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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dany3dany3 Posts: 4

    miami florida check maroone honda . $30.000 , can I give you salesman name if you want.
  • hultrahultra Posts: 3
    Sorry I've no recommendation... Have you tried in Portland??
  • phaltrazphaltraz Posts: 12
    Thanks for the info but I guess I should have mentioned I'm in Southern California. Was that $30,000 OTD for an EX-L with Nav and RES? That's a great deal if it really is OTD.

    Thanks again
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Posts: 409
    In the Minneapolis area, $24300.00 - $24400.00 is the going price. $24300.00 is $2700.00 under our invoice price (there is $2000.00 in dealer cash).
  • slowcarslowcar Posts: 66
    Thanks for your inputs .... basically it's the invoice minus dealer cash, minus holdback. Since I live in Texas with plenty of Honda dealers around, I'll start with $23.5k and stop at $24K even. Again, thanks.
  • gosox1gosox1 Posts: 17
    Here is what i posted a few pages earlier:

    On the same 08 Touring w/o pax, I got $34,200 (MSRP 40,645) on car inclu destination in MA/New Hampshire area. Doc fee (250), plates, etc, were add'l and in normal range.
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Posts: 409
    It's a good starting point. Here in the twin cities we have a $200.00 co-op advertising fee added to the invoice at the factory. In parts of Texas, they dont have the co-op advertising fee. So right off the bat, they own them for $200.00 less then we do.

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll find the deal :)
  • odybuy08odybuy08 Posts: 1
    I am getting quotes for EX-L (No DVD ,No Navigation) in DFW area as below..Is it a good price OR I should bargain for more

    EX-L $27199 (Inclusive of destination charge)
    Propack $900 (cargo tray,wheel locks& splash guards),moonroof visor,door edge guards,pin strips etc
    sales Tax 6.25 %
    Title &Registration $230-$250
    Finance 2.99% APR for 60 Month

    Please let me know if someone thins it is too much, or should I shop around for other dealer..This one is from David McDavid,Irving,TX
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    You're getting hosed on that "Propack" price. The vehicle price itself is not bad - just be sure to shop it with the local competition.
  • m00gambom00gambo Posts: 5
    I am also in the market for an Odyssey EX in DFW, but will try after June 30, when the current rebate w/o financing expires. I am hoping that the rebate will increase for people who don't need financing, since the rebate is currently the same as with financing.

    I have heard of not so good experiences with this particular dealer, but your mileage may vary. $900 for propack seems to be too much for what is mostly fluff. See if you can get this reduced to a more decent amount, or better yet removed.

    Is anybody from DFW also checking out dealers in Oklahoma/Houston ? If so, what have been your experiences ?
  • melodycmelodyc Posts: 1
    I am from Canada and I am interested in purchasing a Honda Odyssey EXL Res and Nav in the USA because your prices are at least 20% lower than what I can find here in Canada. I have been looking in Montana because that is the first state that I will be going to and there is no state tax. So far in my discussions with dealers none of the quotes I have been given are anywhere near as low as what I am seeing here in this forum. Do prices vary that much from state to state or do the dealers just see me coming and rub their hands together with glee? The best quote I have received is $37,687 for touring and $33,892 for EXL with Res and Nav.

    Any advice for me out there?

    Also, Honda USA will not allow its dealers to sell new to me because they want me to spend my money foolishly in Canada, my question is: If I get a street address in the state that I do my purchasing is there anything else I need to provide Honda with so that they would know that I am not living there? Please understand that there is nothing illegal either in Canada or the USA that would prevent me from making this purchase it is only Honda that is threatening their dealers with loss of franshisein will Honda USA
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Posts: 409
    Being in Minnesota I could fill a fourm with the number of Canucks trying to buy cars here in the US. American Honda has really put their foot down on this one to make the Canidian dealers happy. Plus, the warranty is VOID in Canada - so why would you want a brand new car with no warranty?

    I cant think of a dealer here in the United States that would knowing risk losing their Honda franchise to sell an additional car.

    We have found ways arounds this however. There have been several occasions where we have purchased factory cars (Honda excutive cars) for our friends to the north. These cars are usually current year with fewer then 10000 miles on them. In addition to a low milage vehicle, we also offer an extended service contract underwritten by JM&A that is VALID in Canada (Honda Care is also void in Canada).

    My advice to you, start checking with a Honda dealer in MT. to see if they can find a factory car for you.
  • gosox1gosox1 Posts: 17
    Interesting story, thanks. Some of these dealers...geesh.

