more when you bought it....
    We have gone the KBB path before. The difference is not that much, especially when you option LIKE trucks.
    Yeah allknowing, all those people in the Tacoma problem rooms are fakes, Toyota's NEVER have problems, EVERY one is Perfect...
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    You are lucky. The dealers in my area are awful. In 98 and 99 I shopped 7 different Toyota dealers in two states and spanning a distance of 200 miles. Not one of the dealers was willing to move more than 500 off of list. Not one of the dealers would order a truck with options I really wanted. All the domestic dealers were better. Most were eager to get me the truck I wanted for 500 to 1000 over dealer invoice (not list). The Tacoma's that I mentioned in my earlier post 27K+, they were not even loaded, and the funniest thing is that the dealer had a separate sticker listing paint protection and fabric protection that added another 500 to the price.
    It's my opinion that Toyota's are not worth the extra cash, and yes the Toyota's are 3 to 5K more than a Ranger, Frontier, or S10 (in my area) because the Toyota dealers are that GREEDY.
    I like the product, the sales channel needs improvement.
  • Putting words in my mouth again. I have never said Tacomas are trouble free but rather that they are generally more trouble free than the Ranger. I would expect Tacoma problems to be posted in a "Tacoma Problem" forum, however, I just found it amusing that in the Ranger III forum (not a Ranger problem forum) the only person not complaining about the Ranger was YOU.
  • Why would you continue to price Tacomas over the years if you hate them so much, are you secretly waiting for the right price so you can afford one?--and yes the kbb diff IS about 4-5k -- 'nuff said
    Hope you plan to drive your ranger into the ground or else you're screwed on resale-- oh yeah, you've had it a year or 2, it must be on its last leg by now. do you just like to argue? you have no valid points
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    There is a big difference between not buying Toyota because you can not afford it and not buying Toyota because it is not a good value.
    It is like the government buying $300 scredrivers and $1100 toilet seats. It was not because the parts were better quality, it was due to a lack of intelligence. Why pay 4-5K more for a brand name? Toyota Tacoma is not 4-5K better quality and functionality. What does the Toyota do that is superior to what Ford, GM, Dodge and Nissan do?
    I have owned all of the above brands of trucks and I can say that the Toyota I owned had the edge in quality, however, it was not worth the difference in $.
  • it was a sarcastic joke, bud
    besides if you invest an extra grand now you will get an extra 4-5 grand in resale plus any added benefits of owning a quality "name brand" truck
    where's barlitz he'll back up the investing part
  • webbdwebbd Posts: 176
    I understand what you were trying to say, but the government analogy is just plain bad. The government doesn't invest $300 on a screwdriver or $1100 on a toilet seat for lack of intelligence. The actual prices of the screwdrivers and toilets are pretty close or cheaper than you or I could buy them for, but if the government tells us that they cost $300 or $1100, then they can tuck away the excess $1350 or so to fund more F-22's or Ohio Class Subs. This is just the way the Federal Government budgets.

