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help purchasing an e class

alinbenzalinbenz Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
Hello all. Im a newbie here, and just wanna get to the point, so i dont waste anybodys time :P...i owned a c class since 2004, and i just got rid of it. it was purchased from a delaer brand new car.ok, we all know that new cars are....well its a new car. but now i am looking for a E class to be more exact the e500 from the same year 2004 - 2005. the thing is i dont wanna pay again a lot of money for it. it runs around 20,000 mark. so the question is...should i put my faith in a online auction? the site ive found is called, and reviews ar elooking pretty good. any help or any other way will be greatlly appreaciated. thanks a lot to you guys and wish you the best :)


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