    I never got cambridge to respond. Chambers wouldn't quote in email...just generic "come on in". Bernardi was a bait and switcher b/c they didn't have the config. But i found that CMBR was very hard sell and old school textbook selling style in the beginning. I am glad you worked them over. ;)

    At my dealer, the F/I guys was surprised and maybe annoyed that i had an emailed OTD price and my check to that effect. Maybe he thought it an obstacle to selling (hard sell too) the extended warranty and other things that I clearly did not want nor want to pay for. :P
  • watiiwatii Posts: 21
    I am shopping for an EX-L w/RES
    Went to three dealerships yesterday here in Nashville, TN area. I have an 04 Ody end of lease to trade in, payoff is $13,301 so I figure it is close to break even, which would save me about $2000 between mileage overage and the last months payment.

    Dealer #1 Darrel Waltrip Honda: about 5 miles from my house. They refused to buy my vehicle saying miles were too high 72k, but that they would write me a check for $2200 to pay off and turn in lease myself and my payment would be $690. I told them I was not interested in that and they said okay we will turn the car in and pay the costs, your payment will be $670. Their offer on sale was invoice plus about $800 in options plus $750 in profit plus $299 doc plus Tags etc.. Needless to say I left. It was comical, because I overheard the closer tell my salesman that I was a shopper and they didn't want to waste time with me.

    Dealer #2 Trickett Honda: They offered to purchase my vehicle for $13,900 and sell me the van for $32k, I told them it was too high and they pulled out the old what payment do you want, so I told them $550, he proceeded to take me to the finance manager who told me the best he could do was $670/mo at 4.99%. I told him I was pre-approved through honda and he correctly informed me that the approval was for $ amount, not at a specific rate. I told him my credit score was good and he proceeded to tell me that my score was 600 when I know it is 720's. He gave a story that Honda uses some agency I've never heard of etc, but wouldnt show me. After some conversation he said he could add $2000 to my trade and lower the rate 1% to get me down to $600. I left and told them to call if they could do better.

    Dealer #3 Crest Honda. They valued my car at $10,500 but said they would roll the difference into my new loan which made the total including everything at $36,600 out the door. He said my payment would be in the $890's. I about fell out of my chair laughing. I told him "I'm no math genius but at 60 mos thats $54K". He asked what kind of payment I wanted and I told him $550 he returned later and asked if I was interested in a model with fewer options. LOL. I sure am glad to know that a dealership would never try to screw anybody. Maybe I should shop Minnesota.

    The amazing thing to me was that these dealerships each had over 30 Odys on their lots, and I even overheard one of the salesman talking on the phone to someone saying they haven't been selling "poop". I was at dealer No. 2 at 1;00pm and I was the only customer at the store, no lie, 10 salesman sitting around watching EURO Cup.

    It does confuse me.

    So anywho, that was my day at three local dealerships. Last night I emailed a few dealers in Knoxville 2 hrs away and have received quotes of $29,100 and $28,500 plus Tags, Tax, title. So I may be headed that way this weekend. I'm sure it will be the same crap when I get there, I'll keep you posted.

    PS. Anyone else find it odd that a pre-approval only applies to a dollar amount and that the rate is up to the dealers, that's lovely. :P
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    USA Honda warranty won't be honored in Canada... so they are a team trying to force Canadian buyers buy locally.

    If I were you I will buy Toyota because I know USA Toyota warranty will be honored in Canada.
  • dilvaladilvala Posts: 13
    I went to a Atlanta area dealer and the floor manager at this dealer said he could beat the price offered by the Delaware dealer.

    I was kind of shocked that he said he could beat the price of $ 29049.00

    I am going to go back at a later date and see.

    Doc fee is $599 - Tax would be 7% and Tag is around $15 dollars
  • mike20878mike20878 Posts: 60
    Which Weathertech mats did you get? I'm trying to decide if I need them for the front and back two rows.
  • brainage2brainage2 Posts: 21

    Who is the delaware dealer ...

    Also can someone post current best offers from the NJ / Philadelphia area dealers for EXL + RES or EXL + RES & NAV.

    Thnaks for your help

  • brainage2brainage2 Posts: 21

    What is the minimum down payment expected by honda to qualify for the special APR.

