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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • derricksonderrickson Posts: 131
    I was following your formulas until I got to:
    Low ball offer = True Invoice + tax + tags - $2,000
    Unsure where the - $2000 came from? Assuming its the $2K dealer incentive, didn't your True invoice est already deduct for that?

    Anyway, I would recommend trying to keep the two (target pr & trade) as separate and independent as possible. I mean really the only role the trade plays is that you'll pay tax on the difference. That tax savings then can be 'added' to the trade value the dealer offers to see if its worth trading or not.

    At least that was how our deal went down.
    1) negotiated our final sales price
    2) then said, "oh, by the way, i have this suv to trade"
    3) in my case the dealer offered $7K for our trade, but really it was closer to $7500 when figuring the tax benefit.
  • geeves229geeves229 Posts: 9
    Thanks for the input. The $2000 is just a low ball figure and a starting point in the negotiations. The true invoice price should be higher then low ball price, and I think the target ends up being just higher then the true invoice.

    I am going to e-mail all the honda dealerships in the area and see what I come up with, then I will worry about the trade.
  • mike20878mike20878 Posts: 60
    I'm getting an appraisal from tomorrow and I got one from Carmax yesterday. I'm curious to see what the dealer offers. I live in MD where they tax the net purchase. My thinking is if the trade comes in lower I'll compare the difference to the tax savings. I.e. My Carmax offer is $2,000. If they offer $1,500 in trade, I think the $500 additional cash from Carmax would outweigh the $90 in tax savings.
  • derricksonderrickson Posts: 131
    I am going to e-mail all the honda dealerships in the area and see what I come up with, then I will worry about the trade.

    That is exactly how we did it... and were amazed at the wide range of figures we received. I recommend mentioning to all of them you are aware of the $2K dealer incentive, and are contacting everyone in the region for their best price. I found that language tended to get us more aggressive offers from the start...
  • geeves229geeves229 Posts: 9
    Does anyone know what they are. I know they are still offering the 2.9 for 60, but does anyone know if there is other incentives?
  • venkattvenkatt Posts: 4
    What Dealership is this?
    28K is really a good price. Is this price for 2008 Ody or 2007 Ody.
  • derricksonderrickson Posts: 131
    hi venkatt,
    i agee that is a pretty smokin number for an 08 res/nav. the op who got that deal had '20878' in his username, so i am going to go out on a limb and guess the dealer is in the gaithersburg, maryland area.... hope this helps, and i imagine the op will post addl info on his deal as well.
  • mike20878mike20878 Posts: 60
    It's Jim Coleman Honda in Clarksville MD. It's in the Columbia area I believe. I'm heading up there today.

    The guy from came to appraise my car today. He claims I'll get screwed even if the dealer says they'll match the amount for my trade. Why do I care if they use their dealer cash to get my car for less as long as it comes off the new car price in full? As it is, the dealer claims they will break even on this as I think I ate into their dealer cash.
  • venkattvenkatt Posts: 4
    I am going to the Dealer in CT.
    He willing to match this price. I do not have a car to trade though.
    I will post my conversation tomorrow.
  • venkattvenkatt Posts: 4
    If you don't mind can you the sales persons name and a details of the quote.
    The guys up here in CT are saying no way I can get that price.
    I don't have a trade - in.
  • mike20878mike20878 Posts: 60
    Ok, I made the 45 min (plus since I overshot the turn) trip to Jim Coleman. You're right, they won't do it for that. :(

    He claims his manager who approved the deal was looking at the wrong car. So, instead he presents me with this offer:

    Invoice $32,420
    Freight 635
    Honda Advertising 100
    Options @ cost 894 (incl. wheel locks which I think are usually thrown in)

    Total $34,049
    Profit 450

    Total $34,499
    Process fee 100

    Taxable total $32,399

    Meanwhile, on the way up the guy from Herson's in Rockville called me and I mentioned the $28k figure I thought I was getting. He gets back to me and says he can't do it for that, but can do it for $1,800 more at $29,800. I got him to fax me a quote and he was good to his word. The guy at Coleman claimed there was "no way" Herson's could sell it for that price.

