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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tofuyantofuyan Posts: 4
    I just got a quote for 2008 Touring of about $36,300 out the door.
  • oddvetoddvet Posts: 2
    I'm facing the same situation and have been researching price and trying to determine dealers cost.

    I think they'll probably bite but not because of the $253 profit. I think the profit will closer to $1267 to $1436. When you factor in the dealer holdback which is explained on another part of the Edmunds site, and depending on whether it's 3% of MSRP before destination fee as reported by Edmunds or 3.5% (2% holdback plus some other new holdback term of 1.5% I saw over on the Accord site).

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Hope this is correct and helps.
  • Hi, I am about to make a purchase on a Honda Odyssey EX. I have negotiated over the internet, and I think that I am getting a good deal, but I just want to make sure. I was quoted $25,600 + TTL. This is taking advantage of the 2.9% financing. Could I get them to knock more off the price given the $2000 dealer incentive? Also, does anyone have any strategies for negotiating the price on a trade? I have a 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE with 182,000 miles. It is an older vehicle with high miles, but I have kept in in great shape: no wrecks, and I have put $1500 into it over the last 6 months. It has new tires, new brakes and front axles, and a new water pump. About five years ago I replaced the transmission and the air conditioner. Any advice. I would like to trade, but I am not willing to give my van away, either! Thanks!
  • benjamcebenjamce Posts: 6
    Where do you live? What is your sales tax?
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Price is a function of the market - have you shopped this price with the competition? That's the only way that you can find the bottom line.

    If you're not willing to "give" your van away, be prepared to keep it because it is worth essentially nothing as a trade and very little more on a private party sale. Nice late '90s Chrysler vans that aren't miled up can be bought for less than 4 grand.
  • You should sell the van on craigslist or something... the dealer would probably offer like 500 for it... if that. i was offered 100 bux for my 97 oldsmobile cutlass supreme in 2006...
  • xfactorxfactor Posts: 78
    Thanks for the comment very helpful as my message was the 1st step in determining the correct offer to make. I will try and confirm the holdback however, based on your numbers and chopping off another $1,014 for hold back (using 3% pf MSRP before dest) would be an offer of $28,500. At least two individuals on this forum post getting this deal for EXL-RES several others post the best deal was $29,200 even after walking.

    Will be at my Honda dealer in the next week or so for service on my other Honda's and will float the ballon. Also looking at the Sienna but Honda always comes out as $2,000-3,000 cheaper on pricing for comparable equip vans.
  • tofuyantofuyan Posts: 4
    In Southern California. The sales tax where I am is 7.25%
  • ihatevt2ihatevt2 Posts: 8
    Anyone found a Dallas, TX area Honda dealer who does not put a ton of dealer installed options? I am looking for a EX-L with DVD and NAV. Please let me know what kind of deals anyone has closed on in the Dallas area.
  • I just closed on a deal last night! I ended up paying $25,685.80 ($25,485.80 + 200.00 to transport the color vehicle that I wanted from another state). After TTL, the total came to $26,020. I also negotiated getting $2,000 for my 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager that had 182,000 miles on it. Granted it was in excellentent condition, but it was still old with lots of miles. I think that I got a great deal!
  • I am evaluating both odyssey EX-L RES & Sienna XLE with QJ extra value package. This configuration is comparable with leather, moonroof and DVD rear entertainment system.

    With this configuration, price of Sienna came to 29,359 without rebate but with 0% APR. If I don't care about financing it is another $1,500 less. This is very close to price of Odyssey. My local dealer has quoted me $100 below invoice. With this price, I am leaning towards Sienna.
  • xfactorxfactor Posts: 78
    My apologies I did not intend to suggest the current difference is that great. I did a quick comparison and agree the XLE with QJ package looks very close on equip and price.

    Sienna has power liftgate and HO EXL-Res does not (according to Edmunds). XLE (QJ) has 7 seats HO EXL-Res has 8. My comment related to a my earlier purchases involving a new 2005 EXL-Res to a comparable Sienna and a 2000 Accord SE to a comparable Camry. All this is irrelvant now if the dealer prices are that comparable in the current environment.

    Looks like you got a great deal congrats.
  • autoenthuautoenthu Posts: 1
    What is the name of the dealership?
  • chiko88chiko88 Posts: 5
    Updating my own post. I have a written quote for $31,000 out the door. I didn't get a breakdown of prices, but according to my calculations with a tax rate of 8.5%, it comes down to about $27,650 base before destination, doc, dmv, tax or any other fees. I have at least one dealer, maybe two, who say they will beat $31K. Now, if there are other Bay Area residents who are definitely looking to buy a EX-L w/ RES soon, I can use you as leverage to get an even lower price for us. I think I've done all the heavy lifting already.
  • pravprav Posts: 1
    I'm from Bay Area. I got a quote for $30,950 OTD price (cash only deal) last week for an EXL with RES from a bay area dealer. If a group buy is more economical, count me in!
  • brainage2brainage2 Posts: 21
    Hi All

    I am planning to buy a Ody with NAV / RES . I received a quote of $ 31,000 incl destination $ 635 + TTL.