    To some people, like myself, and possibly Tacomasrock or Allknowing, having the best quality is more important than the extra 2-3 grand the product may set us back. When I shop for jeans, I always buy Levis even though they cost more per pair (anywhere from $5-10 a pair more) than the competitors that I would consider buying. The price difference is irrelevant to me because I plan on wearing those jeans until they absolutely fall off, and I know that with their meticulous construction, they are up to the task. I don't like anything that wears out fast. Of course, this is a rather simple analogy, but we all have different tastes. Some want to save a buck or two and some want to reduce the risks or headaches in their lives.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    I've been working outside the last few weeks and its cold.I'm gonna be creating my own website where I'll be posting photos of my trucks past and present and probably future the way I go through em.The ZR2 is a very solid and impressive little truck the instatrac 4x4 is great,I haven't seen any of the new Rangers around yet I wanted to take a look at the new offroad if they're availible, although I'll wait a year or two before my next purchase.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Using the government purchasing overpriced items for an example was not such a great idea. Here is a different approach. Frontier, Ranger, Tacoma, S10, Dakota, are not all the same quality, but is Toyota better quality or only perceived quality. I think the cost difference is paying for hype, not superior quality. In the late 70's and 80's the imports did have superior construction and reliability, this is not true anymore yet the "quality myth" remains in the minds of many people.
    Let me add to your Levis jeans story. Aalfs Manufacturing is located in my hometown and they manufacture denim items. They manufacture or have made all major brands of jeans using the same machines, employees, materials, and same quality level. The extra $5 dollars you paid for meticulous construction is very similar to the extra 1 to 7 thousand dollars that people pay for Toyota, you paid for the Levis tag, the meticulous quality was due to perception, not reality.
  • I'm in a unique situation here because I own both the Ford and a Toyota. In the first few years of ownership of my wife's Ford I've had three recalls, the throttle body replaced and the tie rod end replaced. I paid about 2K more for the Toyota and I haven't had any problems yet. The Ford is a good truck but I'm the type of person that hates to take my vehicle back to the dealer for anything. That's why I think the extra quality edge of the Toyota is well worth the money to me.
  • You asked for it, so I'm posting it. I have owned two Rangers - a 1990 XLT Supercab (2.9L auto) and a 2000 XLT Supercab (3.0L auto). The '90 had 176,000 miles on it when I sold it and was a always a dependable truck and a great value. My 2000 has just a bit over 9,000 miles on it (I know, it's not much yet) with no troubles or complaints. I got a great deal on it last May - 16.9K and it's loaded, including 4 door option. It rides comfortably, gets good gas mileage (about 18.5 combined, 21-22 highway), and looks great. I'll admit it doesn't overwhelm you with its power, but it is after all just a 3.0L and has enough to suit me. I also like the FFV engine. I just ran my first tank of E-85 through it and it got better mileage using it than I expected it to (averaged about 16 MPG) so I can drive it and not pollute as badly and save gas too. Now I'm not going to be sucked into a "my truck is better than your truck" argument, but I love my Ranger. And isn't that all that should matter?
  • Hi I am new to the truck world. Actually I am interested in purchasing my first truck. It will be a used one. I need one as a second vehicle to pull a boat (1000 lbs weight total with trailer) and to due the usual light hauling when you live in the country. I am leaning towards a small six engine (3 litre). I have been told that FORD Rangers and MAZDA BXXXX series are basically one in the same truck except for body styling. Can any one provide me with details and opinions on what I should buy and why. I am looking for a basic truck ...nothing extend a cab is not required (but nice though). The most important thing is reliability and cost. Is there anything I need to know about these model years in the ranger and B3000(?) Thanks all.
  • My 01' Tacoma gets what I consider to be very good gas mileage. Around town i average between 17 to 19 mpg and on a recent road trip i got 23-24 mpg. Pretty good for a 4x4 extended cab V-6 truck.


    read the post better. You said 24-27 i told you my sticker price was 24,500. By the way a z-r2 also has bilstein shocks, are you saying it is not a good value because of this. You know most people i have encountered on this site at least are open minded about topics and even if they disagree are still open to the fact that they don't know everything. you on the other hand must be "The Automobile Messiah". you know absolutly everything and everyone else is just ignorant to the truth unless their experience or knowlege is agreed with by yourself. To me this way of thinking and acting is ignorance in itself. Have you ever owned a toyota. The only thing we "Yotaheads" and even webbed have tried to get you to consider is that your odds of having to fix a ford before a yota are cosiderably greater. You may have the money to fix a truck when it breaks. I on the other hand don't. 6,8,10, years from now when my truck is no longer under warranty i will rest better feeling the sense of security (whether it is real security or not) that i won't have to shell the cash for a new tranny or some other major costly problem. Like it or not ford, chevy, and dodge are more likely to have these major problems before a toyota. At the cost of rebuilding a transmission (which i used to do) around 1500 dollars and more depending on problems, that extra money at the purchase just makes a lot more since to me. Consider this also. Statistically the above problems are going to happen to domestics before a yota on most cases. After just two of these problems you have already spent the difference between the two vehicles. I really don't care about my open rear-end were as it makes no difference to me. My truck does everything I need it to. I also think it is sad that you can not compromise to the fact that no one here is saying that rangers just flat out suck. In fact most people I have heard so far have said that they happen to be a very good truck. It just so happens that in their own experiences with the two trucks, they like the yota better.
  • Yeh, what really matters is that you're happy with your truck and I'm glad that you are. This forum was originally created by CT as the "War of the Compact Pickups" but has apparently been changed by Edmunds. You should expect some competition because of that, however, people with obsessive mental problems like Vince tend to go too far. He may not even own a truck or even be old enough to drive in reality. I've seen him in other forums and his actual goal is to simply stir things up. Too bad he's not smart enough to say something worthwhile though as he may be more interesting.
  • webbdwebbd Posts: 176
    Moparbad, if you just put on a pair of Levis (kind of like just sitting in or test driving a Toyota) or compare their stitching and denim weight to that of similarly-priced, or even higher-priced competitors, you will see that there is nothing "perceived" about their quality. They've been around for almost 150 years for a reason. I've owned many pairs which have lasted me years now. I can't say the same for some of the competitor jeans I've owned. Jeans, like Tacomas, may be produced in plants alongside competitor jeans or trucks, but it's the methods and parts involved in their construction which make the difference to the owner. Obviously, the Tacoma now uses GM alternators and batteries, and this may account for some of the problems out there, but the Tacoma is a long way from being a 100% replica of an S-10 or Ranger.

