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Isuzu Modifications/Aftermarket/Accessories



  • jrod1jrod1 Posts: 1

    Re: 1999 Trooper

    Would you happen to know how to remove the front turn signal unit. I replaced the headline bulb and wanted to also replace this. I only found one screw on the top of the unit. I took it out, but there seems to be something holding it still.

    Thanks Joe
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    I found this link via EBAY, might be a good way to get a replacement taillight lens or something.

    Also, check out some of the crashed!
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I removed mine a while ago...I broke part of the plastic and had to crazy glue it back together. I cannot remember if there is more than one screw? There is a 1-2" piece of plastic with a ball on the end of it that pops in and out of a socket...that is what holds it in place when the screw is removed. On one of mine I broke that and had to re-glue it. But it will offer resistance even with the screw out. So once you think it is ready to be removed, you will have to wiggle/pry the light off to get the ball out of that socket.

    This is if my memory is correct, I think it is fairly accurate.
  • :sick: Maybe someone here could help with with how to find a memory calibrator for my ECM(89' Trooper)I've called everywhere even local and not so local dealerships aarrgghh help please thanx Lisa
  • bubbacitabubbacita Posts: 5
    Hello one and all with this problem. I too had the same problem when installing a Kenwood system, and after several trips to purchase and return adapters to the wonderful staff at Circuit City, I dwelled one day for a couple of hours on this site to find the solution. Its this simple....
    1) connect the large antenna wire to your stereo, 2)Take the Blue antenna wire from your radio and splice it into the brown w/ red stripe wire going to your car wiring harness. Thats it and it works. The blue wire is giving power to the built in signal amplifier.
  • Hello all-

    New to the forum, recently sold my 2007 Toyota FJ in favor of a paid off 99' trooper, 3.5L automatic.

    Truck runs great at 115k miles and I will be bringing it to my mechanic for all around maintenance and checks.

    Looking at some upgrades and have heard about performance chips. Read some posts that there were no performance chips for anything after the 94' trooper. Doing a quick google search "Street Tech" performance module popped up on Ebay for $25... Are these things junk? Can anyone suggest a performance chip worth buying?

  • my original stereo is broken so i have jvc cd player to replace it i bought leads thet go from the stereo but the white plastic wont fit in to the one on the trooper any ideas guys!!!!!
    j mcarthur
  • Bold move. I too was considering the FJ, but I too went with a Trooper (2002) since its only a part time vehicle. Also read about the many compromises with the FJ - was wondering what your experience was.
    While its been only a couple of weeks, I am happy with the Trooper.
    Can't help with the chip question but sure others can.

    I was wondering if anyone out there swapped out the manual cloth (S) seats for the power leather seats, or could provide some insight into how big a job that would be.
  • My old 84 Trooper II, 1.9 L engine has a solid mounted cooling fan. I would like to change to a "clutch" type fan, to gain a teensy bit of power from the engine. I ordered the clutch from my local parts vendor (Autozone), but I need guidance on where to find correct fan blades to attach to the clutch.
  • Hi to all and anyone that has any helpful advice to this... idea.

    Let me start of with what I'm working with: 1992 Trooper vin: W 3.2L DOHC (3165cc) w/145700 odo, matted to a MUA5F (5spd) p.t.4x4 tranny. Mechs say it runs better than it should based on mileage and age. So I believe its safe to say it runs strong. I keep up on everything, all filters, belts, fluids, plugs, wires, ect; anything that acts up is fixed or replaced asap. I baby the hell outa it ever since the tranny was replace in early 07 and has recieved less than 3,000 since. Not an everyday driver; probably a bit to little.. It has K&N filters,Bosch Plat. Iridium plugs, Sensitrac shocks, new exaust, Flowmaster muff. and has Lucas Oil Additive which does help a bit with the infamous chattering of the valves. I estimate the current HP from stock 190 to optimistic 210.

    Now what I'm looking for help on. I want to build a custom turbo/ intercooler setup on my stock engine. I know the risks, heat, pressure, ect. Regardless I still want to run one, at low boost, for a bit more get up and go for as long as the engine will hold. It is much heavier than other stock Troopers due to around 200+lbs. of stereo equipment in the back. I need any information anyone knows about how much compression horsepower the internal parts (valves, pistons, ect) and estimated torque the tranny can handle, as well as detailed information on the turbo and intercooler setup; i.e. oil feed lines, electric mods, computer calibration, fuel flow, possible oil cooler if even made, ect.

    The turbo system would be run from back to front of car, (to reduce heat & psi, and make on hell of a sound) and be oil cooledand include elec. regulator, and blow off valve. As any Trooper owner know performance parts are few, but if anyone knows of any parts such as; ECM chip mods, fuel injectors, bigger brake calipers or any parts to raise HP or brake faster. Any information would be greatly appreciated. And by the way does that "Tornado" a metal part that spins the air in your induction tube really do any good or is it just $20 buck gimmick? I've always wanted to know. I hope this info is detailed enough for any help, all is welcome

    thanks - B
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Those spiral things like the Tornado definitely fall into the Gas Saving Gizmos & Gadgets category.

    You really should go back a step and dyno it so you have a baseline to build on. It sounds like everything you've done so far is all seat of the pants guesstimates and your real HP gain may be zero.
  • I recently had a JVC HD Radio installed on my 2002 Trooper (one of two actually).
    The installer at Circuit City could not connect the antenna to the new radio however. I will now see if they can follow the advice on this board, before they close the stores, but also recall that the plugs were not of the right size to plug into the radio. Is that right, such that an adaptor is needed, or will the "large antenna wire" plug into standard radio antenna inputs?
    Appreciate any insight.
  • matausmataus Posts: 43
    I hope someone can help. I am looking to replace my 2.8 liter engine with another that has more power. The high end on the 2.8 liter really sucks. On the other hand, the low end is awesome! Especially in 4 wheel! I'll take my Trooper up against any Jeep! At any time!

    I've heard from a few people that there is a Chevy engine that will line up with my tranny. Something in the area of a Chevy 3.1 liter v6. I don't know the specific engine or the year, but if there is something out there that would have more power. it would be great! My 90 Trooper is in excellent condition! I just need a more powerful engine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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