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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mike20878mike20878 Posts: 60
    Cool, thanks!
  • dodgehappydodgehappy Posts: 118
    Just curious, how much money is the dealer still making on the sale/lease of an Odyssey EX when they set my lease up at a 26815 cap cost (beside what the leasing company gives them)- which seems to be close to Invoice with destination? I am a bit confused as to the real cost of the car for the dealer or what they get back from Honda etc. outside of the 1000/2000 honda cash incentive running now.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I think dealers still have ways to make profit beyond we know of, imagine their overheads. For example, Honda finance will give the dealer $500 if dealer pays off a car from lease (trade-in).
  • hiyasserhiyasser Posts: 5
    I recieved several quotes from dealers in VA for Ex. OTD price lowest i got is 26K with 0.9% finance. Is this the best deal for EX or can i get something lower. This forum is very helpful would appreciate some inputs as Iam planning to make a move this week end.
  • liminerliminer Posts: 6
    Hi, that sounds like a great price to me. I live in bay area and planning to buy the EX-L w/ RES too, but the lowest quote I got is $31,200. Could you please tell me which dealship you got the deal? Thanks a lot.
  • jesterjjesterj Posts: 2
    Got mine (08 silver Touring) from Norm Reeves @ Cerritos as well. Looks like you got an awesome deal. My OTD was $36700 w/o wheel lock & splash guards and I was pretty happy with the # at that time (end of April 08).

    Good job and enjoy your new Touring.
  • skp2skp2 Posts: 3
    Any one out there .. pls. post you buying experience and recent quote for EX-L
  • darthkendarthken Posts: 28
    I am in Minneapolis and getting quotes on an EX. Best so far is $25,040 = $27,143 OTD, although I haven't really started pushing yet. This is with the 2.9% APR, so if not taking the financing it would be $1,000 less. Anyone else out there with EX quotes?
  • lerxstlerxst Posts: 11
    I'm in the far northeast. Looking at the EX-L. I had a quote of $28400 and a counter from another dealer for $28,300. I'm waiting for another counter for the original dealer. Right now I think I'll be at about 30,388 OTD. Hopefully a little lower. This is also with the Honda financing offer.

    This is all been done via internet sales managers. I refuse to talk to anyone on the phone or in person until the bottom line is reached. Any funny fees and I walk.
  • kdoonankdoonan Posts: 6
    We live in MA and just took delivery on an EX-L with RES & NAV. We paid $31KOTD after shopping 6 or 7 different dealerships. Seems like that's the bottom price. We had one dealer willing to go $200 lower if we bought off the lot but they didn't have the color we wanted and where going to charge a couple of hundred in fees so it was a wash.

    HTH! Good Luck!

    Oh... That price excluded us from the .9% financing. (Dealer incentive was either $2000 or $1000 w/.9% financing) We got 4.34% for 48 months from American Honda Finance.
  • tjgintxtjgintx Posts: 1
    Please provide name of dealer and price of vehicle (including destination) and then detail taxes and other items. I assume you went with the 0.9% "special" financing. I'm looking for an EX-L in Houston and would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    In Boston Boch's promotion starts 5/24 ends 5/30,
    # every EX model
    MSRP 29,595,
    OFF over 6,598
    SALES 22,988
  • rbellarbella Posts: 3
    wow, you got a really good deal! how in the world did you do it? just got back from a dealer right now to check out the memorial weekend deals, but i can't say that they're that great. the lowest i'm getting right now for ex-l w/res & nav is $33500 OTD. i don't understand why it's such a big difference... well, i guess it's also because of the high taxes we pay here in norcal. but i'm not really sure...

