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Camry 2011 transmission problem



  • flbntzflbntz Posts: 43
    clearview1, I agree with you. I just purchased a 2011 Camry base AT, and I had to get used to it, coming from a 2010 Golf AT gas engine. This car is more for soft driving, the Golf is more for ripping around. I like this car. It's peaceful. I found myself, "Getting in the race", on the highway with my Golf, which it could easily do, but with the Camry, I'm content to let the rest of the world go by. It's peaceful to drive, and I do allow more car lengths in front of me, don't drive suddenly turning one direction to the next. It's quite nice! People sometimes pas me furiously, and I don't care, for some reason; I'm happy in my Camry. The anti-road-rage car!
  • gdw2gdw2 Posts: 2
    edited May 2011
    Hi All, I unplugged my battery for >15 minutes, as discussed above (2011 Camry SE 4 cyl). This worked for me for 100 miles. Had a smooth commute to work that day! It then began to go back to the chugging/weird shifting. I just had my 5K servicing done and asked the Service Consultant about this issue. He turned to a mechanic behind him and asked and he said there were some software updates for some vehicles. The Service Consultant looked up my VIN number and told me that my vehicle would fall under the transmission software update that is out ask for them to look your vehicle up. I am scheduled to have the update next week. Will let you all know the outcome.
  • flbntzflbntz Posts: 43
    Thanks very much for this tip. Going in for my thirty day service Monday. I'll ask about this. Good luck with your update. Thanks, if you'll share the outcome. That'd be awesome, if they could fix this. Like the car so much, this'd make it even smoother. Thanks again!
  • delbardelbar Posts: 32
    do you have anything to report after the software update ??
    taking mine in for its 5000 mile oil change in a few days and want to ask about it
    thanks for your reply in advance
  • flbntzflbntz Posts: 43
    Just took mine in for the 1,000 mile check-up, and forgot to ask about the update. Called back later, and they said they'd have to hook it up to a computer, to see if it had the latest software in it. Emailed two other dealers in the area, and neither answered my email.
  • gdw2gdw2 Posts: 2
    edited May 2011
    Brought it in Friday morning and waited, only to find that there ISN'T a software upgrade for my car. Service Tech indicated that it has the most recent software. They must have looked it up to verify further, because when I headed out to get the car, it never moved from it's space. Before heading out, spoke more with the Service Tech. and asked if I could be notified somehow when an update is available. I guess they can't do that and he said to ask at each check up.

    I asked about the tranny "learning" how I drive and he said it does. I asked about other people driving it and he said it would get to know their driving habits, that it keeps learning and adjusts to what you are doing...not really sure about this (how often does it change it's habits? Right now I see it changes every 100 miles). He indicated this is why the car ran smooth for the first 100 miles, it was learning. Told him that I cleared the memory by unplugging the battery. He said that would do it. He offered to have them "clear my memory," but that would be just like what I was doing with the battery.

    I have changed some driving habits and it seems to be adjusting a bit better. The learning is all about fuel economy and the brake assist-downshifting we feel he said.

    So, there ARE updates out there for certain styles. Not sure why when the 1st Service Tech looked up my VIN number he indicated I was up for an upgrade and we made the appointment right then and there. My dealer is actually very good with communication and a complaint handler will be calling me this week to see how I made out....I will let her know my disappointment. Once again, ask twice before you go in and wait.
  • flbntzflbntz Posts: 43
    That's a shame about the update. I emailed three Toyota dealers in my area, asking if they'd heard anything about an update, but none of them replied. My current dealer said they'd have to hook it up to their computer to check to see if it has the latest software, when I called them on the phone. I can live with it the way it is, but it would be nice if they could smooth this out, wouldn't it?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "Smoothing" it out would most likely have an adverse affect of FE and that just isn't going to happen. Even if the result were positive it can't be done absent a full battery of tests and results proved to the EPA.
  • flbntzflbntz Posts: 43
    Could the rough shifting result in premature demise of the trans? I had a 2004 Chevy Impala that did this, and the trans went at 100,000 miles.
  • buttons973buttons973 Posts: 20
    I took my car to the dealer yesterday as well and ask about the update for my 2011 SE and when they looked it up, they said there wasn't an update. So we began talking about the issues once again and the supervisor was very familiar with my car. He said others have been up there with the same issues and there isn't anything they can do about it until the car either gives a check engine light or something breaks.

