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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi gbaskar,

    Thanks for the clear details on the price you paid. It strikes me as a very agressive price. Given that you got the 0.9% financing, $29,600 appears to be about $1000 below invoice ($33,100) less incentives ($1500) less holdback (3%,$1000).

    Did you deal with the internet consultant with the intitials BH?

  • gbaskargbaskar Posts: 11
    Yes. BH is very kind and easy going. I also realised that 3500 less than invoice is a good price to pass. But it is real.
  • demgoddydemgoddy Posts: 1
    WOW. That was true OTD? all taxes & everything? not a penny more? I am looking for the same one as you and would love to know if that is true OTD.

    Thank you.
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    Can you share your dealer please.
    I am also thinking about new wheels in a month or so...Have not decided what?

  • belangeebelangee Posts: 1
    Just got my new blue '08 EX-L w/DVD.

    MSRP: 34,445. Net Price $28,295. OTD (TTL Inc.) 30,158.65. (PA tax is 6%)
    No trade in, Cash deal (No Honda Financing), delivery from Dealer stock.

    Conicelli Honda, but I had three other PHL metro dealers within $100 of that Net Price. Once I got below $28.5K, I found that dealers didn't want to go lower without written quotes from another dealer, then they'd either match-- or beat by $100 or so.

    I'd heard that dealer incentives were going to be static on the Ody's until Sept, so I might have saved a couple hundred by waiting until after the model year- but the vehicle I'm replacing started acting funny.

    I did have a lower internet price quote from the folks down in Laurel, MD. (see other threads), but upon reading/listening to comments posted, decided not to risk them.

    Was in and out of the dealer in 60 Min. 45 Minutes of that was a show and tell of the Ody's features. 15 minutes in "the back", went very smoothly. They mentioned the extended warranty, but didn't do the hard sell. Didn't push the dealer accessories. (Wheel locks were included, but a full tank of gas wasn't.)

    Looking forward to driving it.

    Best of luck shopping.
  • sesarjsesarj Posts: 34
    Honda of Hollywood
  • njvclnjvcl Posts: 1
    We're shopping for certified pre owned Odyssey (2005 or newer).
    Can anyone recommend any dealers they ahd good experience with?
    We are in Central NJ (Somerset, NJ).
  • mkielmmkielm Posts: 38
    Can't help with NJ dealers, but would suggest pricing out a used Odyssey and then checking on the deals you can get for a new one. This market is topsy turvy. If you are dead set on used, still price out new and use that number as leverage on your used car dealer. I have quote on new '08 EX-L RES for less than used '07 EX-L and '08 EX-L (no DVD) at CARMAX. I got the name of Hendrick Honda outside DC from this forum and received very low offer in writing through their interent service - very easy.
    Good shopping!
  • trubentruben Posts: 1
    Looking to buy a EX-L in Orlando. Before I went on vacation, one of the dealers matched the (then) current prices posted on this board of $26.5 (plus all of their crap fees). Any experiences in Orlando out there? Otherwise, it seems the prices have fallen to $25.8 (right?). The value of the trade also, per Edmunds seems to have slipped about $500 in the past two weeks.

    Let me know-
  • ffwuffwu Posts: 3
    I'm looking to purchase a 2008 Honda Odyssey EXL with Nav&DVD. Can the buyers in the Austin and Houston area share your purchasing experiences and prices?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Just one of options --- You can get all the dealers' certified pre-own Odysseys from
    Go there. On the top of page there's a pulldown menu. Choose Certified preown, enter your zip and max out from 25 to 250 miles radius. Enter model, enter from/to year
  • ilu333ilu333 Posts: 18

    Has anyone purchase EXL w/nav+res recently? If so do can you please share the otd price? The lowest OTD quote I got was $33,300 but I was hoping to find one for $32K & under. Do you think it's possible? Thanks
  • rocky78rocky78 Posts: 2
    I am looking to get a great deal in Northern California on a 2008 EX-L w DVD. Has anyone purchased one from my area recently? If so can you let me in on the details. Pleeeese! Any help would be great!
  • satya589satya589 Posts: 6
    I am looking into a 2008 Honda Odyssey 2008 EXL .I dont need rear entertainment or navigation etc. I am looking for the best deals in Northwest(seattle ,portland ,spokane ,tacoma ). I am willing to drive to these places to get the best deal. If anyone made a recent purchase in these areas please help me.
    Whats the best deal with Honda finacing and what the best price I could get without
    honda financing+tax+doc+license.Please give me the dealer name and name of the sales agent u dealt with.Right now 27,449 is what I have without honda financing and 28,449 with honda financing.I need to add license,tax and doc fee to the above prices.Is this the best deal i could get right now?Can I do any better ? If so help me with few tips.
  • vrichvrich Posts: 10
    Not directly an ody post, but Niissan quests are selling for about 10K below msrp