    thanks so much for your response. hope we find a good deal this weekend! :) will let you know the hunt continues...
  • brundoggbrundogg Posts: 6
    Did you get the 4.34% for 48 through the dealer when you went in for pick up or was it a rate you worked seperately prior to going to the dealer? I have an outstanding credit score (799), but have only found 5.39% for 48 through USAA. The deal I worked has also precluded me from the .9 or 2.9% rates. I pick up my Ody Monday so any advice would be great. Thanks.
  • lerxstlerxst Posts: 11
    I'd be curious to know if you decided to pay the $1000 more and took the 2.9%, and then paid say, an xtra $50/month on the principal, if you would get the good rate, and pay less over the long haul than 4.34% for 48 months. I'll do some math later and figure it out.
  • joey65joey65 Posts: 9
    I believe i got a good, maybe great, deal from a dealer in central jersey for a EX-L '08. Got it financed for 2.9 and the final price was $27,750. Extras: $199 doc fees, $7.50 tire fee and $57.00 transfer of tags... + tax. I got them down to $26,750 but went for the Honda 2.9 apr. promotion for 60months. The car is awesome and powerful. I traded in my EX-L '04 for $10k (70,000 miles) - they offered me $8300 but worked them up to $10,000.

    Best deal out of 3 jersey dealers. Just thought i pass this on.
  • kakarat99xkakarat99x Posts: 2
    Just got an EX-L Odyssey 08 for 27,301 +TTL = 29,258 drive out. AWSEOME deal thanks to My credit is not that good but I did my homework and got preapproved at Captial ONE. The rate was 8.95 but when I went to John Eagle Honda, the finance offered 6.10 with 6 years/90k Bumber to Bumber warranty instead of 3 years/36k warranty. Anyways, it took me about a week to get online quotes from local Honda dealers here in Houston, and asked if they can beat prices. I think I did pretty good deal as I got a price below Edmund's TMV value. Anyone in Houston interested in detail as how I got this deal, let me know.
  • turbodrockturbodrock Posts: 2
    I have been shopping the Touring over the last several weeks. Tell me if you think this is a good price. $33,999 plus 399 dealer fee, tax tag and title.
  • kdoonankdoonan Posts: 6
    We got the deal through American Honda Finance. I told them I wanted to get their best rate possible. I have outstanding credit, and ironically am also a USAA member. I couldn't find anyone that would give me better than 4.34% so I went with it. I'd call them and ask them what their current buy rate is with AHFC. Good luck!
  • kdoonankdoonan Posts: 6
    The whole financing thing of the extra $1000 vs. the rate makes a difference depending upon how much you're financing. We didn't have a lot to finance so if I recall cash was the way to go. We had a trade and we put a chunk down on the Ody because I really want to pay the car off and have no debt ASAP. I don't even expect to run the loan for 4 years, so for us when we did the math I think it was about $400 in our favor to go with the $2000 rather than $1000. I think you have to run it both ways and decide which works best for you. The dealer we went to was willing to do whatever worked most in our favor.
  • This is our offer in Hawaii. Please tell me what parts of the price we can negeotiate: let us know ASAP, we are going back tomorrow!

    2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L
    Retail value: 35,332
    Savings: 5,343.64
    Sale Price: 29183+695 Destination charge
    Doc. Fee: 174.00
    Accessories: 495.25 (wheel locks + floor mats, etc. nothing fancy)
    Total Purchase price: 30,657.61
    trade in: 500 (we might sell private party..windstar 98)
    sales tax: 1421.03
    vehicle theft reg.: 250.26
    tag fee: 250.00
    ***Net sales price: 32,078.90***

    tell me what you think! let me know where i can negeotiate, for we are going back tomorrow.
  • brundoggbrundogg Posts: 6
    Thanks kdoonan,
    I must say I am a little disappointed in USAA. I have b een getting loans from them for 14 years and also have outstanding credit. They won't budge on rates though. I got them to budge a little 2 years ago, but no luck now. I'll give Honda a shot.
  • Darth Ken, you got a great price in the Mpls market for an initial quote. I have friends that are also in the market for an EX in Mpls - would you care to share the location of your quote?

    O.B. Wong
  • Hey guys.