    So i told him i guess i'm just stuck driving a car that doesn't know how it wants to drive, and he said yes. He said some of our cars have issues but until Toyota does something about it, there's nothing they can do. He did agree that my car has an issue on trying to figure out what gear it want to go in and that's why at times it flutters and shifts hard.

    I really think this is awful. I can't believe i paid that much for a car and is very DISSATISFIED!!! I'm about ready to go on another car lot and see what i can do to trade it in. I never had a Toyota before until this car, and this certainly will be my LAST! I hate that car!!! In my opinion this car is a hazard.

    Oh and i forgot to mention this, but my car rpm's jumped up as I was driving it about 15mph through my neighborhood and as it did it, the car jerk forward. I notice it did that twice. This is something new and I will have to keep my eye on that. Thought it was kind of strange.
  • flbntzflbntz Posts: 43
    I don't like certain things about the Camry, like the trans, but, to me, overall, I like the car enough that I can live with them. Like when you have a friend that has some annoying habits. You overlook them, and say, "Well, that's just the way they are", whereas someone you don't like, those same habits drive you nuts. I guess I like the Camry enough that I can live with it the way it is. I actually like it quite a bit. I really do love it. I wish the gas milage could be better, and there are some fit, and finish issues, but, as long as the trans doens't expire early, I'm happy with my purchase. I really like it. I look forward to driving it. I like it a lot.
  • buttons973buttons973 Posts: 20

    You know what, we shouldn't have to live with this. You mention the Camry is like a friend with annoying habits, and that's just the way they are and we should just live with it. Well, if i paid over $30,000 for a friend and was told this friend is suppose to do this and do that, and my payments for his friendship is over $350 a month, that friend better do everything he is suppose to do and NOT ANNOY me.

    I understand what you are saying, but the Camry is not suppose to drive that way. We, on this forum, are a few who is having issues with their car. We are the GLITCH. I have spoken to others who have the same car, same year, and it doesn't drive like that. So why does ours do? It's because we are the GLITCH and Toyota need to recognize that and fix their glitches.

    So come on now, don't settle for a friend just because it is good in this area or that. We were told our cars are suppose to have this amount of gas mileage, suppose to drive the way it did when we first drove it, etc. That's a promise they told us and they need to stick to that. We should NOT settle for less of a friendship. This is just my opinion because i am a person who haven't bought a car in years and now that i finally did, and put down a lot, and owe a lot, i want my money worth. I don't like to settle for less than what was promised. I wish you all luck on your cars and I hope and pray there is an update in the making for us so we could enjoy our Camry. I agree, it is a nice car, but Toyota need to fest up to this and fix the cars out there with this GLITCH. Good luck everybody and if you hear of anything else, by all means, post it for us.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..We, on this forum, are a few who is having issues..."

    No, you are just simply the one's speaking out "here".