    I have a credit score of 710

  • dfwbuyer2dfwbuyer2 Posts: 4
    I bought EX-L with RES yesterday at David McDavid Irving TX
    I asked the dealer to match a deal struck by a previous poster to this board (Dinh_Henry - thanks) -

    The minivan was listed at MSRP 34,445 + 1,696 dealer installed options (Propack (splash guard, cargo tray, wheel lock) 699, Pinstripes 299, Door edge guard 299 Moonroof visro 399) - every EX-L minivan on their lot has these dealer installed options - as a low volume dealer, they claim this is actually a "lower" set of options compared to others

    I got this out the door for 31,300 (I negotiated OTD)
    Break up : Base+Destination+Options 29,250, Tax 1,800, Lic, REg and other fees $250
    Did not get the low financing (got one at 4.9 APR for 3 years)- this may be something that you may be able to muscle out

    For the EX-L with RES, the 29,250 figure seems to be the bottom line for base+dest+dealer installed options (One way to get to this is to take 2,000 dealer cash from MSRP and trade off dealer options + profit vs 2-3% holdback) ie the negotiating room here seems to be dealer holdback vs options+profit - perhaps you can squeeze $200-300 if you are willing to walk away
    There's another piece that'll save you some $$ - that's the sales tax savings on any trade-in - if you find the dealer giving you a fair market price on your trade, then you can apply that savings to out the door negotiation

    Don't bother negotiating dealer-installed options separately - you should not pay more than $300 for these options anyway - negotiate the OTD and also of course, the financing (financing includes APR, term, down payment, extended warranty, gap insurance and dealer specific service options - make sure you have alternate financing available to walk here as well)

    They also offer an Extended warranty by Fidelity which after an initial quote they drop to $150 over "cost", "cost" being Honda's extended warranty (for ex. 7 yr, 100K 0 deductible is $1295 I think by Honda and these guys want 150 more as they claim their "platinum option" is better - I saw a rental car coverage that I may nt have seen in Honda Care) - the financing APR is also sensitive to their ability to sell extended warranty, gap insurance (about $80 for 3 yrs) and other dealer specific service items (3 yr oil change etc)

    As a negotiation tool, you may want to build a buyer's offer template - a detailed one is available for free at (mentioned by ihatevt2 that posted on this board) -
    David McDavid Frisco told he could do 31,400 over the phone but I was more comfortable with the Irving dealer as the Irving location is known as "volume" location - I dealt with a sales person but if you want to squeeze $$ out, work directly with the sales manager (check their website for names as I cannot post them on this board)

    I am happy with what I paid other than the financing part (perhaps the perfect deal would have been with 0.9 apr for 3 years)
    I really liked working with the sale person - everything was on time and in sequence without any unnecessary waits - he even drove me back from CarMax as they quoted a much better price for my 10 yr old SUV that I wanted to get rid off -

    Looking ahead - I think Honda is still delivering a bunch of Odysseys to dealers (at least in DFW) - I don't think that there are a whole lot of buyers - dealer inventories are at least 2+ months (one way to find this out is see if you can take the VIN number from inventories and check) - this when 09s need to come in sooner or later - so, i'd expect Honda to throw in more incentives in july - but based on what you can squeeze on the base+dest+options the next 3 days, additional discounts obviously have to be something that the dealer has to pass on to you from Honda ie there ain't nothin more you can squeeze in a month that you can't today

  • benfbenf Posts: 36
    Thanks for laying out your entire purchase so clearly.

    Your deal raises further questions in my mind as to how Honda is handling the special financing. Maybe MPLSHONDADLR can shed some light.

    It appears from this buyer's experience that getting the 0.9% or 2.9% financing is not automatic. Why would a buyer, for reasons other than a low credit score, not be eligible for the sprecial financing?

    Is there currently a trade off for the dealer where they get more dealer cash (beyond the $2000 that appears to be available nationwide) for deals that don't use the special financing? The simple question is: can the dealer sell the vehicle for less on a cash deal than with the special APR?

    I understand that this can vary by region, but what is everyone's understanding of how the special financing is working right now?