    Seeing as I can no longer quote Consumer Reports or J.D. Powers, both of which handily favor the reliability of Toyotas and the Tacoma, I'm left, like everyone else, to give my personal experience.

    I owned a '95 ranger. I only experienced two problems with it--the wiper blades came on whenever they wanted and sometimes wouldn't go off unless I pulled over and turned the truck off, and the same thing went for the interior dome light. I got the problem fixed expertly for only $165, so I wasn't too upset. But I moved into a '98 Toyota later on, did 55,000 trouble-free miles, and then traded up for my current Prerunner which has 29,896 trouble-free miles. I will pay the extra money to have a trouble-free experience, and this is how Toyota stays in business. Again, there was nothing "perceived" in my ownership.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    gets larger and larger allknowing. I must have really hit some soft spots and popped that "Toyota is god bubble" but good. :-))
    Toyota has lost its edge in the Quality and value equation. In the 80's and 70's Toyota had the quality and value edge hands down over the domestics. Today however its a different story. I'm telling you read Motor Trends truck of the year article. They don't like the interior quality of the Tacoma at all! Cheap plastics and quality!
    As far as resale, I will say it again. I have punched so many damn times the same numbers it just plain getting old. The resale of a LIKE Toyota is a bit better but in no way 4-5K better. Where the heck are you getting your numbers from? Please list what you punched in and I would like to see this 4-5K resale difference. The resale is a bit better on a Tacoma, but not the thousands of dollars you hope for. And as I keep saying until my face is blue, RESALE SHOULD BE BETTER ON A TACOMA, YOU PAID MORE AT PURCHASE. Now, if I take the 3-4K I saved in NOT buying a Tacoma and invested it at a 15% return over 5 years. Who is going to be ahead then ? Vehicles are NOT investments they are a depreciating asset, ask any investor. Unless you own a 1957 T-Bird or a 57 Belair in prime condition, your car is going to depreciate not appreciate as some Toyota owners wish and want you to think.
    And a new Ford Ranger owner has entered the room. A owner who has had great reliability/quality. How are you Toyota boys going to shoot bart down now?
    Some of you veiw me as narrow minded. You may want to take a step back and look at yourselves. This stigma of "Toyota can do no wrong" is old and crumbling. Better take a look around the net and visit other rooms. There are plenty of dissatisfied Toyota owners out here.
  • No bubble to break my friend. You are somewhat entertaining as much as an exhibition of "dorkiness" can be entertaining. If you enjoy being the "Ford Ranger God" of stupidity as well as continuing having no respect from even the Ranger guys, go for it. For a while back a month or so ago you almost acted human and had a few posts worth reading. I guess a continuation in that direction will not be in the cards for you though.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    The package includes,instatrac 4x4,4x4 flat five spoke aluminum wheels,reinforced wide stance chasis w/46mm blistein gas charged monotube shocks,vortec 430V6 SFI engine 190 HP/250 lb tque,revised frame for wide tread 3.9" wider than standard,ground clearance 11.4" front and 9.1" in back,strengthened front differential and drive axles,unique rear suspension with revised multileaf springs and added rear axle track bar,unique rear axle w/ an 8.5" ring gear,larger bearings and larger diameter axle shafts,28mm front stabilizer bar,31"x10.5" R15 BFG's,locking differential,4 wheel antilock brakes,driver side 3RD door. There's more to an offroad vehicle than just putting a trd sticker on it,I'm curious to know what the trd includes other than a sticker thats missing a u. BTW JD powers rated the Mazda B4000 best compact followed by S-10,Toyota wasn't even mentioned
  • webbdwebbd Posts: 176
    I agree with Vince that the value, if value means getting more options for less money, of Toyota vehicles has eroded over the last decade or so. But the quality still remains. Check out the latest Consumer Reports issue which is on the newstands now, and you will see that all the toyota vehicles rank "better or much better-than-average" meaning that less than 5% of owners ever experience problems. Ford, specifically the F-150 and Ranger, as usual, rank "Average" meaning 5 - 9.3% of owners have problems. But if you flip over to GM, you will find the Silverado, S-10, Suburban, Sierra, and on and on all rank "Much-worse-than-average" or more than 14.8% of owners experience problems. DaimlerGerman managed to eek out a "worse-than-average" rating with their Ram trucks, but that just means that between 9.3 and 14.8% of owners had problems.