    If you wish to go to the extreme of purchasing a new car in order to avoid this constant shifting, "shiftiness", then you will need to narrow your search to CVTs, Continuously Variable Transmissions, or maybe a 4 speed automatic, if those are still to be found.
  • flbntzflbntz Posts: 43
    I bought a 2010 Prius new in 12/2009, and although I thought it was cool, it got to be boring to drive, so I traded it for a 2010 Golf, and it was great. I lost $5,000 though, because it was at the height of the recalls, and nobody wanted to touch a Toyota at that point. I paid $24,430 for a Prius III, and got $19,110 for a trade three months later, with 4,000 miles on it, and the brake recall had been done. It was in perfect condition. I just looked yesterday, and that same car, with 30,000 miles on it would be worth $25,000 on trade. Oh, well. I'm not sorry I traded it. Money can rule you, if you let it. To me, it's the day to day experience I have that's imporatant, so, money's just the vehilce to get me there. The VW shifted hard, too, sometimes, and I worried, because, as I said, I had a 2004 Chevy Impala that did that, and the trans went at 100,000 miles, and Chevy would not stand behind it. My friend's, identical car, did exactly the same thing. Cold shoulder from GM. Then, they went bankrupt. Yay! Serves 'em right, I thought. If it's just the driving, I'm fine with this thing the way it is. I have the base Camry with AT, so I only paid $21,000 for it, and I got 0% fininacing for 60 months, so I figured that saved me another $4,400, so, I'm not complaining. But, mainly, it's just that I like the car. There's something peaceful about it for me when I drive it, and I can have fun with it, as well. It's got a huge tank, s I never fill it up, and it's not that bad when I do fill it up. And I just like driving it, there's something about it that just suits me, so I guess I found a good fit for me. Good luck with whatever you decide, but I was glad I traded my Prius, even though there were things I liked about that car, as well. It just wasn't the right car for me.
  • camoncamon Posts: 98
    Does the 6 cylinder Camry have the same issue with the automatic transmission?
  • delbardelbar Posts: 32
    not sure but I think all 6 speed trannys are the same
    I will say that once I turned over 5000 miles the situation has improved, not perfect but better. Dont know if they did something to it at the 5K oil change but things hopefully will continue to improve ! Still considering trading in though, looking at the Kia Sportage but not sure, I am now "gun shy" after going thru this with this Camry !
  • camoncamon Posts: 98
    Do you have a 6 cylinder or base 4 cylinder?

    I was thinking that with 6 cylinders the transmission would not have to hunt quite as much to find the right gear, because of the extra power. Or this may be just wishful thinking on my part.
  • delbardelbar Posts: 32
    mine is a 4 cyl. and I have no idea about 4 cyl vs 6cyl. Only thing I know is I miss my 2005 Camary :cry:
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Wishful thinking...

    With a 6 cylinder being in the most optimal gear ratio, lowest possible RPM, for the current overall road conditions is even more important insofar as MPG is concerned.
  • unhappy51unhappy51 Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 toyota camry LE, and it only has 2,300 miles on it,had it just a month now. I am experiencing a terrible sluggish drive as though i am pulling something behind the car. also it is jumping in and out of the gears with hesitation,As i was at a stop sign yesterday engaging the brakes it jerked forward . when i reached home i put the car in park proceeded to get out and the car moved forward i turned in panic thinking i did not put it in park but i did and it was still in park. i am terrified of this car because my daughter was standing in the area a few minutes before and it could have hit her. this is not in my mind nor the many other consumers who are experiencing this. i took the car to the dealer today and told them what happened and they advised me that they could make me an appointment to take a look but they are all book and it would not be until next week. i told them all i know is i am not taking that car back home with me and they need to keep it and give me a loaner car, and i do not want a camry if i am scared of the new one i purchased why would i feel okay taking one home. I have not purchased a car in years and finally decided to because of my distance of travel to work, and i wanted a dependable car which i thought the camry would be due to having owned a couple of the 90 models with no problems. I have gone from happy to terrified of what might happen what if someone had been in front of the car when it accelerated forward like that . I will go to the media if i have to i do not want that car back at my home. I thought it only happend to me until my sister and i found so many similar stories.
  • luckysevenluckyseven Posts: 134
    edited July 2011
    Is it jumping or it is sluggish or both? Let's try to sort it out.

    1. Try to put your car on the small incline and set it to N, see if it rolls with ease or not. Check your fuel consumption and tell us what it is (MPG).

    2. Is your parking at home on the flat surface or incline? As a general rule don't allow small children to approach your car if engine is running.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    " jerked forward..."

    Lazy foot...?

    The brake pedal is angled over toward the gas pedal such that it is very easy to apply the brakes with the right side of your foot well over the gas pedal. Apply the brakes moderately "deep" and your foot depresses the gas pedal at the same time....the car "jerks" forward.

    I have had to be very mindful of this "lazy foot" situation, constantly remind myself to move my foot well over onto the brake pedal.

    " in moved forward.."

    The parking gear "pawl" and gearteeth are so course that it is entirely possible to have your foot firmly on the brake, place the shifter into park, and have the car roll slightly (PANIC!!) on an incline when you release the brake to step out of the car.

    "..jumping in and out of gears..."

    Normal "shiftiness" during cruise in all modern day 6(10) speed transmissions.

    "...with hesitation.."