  • dfwbuyer2dfwbuyer2 Posts: 4
    My guess is that when Honda provides incentives to the dealer (not the customer ones), these are split across the sale of the vehicle and financing - if these are 2 separate bins, then a dealer may not make money on how you buy (cash vs finance) -
    Someone more familiar with the business structure of a dealership can answer this better but from what I saw, there were 2 separate owners of profit - the sales manager and the finance director - u have to negotiate, directly or indirectly, with both of them for the best deal depending on how the mfr to dealer incentives work (unless of course you can negotiate at successively higher level up to the person responsible for sales+financing+service for all dealerships in a region)

    I was talking to a fleet mgr at a Toyota dealership (reg Sienna) - he gave me an interesting option to reduce the base cost - he showed me his allocation of Siennas for the next 2 weeks that were in transit to Houston drop off (from where it is trucked to the dfw dealership) - if I can make my mind up on a Sienna before it being delivered to Houston, I could take off a few "factory" items that are typically installed at the "port" in Houston - items like rear spoiler etc - I added up about $800 MSRP ie you strip the minivan of items you don't care and then negotiate from there - The Honda sales guy said he was not aware of that ( and may not matter for odysseys as their factory options are quite limited)

    std disclaimers on credit score, how hot a car in the market etc apply
  • coolpetecoolpete Posts: 30
    Is there any requirement for a down payment with the 0.9% Honda financing?

    I don't plan to put any money down with a rate that is so low. Have people been asked to put money down as a requirement to getting that rate?
  • benfbenf Posts: 36
    Thanks for your thoughts. It does seem quite clear that a dealer can make a fair bit of money on the financing, especially if you end up with their (the dealer's own) financing over AHFC. I can imagine a scenario, maybe even your situation, where the dealer can offer you a lower price on the car because they know you will be using their, not AHFC, financing.

    The clarifying question would be: would the dealership have given you the exact same deal (OTD price) if you had paid cash. If the answer is yes, then why would they have not offered the special AHFC financing.

    Last month, when I started looking for an Ody, it was very clear when I contacted dealers that there was one price with the special financing (0.9 or 2.9%) and another (always $1000 less) without the financing. As of June 3rd, all dealers were offering the lower priced vehicle and the special financing. None, however, appeared willing to budge on the vehicle price, even if I was paying cash. That leads me to believe that there is no disincentive for the dealer to offer the AHFC special financing. The exception being if they think they can get a buyer to bite on a higher rate that will provide higher proifit.
  • benfbenf Posts: 36

    I think it might be a function of your credit score. I bought a CRV in '01 and financed every last drip at the then, 'special rate', of 3.9% with AHFC. So unless something has changed, you should not need a downpayment with good credit.
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Posts: 409
    "...the financing APR is also sensitive to their ability to sell extended warranty, gap insurance (about $80 for 3 yrs) and other dealer specific service items (3 yr oil change etc)..."

    I sorry but that is complete BS! Either the dealer flat out lied to you or at the very least you were led to believe less then accurate information. You do not have to buy an extended warranty, pro pack (which to me, if you dont want it you shouldn't have to pay for it) or pre-paid oil changes (which may not be bad given you're locking in at todays value, not a future value) in order to qualify for the national low rate APR option offered by Honda to well qualified buyers.
  • coolpetecoolpete Posts: 30
    Ok Thanks.

    That is good to know that given a good credit score I can finance 100 % at the special rate.
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Posts: 409
    "The clarifying question would be: would the dealership have given you the exact same deal (OTD price) if you had paid cash. If the answer is yes, then why would they have not offered the special AHFC financing."

    The answer is yes - the cash price is the same as the finance price (this month).

    "Last month, when I started looking for an Ody, it was very clear when I contacted dealers that there was one price with the special financing (0.9 or 2.9%) and another (always $1000 less) without the financing."

    Last month Honda was offering either $2K in DLR cash or $1K AND the low rate APR. This month through 07/07/08 they are giving the dealer the $2K AND the low rate APR option.
  • benfbenf Posts: 36
    Thank your very much for the clarification.

    So, can you think of any reason why (other than being in a different region with different incentives), that the Dallas-Fort Worth buyer was unable to get or was not offered the special financing. It does not strike me as something that should need to be negotiated. When Honda is offering the special financing, either you are well qualified and you get it or you are less than well quailified and you don't get it.

    Based on your direct response to the DFW poster, it sounds like you think the dealer might have been playing games with him/her and may not have been entirely forthcoming about the availability of the financing.

    Thanks again for your insight.
  • watiiwatii Posts: 21
    I have received 4 quotes from Atlanta Dealers as follows:
    $28,295 plus tags, title, lic, doc fee APR not mentioned
    $28,200 plus tags, title, lic, doc fee ($498) no special APR available
    $28,627 plus tags, title, lic, doc fee ($499) APR not mentioned
    $27,781 plus tags, title, lic, doc fee ($487) no special APR available
    Best quote in Tennessee so far is
    $29,118 plus tags, title, lic, doc fee($299) APR not mentioned
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