    My dad put me in touch with his salesman at Northwest Honda in Owings Mills MD and he offered the same deal *including* freight.

    Is it true there is no additional dealer holdback? Both the guy from Coleman and Northwest told me they are passing this on to the buyer and there is no factory rebate. That appears accurate when I re-read the incentive details on edmunds.
  • derricksonderrickson Posts: 131
    I kinda tried to warn ya they would try and do something to change it up. ALWAYS a good idea to have an email or competitors quote... anything b/f you make the drive to their turf. But sometimes even with that info, they can still pull the old, "So sorry, we sold that vehicle earlier today, and it was still showing in our inventory" :mad: Do I speak from experience or what! ;) Their offer to you just sounded a little too good. And typically, if it walks like a duck, smells like a ...... :)

    Anyway, looks like you're getting some realistic offers. Right around $30K +- is a real number they CAN do. Regarding incentives, they are right that there is no add'l "factory rebate" at this time. Just the $2K factory to dealer incentive they have been offering for the past couple months.
  • mike20878mike20878 Posts: 60
    And when I got there he asked me to produce my calculations for the $28k, which I didn't have. :(

    The guy from Northwest is telling me this would basically be a zero deal. Do they really ever lose money on a deal? Granted, they are paying interest on the money they borrowed to have the car on the lot and will save on that.

    A friend of mine told me his last BMW deal got the salesperson fired when she screwed up and sold it to him for a sweet deal.
  • derricksonderrickson Posts: 131
    Do they really ever lose money on a deal?
    Well, from our perspective, isn't that the goal? :) Seriously, speaking for myself, I really dont know all the ins-and-outs of the industry. Seems reasonable that all dealerships "buy" their vehicles from the Mfr for the same price. My question has always been about everything you hear about monthly / annual sales quotas, volume goals, etc. I have no idea if they have additional incentives that would motivate them to sell at or below their "true" cost. One has to wonder when you see a dealer (ie bosch honda?) offering new '07 Tourings for $30K. They're either dumping them at a loss to get them out of inventory, of the mfr bumped up their incentive. :confuse:
  • Can someone pls confirm the dealer's holdback calculation? Is this 3% of MSRP (invoice/dest) and 3% of MSRP options?
    Is true invoice really = invoice - incentive - holdback?
    Doc fees vary. Is this something that can be removed?
    When determining the final OTD cost, should TTL & fees be included before tax or after tax? Thanks
  • mike20878mike20878 Posts: 60
    Now the Herson's internet manager is emailing me as the salesman I'm dealing with is at a training for the new '09 Pilot:

    The invoice is $33054 including freight on the EX-L DVD and NAV Odyssey.... the incentive is $2000 and the dealer 'holdback" is $716.20...... so I can do $2700 below invoice (cannot use special rates).... thats us making no money, but we cant lose $500....

    I guarantee they have a "package" when you get there.... nobody will sell at a loss

    He's actually coming down $81 from the quote I got last night, including freight. The guy at Northwest was insisting he could sell it to me for $29,801 including freight. My dad says he trusts him implicitly.
  • mike20878mike20878 Posts: 60
    I just spoke to the guy at Northwest and he claims holdback is more like $1200. I think Hersons is selling me a bill of goods. I think savings $600 is worth an hour's drive, but I'd rather get it locally so I'm trying to get them to match the price.
  • derricksonderrickson Posts: 131
    Ok. So, if I read right, you have the following:
    Herson at $30,354
    NW at $29,801
    I think you can see at this point you are kinda splitting hairs. Even these two are within a few hundred of each other. Personally, I don't think you are going to do much better than these numbers at the moment. Right around $30K is the target, and looks like you're there. You could probably call BS that the holdback is $716. You could also follow-up with NW and refuse to pay a penny more than $29,801 (except for TTL). Either way, at this point you're over $6K below msrp, and $3K below invoice. Either way, you're getting a decent deal.
  • mike20878mike20878 Posts: 60
    My feeling is that $553 is worth the hour drive to Baltimore. But the wife doesn't really think so. :) I sent an email to Herson's calling him out on the holdback. I'll see what he says. I'm tired of the back and forth.
  • venkattvenkatt Posts: 4
    Hi Mike,
    This is what I got from JIM Coleman Honda
    "Thank you for bringing the lower price to my attention. Jim Coleman Honda is the largest and cleanest Honda dealer on the east coast. No other dealer can buy a honda for less than Jim Coleman. Bring in any offer you have we will not lose a deal over price.