    But it's not just Toyota who've raised prices and lowered equipment offerings. The average price of a new vehicle was something like $14,000 earlier this decade, and now that figure is hovering around $20,000. The manufacturers are not to blame for this as they're just taking advantage of our insatiable hunger for more and more automobiles.
  • cthompson21cthompson21 Posts: 1,102
    I also had a 95 Ranger with the exact same problems. So, just FYI in case you didn't know:

    -The windshield wipers were caused by a defective turn signal stalk (I had mine replaced under warranty with an updated design produced by a different supplier).

    -The dome light/door chime is caused by a sticking switch that is inside of the door latch mechanism. In most cases, a judicious application of WD-40 will cure it. In a few instances, the switch must be replaced. (I went the WD-40 route).
  • cthompson21cthompson21 Posts: 1,102
    As previously noted, I would avoid '95 Rangers. There aren't really any bad years for the 3L. Your worse case scenario would be having to use mid-grade fuel because of pinging that some 3L's experience on low-grade. I think it's due to the FFV experimenting over the years.

    I'd recommend a '96 or newer Ranger with the 3L and the 5-speed. They mate well together.

    Other than that, there's not really much to report. Just follow the general stuff when buying a used vehicle.

    Good luck
  • acf2001acf2001 Posts: 28
    I've been reading pickup posts for a while now and since i took possession of my Toyota truck on 12/30 i have had soooo much fun with it -logged 850 miles, bought new CD's, driving all over for no reason etc... Anyway some one out there help me. What is the deal with my stick, i mean shifter? When i start driving from a stop and am in first it seems that i barely get the clutch out before i have to shift into 2nd. Is this how trucks drive? THe gearing is different somehow? I'm puttin that thing into 4000 rpms and i am only going 10 mph! Kinda fun, except i bounce all over and look stupid. HOw high should the rpms go when shifting up?
    And second, with the ongoing resale seems to me that you almost never see a toyo truck for sale but tons of fords, chevy's etc... Wouldn't this push up the resale, this supply and demand? The toyo dealer here said used toyos are on the lot 3 days or less usu. Also, vince8 see my post under trucking magazines/truthfullness from 1/8. I too noticed bias, but not your kind.
  • cthompson21cthompson21 Posts: 1,102
    You've got a 4-banger, right? Toyota puts really short gears on their 4cyl trucks for better performance off the line (as do all truck manufacturers).

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Toyota stick something like 4.30s or 4.56s on their 4cyl Prerunners?
  • webbdwebbd Posts: 176
    Prerunners only come with automatics, Cthompson.

    Acf2001, do you have a regular or ext. cab? Not that it matters any, but I was just wondering. My '98 5-speed was a regular cab and it was fun to drive, being light-weight and peppy.

    The first gear is kinda short, and you shouldn't let it rev above 4000 for the first 1000 miles. You may have already done this a few times, but for engine break-in, try to refrain for the next couple hundred miles or so. Your engine's sweet spot is from 4000 RPM's and up in third gear. Next time you want to really go, drop into third gear at about 50-55 MPH and you'll really feel the power. Of course, wait until your engine is properly broken in first (1000 miles).
  • Vince still isn't winning over any Ranger owners in the "Ranger III" forum. All of the posts but his are still people wanting a new truck, as long as it's not a Ranger. HA!!!
  • acf2001acf2001 Posts: 28
    until 1000. Not too much fun. I don't hot rod cars, but LOVE standard shift and shifting and will try your sweet spot. Where'd you get info on that?????
    I have the extended cab. I have been good trying to keep the mph to 55 or less until broken in so truck is happy.
  • webbdwebbd Posts: 176
    I got my info from my own driving. I had the same engine you are driving now in my '98 reg. cab. But since you have the, your truck weighs 420 lbs more than mine (yours weighs 2990 lbs), so it's going to be slower. Of course, you won't know the difference, so enjoy.

    About the sweet spot, unless they've changed the gearing, which they probably haven't, you can stay in 2nd almost up to 60, so I would normally shift somewhere around 50-55, and I'd then be right in the powerband of the engine in third gear. If you race, you may be beat off the line, but once you get into 2nd and eventually 3rd, this is where you make up ground. Your truck's 0-60 time should be somewhere around 9.0 - 9.1 seconds, considering the extra weight. My truck, at 2560 lbs had a published time of 8.4 seconds. If I see a published figure for your truck, I'll let you know.
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