    Is this a good price. Also need some advice : Can i buy the 2008 now or wait until the release of 2009. By the way when is the 2009 expected.

    thanks for your comments

  • chiko88chiko88 Posts: 5
    hi prav. we can compare notes. you can email me at mrchiko168 at gmail dot com.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    You did fine - a classic example of an overallowance on a trade being made up by higher price on the new vehicle.
  • luv2cruseluv2cruse Posts: 6
    I also live in the Bay Area, and am looking for a 2008 HO EX-L with RES as well; please count me in if I can use you as leverage to get an even lower price for us. BTW, has anyone used Auto Advocates to help find a car before? My car got totaled, and this is a free service from AAA if your car is totaled. Otherwise it would cost $250. Please share your experiences with me if anyone has used them before. Thanks.
  • chiko88chiko88 Posts: 5
    hi luv2cruse. you can also email me at mrchiko168 at gmail dot com.
  • Pulled the trigger today.

    2008 Odyssey EL-L No NAV/No RES
    Base including Dest, Mudflaps & wheel locks $27,500.68
    +Doc fee $55
    +Sales Tax (7.75%) 2135.57
    +DMV Electronic filing fee $28
    = $29719.25
    + License, Registration, Tire fee, Smog abatement = 247.75
    =$29967.00 Out the door
    Financed @ 0.9 for 36 months thru AHFC. No capital one check needed due to new factory dealer cash($2K) + special financing offer

    Thanks to all who post on here. Your help and "Donkeypunch" method worked woll for me.
  • Hi Brainage2 -
    I am in NJ and looking to purchase an Odyssey EX-L with RES. Please let me know the price that you got (pls include the dealer name). If you prefer that both of us purchase at the same time for better deal, please e-mail me at

  • l00q6227l00q6227 Posts: 16
    you got a quote for 35,500 on touring? The sticker on the website (honda) is 40,610. You negoitated it down that much?
  • oddvetoddvet Posts: 2
    After much deliberation I purchased an Odyssey EX-L today for:
    $27,350 + $1,641 tax (6% PA sales) + $165.95 TTL for a total Out the Door price of $29,156.95

    I paid by check and had no trade-in.

    Bought it from Conicelli Honda in Conshocken PA. Salesperson was excellent, no pressure, no tricks.

    I made a lowball offer of 24000 (which I calculated to be there cost for the van) for an EX through their website. Internet sales consultant called me and politely came back with 25,000. I said that seemed good and I'd be in to look at colors and decide. After that, saw a real low price on craigslist (search philly, 2008 odyssey) an hour away. Went to look at Conicelli, decided on EX-L instead and used the craigslist ad of 27101 and asked if they'd match. They came back with 27,350 and I agreed. Closing was totally painless. No pressure to buy anything! No hidden fees. Basically all my cardealer anxiety was wasted on these guys because it was pleasant experience.
  • ihatevt2ihatevt2 Posts: 8
    I bought a white EXL with NAV and RES tonight from Honda Cars of McKinney.

    Here is the details

    MRSP $36455.00
    Dealer add on made the total $38955.00
    ( add-ons were window tint, wheel locks, paint sealant, fabric guard on the carpet, mudflaps)
    Offered: $31000.00
    Total out the door: $32982.30

    I also was able to get the 0.9% for 36 months.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    In MA this week promotion EVERY 08 EXL w/RES (ends 6/13) with MSRP 34,445 (include dest 635)
    Save over 7,388 MSRP
    SALE 26,988
    or lease for 298/mo, $0 down, 3 yr/12K mi per yr
    Inventory: 43 available
  • benjamcebenjamce Posts: 6
    Yes, 40,610 is MSRP and I didn't do any negotiation. I just emailed using and that was the quote I received. What's even nicer is it includes the destination fee, so right now I'm $1000 under the TMV for my area.
  • indysabreindysabre Posts: 30
    "n MA this week promotion EVERY 08 EXL w/RES (ends 6/13) with MSRP 34,445 (include dest 635)
    Save over 7,388 MSRP
    SALE 26,988
    or lease for 298/mo, $0 down, 3 yr/12K mi per yr
    Inventory: 43 available"

    That sounds like a very good deal.

    I am looking for the same thing in Indianapolis, IN.

    Doe anyone know of any Indianapolis, IN dealers that might match that deal?
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Not likely - I was reading some stuff about this dealer on a Ridgeline board on another site and it doesn't seem that anybody can touch their prices. And by those accounts, their advertised numbers are for real. However, there is some recent discussion of them on the CR-V thread on this site to the contrary.

    Haven't looked at their website but you might see if the ad is posted there and, if so, print it and shop it at Indy Honda stores.
  • pkp22pkp22 Posts: 6
    I purchased my exl w/ res & nav for $30500 (includes destination charge) + 6% pa tax + $118 Tag & Doc fee. The prices included mudguards and wheel locks. I could have gotten the car for 30000 but that was my first quote and didn't know if that was a good deal since my aim was to make a deal under 30K. Well I declined the 30K offer and didn't get it next day when i called to accept since it was for only one day. Since I needed the car fast, I settled for 30500. There is no doubt in my mind that you can get Exl with res & nav for 30200 - 30300. It's just that you will have to get a car that they already have. You wont get the low deal if they dont have the color you want.

    I read the article on Http:// to help me negotiate for the price. Don't use the math that is done in this site else you'll end up paying higher price for the exl with res & nav.

    Bottom line....Don't pay more than 30500 for exl with res & nav
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