    Not good but also SOP, normal. 1-2 second downshift delay upon a quick return to acceleration after a brief period of coastdown. Has to do with a tranasaxle design change in favor of FE instigated back about the turn of the century.
  • Well, Good Luck with that. I have A new 2011 Camry with same problem and the Dealer Excuse is that the Transmission in this Model is suppose to learn my Driving Habits. I am outraged about it, because, they have no right to store this information, which is personal Information that could be illegally sold to Insurance Companies and used against the driver. They should have told me about it before I purchased the Vehicle, so that I could make an informed decision. Also, I paid 28,Plus dollars for this Piece crap that is not even well finished. The Interior has a lot of Rough edges in Doors Plastic covers. The Front Instrument Panels don't Meet nicely in the Ends. SHAME on You TOYOTA. This company is no longer what it used to be. I regret Having purchased this poorly, bad Quality unfinished car. The Transmission is sluggish in the city settings, the Brakes are noisy, and the Suspensions make a Noc noise if I happen to go over a speed bump.
  • Have you ever heard about a "Freeze Plug" in the Highlander Engine??
    This was one of the Reasons given to me by a Toyota Tech over at Maroone Toyota in Davie.
    I would not want my worst enemy to have to endure what I endured at Maroone's Service dept.
    Their Service sucks, and they make up serious failures in your car, so that you will decide to trade in your car for a New one. To top it, they have sharks in the sales floor that will offer very little money for your supposedly daying car. This dealer represents everything that is wrong in South Florida when it comes to Trust and Honesty among Toyota dealerships. I can tell that Toyota is really going down the tube with all these problems.
  • Yes, I have the same NOC noise coming out of my front suspension when I go over a speed Bump. The Dealer gave me a poor excuse. The suspensions on these cars is noisy, which is the reason so many people have chosen to buy American Brands, which Outperform the Japanese cars.
  • If I were you, I would skip Toyota all together. dont make that mistake, you will live to regret having purchased a Toyota. They no longer are the Cars they Used to be. If anything, tkae a look at WW or Audi, but definitely NOT A TOYOTA.
  • buttons973buttons973 Posts: 20
    Oh wow!!! You are not the only one. Everything you said is what has happened to me. My daughter drove the car a month ago and after driving it, she told me she doesn't want to anymore because she is scared of that car. I bought it with the intentions of giving it to her one day, but i guess not. I'm like you, i decided to buy me a car after 10years of not having a car note and look what i got. A piece of crap that doesn't know how to drive. I hate that car! I want to go to the media too and report what's going on. I'm so scared that one day that car is gonna do something to jeopardize myself or someone else, without it being my fault. I have already taking it to the dealer numerous times and each time, I'm told there's nothing wrong. My last time i took it, a technician said he was gonna solve my problem, and when he couldn't, he advised me to keep complaining. I think he knew there is an ongoing issue with that car and he felt really sorry for me. I didn't get upset with him cause i saw in his eyes that he really wanted to help. So my advice, it to keep complaining to customer service and hopefully they will do something about this for us. Keep me posted on what happens!
  • buttons973buttons973 Posts: 20
    I agree!!! The car is poorly made. My inside door panels and behind the seat look like it is 10 years old. I can't even let my purse zipper touch it without scratching it up. Looks like they got those parts from Mattel. I also agree that they should have told us the car has to learn our driving habits because if i knew that, i wouldn't have bought it. It's ashame, my car drove really good off the lost. And after 1,000 miles, it drives like a piece of crap! I am highly disappointed in Toyota. I see they are the Walmart of cars!!!
  • purupuru Posts: 11
    The only way we can help ourselves is by putting all our common problems with this car together, getting an agreement, consulting a good lawyer and suing Toyota. Unfortunately that is the only thing that we can do right now. I am open to any other ideas..Thoughts ?
  • flbntzflbntz Posts: 43
    I'm actually alright with my car the way it is. I still actually like mine. As long as it doesn't break down, I'm happy. I got a heck of a deal on it, $16,500, when you consider the interest saved on zero percent finnancing through Toyota, and money off the $21,675 sticker as well. I do like it. I look forward to driving it. Averaging 27mpg+, with ac on, and not babying it. Taking it in for its 5,000 mile service next week. Free!
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