    The $28,000 quote is way under cost and I am thinking that Mike was quoted on an EXL without navigation or the DVD player. Here is my breakdown:

    My Invoice (What we pay for the Odyssey EXL with Navigation) is $32,419.

    Honda is offering $2000 in dealer cash which drops our cost down to $30,419.
    I am offering you a price of $29,400 which is a $1000 losing deal in order to be competitive with other internet dealers.

    If you have a better deal bring it in we will not lose a deal over price but 28k for a loaded odyssey doesn't sound realistic.
  • willz605willz605 Posts: 2
    I've been quoted today $500 total out of pocket for EX 29595 msrp

    36 month 12k miles= $355 per month including tax
    36 month 15k miles= $371 per month including tax (pa)

    Can anyone find better????


  • mike20878mike20878 Posts: 60
    Well, yes, I did find out the $28,000 was unrealistic even though they initially agreed. Unfortunately that was over the phone.

    I assume his $29,400 is excluding freight. I came to realize that Coleman's quote to me was really only $700 over Herson's. It gets confusing when some guys net the rebate and some don't.

    So, excluding freight, Coleman's quote to me last night was $30,420. That's a drop of $1,020.

    Can anyone tell me if these options are priced accurately?

    Crossbars 292
    Mud flaps 198
    Wheel locks 94
    Roof Visor 183
    Appr Packg 127

    He claims they are at dealer cost. These are already installed on the model he had in stock. I don't necessarily think I want to spend $894 on these options though.
  • willz605willz605 Posts: 2
    new numbers just in :

    36 month 12k $500 out of pocket= $347 per month
    36 month 15k $500 out of pocket= $365 per month

    hope I can get it 15 per month lower
  • mike20878mike20878 Posts: 60
    I pretty much have confirmation that dealer holdback is indeed $1,253. I love when these guys say they are building some profit into the deal and often are quick to take it out. Using this figure, the $29,801 makes a lot of sense.

    Invoice $33,054
    Cash back (2,000)
    Holdback (1,253)

    Herson's claim to add freight to this is b.s. Freight is already included in the invoice.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    All those accessory prices seem high - probably their way of recouping on the deal.
  • derricksonderrickson Posts: 131
    Tell them you don't want the options, and they can remove them if they want to, but either way, you dont intend to pay for the add-ons. I bet they let you have em. ;)
  • bucdwbucdw Posts: 2
    I also tested one of the 2007 at Valley Honda, but they wouldn't bulge off the price much. I believe it was about 27k. I know that it wasn't much less than the 2008. So I purchased a 2008 some where else.
  • mike20878mike20878 Posts: 60
    Here is the message I sent to the guy from Ourisman:

    Can you meet the price? Here is the breakdown: Invoice $33,054 Dealer cash Holdback ---------- $29,801 Thanks.

    He just replied:

    Sounds good. Please bring your copy of the break down and all other print outs you have. We'll be here until 9pm today. Would today work for you?

    Is he going to try to change the deal?
  • res149res149 Posts: 19
    I only know the price for the Roof Visor ($138) - Door E.Guards ($55) - 3rd Row Sunshade ($219) and the Splashguard ($107)... the dealer did not tell you the accurate dealer cost.
  • dol007dol007 Posts: 21
    Hi guys, I just requested some quote using Honda website. For my address, it only gave me 5 dealers. Best quote for 08 EX-L Res so far is $29,100 OTD (exclude T&T). This is for Oklahoma City. I want to broaden my request to other parts of Oklahoma and North of Texas but I can't because the web give me only those 5 choices. How do you guys do it? Do you use a fake address to extend to other areas to get the quotes? I'm trying to get it down to $28,500 OTD. Please suggest. Thanks.
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