    I love the ody, but at this price, I dont know--adds to the confusion..
  • dol007dol007 Posts: 21
    Just gave them a call and they are OOS on those. However, there's still one Quest left with DVD and other things for 30% brings it to about $19,600. The sales told me they will not have anymore of the $15,900 price but will have more vans that are $19,600 later this week. Just FYI what I found.
  • That is because they have a huge markup on the nissan quest. Honda does not insult the buyer by creating that much of a markup. Anyway you look at get what you pay for
  • vrichvrich Posts: 10
    Thanks for the info. NJ nissan dealers are also quoting 16-17k for a quest. The trick is they give out stock#. So the price is restricted for a few vehicles on the lot.

    Anyway, the last week of the month is here, hoping that some Honda dealers drop the price a little bit ;)

    I am STILL in the market for Ody EX-L.
  • markishmarkish Posts: 3
    Picked up 2008 EX-L RES at Hardin Honda (Anaheim, CA) on 7/21/08.

    MSRP: $34,480 (includes destination fee)
    Cap Cost: $28,785 (includes acquistion/bank fee of $595)
    Residual: $18,627 (54%)
    Money Factor: 0.00163
    Term: 36 month / 12K miles
    Monthly payment: $360 + tax
    Drive-off: $697 (1st payment + lic + doc)

    Received almost exact same price quote also from Honda World Downey (Downey, CA).

    Free 1st oil change certificate included. Don't forgot to pick up thje two wireless headphones. My salesperson at Hardin forgot until I mentioned it.

    Also, I received a quote for gross cap cost on the EX-L RES & NAV from Hardin:

    MSRP: $36,445
    Cap Cost: $30,278 + $595 (acq. fee) = $30,873 (destination included) + tax

    If you are paying cash to purchase, you can deduct $595 acquistion/bank fee from the gross cap cost.
  • rush1169rush1169 Posts: 15
    $29,900 + $199.50 doc fee (Oklahoma City)
  • fettfett Posts: 3
    I've been quoted 24,900 out the door by two DC area dealers. Includes taxes, destination, doc fees, everything. Sound good? (Wife doesn't want leather, DVD, etc.)
  • techtxtechtx Posts: 2
    Could you share the name of the dealership in Oklahoma City that offered the ex-l for $29,900?
  • techtxtechtx Posts: 2
    That's an awesome price, gbaskar !!!
    My local dealer (in Texas) is only offering $30,800 as his lowest price for the same package and this is without financing. I called up the salesperson again just a few minutes ago telling him about your price in MN, but he refused to believe me. Could you do me a huge favor and scan a receipt or sales invoice that shows this price (and the model of the car) and email it to techtx at I have also emailed your dealer (Brookdale honda) for a quote, but if they give me a different price over email, I thought your receipt could come in handy.
    I would really really appreciate it if you could do that. Thanks.
  • wwtsdwwtsd Posts: 3
    Initial quotes from dealers have come back in a range of 31.9K - 32.4K (all-in). I'm pretty impressed how close these folks are to each other. Any advice on how much 'wiggle room' remains from initial quote from dealers?

    Seems as though the current initial price at 31.9 is pretty competetive based on recent comments from others. Would appreciate anyone's advice for next steps after the initial quote.

    I'm doing most discussing purely via internet.

  • sun_dancesun_dance Posts: 13
    Can you share with me who you have this with, since I am in the same position and am looking for an EXL with no RES and no NAV as well, in the Seattle area.

  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Posts: 409
    When you say "all in" do you me total cost out the door?

    Sounds like we're right in-line with everyone around here at $32219.01 OTD.

    I would say that your lowest offer of $31,9xx is a good as at gets. Dealer out of metro Minneapolis do not have to pay the $200.00 per car co-op advertising fee!

    Buy at that price!

    I'm sure you'll love your Odyssey :)

  • mittymitty Posts: 2
    Hey, just purchased a 2008 odyssey EX-L for 26,800 including everything except tax.
  • mittymitty Posts: 2
    hey, i purchased a 08 EX-L for 26,800 from sheehy honda in falls church, va.
  • bagrol1bagrol1 Posts: 8
    Just purchased an EX-L from Milwaukee area dealer who agreed to match my lowest quote from a Chicago dealer for $26,446 which includes destination and $150 doc fee (add TTL for OTD price).

    The price is $3,539 below the invoice. I figure I could still go maybe another $200 lower, but for this I would have to drive to Chicago and waste some time, plus I've got a sweet deal for my trade-in accord.

    Anyway, I think that the about $3,500 below invoice is the price to go right now and this will likely end when the 2009 model comes out in September although dealers might be willing to keep the discount that low on the 2008 model if they still cannot get rid off them.
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