    This was our offer. We are in Hawaii.
    Honda Odyssey EX-L

    29183 selling price for the car.
    after tax it was around 32330.
    We then negeotiaged it down to $31,500 out the door. We paid cash.
    We also bought rust/paint protection and 7 year extended warantee for about $2300. Is this a good deal? Was the 7 year extended warantee worth it? $0 deductibles with loaner cars all paid for. Basically everything is free if problems arise except for oil change/ alignment and a few others. Bumper to bumper.
  • neuropilneuropil Posts: 1
    Many thanks to everyone contributing to this forum. I sent 18 emails to delaers in North Carolina from Asheville to Raleigh. I had quotes ranging from 30,000 to 32,100 (only 8 responded by email, didn't make phone calls). Crown Honda in Charlotte had the most prompt and best quote. Erick Cover was our sales contact. If you deal with Crown I highly recommend Erick (email is Usually I never recommend car salespeople but he figured my no b.s. style from the get go and there were no surprises, no pressure. Because of time constraints, I didn't see a copy of the purchase order prior to arrival on the dealer's lot (not my style) so I was stressed and nervous, expecting some surprise deal breaker. Instead it was an easy transaction and a great experience buying the Odyssey. I would recommend looking at a purchase order prior to arrival in order to avoid stomach ulcers...

    Bottom line:

    $30,000 OTD for an EX-L w/RES. This was all inclusive - tax, title, tags, all fees, full tank of gas, and requested options.

    Options requested: cross bars, cargo tray, door edge guards, cargo net, nitrogen (tires). Options not requested but thrown in by the dealer: wheel locks, splash guard (muds), pin stripe. I plan to get mats at

    Did not get lojack or the extended warranty. Price for extended warranty quoted was twice what I found on the internet.

    I might have been able to squeeze another $300-500 by trying to have other dealers beat the Crown offer but time was a factor for me and Crown had the exact color on the lot. Emails sent last Tuesday. Drove off the lot yesterday.

    Wish you all well in your car buying experience.
  • danohdanoh Posts: 23
    Picked up my Odyssey EX-L (No res/nav) from Mike Pruitt Honda in Akron, Ohio yesterday. The entire experience was a nice.

    I bought the van for 29800 - $2000 dealer incentives + TTL. I got about $1200 less for my trade in (SUV) according to blue book values, but I also realize that gas sucking SUV's are not popular now. The trade in price was fairly close to comparable values on the trade-in forums. Overall, I think it was a fair deal. The finance lady was nice, gave me her sale pitches, but was not a hard sell. She took a polite no thank you and did not push it. I knew my credit rating scores, and she gave me a better rate through Honda than I could have gotten elsewhere.

    I was surprised by the ample inventory on the lot. My closest Honda dealer only had one Civic on the lot - which they were using as a demo. I think it might have been a ploy to create demand and charge full sticker. Mike Pruitt had 15 civics on the lot.

    Mike Pruitt seems to have a large push with the internet sales - I would highly recommend them when looking for a new Honda.
  • 929599bab929599bab Posts: 1
    I am starting to get quotes in Houston for an EX-L Odyssey with Nav and Entertainment. I wuld be interested in what you did to get your prices and where yoiu ended up. Gillman has given me the best OOD the door quote so far.
  • So after shooting off 7 emails to area Honda dealers, I receive back #'s between $27990 to $29995 (Base) which added up to $30497.24 to $32671.80 OTD including tax, title, docs, etc. This is asking for the $2K to dealer in lieu of special financing.

    I see one poster getting a EX-L with RES OTD for $30K. Am I missing something? Am I not getting the best deal yet? Again I am looking for one without RES. Thanks for all your help.
  • lerxstlerxst Posts: 11
    That is a smoking deal. Strong work.
  • Hi,
    I am looking to buy a Honda EX-L with DVD (RES), sent emails to the dealers and got 2 quotes :
    McDavid of Irving: 28,692 + TTL
    Bankston Honda, Lewisville: 29396 + TTL

    Has anybody purchased EX-L recently in DFW (Dallas Fortworth) area, can you please share your dealer contact/ config details.

    I also took quotes for Sienna but dealers in this are are quoting prices about $2000 more than what people are getting here on, this is after cashback rebate.

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